Mikhaila Peterson – ‘Don’t Eat That’

Mikhaila Peterson – ‘Don’t Eat That’


  • 79tazman says:

    That poor girl had one hell of a childhood I'm glad she figured it all out on her own because it does not sound like a pleasant way to live with all those issues.

  • Renato Jose Villanueva says:

    I am sharing this with my friends at fb and my followers on my wellness page

  • Abby Eagle says:

    Use ideomotor signaling to communicate with the unconscious mind/body. I developed a procedure to banish food cravings – it is reliable and it works.

  • HOH says:

    I've been doing Keto since September on the verge of going carnivore….

  • Noel Monks says:


  • Rocko 89 says:

    I'm not complaining about anything anymore 😅 you don't know how lucky you are sometimes. Your health really is your wealth. What an inspiration. Jordan is also a legend 🙌

  • MtlCstr says:

    Could they not come up with a few lights to put on her?

  • hyperfocal2002 says:

    One of the toughest things I've dealt with going keto is dealing with friends and family understanding that I'm not hungry all the time.Saying, "I don't want dinner" or deciding to do intermittent fasting goes against so much "nutrition science." It's so easy to not be hungry 24/7 with a healthy diet.

  • Jlo says:

    md puppets cannot know what they don’t know they only know what they have been trained

  • Gernot Bremermann says:

    Your style is very nice and easy to follow..with natural humour. nice presentation. real.

  • Florence Joy says:

    I am wondering if vegans are terribly mad at her.

  • aba cussin says:

    So where is this Girl getting her vitamin C and fibre if she only eats meat

  • Spirit Of Alaska says:

    We persians love the Peterson family. God bless

  • mspalzak says:

    Mikhaela, maybe you could research liver on the carnivore diet – it could add to your wellbeing x

  • Realism says:

    I’m starting keto soon. Can’t wait

  • Logan Labbe says:

    7:27 "no known allergies" omg lol

  • D J Koenig says:

    I have ~95% of the symptoms you & your Dad use to have. Years ago I went on a very low carb diet & my question for you is: How are you not tortured with cravings for carbs? I'm probably going to try this carnivore diet. Just thinking of the diet is such a bummer, to say the least, because of the huge cravings (I once experienced from a low-protien diet) & also the HUGE permanent life-change I will probably have to take on if I start feeling better.

  • broberts1298 says:

    Thank you for this. I can relate. You make me feel like I'm not alone and give me hope. I'm too fatigued to do anything now but I really really want to so soon!!

  • Ward Lake says:

    I recognised his voice

  • Thanos Mighty says:

    As if the meat industry is not processing meat, what about hormones, antibiotics and closed spaces in which these animals are grown?

  • Balanced4Harvest says:

    Allopathic Medicine is a failure. Their modus operenda is irradiate, medicate and remove organs, limbs and yes replace joints.
    B12 Deficiency in the Bursa Sacs at each joint can cause lots of issues! Nitrous oxide anaesthesia impairs the bodies ability to assimilate B12.
    Dr Berg has a excellent Video on YouTube, Diagnosing B12 Deficiency.

  • Colin Fox says:

    You are a modern Day hero so young and so so mature…

  • ken halloran says:

    What an AMAZING story. You will give so much hope to so many people. You became an expert in your own wellness.

  • Za Ra says:

