La importancia de la Dieta Alcalina, por el Dr. Martí Bosch

La importancia de la Dieta Alcalina, por el Dr. Martí Bosch

well basically I always what I liked has been to simplify things of new problems is the alkaline diet everybody crazy with the alkaline diet that is the alkaline diet how to make an alkaline diet every time it has cost me time also develop it but they gave you a list of foods alkaline and acidic foods you have to start mixing very complicated that if then macrobiotic diet that if vegan diet that if vegetarian that there was lacto total vegetarian at the end you end up reading a thing one day and it surprises you in next we have this man who seems to be in the world of science there is no other tree this man because he told us that cancerous tissues are acid tissues while the healthy ones are alkaline is this man receives the Nobel Prize for discovering the cause of cancer in 1931 surprising is not spoken of s this man already tells us that precisely the Cancer is a consequence of a lifestyle lifestyle feeding inside physiological that happened in year 31 really was a little before done its I presented the thesis in 1923 evidently it is dismantled crumbled analyzed and evaluated and in the year 31 they realize that what he says is true that’s why he they give the Nobel Prize I really thought what happened was a social change happens between the boom of the industrial revolution people leave the field and go to the city ​​then in the kind of work in the industry speeds up the metabolism we enter a dynamic of increasing stress in crescendo but also we change the eating habits fast food fast food in the company not you have time to go home to eat the lettuce from your garden or the chicken orchard in the end and those things therefore we start with the world of bourgeois the world of the Frankfurt the world of the coca-cola the motor of the fast food food reality then this realizes that it takes us to an acidification of the body really give him the Nobel prize for medicine and physiology by discovering the cell fermentation process when entering anaerobic processes the lack of oxygen well therefore this man already observes that it is elementary chemistry that acidic substances reject oxygen in changing alkaline substances attract oxygen therefore when the environment of the cell is to say we are always talking about genetics but we are forgetting about the epigenetics that is the pgn in the environment of the cell ie If the environment is badly healthy, we will be surprised that the cell is ill. the environment of the cell that is the interstitial space is being assessed that this thing that spoke to us very well was physical then you see if the reader it turns acidic as we know that acidic substances reject oxygen in when we enter metabolic acidosis the cell enters precarious and a 35% reduction of oxygen at the tissue level can already make a multi-cell depriving a 48-hour oxygen cell can turn it into cancerous when the city runs out of oxygen or mutates or dies of AIDS we are not die the cells we will make the dead cell diseases a tissue with dead cells is fibrous mammary fibroids phibro motorino fibroma ovarian prostate fibrocystic pulmonary fibrosis liver fibrosis kidney fibrosis pressure writings are fibrosis if you get into shares of the Alzheimer’s brain and if it goes back to base cells at zero then Parkinson’s disease and is due to hypoxia and acidosis, that is, not only pro-manco logical you see if the action instead of dying mote that mutate into what it means because the city opens an alternative metabolic route which you can get energy instead of from oxygen from glucose which is what that showed this man is basically saying in his work he already demonstrates that the city or morality is a big consumer of clear glucose is a route alternative throughout the krebs cycle I can get in atp from the oxygen today I can get atp by a chemical action based on than in the relationship between surgical acid glucose and fructose with these three elements I get more atp and two more alcohol plus lactic acid is what happens with the wine always tell us not to go down to the cellar when it is fermenting the wine because co2 is an anaerobic medium the tumor cells anaerobic so we see that it also responds to ozone therapy to the hyperbaric chamber of signs that I like we treat infections by anaerobic with hyperbaric chamber but we do not want to treat oncology say oxygen that are anaerobic cells by god despi continues to explain it very well we are always told that 70% of the body is water wing it is already but even the doctors tell us that we have to worry about the water that surrounding the cell is contaminated nobody tells us that if the cells and the environment are contaminates then the sick cell that can be contaminated because speaking with an eschatological language we can say of their own excrement a cell to live need virus need need to receive oxygen sugars fats proteins minerals but if the cell receives oxygen and nutrients will generate a residue if in my oxygen acidic carbon is returned carbonic acid if it receives fats of animal or vegetable origin metabolizes them but then it generates a waste metabolic rate which are what terol which is a waste fatty acid and if we send uric acid proteins therefore the cell is constantly generating acids and this we can call cellular excrement this has to be evacuated at the rate at which it occurs it is highly toxic we make a simple my inhalation of co2 and die in the act therefore has to be eliminated I want to eliminate by kidney and ccoo of lung the blood arrives dirty filters and returns to the circuit and this 24 hours a day without stopping clear we understand that a filter filtering gets dirty we understand it by car we do not want to understand it in the