Le thé des Dieux » guérit la fatigue chronique, la thyroïde, l’arthrite, le foie,les reins et plus

Le thé des Dieux » guérit la fatigue chronique, la thyroïde, l’arthrite, le foie,les reins et plus

“Tea of ​​the Gods” cures fatigue
chronic, thyroid, arthritis, lupus and dizziness and + welcome to this new video, I often tell you about this spice
in my different videos, of the power that it had for hair, body, hypertension
, pregnant women, oxidation stress and more in this new video
, I’m bringing you a real little gem, the recipe is very simple but very effective
, foremost As usual if you like to take care of your health,
that of your family and friends
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heart many call it the tea of ​​the Gods because
this has several powers, like that of cure dizziness, thyroid problems,
the chronic fatigue arthritis … but not
than , for many years our grandparents
to take care of their health used this as a reference
number 1 in traditional product they were pulling great advantages of
This natural medicine and even our days this remains a reference So I invite you to watch this video
all the way to not miss anything, by the way if you find this useful content share
so that it reaches a maximum of people You have certainly heard of a
syrup very popular since ancient times,
thyme syrup this formula makes it possible to develop
an infusion of thyme that strengthens your health, indeed thyme is an herb that
at has retained its effectiveness throughout
Centuries It is used to treat diseases
chronic like arthritis fatigue fibromyalgia thyroid
hyperthyroidism, etc. ingredients for this preparation A handful of dried thyme 500 CL of water
mineral preparation
to do it you have to start boiling water
and add thyme cooks a few
minutes and turn off the heat let the infusion cool completely, especially
leave the pot covered well you should consume this on an empty stomach and
the night before going to sleep, the results will be
obvious in just a few days after to have
started your consumption, many people currently talk about it
not because unfortunately do not know these virtues, you can buy these ingredients in the supermarket,
in delicatessens, online and it’s amazing how thyme is
economic you can even sow it at home this
grass is rich in minerals like the calcium and potassium iron and has other
elements that strengthen health consuming it helps regulate the pressure
help optimize the level of red blood cells and generally helps
avoid heart problems It is not for nothing that Le Thym
is said to be antiseptic, antibiotic, anti-infectious and major antibacterial, so it helps
fight a very large number of viruses, bacteria and fungi. As such, it is close to spices such as
Oregano, Rosemary, Laurel and Cinnamon which are also major antiseptics.
It is particularly effective in fighting bronchitis, and chronic cough, and others
, It is an expectorant, and it helps to everything about inflammations of
respiratory tract, as well as diseases more severe like whooping cough. Thyme is also one of the best allies
during intestinal infections, gastroenteritis, infectious diarrhea, food poisoning
and significant indigestion. Thyme is therefore a major plant for cleaning
and strengthen the immune system and everything the body. In addition, several varieties
of Thyme are of great help in case of weakening severe of the organism it has long
been used in the past for this purpose. It is also a medicinal plant
interesting for draining the liver, and supporting all liver function. Finally, Thyme
can be used successfully for all oral problems, such as bathing
mouth against gingivitis (weakness or bleeding from the lip), canker sores and for
clean the throat thoroughly. Thyme has no particular contraindication,
it is a safe plant in doses Recommended. Thyme is rather suitable
for occasional use of a few days. However, it is better to mix the oils
essential with vegetable oils Because are very powerful and can attack
sensitive mucous membranes, Regarding, use for internal use
Thyme essential oils, do not exceed 5 drops per day, knowing that at high
dose any essential oil is toxic. Cesci is also not recommended for young people
children, breastfeeding women. And to women pregnant Thyme can also be slightly
hypertensive and cause palpitations heart. In some allergic people,
the plant could cause irritation and heartburn. So here is ,
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God bless you XOXO


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