    I am sensitive as well, so is my boyfriend. I am not as sensitive as Mikaela, but I am sensitive to a lesser degree. I have fatigue and random inflammation flare ups. I got tested and they said I didn’t have an autoimmune disease but I should be careful since it runs in the family. Depression, anxiety, and ocd strongly runs in my family as well. All of my dad’s side has chronic depression, anxiety, and ocd. They take meds for it to this day. I used to take meds too, but I’ve learned to control my environment better. I avoid things to stress me out bc I know I’m mentally sensitive. But still I am still suffering from fatigue, inflammation, and in general, low moods and anxiety. My ocd is a lot better now after I removed a lot of my stressors. I recently went keto, and already I have a better sleep pattern and more motivation and interest in everyday things like work. I’ve also lost weight extremely fast. My boyfriend is similar to me in moods, but he has less mood swings. He has dysthymic disorder and he stays pretty blue all the time. He’s been diagnosed since he was pre teen. I’ve seen it get worst for him as we grew up together- some unfortunate and traumatic stressors hit him. He had awful eating patterns ever since. His physical symptoms are different from me. He is skinny no matter what and goes to the bathroom just right after eating. He has stomachaches all the time, and I think he can’t digest and get nutrients most of what he eats. He also got an extreme eczema flare up after moving out, and I think it’s because of stress and the food he eats. Bc he lives with me, he has been eating less carbs and cut alcohol. His eczema cleared up. He is gaining weight. I am so happy I found the keto diet! Videos like this inspires me to keep on going and improving ☺️ Thanks for listening to my ted talk LOL

  • goku son says:

    Doctors are the last persion I depend on for healh advice.
    They make money from keepin people sick!

  • goku son says:

    She is a handsome woman

  • goku son says:

    So many symptoms I had similar to hers that I ignored because I thought it was normal.
    I am going to start the elimination diet today. Even if I have to fight my family. I cannot live with depression and hold down a job or face life if my body and mind is in havoc

  • Parkin Play says:

    So glad that she found her path to health!

  • mooalijasmine says:

    Do you only drink H2O?

  • Steve New says:

    Do you have to supplement with vitamins at all?

  • Faith on the Run says:

    ;My experience is: the more I purify my diet, the more sensitive I become to foods previously eliminated.

  • Natural Permanent Makeup says:

    Your voice sounds like you're really tired and can hardly be bothered to talk. 'As a public speaker you could try modulating your voice a little bit…. bring some music into your voice and some contrast in pitch and pace …. you sound lifeless and out of breath. Aside from that quite an interesting talk…. I hope you recover so you can enjoy a wide variety of foods again….. I can pretty much eat a mountain of greens and feel amazing….. but sugar and carbs are a no-go for me now.

  • Ying Yang says:

    Most family doctors either cause more harm than good – another example is acne medication called Acutane – untold misery, lives ruined, suicides, impotence

    All just to 'treat' something that a change in diet can usually do

  • Ying Yang says:

    Great to see so much pharma skepticism here – now extend that skepticism to vaccines – for some reason even the most switched on of people seem to get angry when you dare question the sense of injecting one day old babies and developing fetuses with proven neurotoxins

  • Sumit Bhattacharya says:

    I was diagnosed with bipolar disorder but it took me 18 years to realise the whole thing. Though I got awakened at the age of 19 years and I realised that we are eating the wrong food, but I didn't know what I was eating wrong, after all, we have been eating this since childhood and everyone in my family and friends are eating the same food.

    I have cut wheat, replaced it with rice and sorghum, pearlmillet, but the devil scientist are now after sorghum and pearl millet, they want to Genetically modify them, milk I have stopped as it is for kids only but I do take curd sometimes, I also cook every food with the help of ghee ( a type of animal fat extracted from milk) instead of vegetable oil, but vegetable oil is also required as we are taking so many herbs, but I use it about 1 tablespoon a day heat it little so that smells goes away and add it in daal (lentils).

    Daal I cook with soaking in water overnight incase of whole grain daal i.e legume and then keeping the daal in contact with air so as to germinate seeds of life in it, which doctor will say so and so vitamin, but I say it has life now.

    I have stopped eating husk of food and fruits such as Apple as well as tomato, I eat the pulp though, which actually I use to consume regularly as my parents use to feed me up saying as per scientist husk are healthy.

  • Jessa love says:

    Formerly dying? Yaaaa no,, everyday we're one step closer lol. Regardless of diet

  • Fakk Utewb says:

    Adrenal fatigue sufferer. Been on the carnivore diet for the last 6 weeks and feeling better, but I just acidentally ate some cheese and now I’m feeling weak. Not sure if my mind is just playing tricks on me though. I haven’t had cheese for over a year. Very worried. I don’t want to be set a whole month back. Please tell me I won’t. Isn’t okay to eat cheese on the carnivore diet?

