Liver Formula NEW IMPROVED- why your liver is SO important

Liver Formula NEW IMPROVED- why your liver is SO important

many of you don’t know this but cleaning your liver is one of the most important things you could ever do for your health your liver is your body’s filter all the toxic synthetic process chemical crap you call food that you dump in your body gets filtered through your liver almost any health condition you can imagine originally started with a clogged up liver all the years you breathed in fumes from plastics hair spray carpeting all the plastic bottles you ever drank out of all the preservatives hormones steroids synthetic colors flavoring pesticides bright food fast food and candy you’ll eat throughout your lifetime all the alcohol smoke heavy metals bacteria parasites it all ends up in your liver and if you don’t clean it you are in trouble but your liver isn’t just something that filters out bad stuff it does so many things it makes glucose which is your body’s energy supply so if your liver is clogged no energy it also makes amino acids which become protein in your body it makes steroid and sex hormones low sex drive PMS menopause clean your liver it creates digestive fluids that digest your food it creates bile which breaks down fat and removes cholesterol it produces interferon a powerful germ killer it produces most of the body’s lymph fluid it makes blood clotting elements manufacturers and stores vitamins and iron Sciences just started to discover all the things the liver does it affects every system in your body and if it isn’t working right you become sick rundown diseased and eventually die it’s one of the main reasons we age even healthy people have to clean or liver periodically because it’s a toxic world the air or the water everything is toxic the best way to clean your liver and keep things working right is with bitter herbs you can’t just keep eating the sweet stuff that’s what’s hurting you bitter things activate the vagus nerve on the back of your tongue which runs down to the liver and tells it to flush so eat dandelions and stuff like that I’m constantly researching and updating what I do and I just improved my liver formula with the most powerful organic or wild crafted herbs from all over the world it’s an amazing formula I take it myself not to taking it right now so here’s what’s in my new liver formula chauka Piedra nicknamed Stonebraker this amazing South American rainforest herb is famous for dissolving and breaking up gall stones and kidney stones it promotes optimal liver kidney and gallbladder function and it’s great for urinary infections hepatitis A B and C proven scientifically as an antiviral antibacterial antifungal anti-hype o glycemic it stimulates production of bile and helps clear blockages and obstructions throughout the body and organs it helps eliminate mucus stones and uric acid crystals like in gout it helps get rid of gas bloating worms parasites menstrual pain and stomachaches one German doctor found chauka Piedra completely eliminated gall stones and kidney stones in over 90% of his patients within one like one or two weeks with no side effects except that maybe some of them experienced some stomach cramps you know while the stones are coming out then France has been using a stuff for ever chauka Piedra has powerful long-lasting pain blocking activity with three times the strength of morphine it’s a diuretic it reduces systolic blood pressure and blood glucose and diabetic patients it’s considered one of the most effective natural non-toxic remedies for hepatitis B and things like that there’s burdock root it’s very strong liver purifier detoxifier and blood cleanser skin cleanser that’s great for eczema and psoriasis it balances hormones and is very high in minerals for bone cartilage and tendon and ligament formation it also contains inulin which is a great food source for probiotics and intestinal flora those are the good guys then there’s dandelion root root stronger than the leaves a great liver stimulant that helps digestion improves nutrient absorption and boosts immunity and energy it lowers cholesterol and it cleanses the blood improving circulation relieves pain regulates intestinal flora again the good bacteria so we’re seeing a pattern here the bitter stuff is what helps not only one of the super plants nettles are one of the richest sources of protein and minerals it helps build collagen if my skin helps vitamin K strengthens bones removes lactic acid it supports the growth of beneficial intestinal flora like the probiotics again so source of serotonin makes you feel good supports the adrenals prostate lowers blood sugar increases insulin sensitivity due to chromium content and it protects the blood vessels from insulin damage it’s an antidepressant antibiotic antifungal helps dissolve kidney stones regulate thyroid it reduces body fat Risa’s energy treats anemia and ulcers nettle also contains a protein molecule called UDA which attacks fungus in the body nettle leaf also blocks the lactic acid cycle which in essence starves cancer cells that’s pretty