people teach us to live from the eyes to the outside but never from the eyes to in what conditions are they living my cells live in water clean or live in contaminated water in sewage or dirty water is that detail is tremendous is not valued fix that if we sit in metabolic acidosis now the oxygen will not come if the cell does not arrive or dies or drop that is the issue for efe or sick to the area because it has mechanisms of defense if instead of dying he tries to survive that now he has four possible mechanisms of survival some retain liquids to dilute and disperse the acids the other is buffer when neutralizing the acids ie steal bones minerals I have to zurich or form a sodium time that precipitates if I have calcium carbonate calcium carbonate that precipitates water it’s clean again, it gets me food but at the cost of dismantling my bone structure with what I represent all the pathologies that come is by acid attack the other option would be to drain the acids by skin or by mucosa if os I make the acids by skin or by the mucosa then if the sweat is excessively acid realized that through the skin I can remove carbonic co2 transpiró by the skin I sack fat cholesterol fatty acids by the thinks like ni to cover therefore if you are with excessively acidic sweat then the skin will I can burn depending on the degree of acidity so it will be the degree of burn janet dermatitis eczema psoriasis that there is a devastating burn because we want to cure diseases where the problem is in the germinal under the skin, you can see that the same that we talk about skin we can talk about mucosa if you fix the lip here for that is skin but from here to inside it is mucosa the cells are in the middle of the mucosa and skin if we drain it towards the skin towards the mucosa who is going to burn is the mucous then she spends my mouth and gas esophagus and gas stomach ulcerative colitis phishing in the dangers great the etiopathogenesis of all diseases but everything revolves around acidity of course when we get to this point, what can we do when come to this point what you have to do is return to this situation if we stay here what we do is add drugs that are highly toxic and increased cellular toxicity we found that no we’re not just a disease but we make the situation worse is this mentality is not taught is not given to us in the medical school not You are taught to think clearly about how to return to this situation or be we have to have the crystal clear water again One of the reasons why we have arrived at this previous situation is that the filters have become saturated if I genre more trash than I can throwing people are blocked there are children who have for example cancer children who they have rheumatoid arthritis and they are good children is that in this world we We are like a car that is to say the same thing that I do not take well has a filter air of oil and gasoline by others even then we can have a few mid-range high-end utility panda filters for cheese and rolls royce Of course what is more abundant in bands and so the number of pathologies there are because we are not controlling the feeding we do help overly acid so so much what we have to do is this getty that are curious things I was seeing works with intensive care and I was surprised when we discharged a patient from the uvi what he told me the family what waste in the ub if you have to wait until the patient is dying to get us the batteries is that from these hospitals until you you die, they do not listen to you, what do you say to me? and that is because my father went to the clinic and because he was not accepted with the medications has gone the specialist and specialist has been doing the rosary specialist, if not, it will not solve the problem because he has just arrived. doctors do a thousand tests go into a coma how low the uvi give the extreme option we already wear black note that does not die and the length of 15 days you make a brush that you made in the uvi that has not been made ambulatory care that has not been done in the specialists and that has not been done in plant you think about what we do in the note that in the uvi the first thing that we do is balance has been base tell you that if it does not balance if not tampons to the patient goes first the question we have to wait for be like a patient to ask for a base acid balance we could not having done it already in the ambulatory is not done second that we make that patient more in that the patient when it is in a coma it can dry not and what a service manager tells you when it teaches you less to me it will teach it to me so the toxic colon is charged to all the patients clean the gut or die and what they charge you with a We must wait until they are like a patient to put an enema We could not have recommended it in colon cleansing in the ambulatory clean the gut the importance it has-according to third what else we do how it is in Cuba can not eat we put a serum and over many times a serum and carbonate sixth molar takes you wait for it to be in a coma for alkalize a patient and what is the serotherapy once we put what people call the drop by drop and without eating fast we have to wait for a patient to be in a coma to fasten him a few times they are reflections that you are doing and that do not transcend to notice that this is a little bit the whole dynamic is to understand that the body has to be cleaned since Galen said that a clean body inside is healthier and more longevity of a body inside gale he realized that the sick people smell bad what is it that a patient smells bad if the pri comes by the ready sis first change the breath of woman me it says that my breath smells bad the breath comes from inside or there are people who comes and tells you hey I’m my son says he takes off his shoes