  • Nancy Pelosi says:

    I sponsored her on Chaturbate.

  • Linda Clark says:

    Good God Almighty!

  • Olivér Szikra says:

    am i the only one who thinks she is a 100% jennifer lawrence look alike?

  • Jimmy Froglips says:

    I'm a big fan of the Petersons. Joe Rogan asked Jordan about his blood profile and Jordan skirted the question as if he didn't know. Joe indicated that he'd like to see a complete blood profile. Is your blood cholesterol off the charts?

  • neilblockhead says:

    Raw or cooked meat?

  • Vincent Law says:

    The audience gave her a ruff start, she is just nervous.

  • Vincent Law says:

    Jesus…..their whole family fell like into a Benjamin Button effect

  • Vincent Law says:

    Wow I'm actually positive surprised how fit Jordan looks without a shirt……this man is over 50

  • Pluto Babe says:

    Ok but shes the cutest. I want a steak right now.

  • DT Jackson says:

    Watching this while drinking soda and eating Doritos and fruit snacks. I need you for the dietary advice and your Dad for the motivational videos to actually follow it.

  • chris essary says:

    Awesome family!

  • Arth says:

    What about fishes? Omega 3? Deficiency of vitamins and minerals? Antioxidants? I don't see how this diet might work on a long run. And I mean long run. Like Your vitamin A reserves might start to empty after few years of this kind of diet. It's all fine with autoimmune benefits but there are essential micronutrients which might compromise body functions on a long run. At least some supplementation might be necessary.

  • Holly Louise says:

    Posted a couple hours ago and my comment's gone. But, basically what I pointed out is that Ms. Peterson has or had a disease that better than 99% of humans DO NOT HAVE. She should not be telling YOU how to eat. We evolved eating fruits, veggies, meat, fish, grains and legumes. We did not evolve as carnivores and our closest animal relatives likewise are not carnivores. I am happy for Mikhailia to have got a handle on her very unusual autoimmune disease and other problems, but I'll be sad for those normal, healthy people who willy-nilly, unscientifically go with her treatment regimen and find themselves in poor health down the line as a result.

  • wesley Smith says:

    I was talking to my wife the other day and I was telling her animals that eat greens are prey and run from predators they have fear built-in and animals to eat meat are Hunters with much less fear don't know if there's anything to it and just came to mind.

  • Edoardo Signorini says:

    Talks Just like her DAD

  • Christopher Fox says:

    That's an insane amount of pharmaceuticals to be on for a young person. Surely this had a MAJOR IMPACT on this young lady's health. It sounds like she could use a major load of antioxidants that you're only going to find in the plant kingdom. This whole carnivore craze is disheartening 🙁

  • Christopher Fox says:

    Shame on the parents for letting the doctors abuse their child via pharmaceutical drugs!!!

  • the modfather says:

    blah blah blah, my dad's famous, blah blah blah, kill more animals

  • Karen Kellock says:

    You've been in ketosis for three years here and live on beef—but aren't you a little bloated? And I noticed bloat in your father's face after years of the beef diet—whereas on Joe Rogan's show he was sleek and chiseled. I think this may be like veganism: you look and feel great at first but after YEARS of it, something happens that isn't good (bloat indicates it, bags under eyes indicate dirty blood/kidney).

  • joeyripswell says:

    i went vegetarian for 1.5 years. came back to a reg diet and immediately started seeing a gluten allergy and also a nightshade allergy(tomato etc). turns out there is collagen in meat that protects and bolsters your stomach lining. without it, you can’t pass gluten and the gluten is absorbed and creates inflammation. the plant matter a vegetarian eats is very fibrous and essentially it scrubs and breaks down your stomach lining. like a scotch brite pad. shitty…

  • BCuda2010 says:

    Backed by NO science 🙂 and because the average person has a bunch of weird medical problems like you do.. I empathize for you but you have no credibility to talk about health.

  • amomymous mymous says:

    People understand all those auto immune system diseases are from vaccines right? Look into it.

