Multiple Sclerosis Vlog: Trick to Remember Your Meds

Multiple Sclerosis Vlog: Trick to Remember Your Meds

do you have trouble remembering to take
your pills it’s a common problem and in this video I’m going to share with you
three pro tips to help you remember to take your medicines don’t turn away
because that learning starts right now how do you learn about MS with me
Aaron Boster I started this channel to help my own MS clinic patients learn
between clinic visits and it’s my hope that through these videos I can hope you
learn – today’s topic how to remember to take your pills
the average ms patient in the United States takes upwards of seven medicines
a day that’s a lot of medicines and that’s a lot of pills and all too often
patients share with me frustration in difficulties remembering to take their
medicines on time and so in this video I want to share with you three Pro tips
tricks and tips that could help you remember to keep taking your medicine so
let’s get started number one I’ll share with you the tip that I use look for an
activity that you always do for me I wake up and I always go straight to my
coffee maker I joked that my house could be burning down and I’m gonna make a
beeline to the coffee maker before I do anything else my pro tip is I sit my
medicines on top of my coffee maker every morning when I go to get my first
cup of coffee I discover that i have medicines to take i don’t have to
remember to take them because i won’t ever forget to get my cup of coffee now
if you’re not a morning coffee addict like me look for another activity that
you always do for example brushing your teeth
putting your medicines next to your toothbrush might be a way of reminding
yourself hey i have medicines i need to take so that’s the first pro tip link
taking your medicines to another activity that you always do
pro tip number two is to leverage smartphone technology get out your
smartphone and set an alarm to remind you it’s time to take your afternoon
pills i find this works best for the noon or the one o’clock pills that you
take while you’re at work all too often we get busy at work and we get home and
rise we didn’t take our midday medicines use
your smartphone to remind you with an alarm
hey it’s medicine time the third tip is to use what’s called a Medi set or one
of those plastic containers where you put the tills in this is particularly
useful if you’re taking pills multiple times a day
the reason it’s useful is for those times when you think did I take my
medicine and you’re not really sure you can go to your Medi set and you can look
to see if the medicine for that time and day has been taken or not if the pills
are still in there even take them if the pills are gone you did you can pick up
one of these pill boxes at almost any pharmacy or supermarket in the United
States and I would encourage you to grab one as a third Pro tip to help you
remember your medicines and so I want to hear from you the question of the day is
which of these three Pro tips do you think that you’ll adopt number one place
your medicines near something that you do every day like your first cup of
coffee number two use smartphone technology to
remember midday doses of medicines or number three using a pill box or Medi
set case leave your answer in the comments down below also if you have
your own tricks or tips that you would like to share with us about how you
remember your medicines please leave that information down below because I
would like to hear it and so with the people on this channel if you enjoyed
this video and you would be interested in hearing content like it please make
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take care Hey I dare you to click my head do it
seriously I dare ya click my head


  • Sara C says:

    My issue is that I take the pills and then forget if I did or not! Luckily both Tecfidera and the other pill I take are marked with day and time, so I can always check. I used to use the phone trick (still have the alarm) but I now remember before it rings, probably it works!

  • Allison Hoseth says:

    I use all three. I have a pill box, 2 alarms, and a pill that I always take during my bedtime routine.

  • Lindsey McMullen says:

    🇬🇧 morning Dr B thanks for the video I too have had trouble remembering my meds and have adopted numbers 1 and 3 of your tips it works for me. Lindsey UK .

  • Amy Swartley says:

    I use 2 & 3. Thank you!

  • Ted Michel says:

    Thank you Dr Boster for all you do for the MS community. I use a combination of all 3 to help me to remember to take my pills. I use those pills cases you mentioned. My morning hand full of pills (some require "taken with food") are near the area I clean up my breakfast dishes. I use an alarm on my cell phone for my afternoon and late evening pills (those are in their own separate pill case). All your tips really work. I just wish my husband would use the same tips, he is for ever forgetting his morning pills, and if I can't remember mine, how can I remember to remind him to take his.

  • maya lucky says:

    I use the app Medisafe , I can setup alarms and refill reminders .

  • Suzanne Kery says:

    I use all three tips…..Plus, I have a husband who will remind (nag, LOL) me, if say, when we go on a vacation.

  • Sravani Chandana says:

    I always follow the first tip which helps me remind me. I should try the other two as well. Thank you Dr.

  • Kathryn McVean says:

    Hi Dr. Boster, I use a pill box and reminders on my phone. Thanks again!!

  • franciir says:

    Smart phone! I also take some medicines after a meal.. I try not to get up without having the medicine (or I wander about having clean forgotten), and keep them near the dining table

  • Stephanie Shipley says:

    I use all three plus made a artsy, decorative sign right next to my toothbrush for my late night medicine. I need all the help I can get. lol

  • Ellie Smithy says:

    I use alarms with a 4slot daily med box. And my husband.
    My 10am alarm wakes me to take medications. My 11.30am wakes me again and tells me to eat. I'm Noon alarm tells me to take my Tec. My 4pm usually wakes me from a nap or is when I go for a nap and take meds. I even have a 6.30pm alarm to feed my cat and look into dinner. I have an 8pm alarm to remind me I should have taken my Tec recently or now (given I'll have eat shortly before or be eating when it goes off). Then my 10pm alarm reminds me to take my last dose of meds and to go for a shower.

