Matt Riddle vs. Killian Dain – Street Fight: WWE NXT, Sept. 25, 2019

>>That all you got Riddle? You’re a street fighter are you? Look like nothing to me! Nothing! Nothing!>>Dain bringing up the fact that Riddle
was indeed an ex mixed martial artist, and Riddle continues to
bring the fight to Dain!>>Submissions are definitely
in Riddle’s wheel house.>>As are strikes,
especially those nasty knees. My God. My, God.>>Another street fight between Riddle and Dain they continue to bring the pain
in a candle stick across the chair. Riddle writhing in agony. [NOISE]
>>No.>>A Vader bomb is bad enough.>>Willing to sacrifice his own body.>>Hold on here.>>Riddle’s not willing to sacrifice,
nailing Dain on the back with the chair. Riddle.>>Power bomb. [NOISE]
>>[NOISE]. The final flash into
the chair across the face.>>This is it.>>One two.>>No [SOUND] my goodness. [SOUND]>>Man, Matt Riddle lighting up Dain.>>Wow, that was low.>>The great equalizer just above the belt
line, it wasn’t south of the Equator, what a forearm smash by
the Northern Ireland Nightmare.>>Hold on.>>Fujiwara.>>He’s got the Fujiwara arm bar,
it’s a submission, is Dain going to tap? Fujiwara arm bar, wrenching on the arm. [SOUND]
>>It’s a wrist to tap.>>Matt Riddle is challenging
Adam Cole for the NXT title.>>Here is your winner by submission,
Matt Riddle. [MUSIC]>>NXT Champion Adam Cole
wasting little time making his presence known here at the NXT Arena.>>Perfect time to face off with Riddle.>>This is my property! This belongs to me, and you,
you aren’t in my league! You will never be in my league! You will never be the NXT champion. You hear me, Riddle? Do you hear me?>>[APPLAUSE]
>>Riddle is this a preview of what’s to come in one week? Is this a preview of what could
go down next Wednesday night?>>Who’s tapping?>>The rest of the undisputed
are coming to Kyle’s aid.>>Riddle may have just
injured the NXT Champion. [NOISE]

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