  • amomymous mymous says:

    When the immune system js destroyed by vaccines the inflammation happens everywhere unchecked. Like what happened to her. That s what proper science points towards.

  • iPromiseyeWontPlayTheMosiachSong says:

    7:01 Doctor interest in patients health: NO KNOWN ALLERGIES.

    Doctors financial self interest: Here take this and this and this and this and this and this and this and this and this anthis-anthis-anthis-anthis!

  • Sebastian Pirkl says:

    Have you tried, instead of raw or cooked vegetables, fermented vegetables? Perhaps instead of eating lettuce eating sauerkraut or kimchi? As for dairy, kefir is very good for people who are lactose intolerant because the enzymes and yeasts that create the kefir are also present in the stomachs of calves to allow them to break down the proteins and sugars in the milk. Not to mention fermented foods are the best source of probiotics in the world.

  • HimmelaufErden says:

    What's killing her is the medications she was on imo

  • HimmelaufErden says:

    Aderall is meth

  • Nathan Coleman says:

    I love this woman because I have the same exact issue as her when I eat certain foods. Alot of my family is ignorant of this and they wonder why they are sick. People don't realize that food is like poison.

  • Nathan Coleman says:

    That's all these doctors want to do and do for you is write you a script, and your on your way. It's disgusting, and people don't even realize that these doctors and hospitals really don't want, and never do get to the root of any of our problems. I had to figure out all of this by myself after going to the doctor's time and time and time again. Do your own research, even if you have to go through hell like we did, because these doctor's will not help you at all, and medication is just a cover up. Eat healthy and excercise. Taking walks is one of the best low impact excercises that you can do to boost your mood and make you feel better. Walk about 30 minutes at a fast pace, and I guarentee you will feel alot better. Eat things that do not have soy, gluten and dairy in it too, and alot of you will feel better after a little while.

  • Antreas Tzionis says:

    Peterson controversy 2.0 dump veggies eat only meat!

  • porkyo123 says:

    I miss the Doctors of the 60’s & 70’s

  • Skeptic Dog says:

    great talk.

  • Andrew Pride says:

    As long as you have enough energy to clean your room then it's fine

  • Ayana Benjamin says:

    So lovely to see the Mikhaila JP often mentions.

    It is so comforting and enlightening to find that JP refers to his kids as a joy, as offering him more than he gives them, in general encouraging having children,….not because he or his kids had it easy. I love the way JP talks of children. I always wished to know more about his children.

    Edit: I wrote the comment before actually watching the video. Saw her, read the description and wrote the comment.

    I definitely have a lot more emotions now that I have watched the video.

  • J C says:

    We'll soon be having a major Carnivores vs Vegans battle, each side will be trying to prove their eating style is healthier 🙂

  • Troy Streacker says:

    "I'm going to pull a Jordan Peterson, and cry….GOD"…..she sounded just like her dad there

  • Aysha Kimble says:

    She's so beautiful!

  • Vance Biondo says:

    Glad to see your doing good.. been though some things . Looking and being positive. Lol and cute👌✌

  • xPhantom says:

    She looks like she's in good shape. I wonder about the long term effects of carni diet…

  • Benjamin Manning says:

    You are so attractive & your father is a genous… What's the catch?

  • xjohnnydsonx says:

    Awesome story. Totally helped me. 10 months now. Feel very healthy 59

  • xjohnnydsonx says:

    Checkout @slowdownfarmstead on Instagram. Beautiful writer and great lifestyle testimony

  • Sam Smith says:

    Now I see why Dr Peterson gets emotional when he speaks about certain subjects. This is beautiful and very inspiring. Bless you guys!

  • Florian G says:

    Let me guess fully vaccinated

  • Russell Schell says:

    Drs. are pretty useless these days, they don't listen.

  • Rob Davenport says:

    I wish you and your father all the best, and I hope you have found or will find peace and balance

  • happy4life500 says:

    She lost her cartilage from taking antibiotics. I know because it happened to me and there was a huge lawsuit recently against it.

  • Sunyata says:

    Extreme diet for extremely sick people like her. Happy for her but for most people just beef and salt will kill you.

