Korean Shampoo Is So GENTLE On My Dry Type 4A 4B Natural Hair

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ok so like I said I am here to bring you another one of my product favorites and
this is my favorite shampoos so recently I have been into the healthy living app
better known as ewg and I often will go on the app and search for products so
I’ve been recently searching for shampoos and my favorite are the ewg
verified products so one of the ewg verified products that I’ve recently
been searching is shampoos one of my favorite products right now is this
cleavage shampoo as you can see I am almost down to the bottom this will last
me probably another three to four months because I am NOT super heavy-handed when
it comes to shampoos I usually do about two washes so I do rinse lather and
repeat just because I’m just so used to doing it that way
but yes this is the shampoo I’ve recently gotten into so initially when I
searched I did find it on the ewg app and then I did more research I read
articles about it I went on the website and I found that I really like the
product and I wanted to try it out so this is a Korean made product so you
will when you order it it will come from Korea but it is verified and
it’s very natural and I just feel really safe and confident using it even though
it is not an american-made product or it’s not a product made in the USA I am
okay with that so let’s get into the details of it so I have the clevos eucalyptus shampoo the ewg app is testing for
allergies is testing for developmental concerns and is testing for cancers and
this particular shampoo passes the test and that is why it’s
ewg verified because all the ingredients are natural and I think they’re all a
one so that just tells you that there’s nothing in it there’s no harmful
chemicals and it’s gonna be really good for you not only for your hair but for
your scalp for your body and internally because I don’t know if you know this
but the things you put on the external portion of your body can seep into the
internal portion of your body and cause different problems so that’s why I try
to stay as natural as possible when I can okay so initially when you get it it
comes in this box and I just love the packing and the presentation of this it
does have the Clevos natural eucalyptus shampoo
is 17.9 fluid ounces it’s verified by the natural cosmetic by ionic and most
of the information is in Korean so I can’t tell you well they have the
information in Korean and then they also have the information in English so the
directions for use is to massage the eucalyptus shampoo into your wet hair
lather work and to hair to clean it says it has a caution to avoid your eyes and
then it goes over the ingredients and the first ingredient is eucalyptus leaf
extra which typically when you’re using products the first ingredient is water
but for this product the first ingredient is you love this so that
right there will tell you it’s gonna have a very heavy eucalyptus scent I
personally love the scent of eucalyptus I love essential oils so I don’t mind
the same I picked eucalyptus for that specific reason is because I love
eucalyptus and my description box I will have the benefits of eucalyptus down
there so if you’re not familiar with it you can just check that out but as you
can see the bottle itself does contain that eucalyptus leave which I think it’s
pretty awesome that they incorporated that into it and like I said I really do
love the packaging of it now when this was a full bottle it was much more
attractive but even as an almost empty bottle it does look pretty great I just
think the attention to detail is wonderful and I just like the way it
looks it’s very simple and just clean and fresh in the scent of it like
I said is eucalyptus so it’s a very very heavy potent eucalyptus scent now this
is a sulfate-free shampoo but it does lather like it the sulfate shampoo which
I really love it’s my hair it feels clean without filling strips now one
thing I hate is a stripped sensation now if you’ve been keeping up with my
shampoo series you know that I use the dr. Bronner’s and it wasn’t a big fan of
that because of the stripping sensation I felt with my hair and I’ve also used
function of beauty and I have a big fan of that one so when I do need a shampoo
with the sulfates I use my function of beauty which I typically use about once
a month but for every other wash day where I don’t need sulfates this is my
go to this is what I use I am NOT a fan of co-washing
I’m not a fan of product build-up so I do like some type of cleansing shampoo
every wash so this is my go-to this is in terms of shampoos a 10 out of 10 this
is a great shampoo it really cleanses your hair if you’re not using super
heavy products and you don’t need a selfie and you don’t need something
that’s gonna strip product build-up like if you’re not heavy into like shea
butter base products and you’re not getting that residue on your hair this
is a really great alternative to use when shampooing so of course it is an
all-natural product it is a Korean product and it’s not super cheap it is
up there in price I think it’s about thirty six dollars it might be it might
be in the forty dollar price range I’ll put it on the screen for sure and let
you know what the price is and actually got my boyfriend to buy it for me so I
personally didn’t pay for he paid for it but I know when I asked him
to buy it the price was like $30 at $40 I just
can’t remember but I will put that in that on the screen for you to see what
the price is so before you go out and buy it you are well-informed of how much
you’re going to be spending or how much you will potentially be spending this
does not include tax and it does not include shipping and handling now my
boyfriend is an Amazon Prime member so I don’t know if you paid for shipping and
handling I don’t know because I don’t subscribe to Amazon on because I know
what it would do to my bank account and I’m just not about that life I’m not I’m
