Live Mucoid Plaque Removal – WARNING GROSS AS SH*T

Live Mucoid Plaque Removal – WARNING GROSS AS SH*T

If you are grossed out easily, exit video now.


  • G D says:

    fucking love you

  • Christine Mayberry says:

    No! Teach me now lol

  • kimberley puddicombe says:

    Is it normal for the hot temperature it is that the eye drains down to the lip say

  • Rustygun says:

    Omg dude after watching u play in it no video how to get rid of it 😂😂😂😂😂

  • LesterPruitt says:

    I can attest that it is all true. I passed scary amounts of similar plaque after weeks of high enemas while massaging my abdomen. Passed marble sized gallstones which cured my belching after eating fatty foods. Changed my life in a dramatic way. If you don't believe me, go ahead and live with your bloated belly and not feeling as well as you could….

  • Rakia Kelly says:

    Dose it hurt when it comes out?

  • Brandon Rush says:

    So……this guy just showed us his poop?

  • Sara Quesada says:

    Thank you for sharing

  • T Crew says:

    i needed to see this. thank you. yuck!

  • Jamie Simko says:

    Usually smells like diesel fuel and burning tire rubber. Bon appetit!

  • Ann Campbell says:

    LIAR!! proof The Detox Dudes are liars:

  • Dorothy R says:

    Thank you for sharing! I have been searching for videos on those who actually we're able to get rid of their Mucoid Plaques using Psyllium husk and Great Plains Bentonite. Would be ordering my Psyllium husk and Great Plains Bentonite Clay next week. Am experiencing bloating and constipation while writing this comment.

  • Dorothy R says:

    And which idiots thumbed down this video? Assumably those with the highest pounds of Mucoid Plaques in their colon.

  • The Detox Dudes says:

    Not sure where to start? Feeling lost or overwhelmed? Want to dive deeper? I made this free course for you🔥 ➡️

  • The Truth Lifestyle says:

    Why arent you vegan? Animal protein is acidic af!

  • James Bond says:

    All that shit goes down the sewer and thus will create a monster and comes back to kill us…

  • Amanda Bray says:

    Guys, mix a colon shake up and leave it to sit in the glass for an hour or two (look familiar) all u are expelling is the very same stuff u put in… it is what u would expect to see if you consumed a lot of colon cleansing products. It is simply the coagulated colon cleansing substance you drank…. what goes in, must come out. As a pathologist who has does thousands of intestinal biopsies I have never once seen a mucoid plaque

  • jorge avendano says:

    Shouts out to that colifour ear

  • pereti wallace says:

    thank you for showing us.

  • Lee R says:

    Wow wow wow!!!!

  • Diamondgirl08 says:

    😬😨😰😵 EWW!

  • Breden E says:

    I thought that was a melted candle but it's just a cool rock. Awsome vid man I wanted to throw up but I am excited for rubber poop at the same time. Thank you

  • Chiki Bang Bang says:

    Dude you named off everything I still eat today 😂

  • dominique007 says:

    Jesus. Fucking. Christ.

  • WHO DAT says:

    get that damn carpet off ur toilet that shit is gross . cant see all the piss drops on their and shit water evaporated to it

  • Slick TrillaRReal says:

    We have Fkn evil symbiote spiderman goo inside of us. Woooowwww.

  • Ryan Protech says:

    Good thing you didnt sneezed. I imagine the reflex of "hand to cover mouth" action.

  • Har Bear says:

    2:00 same texture

  • Brian Simpson says:

    Is this real?? How do I clean this out of me?!!

  • Dill Will says:

    This is too funny, man eats clay man poops clay man videos clay poo. 🤣

  • 20elb says:

    You've got yourself a new subscriber.

  • Orions Fallen Angel says:

    I've done 12 day water fasts with daily enemas and twice daily soda flushes . Believe me that stuff isn't in everybody , I never had any . I shoot out tiny sticky parasites from 2 to 8 days into the fast with 6 days + being only the sticky little eggs . At 10 days I started breaking up clear little patches of, likely very old sticky web like mucus but it was 1 to 2 inches and very thin . Ur working with a whole other monster u musta ate disgusting in ur life

  • Orions Fallen Angel says:

    Water fasts with enemas is the best and ONLY way to purify yourself . Twice daily teaspoon of soda water . Enema right when u wake up and 7 hours later . Doesn't matter what you think you removed doing cleanse diets , ur never gonna get everything out without fasting . Man up

  • djjohnnyt says:

    Thank you

  • David Larson says:

    None of this has ever been proven by real doctors. “Colon cleansing” is pure bullshit.