  • Matthew Trzcinski says:

    7:30 “no known allergies”, but isn’t that list just pointing to allergies?

  • Yoongles ye says:

    I have the exact same name as her spelled like it and everything (except the last name ofc)

  • Topher Magellan says:

    This is what Frank Tufano has been doing blogs for years. But because she is Jordan Peterson daughter people are paying attention.

  • Michelle Abrahmz says:

    "Everybody has that" Then everybody is sick.

  • Dave Porter says:

    Flowing medical establishment advice just drive us straight to the grave faster.
    The medical system it is a sham, a system to sell drugs and make $$$$.

    The best doctor is yourself, get informed, test the foods stay away from toxic foods.

  • Sakiusa Badogo says:

    I think you just have to wait to see you are on a wrong pathway .
    When other things creep up switch to high carb raw vegan and try the difference.
    thanks and get.well you are still.on the bypass road

  • Suzanne Alexander says:

    How refreshing and inspirational, Mikhaila!! You give me SUCH HOPE that perhaps I'm still feeling terrible while eating a nose to tail carnivore diet because I'm allergic/sensitive to raw egg yolks, wild Alaskan Sockeye Salmon, Sardines, the fresh lemon I eat to help remove oxalates safely from my kidneys, or the raw liver I eat each day? I'll give myself another week eating these foods, as I did finally just remove romaine lettuce yesterday after being vegan/raw vegan for most of my adult life…I'm now 58 years old. I've taken the past year to gradually remove plants from my diet after doctors told me last summer that I would die in the near future if I continued the vegan diet and I HAD to start eating red meat and fish to bring me out of the starvation mode that my body was in. I was totally unable to absorb nutrients. I've been completely exhausted, brain fog, sore stiff joints and muscles, neuropathy in my swollen feet and ankles, hair falling out, unable to gain weight. I'm 5' 8" tall and currently weigh 96 pounds. Praying the carnivore diet will reverse the damage that plants and other foods and environmental exposures have done to my body and put me on the path towards healing and being filled with vitality once again. I also have the homozygous genes for Celiac and MTHFR. Wondering if I'm also extremely sensitive to most foods and will I only be able to thrive on pasture raised beef or wild bison and salt… Thank you SO much for sharing your story with the world, Mikhaila!! You're saving SO many lives! You are a Gift from God! 💖

  • Luke Passos says:

    13:46 dad lobster XD

  • Kaeben says:

    Just don't eat sugar or grains or fruit. Even blueberries and strawberries have deadly carbs…

  • Graham Dawes says:

    One thing that you might not have considered but being of a Northern clime, you might well be VERY deficient of sunlight and the prodction of Vitamin D3, it has so many facets of cellular effects that list along with your problems. D3 and K2 together as supplement might help you and Dad. Sunlight or plain old UvB is something to try, costs sod all to do it but all my researches have led me that way. Look up Vitamin D the sunshine vitamin , by Michael Hollick , on youtube he explains so much about the genes effects.

  • stephencarlsbad says:

    I have all the same symptoms that she has but just in a much milder form. Time to go carnivore. I never knew that the gum bleeding that I get from time to time and tends to not go away for a while is autoimmune related.
    I've learned so much from this video! Thank you!

  • D Back says:

    What a fantastic young lady

  • Jorge Luis Garcia says:

    Wheat is not food, wheat is not food, wheat is not food, wheat is not food, wheat is not food, wheat is not food, wheat is not food, wheat is not food…
    Effect of Gliadin on Permeability of Intestinal Biopsy Explants from Celiac Disease Patients and Patients with Non-Celiac Gluten Sensitivity
    5. Conclusions

    This study demonstrates that gliadin exposure induces an increase in intestinal permeability in all individuals, regardless of whether or not they have celiac disease.

  • Silver Singing Method says:

    Thank you and your dad should be very proud you are so wise.

  • Terry O'Carroll says:

    Jordan Peterson isn't renowned for being a clinical psychologist, he's infamous for being an arsehat. That said, I'm glad that Mikhaila and her father have found a diet that addresses their respective health issues.

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