not gonna I’m not even gonna dabble into that and pretend like it wouldn’t have a
negative effect on my bank account so I don’t go on Amazon
I know shop on Amazon and I don’t even browse Amazon just because I know I’ve
seen the channels where people are literally addicted to it and I just
don’t need that negativity in my life okay so yeah my boyfriend got this for
me on Amazon but I will make sure I give you the information for the price so
that if you do want to purchase it you are well informed on how much you’re
gonna be spending so like I said is a very cleansing shampoo without being
stripping it’s on Natura so you can feel confident like you can literally wash
your body with it and know that you’re good you’re not having any chemicals
you’re not letting chemicals run down your drain and pollute the
environment it is a perfectly suitable natural shampoo so yes I would highly
recommend it I’ve been usin for the past three months I don’t know if you’ve
noticed a pattern but with each product review I try to use it at least for
three months before I come and give you my opinion on it because the first month
I feel like my hair or my skin or whatever I’m using it’s just naturally
getting used to the product and after that first month it feel like the
product and my skin or my hair have kind of formed a relationship and I can
really see whether it works properly for me or whether it doesn’t the only thing
I don’t typically do for this is deep conditioners I usually know right away
what their deep conditioners are really good for me or really bad for me but
other than that when I do product reviews for you I use the product
thoroughly and I use it for about three months before I even open the mouth
about it and rave about it or give it a low rating and say I hate it like I have
to really have a good basis on how the product works for me before I put it out
there to the public so rest assured I’ve been using it for about three months and
this is going to be a staple product because I really love the way it works
so I have my function of beauty that’s a staple product that I use when I want a sulfate- free shampoo and then I have this products
that I use weekly when I don’t need that type of cleansing for
okay so I have a surprise for you I’m gonna unbox my newest addition so I’ve
just recently got the Clevos rosemary shampoo and I’m so excited for
it like I said this is a staple product for me so the brand is a staple brand
for me I know I really enjoyed that eucalyptus but I do also really enjoy
rosemary so I figure I might as well get the rosemary shampoo too and you
know I can alternate between the two if I like or I can just stick with one for
three months and then switch to the other whatever I feel is necessary and
works best for me so I also have the benefits of rosemary in the description
box below so you can check that out if you’re not familiar with it but yes this
is the rosemary shampoo as you can see the box is exactly the same everything
about the outer portion of it is the same and then when you initially get
your shampoo it’s going to have a top without a pump so you do get the pump
separate and you can at pump if you’d like or you could just leave it like
this and just pour it into the palm of your hand
if you prefer I personally am a pump girl I love me a pump so I always add the
pump but as you can see it’s full it’s pretty much full to the top it does
have the rosemary in the shampoo just like the eucalyptus has the eucalyptus
in the shampoo and this one smells heavily of rosemary I did remove this
tape and take a whiff of it so I do know that it smells like rosemary rosemary is
the first ingredient so of course it’s gonna have a very strong potent
rosemary scent so if you are not a fan of rosemary don’t get it sis don’t get it
but yes if you do love essential oils if you like natural smelling herbs and
things of that nature if you like the smell of nature
these are definitely Products for you if you are more of a
synthetic girl don’t be ashamed but if you are more of a synthetic girl and you
love synthetic fragrances that aren’t naturally produced then stick with what
you got but like I said if you are of my frame that you prefer using natural
products and things that are scented naturally these are going to be really
good options there EWG verified there are no harsh chemicals in it there is no
concern of cancer-causing ingredients so very clean natural products that are
going to perform really well for your skin for your hair if you have sensitive
skin I would highly recommend these because like I said there’s no chemicals
in it that are harmful I feel like part of being the best version of me is using
the best that I can find I like to use products that have the best ingredients
I like to use products that make me feel good about myself and feel good about
what I’m using I like to support businesses that have a positive message
if I can I do love to support black owned businesses in USA made businesses
but if I find a product outside of the country and I just feel like it goes
with my morals and values I will definitely
as well so right now this is my favorite shampoo that is a non sulfate like you
know like I said already the punch of beauty is my favorite shampoo that has
sulfate so if you haven’t seen that review make sure you check it out but
other than that I think this is what I’m gonna stick with I hope if you’ve heard
of these or if you’ve tried these or if you think you want to try them please
leave me a comment below because I’d love to hear your opinion on them what
you think of them if you used them if you want to use them anything of that
nature also if you’ve used to function and beauty please comment below please
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yeah but I hope this video was helpful I hope you learned something new as always
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but until next time see ya

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