there’s no one hold a skin lash bring by bad smell of the feet the sweat is there people who say that when you have a fart it smells rotten if what comes out of inside it smells rotten as it is inside the doctor did not have microscopes or rays X or operating room but I had understanding is to say if things they smell bad is that they are dirty and the dirty things are washed and they smell good Galen invented the water cure is and that is the idea that what we do really in intensive care high level or high level of medicine the most high the ‘top ten’ of medicine is in the uvi we are able to take a patient forward and with the rope of the grandmother that towards the grandmother when we are sick when there were no doctors or people or nothing grandmother is the one who was the doctor in the house who understood herbs and is the one who I was home because I could not go to the field that the kidneys had dust then left to do the housework and if someone in the family I was sick then I attended her then what grandma always said always always an enema, that’s why it is said that grandma is already giving her ass because the community enemas on the web when the river sounds water carries second second that to the grandmother now well of the grandmother and it will put you broth the grandmothers put us to broth the broth that is water rice soup soup onion garlic soup caldito chicken caldito look what is it our grandmother made us what happened to grandma a good sweat made us sweat and what else did the grandmother give us the herbs what she already knew and herbs that cleaned the lung liver and kidney of 72 in the uvi the treatment that we put is when we talk about drugs Synthetic medication is what you feel and when you feel that synthetic aids or synthetic that is original or copy copy and we are giving the copy to fix that now they talk about that pseudoscience phytotherapy how can you say this if all part of the plants that plants have active ingredients alkaloids flavonoids mucous heterosis saponins tannins by god I can have a natural tannin or a synthetic tannin a natural flavonoid a flavonoid synthetic but if out flavonoids we do in the uvi a diuretic an ethical and expectorant color which are copies of the plants but clean let’s see filters we put water we have clean water we make it sweat people what happens in the uvi that is so clear heat we want to sweat people are not understanding what we are doing and it is the rope of the Grandmother must wait for water are reflections we have to make sure that we’re going to see that basically the way cleanse and recover the homeostasis of the body is with the four pillars of the health that also established the diet limero because it does not reach the concept of on Fridays do not eat meat that people are that this is a matter of pure keys that gives for some comes from healing mens sana in corpore sano ‘in what Latin language, to be aware that when I know there is the Roman Empire, those who take up the control to return to the pax romana because it is the Roman church fixed of what gives Roman law became canon law the capital of Rome was in Rome in the Roman capital is in Rome the Romans spoke in Latin and the curia of the Roman church is still speaking in Latin and see who is what we are transmits to return to the pax romana is mens sana in corpore sano ‘which is the apple because you had to educate all the people that when you join the empire roman comes we are invaded that are the ones the Alans the Vandals that is to say it was the pear robbed they killed raped on both ranches the only way is to give them class we are going to give classes of the week and we will try to educate these people men healthy man do not steal no mate uncle boyfriend loves them respects help tripod if I in instead of thinking about stealing and killing my neighbor in my neighbor or raping to my neighbor I am thinking of respecting in love and if there is a problem in helping that society will live better that was the legend the second part body is healthy that was the corpore sano ‘what the doctors said but we They explained well we were told on Fridays not to eat steak meat salad and fruit I take the steak that I have left fruit salad turns out that 95% of the fruit the vegetable is water with the vegetarian diet the filters of the people are already going fast to then eating the meat is bad we are not omnivores omnivores we are not herbivores remember that the plant cell has a membrane that it’s called cellulose and cellulose is highly resistant needs four chemical attacks to break it and when we break the membrane we get the nutrients that are inside the plant cell then they are released then what are the nutrients of the vegetable steel fats protein minerals sugars vitamins the cow has four stomachs for the soap style and I catch myself when I have one so not to be a cow I lack digestive technology if it is of drawer then we have to use all protein sources another thing is that the excesses of meat they are bad clear is that as the excesses of wine any excess all that is eat food well what is done in excess bad therefore be aware that I would say is a dirty filter is not a broken filter a dirty filter can be washed with water, that is why that person who dedicates a week to cleaning each week will have the Cleaner filters than the one that never cleans is an education that does not gives us neither the doctors nor the patients once fixed you have the filters clean you see we have another data the meat diet is acidifying the diet vegetarian is alkalizing because I remember that it was small and when there was the older people crossing the street where are you going also the chickpeas it is not time and to earn the chuletones Where else am I going to earn the beans? I’ll notice that it’s a phrase. that