My Body Is 90% Covered In Psoriasis | TRULY

My Body Is 90% Covered In Psoriasis | TRULY

Sabrina: I’m unable to be the person that I want to be without getting stared at, without feeling pain, and I just can’t. Psoriasis really isn’t that rare. However not a lot of people have it as severe as me. Psoriasis is an autoimmune disorder. Your immune system doesn’t do what it’s supposed to do. And it produces way too many skin cells. My name is Sabrina. And when I was 12 years old, I got diagnosed with a severe case of plaque psoriasis, it does not just impact your skin. The main side effects of my condition are fatigue, swelling, itching, burning, depression, anxiety. And then if you have psoriatic arthritis along with it, which many, many people do, you also have that swelling and pain in your joints. I’m a wife and a mother, but it affects my daily activities. I can’t work because of it. I can’t work anywhere publicly, because people kind of stare at my skin. People are like, ‘who’s that girl that has all that stuff all over her skin? And why is she always tired and why this and why that?’ I’m unable to be the person that I want to be. I want to be running around with my children. I want to be out there doing things in the world without getting stared at, without feeling pain, and I just can’t I’m stuck usually at home. If not in bed. Daniel: I’ll see her suffer sometimes, and it’s really, really hard to see her suffer like that. Because she’s such a good person. I’m here to help, the best way I can. Sabrina: He is the love of my life. I know that’s mushy, gushy, but it’s true. We first met online; I was very forward with him. I told him, I have psoriasis. I have a few health conditions. And he said it doesn’t matter. When we met up, he didn’t even look, he didn’t even care. If I’m anything in this world, I’m a mother. That’s what I’m first. It’s what I’ve always wanted to be. And I’m proud to be a mother of two little girls. You’re just determined to eat my hands huh. With each pregnancy, I got way worse, I had the worst flare ups of my life. And that’s just because I wasn’t able to take the medications that I needed throughout those pregnancies. And so as my pregnancy progressed, so did my psoriasis and it kind of took up my entire life. By the time I gave birth, I was in so much pain and so covered in psoriasis, that I couldn’t even hold my own children. The turning point in my life, was when I had my first daughter, Sophia. She was amazing. And the first moment that I saw her, I knew that I had to be confident for her. Stand up for her and make a better world for her. If you’re good we’ll have such a delicious lunch, and then we’ll get ice cream since it’s so hot out. Sophia: Yeah.
Sabrina: Yeah. Sophia: Now?
Sabrina: Not now. Maybe later though, okay? Nose. My children drive me bonkers. But they also I think improve my condition. They make me happier. They take a lot of stress away just by being them. By saying hey, Mommy, I love you or smiling or holding my hands and come, come with me. Let’s go do this and go do that. They just make me so much happier. I like to keep a good sense of humor about everything. And realise that you don’t get to live but once, or so I believe anyways. And you really just have to live the life that you want to whether you have a disease or not. You just have to go for it. If anybody thinks that you’re not beautiful, move on. Daniel: There’s a lot of talk about how proud of I am of my wife Sabrina. She does amazing of everything she does. She copes with everything. Sabrina: I don’t really feel like psoriasis is completely a part of me. The future holds a lot for me I hope. I’d love to see the world and just adventure through life, and kind of live freely with my family.


  • mikes hobbie's and random stuff says:

    Psoriasis is linked to a salt allergy these days.. just saying.

  • Oliwia capala says:

    Ok but not 90 % tho

  • Arnold Schwarzenneggar says:

    Madam in the past I suffered from psoriasis as well I tried English medicine for about 3 years but i didn't see any recovery but as soon as I switched from English medicine to aurvedic i was totally cured from psoriasis in 3 months hope this comment helps lot of people and this is true believe me…

  • jessy mo says:

    I'm from germany, my boyfriend has the psoriasis too. I put him on a vegan diet high carb/ low fat (Dr. Mcdougall american doctor), no sugar (instead xylit), no white wheat, no coffee (instead jiaugulantea + yarrowtea mixture), intestinal detoxification, gave him high dose 14 days 60.000 IE vitamin d 3 with Vit K 2, then down to 20.000 IE, 4 teaspoons MSM (sulfur), 6 healing earth capsule?(don't know the translation, it's 'heilerde' in german), magnesium…
    Meditation, love yourself! 25 ppm colloidal silver + coconut oil + cink mixture for the itchy dry skin! Try to get rid of your leaky gut and u feel much better. There is no medication from the pharmacy!! After all that it went almost gone, he couldn't believe it worked, so he did stopped everything to see what happens, it got bad after 6 days… so he went back to the process and it went back again. I wish u all the strength and love u need! 💪🏼♥️
    Watch : what the health, forks over knifes
    Book: codex humanus (don't know if it's translatet? It's from Germany)

