Male Candida Symptoms: How To Recognize The Male Candida Patient

Male Candida Symptoms: How To Recognize The Male Candida Patient

Hi there. Eric Bakker, naturopath from New
Zealand, author of Candida Crusher, formulator of the Canxida range of products. Thanks for
checking out my video. We’re back again. We’re going to now have a look at men. How to recognize
the man with a yeast infection? Men are different from women as we all know. How do you know
that a guy’s got a yeast infection? Let me read something out of my book and then we’ll
explain a bit. In my clinical practice, 75 percent of patients
presenting with yeast infection related problems are females. Yet guys develop yeast related
problems as well. In fact, I suspect there are a lot of men out there with a yeast infection,
yet do very little about it to get well. They may even pass the problem on to their female
companions and then they may get it passed back to them. Women tend to be more keen to
get their health onboard than guys. I saw my father try to conquer his yeast problems
for many years. And it was only after many years that he went from doctor to doctor who
prescribed drug after drug, finding nothing wrong with him. This was in spite of several
trips to the gastroenterologist, where he was examined by way of an endoscope and had
a barium enema performed in addition to having every other test thrown at him. The diagnosis
was there was no abnormal disease and dad was prescribed yet more antibiotics. That
was in 1982. And unfortunately, almost 30 years on, nothing
has changed. Yeast infected patients are still diagnosed by the mainstream doctor as having
no abnormal disease if they present to their medical doctor with several yeast related
signs and symptoms. If you’ve been to many different people and they can’t find what’s
wrong with you, if you suffer from bloating, gas, abdominal discomfort, constipation and
diarrhea, if you’ve been on antibiotics. If you can relate to this, do a stool test or
go and see someone like me or anyone else who knows about Candida to get checked out
because you may have this problem. How do we recognize a male patient with a
Candida yeast infection? I carefully check the toenails and see if there is any athlete’s
foot. It could be a fungal nail or there could be infection between the toes. I find that
men, for some reason, are known to more commonly complain of athlete’s foot than women do.
I’ll often check the hands and scalp carefully, too. Particularly, if they’re manual workers.
Guys, in general, tend to be less interested in hand and foot care than female patients.
Shoes and socks off and we’ll often find something if we have a good look.
Guys who adjust their groin regularly, so men who move their things around a bit. If
you know what I mean. Just go to a bar and look around, especially where alcohol is served.
Many men subconsciously touch their groin area and I’ll bet that they’re either oblivious
to the fact that they have a yeast infection or too embarrassed to seek treatment. Many
of the typical male patients I see are blue collar workers, so these are going to be guys
who drive trucks, work as building people, they do physical manual work. They’re working
class men who typically enjoy a beer or wine after work. A social drink at the weekend
and they snack on sweet stuff. They may not have the best diet and when carefully questioned,
you’ll find they burp, bloat and fart, which is quite typical for a guy that drinks beer
and has a yeast infection. White collar office workers, so these are
guys that maybe earn a bit more money. These guys also work under high stress especially.
They work long hours at the office. Many of them often drink alcohol and they eat over
computers. They might eat take away food or eat out commonly with their colleagues. Some
spend time with clients and conduct business over lunch and dinner or at conventions and
go to business meetings and typically alcohol is served. They’ll go out. They’ll spend the
night out drinking again and partying. It’s all quite common.
Men with yeast infections are typically the ones who consume lots of beer, bread and sweet
foods. Those who crave alcohol in general are prime candidates for Candida. And if they
don’t crave alcohol, they’ll crave sweet things like candies, chocolates, licorice. It could
be cookies or cakes or sweet foods or soda drinks. These are all commonly consumed.
Men whose wives suffer from vaginal thrush or yeast infection. The problem gets passed
from the female to the male and then back to the male again. Men are typically troubled
by recurring digestive problems like abdominal pains, diarrhea, constipation, bloating, heartburn,
flatulence. Men who’ve taken recurring courses of antibiotics for prostatitis, for acne,
for sinusitis, for chest infections or any kind of infection. The doctor may have given
them antibiotics and then may have given them another round and another round.
Psoriasis. Check to see if a man has any of the typical or not so typical signs of Candida
if he has psoriasis. If a man comes to my clinic with psoriasis, the first thing I check
are digestive problems and I check for a yeast infection. When I did write my book on psoriasis,
I found that three quarters of people with psoriasis, in fact, have Candida yeast infections.
There is, in fact, strong research linking both these conditions.
Prostatitis. I have seen time and time again the male’s prostate problems often disappear
entirely once his yeast infection is cleared up. Guys with prostatitis or urinary issues
respond very well to Candida treatment. These need to be aggressively treated. These cases
are especially hard to solve. If they’re beer or bourbon drinkers, or whiskey drinkers or
whatever, they have to stop. You can’t clear prostatitis up in a male if he drinks alcohol
all the time. And, of course, poor motivation, depression or anxiety, ongoing stress related
issues. These are things you need to look out for. If a guy does get depressed or anxious
long term and he’s got problems, he needs to be checked out for this condition.
I hope that gives you a bit of an insight into men and yeast infections. Don’t forget
to subscribe. Don’t forget also please to do my yeast infection quiz if you’re a guy
watching this or a female who suspects her male partner may have a yeast infection. Go
to and do my quiz. And also, check out for some good
natural solutions on yeast infections. Thanks for checking out my video.