  • JustinTrojan says:

    Yeah, that's pretty gross – I'm curious how you removed it?

  • Swain says:

    What's the product ingredients I need to rid of my plaque?

  • haschengrube x says:

    it isnt palque… its what the mix turns too to shoot though your system. its not FROM your colon at all.. somone this mama rosa has people brainwashed.

  • Shawn Michael says:

    So… it’s clay and fiber. Gotcha.

  • Ste McFreeman says:

    Bentonite clay and psyllium react to create the rubber substance. You can try this for yourself by mixing them together in a bowl and leaving for an hour or so

  • Paul O'Byrne says:

    Don't believe everything you see online, ESPECIALLY if they're trying to STEAL your MONEY!!!!

  • Vladan Perovic says:

    I love how you "educate" people yet you, yourself have no idea how things work. The "mucus" is not from your intestines…
    In fact it's not mucus at all! It's the very same clay you ingested. The clay has a purpose though. As it's indigestible inert material with a very small particle size it absorbs everything into itself including some (not all) harmful toxins and parasites (if present). Which is the whole point of the procedure.
    Just like an eraser does with graphite from a pencil. It passes trough picking up excess stuff on it's way.
    The poop you showed us is not mucoid plaque. IF there is plaque on the intestines it's in minute amount and couldn't possibly add up to a few grams, let alone the size you showed.
    If there were that much "toxins" in you, you'd be long dead from any form of poisoning, as milligrams of poisons or bad molds can cause harm.
    You want a natural "cleanse" ? Castor oil.
    Do it like this: Two tablespoons at least 12h after last meal. Water fast for at least 24h, and ingest two more tablespoons of castor oil. Now what you leave behind after the second time is what's really clogged up in there. I can bet there will be minimal waste if any at all, meaning that there really isn't much in there. If there is, good the cleanse worked. If not, there was nothing to clean in the first place.
    As for the heavy metals and toxins you speak about are cleansed trough urine… That's literally basic 3rd grader biology. That's what your KIDNEYS are meant for. They're filters.
    Also I bolded "cleanse" as the natural way your body cleans itself when you're sick is diarrhea.
    Our bodies are vastly more advanced and have self sustaining abilities beyond your comprehension. You don't give our biological survival mechanisms any credit.

  • Jerome Marshaun says:


  • Danielle Berry says:

    hold up! you had me UNTIL THE EARTHWORM

  • MyOwnDesign says:

    This is bullshit. You dont have this inside. And you know what detox your body? Your liver!

  • wait what says:

    i can smell it from here😩😩😩😩 also can doing the turpentine detox get rid of this stuff??

  • Tahvish Hernandez says:

    I know for a fact that i need to detox because i have that nastiness in my colon😲

  • Son of a Preacher Man says:

    Dude Did you shit that?

  • 352BIZZY 3mom3 says:

    Better out than in good for you get healthy.

  • Sha La says:

    Great video! Ive been passing little bits of plague for the past couple of years. It passes when I take certain supplements. I haven't tried selenium or clay yet. I can't believe western medicine has NO clue about this.

  • Jaime Seeley says:

    This is awesome! You’re funny man.

  • Maria Belan-Crawford says:

    Some people will do anything for money

  • To Release is To Resolve says:

    Absolute BS. This junk is a result of what he is eating such as the bentonite clay.

  • HappyHalloween says:

    Dr. Kellogg was crazy.

  • Haley Rigas says:

    Yea that’s gross..I’m still shocked that someone would make a video of this.however I had no idea about this so it’s cool to know something thumbs up 👍.glad that someone was brave enough to do this.

  • Haley Rigas says:

    Also,at 3:17..looks like a worm…did you shit out a worm?!?!???

  • Shelby Smith says:

    Whatever he took to get rid of it, I want it!! I been sick for 2 years and I'm currently doing a water fast and it's crazy how much better I'm feeling. It's time!

  • Stephanie White says:

    Can you flush it? Wouldn't want to clog pipes with that.

  • Nakiah says:

    Why did I cover my nose 😂🤦🏻‍♀️

  • Liann Ramirez says:

    Thanks For Sharing TRUTH!😂💜

  • Ren Star says:

    Wtf is that?? 20 year old gummy worms that you eat in one of those fairs.

  • Cow muscle says:

    1:55 oh hell naw

  • Marijan čapelj says:

    doctors and scientists will never admit to that becouse they will lose all the business, if everybody detox himself there will be no

    diseases left to cure with drugs that they are selling to us. pharmacy is a lie like everything else from the goverment and leaders.

  • Macross Hazzlking says:

    hoax! its just there because of the stuff that you put into you. just dumb…

  • beanieb2009 says:

    Detoxing is a scam, don't fall for it.