amazing huh and there’s artichoke leaf it’s a great bitter that stimulates the liver to produce new bile and flush out old toxic bile it’s a great way to help clean the liver a good general rule is the more bitter something is the better it is for your liver artichoke leaf helps digest fats and helps get digestion moving significantly lowers cholesterol and blood pressure good for indigestion and heartburn artichoke leaf is one of the oldest medicinal plants dating back to the 4th century BC ancient Greeks and Romans use this stuff for digestive problems stomach pains irritable bowel gas and stuff like that it increases the breakdown of cholesterol to bile salts thus increasing bile production and flow in lowers LDL the bad cholesterol increases HDL the good cholesterol this amazing plant gained popularity in the 50s and 60s before statin drugs came along now remember I’m talking about artichoke leaf not the actual artichoke which is good too but the artichoke leaf is more bitter black cumin seed it’s regarded as one of the most powerful anti carcinogenic herbs there is on lab studies on rats it was reportedly found to inhibit tumor growth by up to 50% increase the growth of healthy bone marrow cells by 250 percent increased natural production of interferon the activator kills certain types of cancer cells and help protect the body against damage from chemo radiation has been used for cancer heart disease hair growth bone marrow production allergies sinus problems anxiety epileptic seizures prostate gall bladder and even regenerate damaged skin cells a study conducted at the Kimmel Cancer Center at Thomas Jefferson University in Bursa and Philadelphia revealed that Nigella sativa which is the black cumin seed destroy pancreatic cancer cells with an incredible 80 percent effectiveness 80% it also showed up to stop the gene transcription process so cancer cells can’t even replicate we’re talking pancreatic cancer here then I put in schizandra berry a great liver cleanser that stimulates the liver to clean and known the beauty enhancing herb schizandra detoxifies and regenerates the liver and lungs and helps reproductive systems helps build sexual fluids moisten the skin calms the nervous system it helps a lot of i condition ‘he’s like in stigmatism macular degeneration diabetic retinopathy eye fatigue night blindness peripheral vision and it strengthens the adrenal glands it’s been successfully using China to treat hepatitis and contains over 20 lignans they bind to carcinogenic substances and treat and remove them from the body it stimulates you liver to clean by raising levels of the antioxidant included ion in the liver amazing then I put in blue plural it helps clean and detoxify and treat liver problems like hepatitis it reduces inflammation helps prevent artery plaques strengthens blood vessel walls and it increases dopamine levels so you’ll feel good it increases levels of s OD an enzyme that repair cells and reduces the damage done to them by superoxide the most common free radical in the body it helps the liver create HTH human growth hormone we all want that right it’s good for heart and lungs when we improve circulation and respiration blue pleura helps edema which is often associated with congestive heart failure then I put an Android graphic bitter but it’s strong anti-inflammatory counter fighting liver protector that elevates white blood cells and helps prevent gall stones is used successfully in the treatment of arthrosclerosis and heart conditions by preventing blood clots and ER gravis is a famous cancer fighter because it helps stop cancer cells from dividing especially stomach cancer skin cancer prostate cancer and breast cancer it loves to fight viruses reduce fever pain diarrhea sometimes caused by e.coli which it gets it works really well with vitamin C so get the vitamin C too and I put in a little bit of orange peel because citrus peel is well known for being very cleansing to the liver and kidneys because of their bitter qualities which urge the liver to purge I didn’t use milk thistle because it coats the liver cells and that’s the last thing you want to do while you’re trying to flush your liver cells everybody else puts milk thistle in their formula I don’t that’s why don’t take the liver formula for pregnant because it helps clean the body really well of things that aren’t normally found in the body so remember bitter activates the liver so this formula is bitter it tastes nasty but it works we want something that tastes gray or something that works there is no excuse you have to clean your liver unless you want to age rapidly have no energy gets sick a lot and die halfway through your life do it for your emotions clogged livers make people irritable and angry clean livers make you happy horny young and beautiful the choice is yours I take this every other month for a month it’s awesome stuff if you want something that works this is your stuff the amazing liver baby it and clean it because it is your source of longevity in life


  • Amber K says:

    Probably not something for breastfeeding mothers either?