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    Another great video thank you doc!

  • Philip Kent says:

    the most important human being moving forward into 2016 on planet Earth. Eric Bakker obviously!

  • JonG says:

    Hi Dr Bakker, thanks for great info. I've been suffering with a lot of the digestive issues you've mentioned for about 10 years now. 2 years ago I was told by another doctor I have COS. Since then I've been on a number of different diets and supplements with no success. My most common symptom by far though is nausea, no actually vomiting but persistent nausea. Sometimes, but not always, accompanied by excessive saliva. Is this a symptom of candida? It's something that isn't commonly mentioned.

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    Hi Doctor does Colon Hydrotherapy do any good ?

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    Hi Doctor. I have Candida is it OK if I eat chicken, sausage and stake? thank you

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    My tongue is all white. All the way. I can't focus on one thing, fatigue and a sore throat. It's been like that for 3 months. But I don't have any problem on my skin or my guts. Every single doctor I went, make tests and say you are fine just boost your immune system. Do I have candida?

  • Max Williams says:

    Hello Eric, I am almost certain that i have candida. I believe i contracted a yeast infection from my old girlfriend and have been experiencing symptoms for close to two years. The first sign was a case of epidydimitis in my left testicle that eventually spread to the right (later i was diagnosed with prostatitis). I was given cipro etc. that did not take care of my symptoms and soon began experiencing digestive issues such as diarhea and constipation on and off along with general discomfort in the groin area. While this continued I started losing sex drive, having back pain (esp. lower back) and constant fatigue, and developed brain fog. The brain fog is easily the worst symptom. After numerous inconclusive doctor visits I started taking matters into my own hands and doing my own research. I came across candida and felt like I finally found what was plaguing my life. I am now trying to recover and have made many dietary changes, just ordered your Canxida remove antifungal, and am hoping to see results. I am considering doing a cleanse, such as the master cleanse for a week or so before starting with the antifungal and your dietary program. Would you recommend something like that? also, can i expect to see a reduction in my prostatitis and testicular symptoms? Hope to hear from you soon. You're videos have helped inspire me to get well and I really appreciate the depth in which you address the candida issue. Thanks for all the help!

  • The Circle says:

    Hi Doctor, I have Candida Esophagitis. I have used two weeks course of antiful drugs including "Spike" 200mg tablets, dactarin OralGel and Nilstat drops. I felt good for a month but now again I m feeling candida symptoms like fatigue, bloating and specially nausea all the time. My tongue is covered with a white surface and also have mouth sore. My doctor advised me Fluconazole but when I used 2 doses I felt severe pain in my chest so I skipped the dose. Can I get complete rid of candida? if yes so which medicines shall I use?