time is being used is 40 30 20 final massa and the drop of diseases rich because the rich are those who ate meat the poor lived from bean lentil chickpea stew to fix that besides that is the idea therefore therefore you have to make a diet rich in legume poor in meat poor or 15-0 just and what is necessary to fix that therefore we give ourselves account that we have to enter is also very important the feeding according to as we feed ourselves we are going to overload if I make a diet that makes my cells generate more acids than my body can eliminate will saturate the system is blocked and acidifies me, so you can see that reading the work of bar work already talked about foods that acidify us and he already talked about food that we alkalize that is the key is to say sugar refined is one of the most important to note that when the document of america we started bringing food to europe that were not as they are the lettuce the corn the potato but we start to bring the cane sugar is going to be a recent work that was done in Italy that start doing X-rays they allowed to make scanners of all the mummies that remained of pompeii that they were all say buried in lava and they had stayed there Petrified people surprised that there were children there were girls there were teenagers there are old people there are adults there of all ages in none was located in a single tooth decay a detail cavities begin to come when we start to introduce sugar into our diet noses see if this is not commented we are not taught nutrition in the faculty of medicine then came the meat milk Cow Cow Yogurt Cow Cheeses Refined Salt Flours Refined Pasta cookies bakery products all that acidifies fixes that if we put on in front of television to see the ads that give us 80% the ads is from that for a in for a salad ad 80 ads that are for soft drinks of hamburgers pizzas of all cheese yogurt milk from wii pots and salad today that one is coming but it is the mentality that is to fix that so so much any food is very important because then we go into that detail set that any cooked food that will be very important is the cooking removes oxygen and transforms it into Acid weights I’ve gone crazy for dieting and in the end it’s the dumbest thing what is cooked does not provide oxygen what is raw when we start thinking that it is ph what is an alkaline that is a base we have to go to baccalaureate room the dumbest thing is an acid is a proton picker and a base or an alkaline is a proton donor in who can be the one who has the one who does not have it, since he is old then route that the cooked is acid and the raw is alkaline then you start to see that this is important is to say we must enter into those mechanisms all raw vegetables are raw alkaline diets provide oxygen cooked not quickly people have then cook it’s bad is that we always leave say hasty conclusions not us we have to cook and we have to eat raw the two things you see that it happens that another thing are the percentages I think the who in 1985 after 20 years of studying all the diets of the world already published that the ideal diet for the human being is 85% plant 15% animal important data you see fix and then of reviewing all the fair diets that is the mediterranean mediterranean island consists of three dishes is to see that we go to the restaurant and we They give the menu the starters main course dessert then we can discuss the mix of food and the phenomena but basically there are three plates in this mitterrand since we have to first dish are usually salads lettuce tomato cucumber onion red pepper green pepper carrot radish all raw mentioned some circle and what I’m halfway through, I’ll have the two parts of that plate all raw so it’s an alkaline dish then come the stews second dish dessert dish main main course that is can be a fish a meat or a legume that we cook them with vegetables you see monkfish with which we use it because we go in a sauce of oil garlic we throw tomato grated onion chopped some peas a potato an onion laurel leaf and when this already begins to so take a little taste and smell of salt we put a slice of salt drift and here is a monkfish to the marinera hey we do this was the veal with what is done with vegetables that some widowed vegetables that are made with vegetables is that dish has an animal part a vegetable part and there’s one day a week that is the legume with vegetables that day is all vegetable that is a cooked dish and it is an acid dish but not bad because of it point of view of calorie intake is terrific therefore you have to understand understand how important this topic is, you see, we have to find this is fundamentally 95 percent is water the rest are nutrients because we have to take into account all this what are the incoming and see what they told us that the human being needs 85% plant 15% animal because what we said the first dish are the starters that can be Mixed salad weekend but we’re always with everything raw second course is going to be that a stew and then the fruit will come is true that there are cold people is that or if I take the fruit of desserts that ferment me friend some problem you will have digestive or either you lack enzymes or you have a detour if it is intestinal or it is a food intolerance there are people who say it is true as fruits it’s mid-morning or mid-afternoon, it’s better everyone should do what their body can tolerate better what matters is that the Final calculation of bananas from alkaline dishes and acid dishes go to the side of the throughout the day of a final alkaline count you see in a in a meal where I make a good salad where I make a stewed dish and make fresh fruit I have two alkaline dishes and one acid two to one who wins alkaline that has rare a good salad a stew of veal and fruit if that standard