    Alarms run my day most days. I still forget the odd time when I turn my alarm off and don't glance at my pill box. But at the very least, my husband will remind me to check if I've taken my tecfidera. I'll feel if I've missed anything else within a few hours.

  • kristy cooper says:

    Mine are right by my coffee machine!

  • Angela says:

    Great tips! I use #1. Luckily, I only have 2 meds, that I take once daily. Taking them is part of my morning routine – have a cup of coffee, and take meds.

  • פייגי גלזומיצקי says:

    Gosh, I've been circumventing taking any medications for the MS, besides, of course, the Ocrevus infusion every 6 months, cause I generally just don't get along with them. Is that normal?
    I DO take a slew of supplements, which I prefer to keep in their labeled containers, in 2 boxes on the counter (next to the coffee pot, ha ha!), one labeled "before eating" and the other labeled "after eating", take them one by one and place them on the counter until the appropriate box is empty. Then I know I'm finished and I can put everything back in the box. If I go away, I take the boxes along. Helpful? 🤔 💊 🗃 🎒Greetings from Israel 🇮🇱.

  • Sara S says:

    Im like you Dr. Boster, mine is right near my coffee pot.

  • Cy D says:

    Important!! #3 for me & keep it on my bedside stand. See it when I get up in am & when I get ready for bed at night. Always keep water close too

    Meds are in (sleek/incognito?) medicontainer I believe was sent by makers of 'Fectidera' when I briefly took that DMT ✔

  • april Swinehart says:

    I use all three but the hardest is alarm on phone. I click it off so i can continue what I am doing, then I forget. I have pill box on table will try moving noon medicines to Louie's bone area…he will never leave me forget. He goes there after every event. Thank you.

  • Kelly Bo Belly says:

    The pills travel with me in my bag, allowing me to take them as soon as I've realized the issue. That has been very helpful. Also a second alarm helps to double check yourself.

  • L.A. W. says:

    “Leverage smart phone technology” love it. That’s what I do

  • Dana Bridgeford says:

    I've been using my phone to set alarms for EVERYTHING including medicine. After being stubborn for several years I finally use the pill case and keep up much better!

  • stevo6969 says:

    Good stuff as ever, Dr B. I was at a patient symposium for MS a couple of days ago and I gave a shout to your channel to some MS health professionals.

  • Paul Martin says:

    I use the app "Care Zone", it is great for reminder notifications, you just take a picture of the bottle, it scans it then knows all the dosage amounts and times and reminds you, I love it!

  • Wanda Reller says:

    I use a pill box and my phone. I would be in big trouble if I ever lost my phone. I use the calendar for everything! I have an app to track my blood sugars and an app to keep track of all my MS symptoms. Thank you Dr. Boster for all you do!

  • Marcy A. says:

    I take my medicines with my cold brew every morning.

  • Lynn Lizzie says:

    Hi Dr. B, I use a weekly pill box. My husband and I joke about how romantic it is when we fill them up together on Sunday 🤪

  • 1210starshine says:

    I use all 3 of these and still find that I've forgotten at times. 😢 my meditracks are individual- I think I will go out and buy one with morning noon night slots and that way its altogether.
    Alarms are always set and it may go off while I'm in the middle of something and I'll shut it off thinking I'll remember- and 9 times out of 10 if my mom isnt around to remind me, I forget.

  • Multiple Sclerosis MS says:

    Great info Dr. Boster. QUESTION: Is there a way to self-refer myself to see you without having a physician referral? When I called, they said I needed one. Thanks.

  • Cheryl Vander Linden says:

    I use a free app called Pill Monitor. I input all my meds with doses and times. I get a notification reminder to take my meds every time one is due. As a bonus, if I’m somewhere I need to explain what I take and in what dose I just open my app and it’s all there.

  • Marie Rossler says:

    I use 1 & 3 even for my daily vitamins.

  • Debbie Bell says:

    It’s funny when I started my shots in 08 after I got over the shock that I had to inject. I got up every am and took it saying to the disease there take that! I still feel that way with my pills. It’s like as that ladies t-shirt said ms is my b-I-t-c-h. I have rarely missed a dose. It’s my way of taking control

  • Laura Higgins says:

    Tip #1 thank you Dr. Boster for all your tips and updates for us MSers😊

  • Am I Trippen says:

    No more pills for me. I'm now on Ocrevus and tracking the progress.. documenting it on Youtube for other curious minds.

  • Emily P says:

    I use both 2 and 3 to take my meds. I've got a app called my therapy that goes off when I need to take my meds. I also have a pill container but I find myself messing up the days on when I take them. 😜Thinking its Tuesday when its Wednesday type of problem.

  • Michael Beckett says:

    i use tip #1 and #3. all my pills are in a basket near the dining room table, so at breakfast i just reach for them and get out the morning pills and load up a pill case for the rest of the day. the pill case stays on the dining room table for lunch and supper so i can't miss them…. and tip #4… marry someone who never forgets! that takes care of my bedtime pills!