  • hoodheisenberg says:

    Hi Doctor. I have Oral Thrust, Recurring Sinus Infection, Acne, Estrogen related problems due to compromised immune system. I just finished taking a week of doxycycline- I have been passed off by Urgent Care, and I had to file a complaint because- trying to find a doctor- even with serious conditions they book a month out for new patients. I have been using Raw Organic Apple Cider Vinegar with Mother, Garlic Pills, Vitamin Pills, Anti-estrogen, Milk Thistle, and just added cinnamon. I am changing my diet- it's been about 2 days of actually realizing what was wrong. Otherwise it was passed off as a a sinus infection and I was originally given antibiotics. Sinus candida as well- I would get these horrible chunks that would accumulate and I have a deviated septum so I can blow it out- but lately it is like super glue- please help 🙁

  • IMonsterGioI says:

    hello Doctor, i have nearly all the symptoms of wich you are talking about. Prostatiitis, alot of gas, heartburning and pain in the chest expecialiy if i trink alcohol, fungus between toes on both feed, bad scalp skin, but my cervical spine is also hurting and i got alot of dizziness and like a bad feeling in the head and my lymphnotes are swolen can that be also from candida ?

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    Hi doc, I have this itch which comes every time after I am home and take off my pants, around my testies and anus where pubic hair grow. after scratching, the itch is gone and hours into sleep, right the moment when I am awake, the itchy part feels dry and warm and that's when I tend to start scratching it. Thing is, the itch intensifies with the scratch and fades away after the scratching. it doesn't bother me most of the time, only on certain time mentioned above. there are no rashes. i do have bloating issues sometimes and occasional diarrhea and i drink 1L of milk plus 2 eggs everyday.

  • fubar jenkins says:


    Can you tell what's wrong with me? I am 14 125lbs I have had stomach problems for 3 years and my doctor or parents don't listen to me. Everybody talks about how it smells crap in here and sniffing of people ( it's very embarising and this is why I think I have it) during school every day. I have bloating, extreme gas, pain dry stools , yellow spots in stools and also bubbles come up in the toilet water I don't know why. I just want this gone I'm tired of it I can't live like this any longer and I think that's why I don't have many friends. Please help me I'm worried I have a very bad stomach disease by now. Thank you

  • Cecilia Hurezan says:

    What if stool test do not show any yeast infection? Can it be still there?

  • Philosopherous says:

    Hi Doctor, is it common to have both Candida AND H. Pylori?? I was convinced I have H. Pylori until I came across this video. I also have a bad scalp, foot fungus, and a white coating on my tongue, so now I'm guessing Candida, but maybe both?

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    Im wondering if me having Candida before my son was born and not getting rid of it contributed to my son having autism symptoms.. has anyone done any testing on this? I read candida in children can cause learning disabilities

  • AG Creations says:

    Why isn't this talked about way more…

  • ankita ahuja says:

    I dont have other symptoms only symptoms I have is dandruff, facial adult acne and sweating. Do I have candida? Is it ok to take candida cleanse tablet without testing candida?

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    Dear Eric, I have been on a Candida diet and herbs to help cure my conditions. My Naturopath had checked my tongue and noticed white coating on back of my tongue? Had some dry cracking skin off my heels and one toenail had fungal infection 7 months ago. I am also suffering with sleep issues weeks before I got onto the Candida treatment and got worse after starting it.
    Anxiety, Nervousness and so on. Please advise 🙁

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    Hi there. I just found you and subbed. Lovely to see such issues taken seriously and aired with kiwi vigour. Your "Curing it in 1 hr" video deserves a standing ovation. Thank you. After some immediate research, I'm off to tap some pines I planted down the back. Oh yes, I'm going to enjoy this. Right from scatch, from woe to go! Good one.

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    Check my range of candida supplements here:

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    Itchy skin? How do you get rid of it?