does not have to break your head as simple as this is to set that is important this detail you see that I look will have if each plate I divide it into two parts on the plate, for example in the middle, I will have part of animal and part of vegetable and in the other two two vegetable parts and two parts vegetable if you add one two three four or five vegetable parts a simple animal part what amount of protein and you a You are going to let me show you the palm of your hand No. with microphone and such I can not see this is the thickness is that when we go to eat a restaurant does not put a slice of hake and puts a taco like this fat when we eat a sirloin it’s not that thin it’s that fat we passed of thread we do not need more will also depend on the activity that we have I have an activity that I work in a sitting office I consume less calories that a guy who is on the street with a hoe action a ditch to put a a pipe that I need steak that is going to burn it I will not look like a boa is to say that depending also on the activity the amount of protein that We are going to be bigger or smaller if it’s just common sense. what we are saying is common sense you see fix you therefore we already have this is because we cook the vegetables, that’s why as we only have the stomach with the temperature we can break the membranes and then get the nutrients that are released the problem of cooking is that we get it because they are the grandmothers said in the broth is the substance because all proteins fats sugars the minerals go to the broth look which people cuencia the vegetables and pull the broth is as if I take an egg break the shell I throw an egg and I eat the shell is that they are fatty errors by God the problem of cooking is that the vitamins are destroyed and now what do we do that’s why we eat raw and that’s why we have cooked you see two alkalines and an acid we won the one that occurs to him when increasing the a genius line was seeded that fat fats mineral proteins and sugars we need grams but of picogramous vitamins that is a picogram one millionth of a gram per that is so important to chew fruits and vegetables well because with the teeth worth the redundancy we can grind mechanically break the membranes enough to get the vitamins ie the raw we get the vitamins we get fiber and water and what cooked the rest is day you eat vegetables there are people who say hear if you eat vegetables you are not malnourished for division you eat meat that you are bad nourished let’s see 100 grams of meat provide 19 grams of protein and 2 milligrams of iron while 100 grams of legume give us 24 grams of protein and 8 milligrams of iron that we are not malnourished is great see how we finish in a stroke of understanding the alkaline diet I remember I was crazy with acid fruit tables alkaline fruits we are seeing the foods one by one not the action that is going to happen inside the body that is very important and apart to notice that this good man already said all the raw vegetables some are acidic but inside the organism they have an alkalizing reaction others are slightly acidifying but they bring the necessary bases for their correct balance and then the key the crux of the matter is here raw contributes oxygen, not because everything that supplies oxygen will be alkaline and everything that is cooked does not provide oxygen it will be a collector and it is acidic and it is as simple as this when all the talk is reduced in this little drawing this is an alkaline diet is to me a lady comes to me to pamplona 70 years and comes with a problem there is a rheumatoid arthritis that does not respond to conventional treatment comes with a cancer, whatever it is, it is like this now that a problem enters can i say is to go out with 2 look lady you from now have eat sugar blue blue and if that is because it is like a Chinese rain and the good one tells you and not the tolosa bean is worth it, of course, it’s worth tolosa that we are not trying to say that about the Chinese it’s wrong it’s about learning from the Chinese that they also have good things but you see that hippocrates of things told us you see when you read hippocrates of consciousness that the creator is that you go is curious because the one of Christ did not know nothing 450 years before Christ is at the time of they were pantheists because they were all the gods the god of the sea the god of the end the zeus the other the neptune age as he spoke it was an orange that has done this 18 in such a way that a day’s march we have everything necessary to maintain health and necessary to recover it if we have lost it, notice that I really talk about ecosystem or this is our ecosystem of yes I start walking at 4 kilometers per hour for 24 hours that is one day those are 96 km fixed that is almost 100 so in 100 kilometers around I have all the necessary claudio saw put in pamplona very well tolosa how much is to 70 km is within the scope of action in the blues that are in china are out of my ecosystem I do not say it’s not good but it’s not my ecosystem it scares that we actually have hot springs well yes we have elgorriaga we have belascuain we have arnedillo we have everything fit within 90 kilometers even at 100 we have hot springs of all kinds hypersaline sulphurous those of the sparrow the dead sea appears, the fiery ones are sulphurous, so if a skin problem an osmosis problem you have organized because it does not We do not have to go to China nor do we have to eat anything else in Chinese. good to learn from the Chinese who have a lot to teach us are two things different but we our ecosystem our smells our flavors to that woman I say that she has to learn macrobiotic cooking and that she has I learned to cook and I shaitan time what do you make samurai soup miso soup what do you have