Learn how the foods we eat today are causing inflammation and leaky gut syndrome

Hey you guys! I’m doctor Dan Farkas and I’m
the clinical director of Back to Health Natural Solutions in Troy Michigan. I’m
going to talk to you today about leaky gut syndrome what science calls
intestinal permeability. What happens because we live in this just this crazy
just toxic world of pesticides, food additives, preservatives, men’s and
women’s beauty products, environmental toxins, new car smell all these chemicals
and things we don’t even know too as well. they surround our body and they get into
our body and then they cause inflammation because they’re seen as
foreign invaders the immune system identifies them and marks them as
foreign invaders and it starts the attack. The most common place that these
problems come from is from food. Even from healthy foods or what a marketed as
healthy foods they can get into our body and in our digestive tract
after we chew food and swallow food after our stomach hopefully breaks our
food down properly for absorption in the wall of the small intestine and then
what comes after is the large intestine that’s where these foods and these
things hopefully all good things but typically not get absorbed directly into
our bloodstream. Now our body’s fantastic it has a great intricate very sophisticated
system in order to keep bad things that would only allow good things in but that
system can get broken down with this toxic environment that we live in and
the gut and walls can become leaky so I heard when I first heard of the word leaky gut
I said what where does it leak does it leak out like oil where’s a leak to it
is a leak into my abdominal cavity and of course my lungs like where’s it
leaking to it’s leaking through into your bloodstream that’s where things
lead to when those things get in if they cause inflammation they spike
inflammation there are good types of inflammation if you burn your thumb and
you get a blister and it kind of hurts for a little bit you see the fluid shows
up to repair the damaged skin that’s good inflammation is temporary but I’m
talking about chronic low-grade systemic inflammation which means it goes all
over your whole body and can affect any and all your symptoms your systems
that type of inflammation this type of of breach of your defenses typically paves a way for a lot of health conditions particularly autoimmune
diseases and to date there’s about a 140 different established
autoimmune diseases but the common ones would be thyroid, lupus,
ankylosing spondylitis which is an attack of the spine, rheumatoid arthritis,
psoriasis and all host more of them the inflammation the leaky damaged gut can
also lead to other health conditions like ADHD and kids and in adults
fatigue brain fog insomnia depression and anxiety irritable bowel syndrome of
course thyroid conditions stubborn weight loss then on and on and on so
here in our practice what we found and personally what I found successful for
myself for my wife and for my son is we always say we don’t guess we test we do
testing in order to determine if there’s actually a breach in the wall of the gut
it’s pretty simple and typically it’s done with a food test food testing is
critical in order to assess do you have weaknesses in your defenses that’s
allowing bad things to get into your system and compromise your health so I’m
glad that you stayed this long to learn about what the leaky gut syndrome also
called intestinal permeability can create in your body of the health
conditions and who it can affect and if you get value out of this place like
please share it give this to someone who needs it and if you have questions
you’re welcome to come and reach out to us anytime thanks for watching

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