Life With Psoriatic Arthritis At Just 26

Life With Psoriatic Arthritis At Just 26

Hi, I’m Jude, I’m 26 and
I have psoriatic arthritis Yep, that’s right, at the
grand old age of 26 I have a form
of arthritis Psoriatic arthritis, or PsA as it
is informally known, is a type of arthritis that usually develops in people
with mild to severe psoriasis The average age for people
with psoriatic arthritis is 43 however it is not uncommon
for psoriatic arthritis to develop in those in their
teens, or early twenties Like psoriasis,
psoriatic arthritis is a long term condition that
can get progressively worse This all sounds
terrifying, but Like psoriasis, psoriatic
arthritis is incredibly individual to each person,
which means giving advice on what you can
expect can be difficult Some signs and symptoms include: Stiffness when you wake
up, or when you sit for many hours. It can
ease when you walk around I found that psoriatic
arthritis really had an effect on me getting
around, my mobility and my day to day life However, on finding
the right medication I’m able to live a full
life, and you’d never know I had the condition
in the first place If you think you have PsA With their help, they will
be able to get you the rheumatology referral you
need to seek treatment Unfortunately, there’s no specific
test for psoriatic arthritis so you’ll need to explain your
symptoms to your GP and get a physical examination
for a referral It is vitally important that
if you have psoriasis, or psoriatic arthritis in your
family, you tell your doctor This’ll speed up the process,
and allow you to get treatment that you
need, much faster Things that have helped my
psoriatic arthritis includes When you’re stiff and swollen,
and you’re really sore the last thing you want to do
is moving, but going out for a gentle walk, a swim,
or even doing some yoga can make you feel physically
better and mentally better Another thing I found was When you have conditions
like psoriasis or psoriatic arthritis, it’s so
easy to feel alone but there’s an online community
of incredible people out there who want to talk to you and
share experiences with you They know exactly what
you’re going through Long term health conditions
can have an affect on your mood, and can also impact
things like your work your social life,
or relationships so being able to log onto
that community and speak to people who understand,
is really beneficial The next time you’re online,
join in the conversation! I’ll see you there

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  • Richard, A Stonemason NOT a freemason says:

    Bless you Jude. Some great advice and an inspiring attitude. Research 'Psoriatic Arthritis Castor Oil' Sometimes, old school natural remedies can also be of benefit. (100% organic, cold pressed, undiluted and hexane free)

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