List of Cosmetic Ingredients to AVOID & USE for ACNE! | Ingredients for Acne Treatment

List of Cosmetic Ingredients to AVOID & USE for ACNE!  | Ingredients for Acne Treatment

Today we’re gonna be talking about cosmetic ingredients that you should avoid And also use for acne-prone skin. So make sure to stay tuned Hello Wishtrenders, welcome back to another episode of WishtrendTV vs. Acne It’s your girl Louisa joining you today And if you guys haven’t checked out our last video We talked about how to choose the right sunscreen for acne-prone skin So if you haven’t checked it out, make sure to go check it out right now. Go go Did you know that recommendations on skin care ingredients actually defer Based on the type of acne that you have Today, we’re gonna be talking about cosmetic ingredients that you should avoid And also use for acne prone skin I’m also going to be sharing ingredients that help you with acne scars And also those products to avoid for acne So make sure to keep watching Round 1: Ingredient recommendations for small bumps Small bumps are an early stage of acne so they can really cause that uneven skin tone They’re caused by the overproduction of oil and sebum due to dry skin Which is why moisturizing your skin is really key We recommend using propolis Propolis is a compound made by a honey bees for their survival Made by their saliva and enzymes extracted from hives Flavonoids containing propolis are rich in antioxidants which help to remove the free substances And can help you to prevent aging of the skin. This is rich in minerals So it helps to moisturize your skin and also improve your skin’s elasticity We recommend trying ampoules that contain propolis in order to keep the skin healthy and nourished Propolis also contains anti-inflammatory ingredients that help to fight against the redness of acne But also prevent acne from progressing into more painful bumps Also, look out for ampoules that contain tea tree oil, which is known for fighting acne Round 2: Ingredient recommendations for pustules Pustules are a type of acne that grows within the skin and becomes inflamed and infected Increased sebum excretion and blockage of pores are the main causes of pustules So it’s really key to control sebum and to improve pores As you guys can see I woke up this morning with the pustules myself So this topic is really important for me And I’m gonna be going over the recommendations on helping this little guy The first is retinol. Retinol removes excess cells that block hair follicles and promote collagen growth This is effective for treating acne, and also preventing wrinkles, skin damage, and aging The second is AHA AHA effectively removes dead skin cells that clog the pores So it helps to improve pore care and also prevent acne It also helps to return the sebum production back to its normal state So not only does it help to get rid of pustules, but also blackheads as well Because acne-prone skin is more sensitive, not all AHAs are suitable Look for gentle acids such as mandelic acid because they have a larger particle size So it penetrates less deeply into the skin which causes less irritation However, the skin can still receive all of the anti-inflammatory, brightening, and toning benefits A toner like product is the best so that you can incorporate it into your regular skincare routine The third is Azelaic acid This sterilizes acne causing germs on the skin which reduces inflammation while also exfoliating the skin It’s also effective in improving pigmentation. And also getting rid of those acne scars Round 3: Ingredient recommendations for nodules Nodules are one of the most severe types of acne which has a characteristically hard outer surface It’s painful to the touch and with the large inflammation deep within the skin In the case of nodules, the spa is usually not extracted properly And so the infection happens from the inside This is why we actually recommend you to find professional help rather than trying it at home But let’s still go over some skincare ingredients that you can use to treat your acne at home The first is green tea extract. When used on the skin green tea extract prevents the formation of bacteria And also, effectively treats acne through the antibacterial properties Polyphenol is an antioxidant within green tea that helps with post acne pigmentation Now there are many great green tea cleansers out on the market But the best are those that incorporate it into full string Because cleansers are the start to any good skincare routine Make sure to look for green tea cleansers that have actual green tea powder within them These gentle but effective acne fighting products make for a great acne skincare routine The second ingredient we want to recommend is aloe vera Aloe vera not only helps to soothe hydrate and fight infection But it’s also very low in oil. So it makes for a great skin care product It cools down irritated and sensitive skin and helps to calm down the skin Some other effective ingredients you can use are benzoyl peroxide and tea tree oil Benzoyl peroxide dives deep into the skin to give it an antibacterial and sterilizing effect on bacterial acne Its fast-acting powers help to prevent acne It works deep in the pores to prevent acne causing bacteria and prevent inflammation It also doesn’t irritate the skin So it’s the most well known acne treating component Tea tree oil works to prevent inflammation and reduce redness So it’s a great option if you want to quickly treat your acne It also fights P acne bacteria in order to prevent acne from forming and Prevents pores from clogging by removing dead skin cells and sebum It soothes inflammation and its antibacterial properties help to reduce allergic reactions in the skin Round 4: Ingredient recommendations for acne scars The first is vitamin C Vitamin C helps to prevent pigmentation and also helps to brighten the skin tone While exfoliating and cleaning the pores Look for gentle but effective serums that you know won’t irritate the skin any further Try looking for serums that contain about 5% Vitamin C in stabilized form So that you can use the product for longer without worrying about further skin concerns These kinds of serums also help to prevent post acne pigmentation The second recommended ingredient is guaiazulene You can use this ingredient for a fast post extraction recovery Because it helps to soothe and cool down the skin The most important thing is to always make sure that the skin is calm and soothe After post extraction and during a bad breakout Try looking for a guaiazulene cream that helps to lower the skin’s temperature In order to soothe and cool the skin If it contains centella asiatica which will go into depth right after that’s even better As we mentioned earlier the third ingredient we recommend is centella asiatica This creates a protective layer when applied to skin post extraction It helps to soothe and improve the skin’s complexion This is great for skin cell regeneration And also helps to repair damaged skin and the skins exterior Post extraction care is super important So make sure to look for a protective cream that you can apply to create a shield around the skin Make sure to look for centella asiatica creams that can help to regenerate the skin And make sure that the spot heals properly Round 5: Ingredients that cause acne The first ingredient that you want to avoid is mineral oil While mineral oils do have many benefits They actually fail to absorb moisture So this prevents the skin from breathing Just like how dust and waste can clog the pores and create acne, mineral oils can also cause acne The second ingredient to watch out for is isopropyl myristate Isopropanol which is a type of alcohol and myristate acid are ingredients used in cosmetics To maintain and change the viscosity Its moisturizing property does protect the skin But it can block pores and cause acne The third ingredient to watch out for is a acetylated lanolin alcohol This ingredient is usually added in order to make the skin softer But if mixed wrongly with other products it can cause severe acne Also alcohol itself is a harsh substance on the skin All right. So you guys already know the drill today? The winner is WishtrendTV Make sure to stay tuned and watch out for our next video on WishtrendTV Fitness episode 3 We’re gonna be sharing exercises for beautiful shoulders and also collarbones So make sure to stay tuned and remember guys. You are beautiful just as you are. Goodbye!


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