  • Angie kar says:

    I make myself a natural cream with beeswax (the real one who smells like honey and comes straight from bees) and bio olive oil.I use it for my mother who is bedridden.A friend of mine who suffers in winter from dry hands and no cream from the pharmacy could stopped her hands from bleeding ,tried it and told me that she was shocked.In a week her hands were healed!!She things that my cream is a hidden treasure.I wonder,does it work for psoriasis? I really feel sorry for those who suffer…If anyone wants to try it,i ll be glad to send it,just to see the results.It may help a lot .I am curious…

  • Lena MSPx says:

    The doctor told me I might have had psoriasis I didn’t even know what it was but it turned out to be eczema so I’m lucky allhamdillah

  • Inactive Account says:


  • Saskia says:

    That looks so painful, bless her 🙁 what a lovely husband and family 🧡

  • Night Crawler says:

    Watching this makes me not to complain on anything. Although she got thus auto immune disease; she still so blessed for having two kids and a loving husband who stays and supported her in her worst days. That's so rare! Stay strong!

  • Khadija Ghafoor says:

    That's looks so painful

  • AnaLG says:

    Usa algún jabón o champoo que tenga creolina

  • Kiki stars says:

    Don't mind what people on the street will say or if they stare. I have psoriasis too, i got used to it and i talk about it like a part of me and a normal thing. Or i just dont talk about it. I'm sick of people who are closed minded or not smart enough to know diseases or how to treat another(normal) person. I've been through many treatments and read a lot about it i just dont need to explain or to talk with anybody or take advice. That is the moment i become friend
    with psoriasis. The important thing you do allready, i mean you have a family and a wonderful husband, that is the best treatment-The soul and psyche. Then, the body, like the others said, use moisturising oils and drink water. In the summer it worked for me to go to the beach, in the sun. The sun helps for me. When my eruption temporally disapeard my boyfriend said he misses my 'old' body, because it was the way he knew me, i was original, like no other usual body. I wish you and your family all the best!

  • !- says:

    I had really bad psoriasis and arthritis and I started a trial drug in the UK called Sekukinumab which is worth £600 per injection and it has completely changed my life. I was so unconfident and scared of what people would think of me and my psoriasis was the worst on my scalp which mad it look like I had really bad dandruff and it used to flake off on my clothes and I couldn’t wear my hair down or it would flake off like crazy and starting this trial drug has completely changed everything. It makes me feel like I don’t have it anymore because my skin has cleared up so much and I can actually wear my hair down and not feel ashamed of it.

  • louise robinson says:

    Would have been nice if they had inclued the amazing results people have had with treatments both Medical & Natural. And there are plenty of Drugs you are able to take while pregnant that will stop flare ups. Also it does not cover the importance of MOISTURISING MOISTURIZING & MORE MOISTURISING.
    Her is thick and built up as she is letting dry out. A good Dermatol Moisturiser would help with 99% of thick scales.
    Yes in an extreme case like hers she would need 3-4 times a day to begin with but with time that would decrease. There are also many different forms of Psoriasis and through her photos iv saw at least 3 types possible 4.
    I myself have 3 strands as they are called all needing different moisturisers. Im lucky enough to be on Biologics Treatment. And have had amazing small results but its only early days for me. Its taken me 4 years to find the right treatment which in the Psoriasis world is a long time…

  • doll puke says:

    Need some lotion lmao.

  • Jelly brain nerd says:

    I have eczema and it’s very painful at times but I can not imagine what pain she’s is going through mentally and physically

  • Anshitha Ahamed says:

    You are a strong and beautiful woman. Keep doing you. 💜

  • Lucy Roscoe says:

    Aww 🥺 I feel so bad

  • Madelyn Vega says:

    Live your life and forget what people say!

  • Lou says:

    Goodness her and her family are all so sweet!

  • Daryl Jean Smith says:

    So strong, that looks so cool 😎

  • Rebeca _ 01 says:

    this is not being mean It makes me feel weird and makes me feel like scratching it off😅 Beautiful story tho, what a strong a woman!

  • Chantell White says:

    I’m praying for her.

  • athuna raj says:

    My cousine have psoriasis, but now he get rid of that , bcz he got one ayurvedic leaf oil ,his all patches gone , now he is good , if u want i can send that oil to you

  • shannell's crazy life says:

    I love how nothing gets in your way stay strong 💪

  • Lexi Hope says:

    I occasionally get psoriasis on my knees ankles and elbows and it annoys the crap out of me, bless her heart😢

  • David Norris says:


  • XpoSZioN says:

    Wow what a strong person you are wow the sacrifices you made just to have your babies healthy is really inspirational. I can’t fathom the pain you went through not being able to have your medication.
    I hope a cure is found because everyone deserves to be pain free.
    You really are a remarkable human being and I hope one day you’re psoriasis free and you can do everything with you wanted to!

