My Affordable Skin Care Routine

(peppy music) – Okay. Welcome to the Budget Mom YouTube channel. I’m Kumiko Love from the and today we’re doing something
a little bit different. Everyday, I get tons of questions about my daily skin care routine and the affordable
products, natural products that I have been using for my skin. Which this routine, I’ve been using for probably the last five or six years. Like clockwork. I do it every morning and every night. So, I’m 34 years old. And as I’ve gotten older, there are some things that
are happening with my skin that I don’t like. Like wrinkles and type of thing. So for a little back ground story. For a really long time, I suffered from adult acne breakouts. It really started after college. All through high school I had
breakouts but nothing like when after I graduated college. It got really severe after I had my son. And in fact it was so severe that I ended up going to a dermatologist and getting put on subscription
based acne products. And it just made my skin
react in a very horrible way. In fact, I was prescribed an acne lotion that I had a severe allergic reaction to. And my eyes swelled for about seven days. They were completely swollen shut. After that happened to me, I
finally decided, you know what? I’m done with harsh chemicals. I’m done with the parapins, the dyes, the unnatural fragrances
and all the harsh chemicals that acne products come with. And so I switched to a
natural product routine. And literally, it was like
overnight, my skin changed. And now I don’t ever, I mean
I hardly ever break out. My skin is softer. It’s a lot more even. I have a lot more even tone. So today I’m going to be
showing you my products and exactly what I do. We’re gonna be. I haven’t washed my face yet. So, today, what I start with. Very quickly. The face wash that I
use morning and night. It’s Foxbrim. It’s an all natural product. I love Foxbrim company. It’s Coconut Milk and Honey. It’s a gel based face wash. You can get this on Amazon for about 19, it’s about $19 a bottle
but it’s so worth it. And one bottle would last me months. You only need one pump in your hand. So that’s what I’m going
to start with today. I literally, get up in the morning. And I wash my face. And you just need one, literally one pump. (peppy music) Okay. Wah! Nah. (laughing) So, I have this habit. I wash with really hot water. And then to close my
pores, I switch it to cold, really cold water. And I give my face a splash
with really cold water. Okay. Okay. To me, I feel like the cold
water really closes my pores. It might not. I don’t know. But for me, I can’t not not wash my face with cold water at the end. And I only do that in the morning. So now my face is
completely washed and clean. Now, one of the things that was a really big game
changer for me was skin zoning. And for a long time, I took
the time to study my skin. And what I learned is that certain areas of my face produce more oil than others. Some areas of my fife, my
face liked exfoliation. Some, it made it break out. So I really put that into
my skin care routine, which is why I use different products on different areas of my face. So on my forehead in the morning, I use an Aveeno Clear Complexion. You can get this on Amazon
for about $13 a bottle. This isn’t an all natural product. It is recommended by
dermatologists, though. So I’m just going to squeeze
about a pea size on my hand. And I only put it on my forehead. No where else. And I do that because my forehead is where I
produce the most oils. And so the Clear Complexion really combats that really nicely. And then, on the rest of my
face, I use Simple lotion. That looks like this. You can get this on Amazon for about $9. And I use that on the rest of my face. I use about a size like that. And I apply that to all
other areas of my skin. And I don’t. If I don’t just put it on, I
really make sure I rub it in and that my skin absorbs it. Because people usually shy away from lotion products on their face cause they feel like
the oils from the lotion will make them break out. But your skin really
needs that moisturize, that moisture in your lotion. So, I really let that soak up. Okay. That is my skin care
routine for the morning. Very simple. Not a lot of products. And that’s the simplicity
of my routine is I, is what I feel really made a difference. Now at night, it’s a little bit different. And I use one product. So I take my showers at night. I wash my face with my face wash in the shower at night. And when I get out of the shower, I don’t splash it with cold water. Instead, I use a cotton ball
and I use a Thayers toner. This by far was the number one thing that made the biggest
difference for my skin in terms of breakouts,
and in terms of redness. So when you use a toner, you want to make sure
that it’s alcohol free. This toner is about $18 for a two pack. And it will last you
a long time on Amazon. But this is the toner I use. Now, once again. Skin zoning. I only apply the toner to my forehead and right here around my mouth. Because around my chin area is where I had whitehead
breakouts really bad. And that toner really did help combat those whitehead breakouts. And then, after I apply my toner, I apply my lotion like normal. Except for at night, I apply this Simple lotion
to all areas of my face. All areas. And remember, during the
day and in the morning, I use the Clear Complexion in
the morning on my forehead. I don’t like using this at night, though, because I feel like if I use it too much, it would dry out my skin. So I use it very sparingly
only during the day. Another product that I get questions on. I recently took off my eyelash extensions and started wearing
waterproof mascara again. And the worst thing that you can do when removing your makeup, is
to rub like this on your eye. Because it’s going to irritate that really sensitive thin
skin around your eyes. So I use, this is a new product that I started using about two weeks ago. I love it. It’s Cleansing Water from Garnier. You can get this for
about 12 bucks on Amazon. The big bottle. It will last a long time. I just put it on a cotton
ball and it literally, your mascara, even
waterproof, just wipes away. And the great thing is
this is not oil based, so you’re not getting
a bunch of oily residue on your skin for removing your makeup. So that is very quickly,
my skincare routine. It’s very simple. It’s like three to four steps. But I think the most important thing that made the biggest difference, is realizing that
different areas of my face react differently to different products. And it was all about finding that balance and knowing what products to use on certain zones of my face. And then also that toner made a really, really big difference. Now, another thing to mention. I don’t wear makeup. Not a single ounce. I don’t wear coverup. I don’t use powders. Nothing. I only wear mascara. I also think that by not wearing makeup, my skin is able to breath. And as I got. As I’m getting older, I’m really glad that I’m not wearing makeup
just because I feel like as you. With old. As you get older, you start getting the fine lines and wrinkles. And I feel like makeup really enhances those fine lines and makeup. Or fine lines and wrinkles. And I’m not a makeup expert
so when I do my makeup, it looks horrible. So I don’t wear makeup. And that’s really important to mention as part of my skincare routine. So, if you found this video
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