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    Hi doc , I have a question I noticed that whenever I pass a stool there is something like yeast? but I'm not that sure.Another thing is when I wipe my anus with a tissue paper after moving my bowel I can see something like sticky something? It's weird but could please tell me and me some advice? I often have an itchy feeling around my anus. Thanks in advance 🙂

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    Hi doc,
    I currently have yellow coating at the back of my tongue for the past 1.5 month. Before that, my body also started to have non-itch small red bumps. They are mainly found on the back, chest and occasionally thigh area and my right side of the throat would hurt, but have already recovered.
    I recently went to do a HIV test and was tested negative .
    I rarely drink alcohol but consume quite a lot of sugar-ry food/drinks. Do you think that there is a possibility of a yeast infection? I'm planning to consult my TCM this coming week, and hope they could help me.

  • Sunnychahal007 says:

    hello doc i have white tounge . in morning time amd after eating white skin flaking under mouth like creamy white coat and lips .also i face aniexty disoder .acidity .gas.weight lose. have uti constipation brain fog some time semen leakage during stool .low energy .
    now im takinig fluka 150 continue for 15 days what shoud i do tell me please i fed up with this symtoms also have pressor in head some time plz suggest me what medicine i shoud take for cure also taking apple cider vinegar with garlic lemon honey and ginger what is your opinion how long time to cure candidas is these are candida symtoms?? i have these symtoms from 4-5 years but now become yo know one month ago i have candidas please tell me your opinion thank u

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    Just subbed ya.

  • Mark Richter says:

    Thanks Eric. Massively helpful as are your other posts. I had prolonged and strong multiple anti-biotic trratments for sinus infections as a child and have suffered with wind, athletes foot and dhobi itch since then – more than 35 yrs. I am now 51 and finally descovering that these and my real probs with prostate and also frequent bouts of depression and anxiety and joint probs and other immune probs are all due to a common problem – namely that I have had leaky gut all my life and probably candida infection. Medical doctors never see the big picture and dont join the dots to make aroot cause diagnosis.

  • ednalully says:

    I suffer from vaginal problem since I was small I don't remember when it first started but I always knew I wasn't normal my underwear had always thick white stains and smelled not like fish but sour like viniger I can't discribe it. My face is itchy and dry my eyebrows and forehead and lips very dry I feel like bug crawling all over my head my ears are dry I believe it's a Candida problem. I also always had dandruff so I thought after about 15 years of using dandruff shampoos I thought well this can't be it since I had blister my hair falling and bleeding also was very musky n very thick and scale sometimes smushy now that I am older I research more things online and back then or atleast what my parents thought was dandruff. I still have the problem but because I change from weather Florida to canada my symptoms have changed but are the same at the same time its just drier like my scalp and face and body very dry my skin lighter then before n i get red patches on my face after showering doesn't matter cold or hot but I rather warm since I tried cold for so long did nothing I have all same fragrance/ sls/ paraben-free producta. I am a cosmetician I am in school still but I sort if know a little about sensitive skin. Other stuff i want to mention if it matters i had very bad breath all my life thought it was genetics well it sort of is I guess but i learn to mintain it by eating healthy and taking probiotics and apple cider viniger and other stuff I went to the doctor and he took blood test and found i had chlamydia but I don't know if it's been that for as long as I can remember my symptoms I never knew any better since my mom said was normal but complain of how bad my underwear was even tho I shower never took baths and changed every day in Florida. Well my doctor gave me vaginal cream for 2 weeks n my husband for 2 weeks as well. It help me so much but my husband didn't go through with the treatment but he didn't show symptoms although the doctor did it to treat in case cuz supposedly I might of got it from my husband since he had ask who has had sex before meeting each other n must of had it hidden in their system. Now that I am in canada and been with my husband for 7 years and he is now showing signs that I have through sex has weakened his immune system because before I met him his pee n scalp wasn't smelly he smells sometimes like sour milk n his scalp is filled with dandruff which I think is seborrheic dermatitis. I am okay from my discharge but still cycle not normal I guess because I am very dry always n during sex its so sour feeling like the acidic of my vagina is very out of place. I really need help my doctor doesn't believe I have a problem. I try everything I also don't drink I have come a long way since when I was living with my parents I exercise eat healthy I don't eat sugar only drink water or fruit as so my sweetness. I do crave sugar a lot although I control it since the fruit natural sugar is bad enough as well.I don't buy junk food nor unhealthy food I cook all my food so I know what goes in my body I have no kids. I cured a little bit my bad breath is gone my eyes are whiter then before they where yellow also my discharge is not like before which now I am curious if that's even normal not to have discharge at all my period cycle normal. I used to have since I was a kid allergies congested nose n was always sneezing mornings was awful n all day had runny nose. stress play in to this but for 3 days I try boiling water in a pot n letting the heat steam melt the path stuck that wasn't letting me breath well after that I been perfectly fine no more fluid stuck. Also after the chlamydia cured I felt much better but I still get very tired n emotinol like feel myself weak. I also don't drink cofe nor milk .. I bought many vitamins n got blood test done results are normal n i learn to treat a bit of my problem through vitamin n exercise. My question is my husband has this problem of getting flacky scalp and smelly. I don't want to go to the doctor n be told I need to take antibiotics since that's harmful is topical like the creams suggested with the chlamydia different to oral. Any suggestions please help thank you.