  • Sunriser Lark says:

    Okay I need no more convincing although I LOVE your infomercials! I will be placing an order for your new improved Liver formula. Thank you Markus.

  • Rosa Maria Avila Escudero says:

    When in Spanish, Markus?. I always hope your fabulous videos, but my English is not still so good. Thanks for your good work!

  • MrFloppy says:

    You look early 30s. How old are you again?

  • Cassandra Cohen says:

    Thank you for everything you do. You inspire so much.

  • wildman solow says:

    Where can I get it? What's the price

  • Rhonda D says:

    shouldn't we cleans the colon before the liver to prevent toxic back up?

    thank you for such great information.

  • NaturalHI says:

    How much is this liver formula? Thank you for helping us.

  • Andreas Mitleider says:

    Thanks for the great Video! When will your products be available for people in Germany?

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  • Bananas n’ Apples says:

    LOL "happy, horney, young, and beautiful!" I love it!😁

  • Samantha Levinson says:

    Markus I'm ordering this new formula. Are all these new ingredients at therapeutic dosages? +Makus

  • J2THEON says:

    Great sounds like some of the herbs Dr. Sebi have in his stuff .

  • Cummings Family says:

    I'll have to try it again. First bottle I got wasn't very bitter. I'm surprised you didn't find a way to include Momordica charantia (Bitter Melon). Bitter melon and Watercress will make anyone gag 🙂

  • Linda Lindsay Agyei says:

    Wo in Deutschland kann Man Ihren Bücher und andere Produkte kaufen bitte?

  • Dawn B says:

    I was wondering if you have any product to help with hearing. I have noticed that I have to get closer to the speaker when there is background noise.

  • Robert Lee Norwood JR says:

    I just order one week ago and I'm going to get the new formulate one or old one?

  • Marian McAfee says:

    Great video! The liver is most important . (And you look awesomely radiantly healthy!)

  • Carissa Stoneham says:

    Thank your Markus, I always learn so much from you… Listening to all of this I need to do more liver cleansing… Bless you and what you do xx

  • billyclub says:

    where do you buy your herbs also is it ok to take a bunch of herbs together? Id be great if you could make a video on how and when to take herbs.

  • Sh shiva says:

    please try to sell it in germany!!!! we need that stuff.

  • birdienumnums1 says:

    so where to get your new liver formula ??

  • birdienumnums1 says:

    out of interest why can you not ship to GERMANY?  I would hazard a guess that the government are very suppressive towards allowing natural health ?

  • fishlovr1 says:

    Can i use this with my med's for diabetes and insulin?

  • Sunriser Lark says:

    Question Markus!! I was going to redo my set but the one I was going to pick the (ani-ageing set) includes 2 liver formulas. SOOOOO my question is How often would you do the liver formula? Wouldn't it be like every other month or every two months?

  • Amber Gorritti says:

    Markus do you have something that cleanses the eyes? And also do any of your products have any aloe vera in them?

  • Joe Facenda says:

    Markus I took pro hormones last year. Big mistake. The effects is man boobs. How do I get rid of them

  • Exodus says:


  • Exodus says:

    Markus!!! Check these 3 herbs out! I have researched them quite a bit, can you tell me what you think man.. Love you and keep it up!!!!

    cissus quadrangularis

    moringa oleifera


  • India Cheyanne says:

    Markus, What do you think about Kombucha for liver cleansing. Are you for fermented foods?

