Mixing Rhassoul Clay by Volume for Shampoo, Shower Gel, ‘Soap’, Face Wash / Cleanser, Poultice

Mixing Rhassoul Clay by Volume for Shampoo, Shower Gel,  ‘Soap’, Face Wash  / Cleanser, Poultice

I get asked very frequently; How to mix the clay into the correct consistency. I’m going to show you how to make what I call the standard consistency. Which is ideal for washing the face and the body. People with short hair would use it in the shower like that. People who were poulticing would use it in this consistency. From this consistency, you can then make the clay thinner very easily, if you need the clay in a thinner consistency. For example when washing long hair. So there are mainly two ways to go about it. You can either weigh the clay and the water: So 100 grams of clay, would take 140 grams of water. Or you can work by volume, in parts. So that’s what I am going to do today. I’m going to use 1 part of clay and 1.2 parts of water. And that should give us the perfect standard consistency. So, one part of the clay -I’ll go right to the top of my eggcup. There we go right to the top there. One part of clay, shake it evenly in the bowl. One part of water And the little 0.2 (parts). I’ll get the water over there. Give that a few minutes and it should hydrate itself. This is the kind of consistency we are looking for. Can you see the clay is full of little air bubbles, it looks like mousse. And it feels really soft. And doesn’t fall off the fingers. So you can easily take it to the face and apply it. And in this state now, it’s easier to make it thinner, if you need to. I’m not going to use the clay right now. I haven’t got a lid for this vessel So I am just going to cover the clay in a little bit of water. So it doesn’t dry out again, before I do use it. And I will be able to, if there is an excess of water Ill be able to pour this off (the excess water). Later on And its there at more or less the correct consistency again. So its really easy to make the clay. And once you have some made up, you’ll be surprised how much you use it. Because you can use it for hand washing, You can use it as a make-up cleanser, People are using it as a shower gel. It’s one of the few clays, you can use in the hair, for washing the hair It leaves the hair lovely and soft, shiny and clean. You can use it exclusively for hair washing, You can use it in so many ways Once you’ve got it made-up its ready to use. And I really hope you enjoy using it – As much as I do.


  • Naturalpromise says:

    Really helpful!

    I have a few questions. How do I store the remaining mud? should I store it in the fridge or leave it at room temperature? and for how long can I do so without it getting spoiled? thanks!

  • Natural Spa Supplies Ltd says:

    I try not to make up to much at a time – I try to make up enough for a few days at time and this is because the clay is a crystal and over a long time it losses some of it charge. I have left the hydrated clay for a week or more and it still works, but I can tell that it is subtly different. It makes sense to use it while it is most powerful.
    I never keep the clay in the fridge, but near the sink or bath. The main thing, is once the clay is hydrated, don't let it dry out between uses. So keep it in a jar with a lid, or put a little water on top of the clay to counter any evapouration.

  • RakJkd says:

    When mixing with filtered water can you add argon oil and will it get rid off dandruff and can you use it on children please advise I would be very grateful for your help.

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