Man dragged into bear den and kept as future meal a month ago found ALIVE

Man dragged into bear den and kept as future meal a month ago found ALIVE

 He told doctors a large predator had overpowered him. “The bear preserved me as food for later,” he explained He drank his own urine to survive, he said. Medics say it is a “miracle” that he is alive A group of Russian hunters found Alexander after their dogs barked and refused to move on from a bear den they passed in the forest in mountainous Tuva, say reports  The region is favoured by Vladimir Putin for vacations. The hunters checked inside the lair and saw what they believed was a human mummy – until they released he was alive  “The man remembers his first name but not his age and was reportedly in the den for around one month – drinking urine to survive,” reported The Siberian Times  A hospital video shows the bearded man opening his blue eyes and confirming his first name  He was described as having “severe injuries and rotting tissue” from lying motionless for so long in the den  “Local medics say they cannot explain how the man survived such injuries,” said the report  The exact location where he was found has not been revealed, nor the name of the hospital where he was treated  He was spoken to by medical staff in Russian rather than the local Tuvan language   Brown bears are known to hide their prey and return to feast on it later. 


  • NICK COIN says:

    Well done Bear ,fuck the hunters

  • Trusteft says:

    Bull to the S.

  • Pin Cushion says:

    Poor fucker broken spine aswel

  • Gdfserdy Fgregnm says:

    You, Tataro-Mongolians, are so [email protected]' sick, by any aspect imaginable. Even when one of your species is dying in a hospital, you don' t hesitate to take a photo of him and post it on the internet. And without even warning the unsuspicious viewers.

    I mean, I know how shitty you are, by watching you at the Holly Mountain(Mount Athos) in Greece, but I couldn' t expect this. If you want any further explanations, It would be my GREAT pleasure to give them to you.

    Me, In my country(Greece):
    -Do you speak Englisk, please?…

    You, in my country(Greece):
    -Niet-skaya speak-ski English-skaya! Parrusski!! Parrusski!!!

    Now, follows your national anthem and an irrelevant video:"
    Tataro-Mongoliiia, Tataro-Mongoliiia, almiiighty communiiism, which floods up the brooothels of the capitalistic Greeeece!"

  • PORKellis says:

    I have a tiny insignificant question:


  • BRUNO GASPAR says:

    Fake news…
    Impossível alguém sobreviver 1 mês sem água e comida, com fraturas na coluna e feridos graves… Não venha me dizer que é milagre… Ursos não estocam comidas, ainda mais vivas!!!
    Os ursos comem as comidas logo que caçam, o estoque de gordura é feita pelo próprio metabolismo do animal, eles jamais estocariam comida.

  • JO says:

    This seems like fake news.
    Something about this story makes no sense, this man was brutally attacked by a bear, had bitemarks all over his body, was in severe pain and amazingly stayed in the bears cave for a month?
    What about the human element of fear making you override pain to escape giving you a strength boost to stagger away and save your ass?
    Surely when the bear ambled out the cave he had many chances to piss off and escape.
    Seems as though he was trying to be a squatter and found the wrong type of tenant living at home……,

  • JO says:

    At least it shows that bears are intelligent enough to budget their food rations, unlike many humans.

  • Real Pzycho says:

    This is not fake why everyone saying that

  • Brandon Falco says:

    Story sounds weird. You don’t end up looking like this in 30 days

  • JaVa TheBule says:

  • Γιώργος Κρ says:


  • Nathash Haws says:

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