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    hi doctor,
    I have a fecal body odor is that cause of candida???I'm male and 17 years old I have fecal body odor last month I hope Doctor can help me…

  • Megan Keegan says:

    At the point of recovery, is it a good idea to supplement with health-boosting mushrooms like chaga, cordyceps, shiitake, maitake and turkey tails etc? Will it help build a better fungiome/mycobiome?

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    My symptoms itchy scalp and groin feeling like my head is crawling/tingling sores between my toes if I don’t air them enough joint pain gas and bloating bad breath very dry mouth at times. from time to time I get like little ulcers in my mouth that pop up if I let my diet slip low energy fatigued very bad bags under the eyes does it sound like I have what you are talking about and can I eliminate it thru diet alone with out taking supplements? Thank you

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    Am I the only one who was moving around his junk when he said guys usually move around their junk?

  • Whicker Friesian says:

    I wish the Doctors/Specialists I have gone to here in the U.S. of A., had this information.
    They continue testing for everything BUT Candida, in spite of my repeated requests that they at least rule that out as the problem.
    I still have the intense symptoms, and not one of them has bothered to heed my request and test for yeast infection of my prostate.
    I can't stand the pain/symptoms, and there isn't a damned thing anyone I see/can see, will do about it.

    Ain't 'Murica great?

    Thanks for sharing this video. I hope it helps others.

  • Jose Mendoza says:

    Is this related to fungal acne ??

  • Krisztián idr says:


  • Já Ne says:

    Can tooth problem be a cause of candida occupation of the whole body? Toothache is flashing up behind my left eye for 2 years now (although 6 different dentists said that they see no problem). I have every symptoms you can name. Also, my toncils burn, tongue completely white, bad smell coming from my mouth and nose. A desperate long lasting situation in my life. Thank you..

  • Ernesto Tamayo says:

    So I must of had Candida for a long time now. I always had itchy feet , dandruff , and never used the bathroom daily (stool ) but the symptom that is the worse that developed was sinusitis

  • Anthony Carbonaro says:

    Candida can also show up as a prostate infection and or bladder infection.

  • Joseph Smith says:

    Hello, just want to say your videos are quite helpful. I was just wondering about symptoms, I have thrush, fatigue(finding it hard to work out), night sweats, and what feel like hot flashes. No fever as far as I can tell though. Is this all normal, even when on a Candida cleanse?