to do? agar agar that woman comes in with a cancer problem and comes out with two problems host this wants to study and therefore I do not have to generate a problem I have to simplify you have to make a balanced diet because see how a diet is made to city first dish spaghetti with sauce tomato and cheese which is a dish that has its caloric value is positive but it is second course chicken acid with chips since it is cooked is acid and after canutillos posts canutillos of dessert that is that it is cooked or has been made in the oven is acid you see that this is done a lot in schools that like the child is greedy a way that you eat fast is that the child you put lettuce and tells you not to You put that if a chicken with vegetables or a little fish with vegetables and the little bird still the vegetable of the want to educate the child costs but we are in the easy then the girl showed sweet and everything lovely is already clear Then there are people saying what happens with these children that there is no one to hold them more people are said is that these have a clear acid character 0 alkaline and 3 acids 0 3 that you want to see every time we have more degenerative diseases in the children we are sacrificing the child we are not stressing anymore and agreed that in the school of my daughters time to the acb to the front is already using of 20 30 years ago already told them how you have it half is not going to be the university what good comes to put stress then well is the pace of education of children we are stressing them we’re constantly feeding them badly that’s going to mean the child that’s going to cause metabolic acidosis diseases see the acidosis is the triggering hypoxia is the trigger of all diseases so if we take care of the alkalinity of the people then there is a problem our goal is that these never collapse organs that are working well notice that this morning The author to whom he proposed himself every week spoke of fasting do a fast of 12 24 hours people start to criminals do not eat is not a whole day to fruits of that fruit as simple as this therefore we have to work on that dynamic if we take care that the body’s water works is clean There will be no problem see you see if I entered and was born metabolic sis what is going to so that now the oxygen of the food will be burned by the way and the oxygen is rejected if this cell does not get oxygen and food will be strong or weak weak fatigue bursts us it is a chronic fatigue the partners are caustic they are corrosive will miss you that a chemically burned muscle hurts that’s fibromyalgia remove it and it’s over the problem is not patentable no business no interest that’s the problem is not another is simple let’s work that meca see you fix that this area is a sterile area, not how many germs are there, this is putting hospital say high do not pass sterile area what difference there is between this side of the door and the other the concentration of germs that are in the air here there is a average of 100 million germs per cubic millimeter Alberto five minutes perfect yes yes 100 million germs per millimeter cubic how many cubic millimeters has a liter then a thousand therefore are 500 thousand millions of germs per liter of air breathed 12 times per minute and every time that we breathe we put 5 liters of air how many millions of germs we put every time we breathe is the constant cataract of germs that our body purifies the air, cleans it, sterilizes it at the speed that It goes on to notice that the breasts are capable of raising the body temperature on air has to get sterile wet and at 37 degrees and a half in the bush at 5 to 10 degrees below zero in the time that we inhaled the air has arrived under these conditions we have raised from ten below zero to 37 degrees in tenths of a second we have purified the air we have the immunoglobulins if any cell any bacteria sneaks if the water is crystalline and transparent and contaminates the medium in water transparent crisis our natural killers are operative I go to the Caribbean Sea and with diving glasses from the surface I will see fish at 5 10 15 20 meters depth from above the water is a crystal now I’m going to the swamp of the Slag and when the water reaches my ankles I did not see my feet here can our immune system is not operational does not detect the bacteria does not detect viruses can not with them here yes therefore the conclusion is and if we do the alkaline diet that is not another thing that the Mediterranean diet balanced let’s go well and then then it’s just that is to understand that our diet has to have two alkaline and one acidic 21 cooked 2 raw is already therefore as we see perfectly covers the table sets the ph on fire there are two alkaline dishes and what counts is the final count five plant parts and a simple animal part and the day that touches the vegetarian who told us on Fridays not to eat meat the function was this hey that some days toads clean more in the end I hope I have not bored you thanks for all thank you very much to Alberto as always so great well we have three time 40 minutes left some question hey we have three papers left in a very short less first I loved the presentation in a natural didactic and clear way but there are some who say that according to our mouth what they call the cradle alkaline because you eat or you think it’s important not only to eat two one but eat it because when we first eat the most alkaline to the uplifting because we are not omnivores we are what we are not it is alive what has in the ph for the herb the carnivore for how we make a intermediate ph to correctly do the functional address a alkaline does not advise well look at the question I found in a book ‘god and who was called that brand then you have already heard about what brand