My Acne Story On National TV! (THE DOCTORS – OFFICIAL VIDEO)

My Acne Story On National TV! (THE DOCTORS – OFFICIAL VIDEO)

– We’ve bought you the
best of viral videos. Everything from cute animals and babies to dangerous challenges and
shocking moments caught on tape. But our next guest video went viral for a different reason
altogether, check it out. (sad music) – Over the years you know having acne, I’d become comfortable with this. I’ve had it since 15. I’m 22 now. But this one specific
time it finally got to me. I don’t think I’ve ever told anyone this. This was the first time that I’d ever cried because of my acne. This one is pretty big; it’s pretty bad, and as you can see, it comes
off my face quite a bit. And I used to get these cysts, but bigger, like I’m telling you two
times as big as this. And this specific time,
it came up on my nose. As soon as I got to
school, the first thing that they say is, “Oh, look at Rudolph!” It was my turn to give a speech that day. I could hear them talking
about my giant zit. You know, “Oh watch out dude. “It’s gonna explode. It might get on you.” The last thing that like killed me; it just freaking killed me man. I went up to one of my
good friends at lunch. She just runs up and pokes my nose, right on top of the cyst, like flicks it, and I got in my car, I sat down, and I just started crying man. Silly as it sounds, it’s so relieving to finally just like
be (sniffs and sighs). And now here I am sitting crying in front of a bunch of people who aren’t used to seeing
me vulnerable and crying. (audience clapping) – Well he’s now clear-faced. Please welcome Brian to the show. (audience clapping)
– Thank you. – I have to give you credit. I hadn’t seen that, but you
were so authentic in that. – It’s so real to me. You know I don’t think
people understand how traumatic it can be. A lot of people seem to
downplay acne because it’s just something everybody kind
of is supposed to have, and if you make it a big thing, it’s like, oh, it’s okay, it’s
not that big of a deal, just get over it. But it can be your entire life from the moment you wake up
to the moment you go to bed. So I wanted to make videos and
a channel that people come to to become comforted just by
being able to see someone else whose gone through it and
really understands. You know? – You know and great example
of not all acne is the same. It’s different for men. It’s different for women. We know it can be hormonally-based. And in your case, you went though all the traditional treatments. Right? – Yes. I tried everything and I went through the topicals, the antibiotics. And so finally, I tried Accutane. It cleared it up for a long time, and then the acne started coming back. Started getting cysts again. Started getting ’em on
my forehead really big. So I just tried taking dairy out, and it started to help my
acne, started clearing it up. And then I thought, if I can
make one little dietary change, why not try some other things? So I started what I call
mega-dosing vegetables. I was taking 12 to 16 vegetables a day, and it started like really clearing it up. So I just kept trying new things– – And so you did this on your own? Because we know we’ve
had dermatologists on who have talked about
the importance of diet and its effect on the
skin so clearly for you it was dietary, especially dairy, affecting the production of sebum in your sebaceous glands, and. – It’s interesting, I was
just doing an interview the other day and they
were looking for health and beauty tips to look better
and I kept talking about how trust me the food you eat,
the food you put in your body has more of a reflection in
your skin than anything else. And no one seemed to get that. You’re a shining example of how important, yeah taking care of
your skin externally is, but internally, I mean
what’s really cool to me is looking at how bad your acne is and the quality of your
skin is phenomenal. – Yeah, over just taking more water in and having more vegetables,
the scars have started to fade very naturally and it’s awesome. And for me, it’s crazy
’cause I used to wake up and I’d look in the mirror every day, and I would just wait to see to collect which ones were
the new ones on my face. Okay, let’s go out. – You’re waking up and
expecting to see a new zit. – [Brian] Absolutely, a new cyst. – You know what’s crazy
is that this may end up being one of those blessings in disguise because 20, 30 years from now, as crazy as all this veggie intake to, you’re probably gonna
age so well (laughs). – Right.
– Yeah. – Are you currently on any
prescription medications at all? – [Brian] Not at all. – None. And I think you brought
up a very important point. Like a lot of times people don’t get it because I actually used Accutane and so I understand what you’re saying. I used it on more than one occasion. And it’s a big deal. When you take Accutane,
you sign contracts– – For a woman.
– For a woman. Like, it’s a big deal
and people don’t realize that about one in five people with acne will actually consider
suicide at some point. So I wanna thank you for being brave, and I wanna thank you
for making these videos because people underestimate
what a big deal it is when you have the type of
acne that requires Accutane. – And you can openly have a
dialogue with your doctor. if you’re working with a
doctor dealing with acne, and I’ve had open dialogue. Okay these treatments and water
may be some things I can do. Elimination and your diet, tried everything, increase veggie intake. Do that hand in hand. Brian, thank you for highlighting this and keep up all the great work. (audience clapping)
– Thank you guys. – We’ll be right back.