  • patrick ryan says:

    Candida Crusher: Why didn't you mention pruritis in the rectum?
    And if you know of this, is it a sign not only f the Candida but of the toxins resulting from Candida kill-off? Thanks! 11/2018

  • About36GREEKS says:

    I’ve had toe fungus , athletes foot and a white coated tongue for a good 3-4 years now . I then went on antibiotics and got ibs symptoms after finishing them . Working on getting rid of it all now

  • Tim Hughes says:

    Hey Eric. I have been watching many of your videos and they have been really informative. I wanted to get your opinion on joint and muscoloskeletal pain caused by digestion issues. Why do you think digestive problems cause these pains? Have you found that these pains go away completely once leaky gut and dysbiosis is resolved? I have read and heard that the joints will accumulate undigested food, toxicity, and infectious microbes in the case of permeability. Please let me know what you think. Thanks again

  • Mf C says:

    Is seberohaicc dermatitis linked with Candida? I’ve recently been consuming a bad diet consisting of diver and carbs, my bones joints are in pain and I’ve had a breakout of seb derm and cystic acne. The seb derm feeds of yeast that’s what I’ve heard anyway. Hope you can advice me

  • cali Z says:

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    I drink like 12 beers on the weekend and i notice now when i drink in get oral thrush on one side of my cheek and it only happen when i drink beer i took antibiotics for infected tooth like 5 months ago and when i drink to much i notice i get the oral thrush does that sound like that or should i be scared of hiv im loseing my mind

  • TheDarkPan says:

    I've read that elevated that low levels of vitamin B6 and magnesium, elevated P-AFOS (a blood test) and increased neutrophils (in full blood count) would point to candidiasis or candidemia.

    Also when white blood cells appear in urine or cerebrospinal fluid in patients with urinary tract infection or meningitis.

  • Mike Babbitt says:


  • Mike Babbitt says:

    Thank you

  • Anonymous says:

    Hi Eric, would this be another symptom to mention for men (and woman too for that mater) – "flatulence". When I moved to Spain (from Ireland/UK), my diet changed quite a bit – lots of wine, beer, yeasty breads, pasta, cured meets etc. all foods that are part of the Spanish culture), I developed a candida overgrowth, so much so that whenever I had "flatulence", it was yeasty and left white marks on my underwear.

  • vadim videos says:

    All criteria of candida, mentioned in this video are not definitive…
    It maybe Yes, maybe not…
    Does it exist a test or criteria more clear and definitive?
    Something like: If this test is positive – you have candida, if negative – you don’t have it for sure..

  • Chris Carnott says:

    Congratulations! You just described, quite literally, every symptom and every lifestyle habit I have. 100%..

  • Tomorrow Big says:

    It's rediculous how well you describe my last 3 years, yet when I went to my doctor to get a confirmation of candida she poked the back of my tongue and asked if it hurt, and because I said no she conlcuded it couldn't be candida and told me I shouldn't experiment with my diet and see a nutritionist..

  • Joe Robertson says:

    Hi Doctor, I have most of the symtoms that you've mentioned in your video.
    5 years has past since I was first diagnosed with a Prostisis, various antibioctics, to treat my prostotitus + male thrush, my prostate infection just keeps coming back. My latest 4 week course of Cipro has left me totaly depressed and I can't help thinking that there is no light at the end of the tunnel because my GP just keeps giving me antibioctics etc. He has never referred me to a Urologist, or any other spcialist regarding my reoccuring prostate issue. I've since made a private appointment to see a Urologist

  • Joe Robertson says:

    Update to my OP!
    I've since seen a Urologist at the local hospital.
    Various tests etc, they still cant find any problems with my prostate, however, another course of antibioctics + painkillers prescribed. 5 years on and still no solution to my ongoing prostate issue. I'm begining to think that I have the medical profession baffled with my condition? I will now try to explore other avenues!

  • White Van Man says:

    Manuka honey has been shown clinically to be strongly anti-inflammatory in addition to being anti-bacterial and anti-fungal by nature. Some experts have rated manuka honey as one of the best skin healers as it heals without harming even the most delicate skin of your body, including your penis and scrotum. Many studies have shown that manuka honey not only kills bacteria but that it is great for yeast infections and any inflamed skin in general. You will find it most pleasant on the delicate areas of skin affected by yeast.

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