Keto Basics with Dr. Berry 2019.

Keto Basics with Dr. Berry 2019.

hey this is dr. berry in this video
let’s discuss the ketogenic diet now you may have heard about this diet chances
are you have word about the ketogenic way of eating is spreading like wildfire
and for good reason actually for multiple good reasons and I wanted to
make a video to talk to just the very basic beginner somebody who’s just heard
about the ketogenic diet you may have heard some good things about it you may
have heard some great things about it or you may have even heard some bad or
dangerous or scary things about it and I wanted to make a video just for you so
that I can talk about the basic concepts behind this diet and help you understand
this better because it’s so important so let’s talk about the ketogenic diet now
if you know someone who’s just thinking about starting keto or who is just
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need to know so let’s get into it the ketogenic way of eating what is it
what’s it about what’s it do why is everyone so on fire for this way of
eating so first and foremost the ketogenic way of eating is low carb
that’s very important for the ketogenic diet to work there are essential fatty
acids that you have to have if you don’t get them for a long enough period of
time you will get sick you will suffer and you will die there are essential
amino acids found in proteins that if you don’t get them for a long enough
period of time you will get sick you’ll suffer and you’ll die eventually because
you have to have certain fats you have to have certain proteins for your human
body to function properly now what you may not know is is that there is no such
thing as an essential carbohydrate there are no such thing as the central sugars
no such thing as essential starches they don’t exist there is no such thing you
could take a human being and lock them up and feed them only fat and protein
for the rest of their life and they would do great they would thrive they
would be vibrant and vigorous and happy because there’s no such
thing is an essential carbohydrate so the ketogenic way of eating takes
advantage of this because we know that carbohydrates can have negative effects
in your body if you eat too many of them and so the ketogenic diet is a very low
carbohydrate diet so it’s also a very high healthy fat diet and so in the
ketogenic way of eating you’ll get to enjoy lots of healthy high fat foods and
that’s because the fat does multiple things for you okay now there are bad
fats that you should avoid at all costs fats such as canola oil corn oil soybean
oil those are bad okay safflower oil any hydrogen hydrogenated
oil you need to avoid because they’re very bad for you you need to avoid
margarine I can’t believe it’s not butter
Country Crock any fake oil substitute Crisco or any of the hydrogenated
shortenings they’re not good for you they’re bad for you you need to stop
eating them immediately and you’re gonna replace them with good healthy fats like
butter like avocado oil like lard like olive
oil all of these fats are actually good for you and you can enjoy them as much
as you want on a ketogenic way of eating these fats do multiple good things in
your body the next thing that you need to know about the ketogenic diet is that
it’s about whole real foods the ketogenic diet is not about prepackaged
weight watcher or Lean Cuisine frozen dinners that that you might call them
pseudo dinners because there’s really no actual nutrition in them the ketogenic
way of eating is not about any product there’s no product for you to buy that
you need to do keto right you don’t have to buy keto shakes or PAP powders or
bars you don’t have to buy Atkins anything you don’t have to buy a low
carb high fat anything there are no products that someone who’s truly
teaching you about the real ketogenic way of eating is ever going to recommend
to you okay so if anybody’s trying to sell you exogenous ketones that’s not
real keto if they’re trying to sell you bar shakes pills powders that’s not real
keto the ketogenic way of eating is about eating real Whole Foods if you can
oh or if you can afford organic and grass-fed that’s great buy those if you
can’t afford those yet that’s okay you can still keto okay you can still do
keto on a budget there are many videos on my youtube
channel here and on other people’s YouTube channels that explain to you how
to do keto on a budget you can do keto for cheap if you need to right now we
always want you to buy the best quality Whole Foods organic foods that you can
afford but if you can’t afford those yet you can still keto the ketogenic diet is
also the most ancestrally appropriate DNA appropriate diet that a human being
can eat and I tell people this example if you could travel time travel back in
time fifty thousand years okay and you’re in the northern US you’re in the
Canada you’re in Northern Europe you’re in anywhere in the northern or very
southern latitudes what do you think that you and your ancestors would eat
every day you would eat meat beds you would eat mostly meat in many months out
of the year you would eat meat and vegetable amounts of the year and maybe
for one or two months out of the year you’d have some fruit or some berries to
eat but on the whole the human DNA and and the human ancestry just knows what
to do with the ketogenic diet because it’s very ancestrally appropriate human
beings have been eating a ketogenic diet for millions of years this is not a fad
diet this is not some new weird unheard-of thing humans have been eating
this way since the beginning of time and even before so in that respect a lot of
people like to call keto the latest fad diet and that’s kind of silly and
short-sighted sophomoric even the ketogenic diet has been around forever