  • dplalowski says:

    Yes you are correct , it tastes terrible but that is why you know its good for you. 🙂

  • MaximumEfficiency says:

    Marcus, when you mass powder the plants, don't you exceed temperature of 46C?

  • Energie ohne Ende durch Anti-Aging says:

    Die Kochlöffelprinzessin möchte Deine Produkte endlich in Deutschland kaufen. Wird das irgendwann möglich sein? 🙁

  • Daltira says:

    How many bloody formulas do you take man

  • Light Moon says:

    Hi mark
    Is true that's the onions and garlic not healthy
    I hear they make inflammation in the body???

  • Spiros Costas says:

    Looks like a great supplement product that you've developed. Ill be purchasing that for sure. Amazing stuff.

  • Hector Lalalala says:

    mark. i just discovred you.

  • Exodus says:

    Do I have to refrigerate it? Also how long do I use it for, till its all gone or a couple weeks? Days?

  • LightWarrior says:

    Hey Marcus I am a very big fan of your work and your life. I recently had read about a fruit called Graviola, and its says that the Fruit itself is 10,000 times more effective than chemotherapy. The reason i a writing to you is because I am wondering if you ever heard of this fruit and would you consider putting it into one of your products

  • Avi Fine says:

    wow this is a must-have! and i can vouch for bitterness of andrographis – xO <– [bitter face]. nice add for the black cumin seed too. i used to take that, in its oil-form [on salads].

  • Sina Bauer says:

    I'm living in RSA and suffer from liver problems. Where could I get this product?

  • daniel luther says:

    how old should you be my niece had constipation. ?

  • Leticia Acoff says:

    Could you do a video pertaining to diabetes. specifically with neurpathy (nerve damage) and how to reverse it please. I know someone who really needs help

  • Kira Miftari says:

    sounds like a great formula! Question: are herbs organic?

  • NorCalBrah916 says:

    Any side effects from taking this?

  • Nick'n Knight says:

    i can't buy it but i have green what can i eat to clean my liver. can i use lemon.

  • Mary G says:

    What about taking this if I have RA and have been taking methotrexate and Enbrel for it (since 2001)?

  • Damian Ray says:

    Hello Markus!
    I just got the Liver formula. It doesn't taste nasty, it tastes OK 🙂 I wanted to ask…
    1. So, the idea is not just to drink (swallow) it, but to make sure that it gets in contact with the tongue as much as possible, right?
    2. I've been having a deep wrinkle between my eyebrows all my life (since I was 25 or so). The Face book says that it might be related to liver. Is it so?
    As always, thank you Markus! 🙂

  • Richard Young says:

    How will i know if it's working? Thanks

  • noone says:

    Hey Markus! Love your videos. I've yet to purchase and try any of your wild plant based products since I just discovered your website recently by accident. Anyway, I was curious if taking Liver-Free with supplements such as (Krill Oil, Ubiquinol, Magnesium, and Astaxanthin) will have any contraindication-effect? Your answer is greatly appreciated! Thank you!

  • D Higgins says:

    Are you and Cara coming to the Total Health Show in Toronto this year? I had a lot of your products, including your A.W.E.S.O.M.E uncook book but everything was destroyed in a house fire. Hope to see you guys there. Thank you for everything you do.

  • Mohammed Alqam says:

    How to use this and How much day ????is enough use of this product.

  • Ambar Leyva says:

    would any of this cause rapid heart beat?i ask because i was taking a certain herb (starts with a J, can't recall name), and it cause my heart to beat more rapidly than normal.

