Kefir – the Natural Way to Treat Anxiety | with Shann Nix Jones

Kefir – the Natural Way to Treat Anxiety | with Shann Nix Jones

– If you’re struggling with anxiety, you may be feeling
frustrated that the doctors don’t seem to have much that an help. I’m Shann Nix Jones, and
in 2013, I used a powerful, natural probiotic called
kefir to save my husband when he was struggling with a
life-threatening MRSA infection. Since that time, I’ve
been on a mission to bring the information about kefir to people who need that information. If you have anxiety, you
are one of those people. Here’s why. Inside your gut, you have
trillions of bacteria. Those bacteria form a natural
ecosystem that is fragile and can be damaged. The things that damage it are
sugar, stress, antibiotics, and environmental toxins. If that natural immune system
is damaged inside your gut, it has serious
repercussions for your brain and it has everything
to do with your anxiety. Why is that? Well, 2% of the cells inside your gut are special cells. They’re called EC cells
or enterochromaffin cells. Their job is to produce
something called serotonin. Now you may be familiar with
serotonin as the happy hormone and it is the happy hormone. It is the thing that enables one cell to communicate with another cell, much as you would at
crowded cocktail party raise your voice to talk to your neighbor, that’s what serotonin does. It’s a communication molecule,
both inside your brain and inside your gut. Because that’s the other
thing about anxiety. If you’re suffering from anxiety now, chances are that either
you already have IBS or if you don’t, that
you will contract IBS within the next year. Now that sounds like bad news, I know, but the good news is, we
have a solution for this now. For a long time, scientists
haven’t understood what is the connection between
the gut and the brain. How does it work? And now we understand. It’s all about your gut bugs, that marvelous little
microbiome inside you. It can be damaged, sure,
and that can produce anxiety and it could also produce IBS. But it can also be restored
and because your gut and your brain are connected, anything that you put
in to restore you gut is also gonna help restore your brain. It’s a lot easier to get to your gut than to get to your brain. So what we have is something called kefir. It’s a psycho biotic and that
means that it is a probiotic that actually works to reduce
anxiety inside your brain. Kefir is natural, it’s effective, and all of the side
effects from it are good. It will help you with your
skin, your mood, your energy. Unlike a chemical, which is gonna give you
negative side effects, putting the good bugs back
into your system with kefir is gonna give you nothing
but positive benefits and also reduce your anxiety. That’s all good news. That’s what’s in my new book, which is called The Kefir Solution, Natural Healing for IBS,
Depression, and Anxiety. All of these things are linked because of the gut-brain access and they can all be resolved by using kefir. Now there are other steps
to this program a well. You have to support the healing process by taking supplements
and other activities. I’ve gone through all of
these hacks, tips, tricks, and life-style hints in my
book, The Kefir Solution, so that you can find natural
resolution for your anxiety, prevent the IBS and find
your own happy ending. So I hope you come this
healing journey with me.


  • S B says:

    did you have any success?

  • Three Big F's Fake News, Fake Food,Fake World says:

    But but, it tastes bitter and smells.

  • Universe The truth says:

    Love this vid!! Bless u

  • Carey King says:

    Just like you I have found the missing link. Thank goodness for TED talks lol. I'm looking forward to reading your book. Hats off to you for the dedication you showed your husband when he was ill. Amazing love. Xx

  • Liam Reeves says:

    i hope someone sees this and responds. i have taken Kefir consistently in the past and my anxiety got worse! and i didnt make the connection, i recently started taking it again and my anxiety is raised again. Dairy has quite a bit of calcium i imagine, and calcium is an excitatory element meaning it can raise anxiety. whats the answer here? how much Kefir is enough?

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