Lấy skin Apex Legends FREE không cần Twitch Prime

Hey guys, I am Pham Nam Today, I will show you that for who is playing Apex Legends a tricks a trick that to take skin of Pathfinder and 5 Apex packs This trick is based on new event that give a gift to the player that was linking Origin account with Twitch Prime Account that will be took a gift including Pathfinder skin and 5 Apex packs Ok, now I am going to lets you guys how to do it. This is very simple trick but it can be fix soon by EA so guys, please do it as soon as possible Firstly, you need a Origin account and available game in your library Waiting for the game loading Going to the My Game Library When you already had the game then the game will shown in here Press right click on the game and going to Game Properties Choose Advance Lauch Options Here we using a code on Command Line Arguments to let Origin thinks that we already linked to Twitch Prime As some people play PUBG already also known a trick to take skin of PUBG but last time we need to fake Visa card to make a Twitch Prime account But now, if we do that we will get banned for Amazon account This is a different way for Apex Legends Try to do this as soon as possible This is the command I put it on the description of video Put the command on Command Line Arguments Press Save and Open the game As soon as you open the game Origin will understand that you already linking your account to Twitch Prime account And you will get skin of Pathfinder as a legendary skin and 5 Apex Packs Here is after we open the game Imediately after we do all steps Then you will got a legendary skin of Pathfinder and 5 Apex Packs Vesy simple Try my lucky based on my experience that after we have 5 packs. There are so many people are open pack at the same time so the change of good Items as legendary items or rare items is reduce So you guys might be wait a time when the event is finished It just base on my experience It is very simple trick However, there was a note that after you recieved Items then we going to the Origin and clear the command line arguments to sure that when EA fixed this bug to check the account which is using this trick by checking the Command Line Arguments Then they will ban your account But I think not You need to believed in me XD Saving and all things are finish If this video is helpful Dont forget to Subcrible Like and Share And you guys can find me on Youtube as SD Gaming Studio Actually, I was just changed name of Channel This is my channel Subcrible to take the new tricks As last time I have a video for PUBG trick of fake Visa card to take the create of PUBG (music) (music) (music) (music) (music) (music) (music) (music) (music) (music) Good bye, guys! See you on next video.

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