Leading from Humanity 2019 – Liz Mason interviews Liliane de Vries

I’m Liz Mason and I’m here
interviewing Liliane de Vries who is the founder of Alive in Healthcare and the
creator of the Leading from Humanity Conference which is happening on
November 14th this year. So Liliane, give me a little idea just starting off, what is
the mission of Alive in Healthcare? Thanks for asking. Our mission is very simple. It’s simple in words maybe not so simple in
action! We’re looking to lead from humanity, help people lead from humanity
in healthcare because that’s what’s really lacking in this world. Humanity in
the first place but my heart goes to healthcare being a nurse myself. What
will people be walking away from this conference with? What will have
changed within them? They will be walking away more empowered to start
doing the radical things that need to happen to change healthcare. We’ve got to
stop waiting for others to do it. So, in addition to the Conference, we’re gonna create these groups where
people will continue the conversations outside of the conference and be invited
to be part of the Circles of Humanity conversations and support each
other so that we can look at what is it that I can do? I’ve a group that gets it, because they have been at this conference, they’re having conversations
around this whole humanity piece and now this empowers me to see others doing
what they’re doing and for myself what can I do to make the changes. That’s
the ownership piece right? But we need the support. To expect people after a day
of conference to just walk out and start doing things… it’s a fairy
tale, right? Well, we want to make it real. It’s time to start grabbing the bull by the
horns and making stuff, making things happen and we need each other for that, I
I can’t do it alone. I’m creating this conference because I
need you guys, I need you guys to help me to empower me to know
what I’m doing. I’m going in the right direction and I want to do that
for you so together we can make changes whatever those are. Yeah so coming to
this conference you will leave with a sense of empowerment and leadership to
be the rebel you need to be to to to make our healthcare better? Yeah
Just stop conforming. Yeah yeah yeah Because we need us, we
need each other! Thank you

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