  • Ambar Leyva says:

    I purchase the liver and Colon product. Just found out that the queen of my life, my mother is going thru some health issues with kidneys and a "fatty liver", as her doctor says in basic terms. She is obese and desperately want her to get better so part my trust goes out to you on using your product. I pray that Jesus continues to provide you with wisdom, knowledge and understanding on continuing to educate yourself and others on taking care of their health in Jesus name.
    Thank you I will let you know how it goes

  • Ambar Leyva says:

    It's called St. John's wort

  • MikY says:

    cant wait for detox proces and buy your amazing formula 🙂

  • Jace Timberlake says:

    If the government was playing those videos in highschool that would make student aware of those dangers…but most kids my age aren't interested in this kind of stuff….well it fascinates me…….thx for those vidoes Markus and cara

  • faithlovehope says:

    I have been raw for 10 days now, my eyes are red for some reason. Is it detox?

  • Ruckus Piper says:

    You had a baby bel cheese as an unhealthy processed food. It isnt….it has 3 ingredients. Milk, salt, enzymes.

  • Juliana Manu says:

    I want to get free liver for me please so can you give me details on this product and its price so I can buy. Thank you

  • Always On says:

    Hi! do you know papaya leaves? have you tried or heard about papaya leaves as medicinal plant? i've seen in the internet that papaya leaves cure bronchitis, TB and lung cancer. Is this true? they said they just put hot water on the leaves in a bowl and drink it.

  • Felecia Nelson says:

    GOOD STUFF take care not to end up like doc Sebi. NMRK

  • Gunter Severloh says:

    This is the Free Liver Product in the video:

  • jschrager23 says:

    If I already take your greens formula and vitamin C , how often should I take the liver formula….i am healthy , would just take this as a preventative measure . Thanks

  • windstorm1000 says:

    such an amazing line of plants–they are here to help us!  wow!  I didn't know about 2/3 of this mix–grateful its in one convenient mix!

  • Kathleen k says:

    hi markus iv been very tired and expericing this for a while now and I get real heavy chest ,shortness of breath im starting to worry juz asking if this coz I need to do cleansing or detoxing ? also gets worse during my menstrual and I have conjestoin in my throat always clearing my throat ,gets harder to breathe so not nice 🙁 ,plz if u have any tips or advice?

  • Kaylene Peters says:

    Thanks, I'll try to add it soon.

  • George Konstantinidis says:

    Markus had a question? If a persons liver is bad can the liver formula restore it back to a healthy working liver?

  • Tonya Stutz says:

    I'm seeing a staycation for detox this summer. Love your videos!

  • plejaren1 says:

    Markus- Can Free-Liver clean the liver even if one doesn't do enema's? Thank you my sweet for your reply <3

  • Peace Mon! says:

    Cool..! U Sell Your product On Ebay?

  • Nyieta Napoleon says:

    the health tips are very useful, I enjoy it

  • mrdempster says:

    Is that why apricot seeds are used by some remote tribes in the middle-east to prolong their lives to 120 years of age? Apricot seeds are incredibly bitter and their main source of diet. Makes one wonder…

  • Allan Johnston says:


  • Kashmiri says:

    Does not taste as bad as I thought! Thank you!

  • tcampbell2186 says:

    I don't think these people understand how real and good this stuff is. The eczema on my leg that never really seems to heal even when I am 100% raw or taking the ACV…it's GONE! Smooth. My husband said baby your skin feels so good. That's enough right there to keep do the right thing. Thank you Markus. I also have your green formula which gave me lots of energy and kept hunger away while i was fasting but it didn't do 100% away with the eczema. THIS DID and fast!!! The Wildforce is amazing but i wanted to focus on liver because I have a fatty tumor. I think it will take months to shrink it but i'm staying positive. And of course trying so hard to stay raw becaue u have to stop adding the poison. GOD BLESS U MARKUS!!!!

  • Rama Muppaneni says:

    Price pls, thank you 😊

  • Caroline says:

    Markus you are such a lifesaver (pun intended). My friend is getting ready to do a raisin water (yeah I know, I’m NOT buying it!!!LOL) liver cleanse. It’s all over social media. I sent her this video so she could see you explain why bitters are necessary !!!! THANK YOU 🙏🏼!!!! 🍃💚🍃

  • Tania Seabock says:

    I love this guy! Really knows how to explain everything.