with each kilo vr to brand that brad is a man who He could even show that we transmuted items on the agenda into the mouth the most straight muscles are able to generate fields electromagnetic potentísimos to notice that the porcelains of the teeth are not Any porcelain was the reason for a Nobel prize for physics processed are fixed semiconductors that are also peter nickel jobs 2 about neural therapy is to say that the teeth are not chewed elements mechanics are also elements that are going to control all organisms are connected to the nerve terminal which in turn are connected to the cpu that in turn is connected with the whole organism therefore we are going to generate with a good chewing electromagnetic elements fix that I want if it is subsisted because a system that was in japan was to give only potatoes to the sick to the prisoners and many died of imbalances electrochemical lack of nutrition and he proved that by chewing 150 times every bite was fed perfectly because he transmuted elements he knew the work of breaking chewing is very important for all principles and if the saliva will also prepare us because the pre-digestion is makes in the mouth and the better chew moss the more we prepare for that alkalization any more question to see I know that bicarbonate has its drawbacks but what do you think of giving a little bit of bicarbonate to alkalize apart from other measures such as diet lemon juice etc good has always been a good alkalizing note that in the uvi one of the most used serums is serum vi carbonated a sixth molar because if something else is to return to the same excesses of baking soda are bad and now you can take it perfectly b7 we are receiving acidic water is forced we have to purify the water because if the water is contaminated we will have typhus cholera if you try to city then come on you have to put chlorine to tip shovel well we can eliminate the chlorine but it’s also good to balance the health ph of the cities all Sometimes it’s like putting a little bit of baking so it can come in handy but we can also put the lemon juice fixed that the lemon is alkaline that the people say that it is alkaline, it is a citrus, it also cost me 20 years discover the cause because the mandarin the grapefruit the orange that are citrus They are acidic and because the lemon is alkaline because in the lemon skin shirt the lemon has the yellow part and what a white shirt on that shirt there is a vitamin that is called poland vitamin pp that when we squeeze the lemon is released and then interacts with citric acid and converts it into citrate so that’s why lemon is alkaline and other citrus fruits are not It is also advisable if the person wants an orange juice that is very healthy besides the citizen puts the lemon juice that then alkalizes the orange and it will never be very good acid very many thanks of presentation


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    Magnífico video, para Maestros y para leigos!!! Pena que la humanidade sea dirigida (teleguiada) por los anúncios de la industria y la farmaceutica….!!! Ha muitos outros vídeos deste MÉDICO com todas las letras… saludos a los que se interessam pelo melhor!

  • Gonzalez Gil says:

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    La caña de azucar la cultivabamos aqui en valencia, despues empezamos a cultivarla en el caribe con mano de obra esclava que salia mas rentable, el tomate o la patata por ejemplo si que los traimos nosotros. Aqui en valencia la caña la trajeron los arabes y ellos la trajeron creo que de la india o asia, necesita calor.
    Pero esto es solo un dato anecdotico, tambien dices tonterias como lo de la epigenetica, si no sabes lo que es mejor te callas, piensas que los demas no lo saben, bueno, la mayoria no, pero deja de decir tonterias.
    Y aunque dices muchas tonterias en el video, lo que no puedo callarme es que NO TIENES NI PUTA IDEA DE LA CAUSA DEL CANCER y si fueses medico de verdad, o hubieses estudiado un poco despues de sacarte la carrera como hacen todos en caso de ser medico, sabrias todas LAS CAUSAS DEL CANCER, ya que esto se sabe de sobra, y no es una enfermedad sino un sintoma que te mata, y es producido por toxinas principalmente, tambien por radiaciones y en al gunos casos por algunos tipos de virus.
    Tus argumentos son de un dudoso premio nobel de hace casi 100 años cuando no se sabian las causas del cancer todavia. Pero los medicos ya saben la causa del cancer y cuando uno tiene cancer, ya no puede prevenir obviamente.
    ESTOY DE ACUERDO EN TODO LO QUE DICES SOBRE LA DIETA ALCALINA por el simple motivo de que mientras te quites la fritanga, el azucar y todo lo que los medicos dicen que tienes que evitar para estar saludable en general, ya estas sin quererlo haciendo una dieta alcalina, asi que no puedo estar en contra de tu dieta, tambien estoy de acuerdo en que esa dieta aunque no te cure del cancer, te ayuda a prevenir todo tipo de enfermedades y como no, a recuperarte mejor si estas enfermo. Ya no solo de cancer, sino que podria decirse que es una dieta milagrosa, lo que se llama dieta mediterranea, todo lo contrario al macdonal.
    Tambien estoy de acuerdo en lo de bañarse con sales, mucho mejor hacer ejercicio, no se si lo has nombrado, es la mejor forma de limpiar el cuerpo y mejorar la salud, ya que las dietas de ayuno no sudan ni bajan apenas la grasa sino que se come mas musculo que grasa.
    No estoy de acuerdo en eso de lavativas semanales, la limpieza reside en la dieta y movimiento, ahora comemos todo sin pepitas, y nada de fibra, y no nos movemos, no es muy bueno, pero las lavativas tan seguidas tampoco lo son, lo mejor es no tener necesidad de lavar pero en caso de lavar como preventivo, hacerlo una o dos veces al año, no necesitas mas ya que lavas tanto lo malo como lo bueno.
