Medical cannabis gives quality of life – A must watch! Testimonial, Subtitle

Medical cannabis gives quality of life – A must watch! Testimonial, Subtitle

– I suffer from genetic psoriatic arthritis – I have fibromyalgia – I’m a pain patient – My back is broken “Symptoms” – Crusts all over the body – Radiating in legs – Very strong headache – Feet, arms and hands – Joint Inflammation – Anxiety attacks – Chronic fatigue – Pain all over my body “Medication” – Methotrexates,
which is a cancer drug against tumors – All kinds of painkillers – Very heavy cortisone ointment – Contramal – Painkillers – Antidepressants – Folic acid – Xanax – Morphine drugs – Wellbutrin – Tramacet – Trazolan – Codeine – Stomach Medication “Side effects” – When I took that medication
I was like a zombie in the couch – Decreased activity – You really don’t get well from it – What’s amusing is not allowed – Irritable bowel – My stomach is broken – Stomach rupture – It’s just not livable – The fact that the liver isn’t working is no fun “Medicinal Cannabis” – That makes that I have
a certain degree of quality of life – Pellets, droplets, syringes …
I use nothing anymore – Better sleep, I have less pain – It supports me enormously – It fills a gap
that medication can’t offer me – No side effects – That’s the only thing that helps my – And then the power thereof,
that’s just phenomenal – I can walk, I can smile,
I can even have fun “Life without medical cannabis” – Then I would sit at home
at the expense of society – That’s not possible – Or I would be on health insurance – Complete “fucked up” lying on the couch – Not being able to work – Everything is against my will – I would feel worthless – I can’t imagine my life without – You are a couch potato – I couldn’t contribute to society – I would basically depend
entirely on someone else’s Medicinal cannabis makes
people better, not criminal!


  • NorthStrong says:

    this video is amazing. more people need to see it. i started my channel today. i have UC and cannabis has help me also. keep up the content. we have to change the minds of people that have been uneducated about cannabis for years and years.

  • TheGodelieve says:

  • Yìp o.0 says:

    Mooie afspeellijst, zeer moedig van deze mensen om zich te uiten en anderen te informeren.

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