  • aao kabhi haveli pai.... says:

    Does it cures hep b carrier stage???

  • Bliss WKC says:


  • Stephanie Bourne says:

    We can't get your products here in New Zealand which is a real shame!

  • PrimaveraBailando says:

    Dear Markus, how many days shall we take your liver formula? thanx in advance for any tipps 🙂

  • Tatanka says:

    Is it ok for person with high blood pressure who takes drugs for lowering blood pressure? Thinking to get one for my mom 🤔

  • Jesus is the way. says:

    Hi markus,
    I have sickle cell disease and my spleen has got large over the years and is paining me.
    The hospital doctor said I may need to remove it. Please can you help me, I'm scared and just want it to heal and reduce itself.
    Please what would you suggest is best to save my spleen.
    Do you have any products that I can use to help it?

  • Nick Smith says:

    Eat livers

  • Random Musings says:

    🌻🌻Good morning!🌻 I've been eating raw for about 133 days now and taking the liver cleanser for a couple of weeks now. Is it okay that I take it about 5 minutes after each meal? If I take it on an empty stomach it bothers my stomach. Thanks in advance!🌻🌻

  • Lynn W says:

    Can I please have your opinion? I'm unable to take dandelion. Do you think taking malic acid (not sugary apple juice) & olive oil, lemon protocol would speed up my liver cleansing? I'm still on the water/lemon fast & can feel pain in my liver area so I know the cleansing has begun. (Haven't had pain there in a long, long time.) It along with phlegm in my lungs has kept me awake nightly. After my allergies reverse, I will purchase your green formula etc. Etc. Thank you kindly.

  • Loke Lani says:

    Can you take this if you don’t have a gallbladder?

  • Noumenon4Idolatry says:

    Anyone know of a good black cumin seeds source? I seen Cara uses it on her salads. Anyone have a brand they like?

  • Fatima Almas says:

    what the the frequency of intake? needs to be taken daily or weekly or monthly? and is it available on amazon?

  • VeganVoyager says:

    Is it ok to take this if I’ve had my gallbladder removed? Thank you

  • Sofiya borrowdale says:

    Hi how long do I take the liver formula to ensure my liver is cleansed and healing? Thanks

  • Charles Bovalis says:

    Markus – I am about to order your liver formula and I have a couple of quick questions: 1- Do you take this on an empty stomach ? I am also doing Intermittent fasting (trying for 20hrs fasting – 4hrs feeding window) so can I take it while in the fasted "window" or the "4 hr feeding window" ? 2 – I hear that choline is also a powerful fat "melter" for the liver .. Do I need to consider adding choline while taking your formula ? Or should I stick to the Lecithin granules you also recommend ? I would truly appreciate your feedback. Thank you for your time.

  • Alicia Rae says:

    Late in the game here but is this ok to take while breastfeeding? You mentioned it was not OK to take while pregnant, thank you!

  • Web Surfer says:

    If everyone in the western world used this, we could wipe out big pharma very quickly 🙂

  • Noumenon4Idolatry says:

    Im not sure why or how this works but I’m relieved the moment I take this formula. I don’t exactly crave it but the moment that bitter hits my tongue it’s like ahhhhhh… and a while later my energy is greatly improved. I just overall feel better… why? Why so fast? Shouldn’t it take a while to cleanse the liver before you see energy increase? I have plenty of things that should work for energy and my energy hasn’t been all that great. Either way it’s opened my eyes lately to the liver and I’ll need to give it a little more love soon enough.

  • Michael Becker says:

    Hi Markus, kennst du auch "Heidelberger´s 7 Kräuterstern" ?

  • Christina Richardson says:

    do you still take this every other month for a month now?

  • Aoibheann Doyle says:

    I’ve just received this formula Markus! I love it! I will make you a testimony soon… I already recorded a testimony for your Vitamin C formula on My YouTube channel. I tried to email it to you but it wouldn’t send.

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