  • Kirikomi Moon says:

    I keep my pills in a daily medicine case, and I keep my case in my coffee maker's cup holder. It's good for me because I have to walk past the maker to leave my room anyways

  • MiKe EcKo - MaSsAcRe ArTiStRy says:

    Thank you Dr. B
    I've been taking nexium for my acidreflux for seven or eight years and I have the bottle right next to my coffee so I don't forget it in the morning

  • murraymgmt says:

    I do it more than a few times but take so many that I don't put 'em in the weekly deligation receptacle and my Medicare Part D Co. doesn't deal with MedMinder. Often too, I sleep past the time I dare take Dalfamprydine so as not to seizure when I take it, the next time.🥴


    Thanks for the continued pick-me-up, Dr. Aaron Boster MD!💓

    I quit caffeine due to the neuro/uro awesome so…

  • Dr. Brandon Beaber says:

    This is very underrated at advice. I am a proponent of all three.

  • C Will says:

    Thank you Dr. Boster for all the help and information you have given freely and honestly. I have used all three pro tips. Once they started me on Amprya years ago I was so scared of not taking the medicine on time So I set the alarm on my kindle to remember then I ran into not remembering if I took them or not so I got some pill boxes and placed right next to my computer.

  • Janet Jones says:

    Wow reading all the comments makes me wonder just what medicines people are taking? I'm only on capaxone 3 injections weekly dosage. My problem is remembering what day it is to know if it's an injection day or not.

  • Kathy Williams says:

    I use all 3! And yet sometimes I STILL get out of the house without taking my medicine.
    So I have an ‘emergency’ dose in a small case on my keychain. Very handy!

  • jephhh says:

    All three are good tips. When there’s anything I don’t want to forget, I put with my car keys. I can’t go anywhere without my car keys. Tie your pill taking together in your mind and your routine with something you do that is essential. For you it’s coffee. For me, it’s that first drink of water, so I keep my pill cozy right by my water bottle. The pill cozy thing is essential. I gotta use it so I know if I took em. I have 4 pill moments in a day. Three are covered by habit and my 3-a-day pill cozy, and the other by my iPhone alarm.

  • Renèe says:

    I use tip 1 and 2. Furthermore I cut the blister for just 7 Pills in order to check If I forgot to take the pill in spite of the alarm

  • Desire DeCove says:


  • MSenIt4Life Patty Long says:

    I’ve made use of all 3 at one time or another. I’m set in my Healthy Habit Maker now so only use a med box to keep things organized and for those memory lapses that come when I get rushed or something. The main thing I hear from people is that they need there meds safely stored away from smart little ones. Looking for solutions to this. Out of sight=Safe yet Out of Mind as well. Alarms seem a good idea, but these are often muted or turned off when taking care of small children. So this hasn’t really helped this particular group of young people with MS. Any suggestions in particular for them?

  • Michael Honeycutt says:

    I set alarms on my phone and 5-minutes-later alarms to smack myself upside my own head! And my darling bride loads up my big pill boxes. From the big daily boxes, I load a sequence of smaller pocket sized boxes with every scheduled dose that I have need, in small, colored altoids tins. It’s occasionally a juggling match but I very rarely miss a dose. It’s a shotgun approach that gets the job done. Almost a ritual. For injections, I set alarms for shot days that ring every half hour, starting at 0730. They run all day long until I take my shot and turn the obnoxious alarms off. It’s rude but effective?

  • Megan D says:

    When I was fresh out of inpatient rehab, I had QID meds, so I used a box with four pockets per day. That was great fun to load each week, let me tell you; I joked that it was a continuation of OT. Now I take much fewer meds, so I’ve worked them into my daily routine, much like your morning coffee.

  • Mamma JoJo64 says:

    Thanks for these tips! I use my Smart phone. And I either snooze the alarm, or let it ring until I take my meds. I hate background noises, so this is what works for me. 🙂

  • tracy fromWV says:

    I use all three methods, but the pill box has recently become a challenge because of numbness in my fingers . . . Dropping pills everywhere, more than once flipping an almost-full pillbox, sending pills flying across the kitchen . . . FUMS!

  • giftboutiq says:

    I’m always dropping mine 🤣🤣

  • giftboutiq says:

    I love those medi sets…I fill two weeks worth at a time.

  • C Cabrera says:

    I’d rather put them close to my toothbrush. 🤷🏻‍♀️

  • giftboutiq says:

    Hello Dr. B…..this question is not about medications…I tried to look thru your video lists to find an answer regarding severe diarrhea along with projectile vomiting/passing out all at the same time with no other symptoms of illness such as stomach bug etc. I’m guessing this is a Gastro issue? A syncope episode?

  • Fiona Edwards says:

    I use my phone alarm for 7AM 11AM and 3PM.
    I am often out visting family and friends in the afternoon, and they'll shout its 3 'o' clock as my 3PM alarm goes off. 🕒
    I also you my "medication time" as part of my water challenge: Meds: Check. Water:Check. Good to go: Check! 😁

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