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I’m sure this comes as no surprise to
you guys but one of the most important things that I love to do for my skin is
actually drinking tea in the morning I love fresh ginger I love loose leaf teas
I have a full cabinet of teas and you guys have seen me talk about how
important tea is and my skincare routine right now I’m drinking teami refresh
because I love mint based teas there’s dried mango dried strawberry mint tea
and pink rose in this blend which is perfect it’s a really nice boost to the
day but it also is a substitute for sugary drinks I love these sweet
replacement mixes that Timmy blends does because there’s so many essential
vitamins and minerals for healthy skin so the mango has vitamin A C e also
fiber which is great for digestion that helps to keep your skin clear
strawberries are high in vitamin C they also help to burn fat and they are
anti-aging now the Rose is anti-inflammatory and calming which is
perfect for my skin actually have other teas with rose in it as well and
straight rose tea the mint can help to soothe stomach aches and for me the me
is just so refreshing for my day so if you guys are interested in this tea or
any of the other teami blends products check the description box for my
discount code it’s tkeyahb20 for people who do not have just naturally
perfect skin people like me it actually takes work for me to maintain the health
of my skin the look of my skin so if you’re anything like me then hopefully
this video is helpful for you guys I have enlarged pores I have dry skin I
also have some hyperpigmentation around my smile line okay I’m gonna go rinse my
face that’s all I do in the morning I don’t use a cleanser in the morning yes
I keep it simple and that helps keep the inflammation down so to keep my dry skin decongested and
texture free pretty much i exfoliate three times a week I use this acure
brightening facial scrub mixed with amla powder which is high in vitamin C I make
a paste out of those and because my skin is still damp it’s really easy to slough
away the dead skin cells and when you do that you reveal bright glowy skin and
then your skin is also able to accept your moisturizers your toners and your
serums a lot better because it’s not congested so I do this three times a
week like I said and it has changed the texture of my skin and it has also
decreased the look of my hyperpigmentation around my smile lines
and on my cheeks so I’m taking some aloe it’s pre-cut I already cut it up so as
you can see it’s really really really slimy so I’m going to apply this to my
face you guys should already know by now how I cut it aloe is amazing so it
cleanses your skin it tones your skin it moisturizes your skin it goes deep into
the epidermis you guys and it really does so many amazing things for your
skin so along with drinking the dried up fruit in my teas I love to consume the
raw fruits they have so many essential vitamins and minerals for healthy skin
mangles in particular have vitamins A C and E there’s some iron potassium and
calcium and then there’s fiber which is great for digestion and that really
helps to clear up your skin along with the vitamin A alright so I just finished
rinsing off the ala mask I left it on for probably twenty to thirty minutes
and I typically don’t time it honestly I love to let that allo soak into my pores to moisturize my skin I’m using
unrefined organic shea butter as well as a few drops of pure rose hip seed oil I
mix the shea butter in the palms of my hands to warm it up
melt it down and then I add the drops of the rosehip seed oil and this makes the
most luxurious moisturizer from my dry skin looks so good for my pores I rub in
a upward motion and then also on my lap line area because we want to encourage
the skin to go that way I’m gonna take my glossier so
as you can see my skin is bright it’s glowy it is so moisturized it is so
plump you guys know I do not wear sunscreen when I go out that is my
personal choice another huge part to skin care aside from drinking tea for me
is actually getting out into the Sun and it actually is pretty nice today in
Seattle so I’m gonna go up on my rooftop I’m gonna catch some sun rays and I
noticed such a difference in my skin when I’m going out into the Sun and when
I am just soaking in that vitamin D I don’t want to block the Sun okay I need
the Sun for my skin all right so I’m on my rooftop and I’m about to the outside
and get some rays that’s my morning skincare routine I hope you guys enjoyed
it feel free to leave a comment down below if you have any questions also
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