    Con la omeopatia ya te pasas, estoy de acuerdo con la fitoterapia, pero la omeopatia no tiene ningun principio activo y es filosofica aparte de no demostrada, la fitoterapia si. En la omeopatia hay ciertas contradicciones, que no voy a pararme a escribir para explicar, como son el solphur o el ccitococo o algo asi, tambien hay contradicciones en los principios de omeopatia y flores de bach pero se haria largo explicar todos, aunque tengo que reconocer que EL EFECTO PLACEBO ES ALGO DEMOSTRADO Y SI UN PLACEBO AYUDA PORQUE EL PACIENTE ASI LO CREE, DEBE ADMINISTRARSE, aunque solo en algunos casos como el resfriado comun, ansiedad, etc, pero no jugar con el cancer o enfermedades graves, o darlo solo como complemento, el precio no deberia ser mas caro que un medicamento generico como el acido acetil salicilico que vale un euro en vez de diez por unos azucarillos.
    Las farmaceuticas se aprovechan de la enfermedad, pero es vergonzoso como la omeopatia es mas cara que la farmaceutica que tanto critican algunos o que tu estes ganando mil euros al dia mientras que los demas medicos ganan mucho menos.

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  • Revolución POLÍTICA says:

    "Carne la ¿justa y necesaria?", miren, qué triste me resulta que un mensaje tan importante como éste, elaborado por un Doctor que ha estudiado mucho y se expresa genial, rebose tanta falta de respeto hacia la vida. Hacia la vida de los 60.000 millones de animales que siendo de otras especies (vacas, cerdos, conejos, ovejas, salmones, atunes, gallinas…) no es sólo que quieran vivir como nosotros, sino que es un hecho que tienen conciencia, sienten y sufren como nosotros, y este Doctor sabe perfectamente que la cantidad justa y necesaria es CERO (hasta la ADA Norteamericana hace años que reconoce que la dieta 100% vegetariana es apta para TODAS LAS ETAPAS DE LA VIDA). ¿Que somos omnívoros? Bueno, eso es más que debatible, ya que encajamos mucho más con los frugívoros, pero aunque seamos omnívoros, ¿comemos perros? ¿gatos? ¿ratones? ¿humanos? ¿lo justo y necesario también de ellos Doctor? Diré más. La industria de explotación animal está dilapidando los recursos que permitirían generar alimento vegetal para 27.500 millones de humanos (podéis verlo en el documental "un mundo sin carne" está en Youtube lo echaron en La 2 hace bien poco) y cada año mueren de hambre 20 millones de humanos y padecen hambruna severa 1.000 millones, además de ser esta industria la que más deforesta, contamina y por ende más acelera el cambio climático que pone en peligro la vida de todos.

    Fíjese Doctor, que cuando da este fantástico mensaje de salud, intenta dar VIDA, intenta AYUDAR, y resulta que… ¿por otro lado le dan igual todas las vidas mencionadas no humanas, humanas y la del planeta? ¿de qué sirve tener salud si no tienes planeta? ¿de qué sirve tener salud para ver sufrir al prójimo? ¿de qué sirve tener salud sin ética? Complete su mensaje Doctor y deje de recomendar comer cadáveres de animales torturados, cuyo único delito es no pertenecer a nuestra especie, la más ignorante, salvaje y criminal de la historia del reino animal y que haya conocido el planeta.

    Si vamos a despertar, despertemos de verdad, con ética y dignidad, no sólo "por nuestra salud y nosotros mismos y a los demás que les den…"

    P.D: "La dieta ideal 85% vegetal y 15% animal" ¿en base a qué? ¿qué nutrientes imprescindibles hay en los cadáveres de animales, secreciones de las vacas y menstruaciones de las gallinas (nombres reales de lo que se come a diferencia del marketing carne, queso, leche, pescado… para tapar lo que realmente son)? Lo único que hay en la explotación animal es "proteína" de la proteína lo único que nos interesa son los aminoácidos y todos los aminoácidos esenciales están en los vegetales, los cuales además tienen más vitaminas y más antioxidantes y su proteína no está cargada de hormonas y antibióticos. Absolutamente bochornoso … "ternera" cuando la OMS en 2015 dejó claro que comerse vacas y sus hijos atraer el cáncer, un organismo del sistema… cuando hasta ellos lo reconocen, quiere decir que todo lo que venga de la explotación animal es dañino, pero claro… ¿igual tenemos a alguien que vive del abuso animal verdad Doctor?

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    dice que todos los vegetales son alcalinos, las frutas etc. pero el ph de los mismos en la mayoria de los casos esta por debajo de7, manzana ph 3 mas o menos y tantos, como explica cientificamente, ademas del caso del limon, su alcalinidad durante la digestion

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    La deficiencia de oxigeno casante de la mala depuracion de bacterias tomar oxigeno liquido

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