  • Brian Turner says:

    I am so excited to share my official segment from The Doctors TV show that aired on 04/20/17 with you all!

    I was asked to talk about a few tips that have improved my acne after I released the video "Easy, Medium & Hard Things That WILL ELIMINATE ACNE!" that went viral on a few news websites. They wanted me to mention the vegetables, water and eliminating dairy from the diet.

    The purpose of this segment was not to focus on accutane or veganism but instead the specific time after my acne started to come back post-accutane treatment and what I did to combat that. We rehearsed the talking points and were not supposed to go off topic.

    I am 100% happy with how this segment went! While having a narrow and specific topic, I was able to mention accutane shortly (watch the whole thing) and I was able to get people thinking about how bad dairy products are for you and how good natural vegetables are! With that in mind, I think this was a very successful national public spot!

    Thank you all for supporting me, this is amazing and I'm still trying to process it all!

  • cam newton says:

    Stop jacking off , it works

  • Lazy Genius says:

    So handsome on tv

  • Dj_yac Irek says:

    I had acnee for a long time , it started when i was 13 , it was awful and i was ashamed of my skin and what's worse people looking at my face but after that i've become used to it and i didn't give importance to that , acnee became a normal thing just like my hair , eyes , it's so annoying to bear all the comments from people , friends and family , but at least , thanks to my acnee i've learned many things such as i don't have to judge people if i'm not in their situation ,i'm turning 19 now and i'm still taking medicines ( curacnee) it's better , your experience gave me more faith , thanks for sharing your moments .

  • Zestii Perfect says:

    Man is he so humble and handsome. God bless this sweetheart 😍❤️

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  • B C says:

    3:40 " the quality of your skin is phenomenal" beauty filter 10, skin tone filter 10

  • JalandharShere says:

    Brian, really proud of you coming out like this. my entire teenage years were ruined due to acne. i was a shy and lonely person. everyone thought i had acne because i was dirty. in the end i chose to be alone. i took roaccutance when i was 18 and completely changed my life. skin cleared up. i did get chapped lips and a bout of depression but i decided to stick to the medication and finish the course. best thing i ever did. i do believe in ur case that it was the roaccuntane finally taking effect. the veg and fruit etc helps but that alone cannot clear cystic acne. if anyones in their early teens, and is beginning to get severe acne id suggest to use roaccutane. forget everything else. save ur teenage years from being a misery. just make u keep ur self hydrated, keep vaseline for your lips and avoid putting on weight as your skin is weakend so ur more prone to stretchmarks. also if you cut yourself use germolene otherwise you will scar easily. trust me it will work. i wish i was given it at 12-13

  • Drita Shpendi says:

    OMG, your so inspirational. Wow, I wish acne never existed

  • london baby says:

    would you rather be bald or have acne like he had

  • CrunchyB says:

    I don’t have severe acne, but dairy is BAD! Humans are the only mammal of which stills consume “milk” after lactation, it’s literally not a good/normal thing.

  • Aethelthyth Quezada says:

    Why do I feel like they wont let you bring up the V word! "Mega dosing?" I can see the look on that old guys face saying you better not say Vegan!

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    Want to get rid of acne? Your diet is deficient in Omega oils so it tries to make the oils itsself through your skin. You over produce oil and your skin breaks out. Eat a really good Omega oil like hemp oil and watch your acne dissapear. Accutane will kill you and shrivels up your gonads. NEVER take it! Never go to an allopathic fraud doctor for something nutritionally related.

  • Ag1 says:

    I’m 35 now I still have bad acne and I’ve had it since I was 14😫😖😫 I haven’t had a woman in years cause of my acne they just come close to my face and just ignore me it sucks but I got used to not getting women at least I’m 100percent disease free lol no pussy equals no stds. I haven’t had pussy since pussy had me🤣😂

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    I'm 16 and I've had acne since I was 13. I'm going to stop consuming dairy today and see how that benifits me. Btw keep up the good work and maybe try to tell people that u also had laser surgery after u changed your diet

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    What's your diet? Please share it. I'm suffering too.

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    The hormonal injections given to the cows to produce more milk go into the milk.
    Having green tea without sugar. Eating Vegetables and drinking water . This really worked for me. And also avoid fried foods and refined flour. Include fibre and vitamins in your diet.
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