  • Shell Bell says:

    Oh my gosh – I have been taking a tablespoon of fermented terramin clay every day for about a week and had a very similar looking green poop a couple of days ago. i now know what it was!!

  • Tom Foster says:

    Can you just tell us how to get rid of this already?!

  • J Rod says:

    you sure those aint old broken condoms left in there lol jk

  • Spiritual Walkway says:

    Thank you for this video, you have opened my
    eyes to the truth of what is going on in there!
    Thank you for your help with this!

  • The Alchemist says:

    IF ANYBODY! talks shit about this guys cauliflower ears, remember he knows how to fight AND his colon is clean….

  • Kayla Austin says:

    Do you think eye floaters are from buildup inside the body? I've gotten a few and they are driving me insane and making me depressed and I need to get rid of them

  • Lester Pruitt says:

    Everything you say is the absolute truth. I have passed similar and worse through high enemas. Those that say it is a scam have reached me too late….

  • Kimmy Cee says:

    I swear on baby Jesus that I smell this through my phone. I swear!🤮🤘🤘🤘

  • C Dreezi says:

    Came from a dr. Sebi video idk if you’ve seen or heard of his work
    But you’re right on the mark

  • Lady Nukem says:

    Why am i watching this shit

  • Mason Mead says:

    These videos are so important on so many levels, I’m glad someone’s doing them (and I’m 2 years late to it)

  • My Colon Cleaner says:

    Hey Detox Dudes, Try and review my detox Please!

  • Just Gean Bean! says:

    Thank you for sharing this video ❤️

  • Jayden says:

    Please site your sources

  • nichole boyd says:

    Lol love the video , I’m going to do this cleanse. I heard that this is a good cleanse.

  • Real Deal says:

    I put 6 big scoops of Metamucil in a jug of water, shake it up good, and drink it in the evening. The next morning everything inside of my colon slides out with ease. That is not the recommended way to use it, but I don't take it everyday. Metamucil is a game changer if you're feeling irregular, bloated, or whatever. For the best, most productive dump of your life, give this a shot. Maybe start with 3 or 4 scoops though. I think the scooper I use is a half a table spoon, but I really heap it up, so its probably a table spoon or more per scoop.

  • kevin joseph says:

    you are young. how did so much waste get stuck in you? meat?

  • TraviTrail says:

    This guy is so fucking stupid…he's completely unqualified to be giving medical advice…I'm reporting all of his videos on YouTube and Facebook until they delete him.

  • Timothy Campbell says:

    he didn't say hot pockets, so I'm assuming they are safe… hot pockets!

  • Timothy Campbell says:

    eat's clay, poops out clay turds

  • jayjay jayjay says:

    its just poop, go to school

  • Anthony O Rafferty says:

    Well There's plenty of half truths here but why don't you learn off some one that actually knows this stuff ? Like for instance do you have any idea where this has come from ? It's basically a Kahuna cleanse ritual. It's a mystic healing system that was guarded by the Shamen type people from Hawaii for thousands of years 'haha' & now it's being banded about 'in half truths' on Youtube.

  • andrew filipowicz says:

    That is the husks, it binds like rubber!

  • kevin musa says:

    The gov clearly wants to kill us

  • Sunay Khatri says:

    What did you take to detox? Have you taken the “Duck Flower” ? What was your diet?

  • Amanda Barker says:

    Thanks for sharing. You are right that our diets are contaminating our bodies. Our diets are also contaminating our planet. Oreos and Pop Tarts are not food.

  • L L says:

    You are 100 % right thank you thank you for this video. Why are there no Drs. backing this shit up ? 20 videos of people showing the same disgusting crap. obviously its not fake. W.T.F. ?

  • dr Shraddhey says:

    This is condensed psyllium husk, not mucoid 😂

  • You Deserve A Comfortable Climate says:

    Well maybe this is why we are actually dying

  • You Deserve A Comfortable Climate says:

    ❤️Freakin love u for this video…even tho I feel like I’m dying after I watched. 😨💩💩💩

  • Potent says:

    Got a colonoscopy…saw the insides of my intestines. There was none of this bs. It was completely pink.

  • Song Byrrd says:

    WOW! I had no idea…i've got to get busy

  • shinny eyes says:

    They look pretty… I would have them in my living room to entertain my guests

  • 정직한 23호 says:

    My god! This is real! just came out of my butt

  • progress_lover86 says:

    This is bullshit. Been doing autopsies for twenty years and had never seen that black crap in the bowel of a human. what you see is the product of cleansing supplement turning feces I’m into weird looking shapes and colors.

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