and will be around forever what’s actually the fad diet is the diet that
we’ve been told to eat for the last 50 years which is lots of whole grains lots
of carbs eat low saturated fat and eat lots of pre processed products that’s
the fad diet not keto the ketogenic diet is also very metabolically powerful
now what do I mean by that the reason that we eat the low-carb of keto is so
that we can control our blood sugar in our insulin it looks like the more
research is done that high insulin levels pathologically chronically high
insulin levels lead to almost all the chronic diseases that modern man suffers
from it’s from high blood sugar it’s from high insulin that’s what causes so
many of these chronic diseases that you and your friends suffer from today so
that’s part of what keto does is it hacks your blood sugar and it hacks your
insulin level and puts them back where they need to be and and I think that’s
the reason for that is is because it’s the diet humans are supposed to eat the
ketogenic way of eating also optimizes your leptin and your ghrelin hormones
and these keep you from being hungry okay the other thing the ketogenic diet
does that’s very therapeutic is that it helps you have ketones to burn your
brain can burn ketones just as easily as it can burn glucose but if you’re eating
a high carb low fat diet you don’t ever give your body the good fats that it
needs to be in ketosis if you’re eating lots of vegetable oils which actually
don’t have any vegetables in them then you’re you’re building your neurons and
your brain and your your cell membranes out of faulty fats then those cells are
bound to fail eventually so the ketogenic diet is very metabolically
powerful the next thing is I want you to know is that the ketogenic diet helps
your body remember that it can burn fat as fuel so all the fat that you may have
stored on your belly on your booty on your thighs other places
what is that fat why is it there your body has stored that fat because you’ve
eaten too many carbs for the last few years your body stores that okay and
that stored energy that’s all fat is there’s nothing magical about it but if
you’re eating carbs continuously your body doesn’t have any reason to burn
that fat only when you bring the carbs down very
hello and keep the fat hi do you remind your body oh yeah
I can burn fat for fuel is just as easily as I can burn carbs your body
will kick back into ketosis and it’ll start to burn the stored energy that’s
on your booty and on your belly now the worst and most dangerous fad of all
almost no other diet can get – you’ve probably seen people who go on calorie
restricted diets like Weight Watchers flexitarian hornish Jenny Craig and
they’ll lose weight but they still have that belly that’s the most dangerous fad
of all and the ketogenic diet is the diet that is the best at getting rid of
the fat inside your belly inside your liver inside your pancreas that’s why I
love the ketogenic diet so much is because it gets rid of the dangerous fat
first not last another thing you need to know about the ketogenic diet is like
I’ve said before it’s very therapeutic so many people with chronic inflammation
with chronic immune diseases notice when they start the ketogenic way of eating
their inflammation gets noticeably better their arthritis their their
reflux or GERD their heartburn they’re Crohn’s they’re irritable bowel all of
these inflammatory conditions just get better and go away
many people notice that migraines get better and go away they notice that
their ATD their PTSD their anxiety their depression all of these things it looks
like are coming at least in part from inflammation the chemical imbalance
theory that you may have been taught by your doctor as a reason that you should
take this pill once a day for your anxiety or depression it turns out
there’s not a shred of research that proves that there’s any chemical
imbalance at all more than likely what’s going on is that your brain is
chronically inflamed from the crap food that you’ve been eating and once you
start feeding your human body the human diet that it loves the best which is the
keto diet all that inflammation will go away many immune diseases although there
is a genetic component to these are kicked off and put into high gear
because of the inflammatory nature of our modern Western diet and once you get
that diet out of your and replace it with an ancestral
appropriate diet like the ketogenic diet those immune systems are those immune
diseases that you thought you were stuck with for life your your Crohn’s your MS
your all of these others they just calm down and they quiet down and all of a
sudden you’re not having flares anymore all of a sudden when you do have a flare
it’s a very minor flare of psoriasis or gout or some of these other conditions
that are inflammatory and immune in nature another thing that the ketogenic
diet that I personally love about it is that it’s delicious you get to eat
thousands upon thousands of delicious foods that that have grown on the earth
or that have run around on the earth it’s a completely natural diet now you
enjoyed this video and and it helped you understand more about the ketogenic way
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  • cup cake says:

    I am keeping an open mind regarding going keto or whether this is another fad diet, we have been given so much false information in the past that it's hard to know who to believe or trust anymore. I do believe that sugar is the evil along with processed foods and trans fats. Its been said meat is what our ancestors ate and that's what we should be doing, yes that is true but they didn't live very long either 🤔

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