HI everyone, welcome back to my channel Well, today’s video is a quick updated of my morning skincare routine Okay, now let’s move on straight to the update When I just wake up, I use beauty water by Son&Park. I use it to clean yesterday’s make up residue, since when we’re sleeping our face has contaminated by slobber, dusts from our bed and around us, right? So I use this Son&Park to clean my whole face so my face is fresher since if we feel our face dull in the morning, usually we’re lazy to do anything So I use this to refresh my face After I use beauty water, I’ll take a bath and I use Sacre Skin as my facial wash this one is Bamboo Tox version I know the packaging of mine is too ugly to be shown in front of the camera But it’s about more than 1 month I use this Bamboo Tox from Sacre Skin The reason why I use this as my face cleanser is because it can be use as body wash too. Therefore it’s practical. After I soap my face, I can directly soap my body And after I take a bath, I use toner Toner that I use is also from Sacre Skin This is the Acne Toner version It’s made with Witch Hazel & Tea Tree Oil That’s why it is light and when you apply it, it gives your face a cooling sensation. I actually use two toners, Sacre skin in the morning and I use this Body Shop Tea Tree Toner at night. This Body Shop Tea Tree Toner, according to me, is a little bit strong on face that’s why it feels a little bit sore While the Sacre Skin is not, it calms your face. Well after I use toner, I use Facial Treatment Essence from SK-II I never skip this FTE from my skincare routine I use it since I started my youtube, which means I’ve been using FTE to my face since 2015 It is my key to get rid of annoying acne on my face So I never skip this Facial Treatment Essence. After I use facial treatment essence, I move to moisturizer. Therefore my morning skincare routine is simple, it is not a lot and for the moisturizer, I use… The Body Shop Tea Tree Mattifying Lotion. I also use this moisturizer for 3 years, Since my skin turns into acne prone, I always use this moisturizer from The Body Shop Therefore, thing that I like from this is… it doesn’t make acne increased, also not decreased it. So it keeps my skin balance. Therefore, when my skin is breakout, I usually handle it with masks and I still use the same skincare, nothing’s changed. And last but not least, it’s impossible for me to skip the sunblock. And for the sunblock, I use Red Pearlsation from Klavuu I get this from Charis at Stalkon event, when I register to be the Charis Seleb and they send this. and so far, this is the most non-sticky sunblock on my face So that’s why I really love this sunblock and it has SPF 50++ For you guys who want to buy it, I will put the link on the description box. So don’t forget to check description box And yay, that’s all my skincare So it is actually not many and skincare that I use in the morning are light for acne prone skin Okay guys so this is the end of the video, I will update you with my night skincare routine but not now and not in near future since I still try new products Stay tune, okay? Thank you so much for watching, Don’t forget to like and subscribe, and I’ll see you on the next video. Bye.

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