Ketoconazole & Nizoral Shampoo To Treat Hair Loss, Bald Spots & Dandruff

Ketoconazole & Nizoral Shampoo To Treat Hair Loss, Bald Spots & Dandruff

Hello and hi there, hope you’re having an
awesome day today! This is Marc here from again
– it feels great to be back… to be here to share some more tips on hair care with
you here… OK lets get straight down to it… Now, one of the most common questions I get
asked these days is “So Marc, what is the best shampoo out there that I can use right
now to treat my hair loss?” This by the way, is a very good question… Because it personally took me years upon years
of ridiculous experimentation and trial-and-error to figure this out!! And lucky for you, I’m going to spill the
beans, I’m going to spill everything out to you right now! I’ve found that the best and most effective
hair loss shampoos have the ingredient “ketoconazole” in it – this ketoconazole is an agent that
blocks the synthesis of DHT (or dihydrotestosterone) in the scalp that causes male & female pattern
baldness. Studies suggest that ketoconazole shampoo,
when used either alone or in combination with other treatments can be effective in reducing
hair loss, preventing or slowing androgenic alopecia. Now if “ketoconazole” sounds familiar
to you – it might be because you have seen or heard f it somewhere before. Ketoconazole was in fact, first and originally
used as an anti-fungal medication to treat fungal infections of the skin, such as athlete’s
foot and ringworm, amongst others. Scientists have even found that ketoconazole,
when topically applied, was as or more effective than the famous 2 percent-grade minoxidil
at combating androgenic alopecia. (If you’re not familiar with minoxidil and
it’s use in growing back your hair, feel free to check out our previous videos as I
dig deep into the details of what it’s all about). To date, there are only a few mainstreams
shampoos that contain ketoconazole. The most famous and well-known one is of course,
Nizoral shampoo. Nizoral is usually marketed as an antifungal
shampoo for people with dandruff. Now apart from being an antifungal shampoo,
Nizoral also comes with androgen blocking properties. This makes it an effective anti-inflammatory
agent for hair loss sufferers. Understand that the root cause of thinning
hair is a sensitivity to the hormone levels in your body. Therefore Anti-androgens work to block or
inhibit hormone (androgen) activity in your scalp. In this case, Nizoral is acting as the “anti-androgen”. And while Anti-androgens block the hormonal
activity in your scalp, Anti-inflammatories play an incredibly important role in calming
the *environment* of your scalp. This is imperative for the two treatments
to work effectively (as in both anti-androgen and anti-inflamation). Inflammation is an extremely common biproduct
of thinning hair, and can literally double the speed at which you lose hair. And this “inflammation” can come in the
form of itching, tingling, intense irritation and even pain in your scalp. Calming that inflammation is probably the
most important aspect of hair loss treatment. It is with this reason that the “ideal”
hair loss shampoo should also contain a variety of anti-inflammatory ingredients. Why should it contain anti-inflammatory ingredients? Because you want to prevent dry scalp, that’s
why!. Ketoconazole, while moderately to extremely
effective at preventing androgen-related hair loss, is often quite harsh on the scalp. Nizoral is effective, but unfortunately, it
does not contain anti-inflammatory ingredients and even the label suggests that it is not
ideal for daily use. If you read the instructions carefully, you
will realize that Nizoral should only be used once every 3 days, and NOT everyday. And there’s a reason for that, like I’ve
just told you a while ago. Most guys who use Nizoral (and especially
the 2% strength Nizoral) report having dry scalp or non-dandruff flakes. Now I’m not sure whether you’ve actually
had dry scalp or non-dandruff flakes before, but I can tell you right now that it is NASTY
baby. You don’t want to have dry scalp and the
flakes. Because you’ll just gross people out when
they see them. Seriously. People will just think you’re dirty, that
you don’t shower and you’re just downright filthy. It also because of side effects like these
that turn me off from using any form of ‘chemical” to treat hair loss. So yeah sure, Nizoral works, finasteride,
propecia, monixidil, all these have been proven to treat hair loss, but even if they do work,
so what? Are all the side effects that comes together
with it worth it? Hell no! What’s the point! But of course, these are all subjective, if
you’re totally ok with them, then by all means do give them a go! But if you’re looking for an alternative
treatment that is just as effective and one that is 100% all-natural, pure herbal based
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fun making it.. I’ll talk to you again soon! Stay Tuned! Marc here… signing off.


  • BaldingSerumTV says:

    hi there shawn, great to hear that, happy for your success definitely 🙂 keep it up and do let us know if there's anything we can help you with ya… thks!

  • Mayukha Ingray says:

    You can re-grow your hair or cure your hair loss totally by prevent the creation of DHT (the hormone that cause hairloss)

  • Victor Lelis says:

    My hair has been falling for months. Have tried various products and nothing has worked. I have been using Dermo biotin shampoo for a few weeks and its a miracle My hair is falling less and less every time. my hair looks more healthier and shinier. I finally found the solution to my hair loss. Im so excited im finally going to have a a thicker and fuller hair

  • oswaldo rodriguez says:

    Does neem works for hair loss and dandruff?

  • truck3r says:

    any sexual side effects with kenoconazole shampoo?

  • Arjan Sholla says:

    can I find this in Istanbul?need an answer please

  • Md Rasel says:

    I am happy of your site. need an answer please !

  • Anoneeemus1 says:

    The GIANT secret is what % of KETOCONAZOLE is in Dr Regenpure.Worlds best kept secret!! 2% NIZORAL is clinically proven to increase hair density.

  • mido sad says:

    How this shampoo used for hair loss and I read before one of it's side effects is that it makes your hair drops in the duration of using it !!?

  • dominic says:

    So basically he's against treating your hairloss with chemicals. So the only alternative is to go bald basically. This pisses me off. The "all natural" crap doesn't even work. That's just a scam.

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