  • Teasha Whitten says:

    My daughter name is Sophia

  • sammy J says:

    Somebody please tell her to take coconut oil baths

  • Alliesdandruff says:

    When she said “Itching, burning” I lost it I’m sorry TikTok rued those words for me😂

  • Tierra TV says:

    Shhheeeesss so freaking cute ugh ❤️❤️

  • tuckytm says:

    I have psoriatic Arthitis. I’m 40 and have had it for 20 years. My skin was very bad. It was in my ears, up my nose, it covered my shins, and my arms and stomach. It’s painful. People used to make fun of me with Parmesan cheese, like my skin was falling off so bad. The steroid creams only thin your skin and make it more prone for trauma. Then I tried methotrexate for years and that sucked. Finally I tried Humira and it was a life saver. My skin was clear in 4 months. After a year I had to go off of it because I kept getting sinus and years infections. I’m now happily on stalera and my skin is 100% clear. Expensive, yes, but there are many ways to get the biologics cheaper with vendor programs.

  • Donna Adom says:

    Beautiful woman.

  • Sujatha Gokhale says:

    A supporting husband lovely family
    Be bold

  • Sienna Duffy says:

    When the child is black

  • Sabah Amal says:

    Rub gently with cold pressed oilive oil, soak in tub using anti-dandruff shampoo. Lightly moisturise with the oil. 👍🇦🇺 regularly!

  • BluePain says:

    I have it too, it's hell 😔

  • Ka He says:

    What you have is not psoriasis. Psoriasis is a spine that itches a lot. If you do
    not apply clobetasol propionate ointment 0.5mg / g, you hurt your entire skin by
    scratching it. In psoriasis, the skin is reddish and never white. Psoriasis is not
    contagious and is psycho-genital.Type in Google search for images: "skin diseases"
    and look for the photo that most closely resembles your skin. Start searching in

    internet about this photo.
    Psoriasis is cured with two weeks by passing
    clobetasol propionate ointment. But I have already cured another condition of my
    skin, which was not psoriasis, with that same ointment. Try to pass, on a small
    part of your skin white spot, clobetasol propionate ointment 0.5mg / g for two
    weeks. If it does not improve, pass neomycin sulfate ointment 5mg / g + zinc
    bacitracin 250UI / g for one week. If you do not improve, pass ointment ciclopirox
    olamine 10 mg / g for a week. If it does not improve, pass 10 mg / g
    dexchlorpheniramine maleate ointment for one week.
    If none of this works, look for a pharmacy pharmacist. He knows more about skin
    disease than a dermatologist.

    Psoriais is this:
    Type in the google search:

    Psoríase:10 coisas que você precisa saber sobre a doença
    or click this link:


  • Liz Peña says:

    Da asquito omg !!! Que fuerte ella

  • Joseph Martin Augustin says:

    I will collect the doctors' details and forward.

  • Sophie Leonard says:

    itchin n burnin

  • Miss Fantabulle says:

    Lots of love and support from Switzerland 🇨🇭…. you’re an amazing woman and mom, your hubby is so in love with you, I wish you the best from the bottom of my heart ❤️..

  • Jaime Orejel says:

    Thats what you call true love 💘

  • Pain killa says:

    Why she letting the baby eat her hands like that!

  • MatitiBZ says:

    es orrible esa enfermadad porque dices siiiiii se me esta llendoo un mes despues te sale denuevo ojala inventen la cura

  • Sassy Sarah says:

    So painful

  • gamunozm musito says:

    Her husband has a heart of gold. So glad to see human beings that can look past our flaws and see our inner beauty.

  • Pannnda Girl says:

    Her children are so smart and beautiful and she is very strong and keep being you because your beautiful inside and out and don’t let anyone tell you that your ugly or disgusting

  • KriddaLu Who says:

    My brother has had plaque psoriasis just as bad as you. It was even on his face. It was causing him such depression. He went on a medical trial here in Canada where they give him one shot a month. For the first time in over 30 years, his skin is clear. The medication cleared it after trying everything. Don’t give up!

  • Blackdiamond says:

    I need a man like that she so blessed to have someone by her side .

  • Beezlebub Demon says:

    My dad use to have this horribly. Someone told him if he went tanning in a tanning bed like once a week it would help and it was CRAZY how almost all of it was gone excpt on his elbows. Craziness.

  • •Gãçhâ __ØwØ• says:

    My mom had it but not that bad

  • Urboo Thats2cool says:

    0:33 itchin and burnin

  • Diversa says:

    ! Sunteți o familie minunată și frumoasă. Domnul să vă binecuvânteze 💗💗💗💗

  • Mac says:

    A beautiful family and a REMARKABLE woman! I wish her the best!

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