K-Beauty | How to Whiten Skin + SKINCARE GIVEAWAY [CLOSED]

K-Beauty | How to Whiten Skin + SKINCARE GIVEAWAY [CLOSED]

Hi everyone! It’s Dear Nessie again and today, I’m back with another skincare related video for you guys today I wanted to cover the topic of skin whitening in Korean skincare I received this comment underneath my previous skincare recommendations Videos and whilst I know it’s a very Controversial topic I thought that I should still cover it since it is without a doubt a very commonly seen time with an k-beauty Before we get into this video I want to make something very clear to you guys first When we hear the term whitening, We immediately think of literally whitening the color of our skin whilst Unfortunately this is something that some people Aspire to achieve I sincerely hope that you guys do not believe in whiter skin making someone more beautiful. Beauty is not defined by the color of your skin. Korean skincare brands offer a huge variety of products claiming to whiten your skin however the term Whitening he really is just a marketing ploy and in the context of Cape Beauty it really has nothing to do with lightening the actual color of your skin if you look at the ingredients list of any of these supposed Whitening products you will find that they don’t contain bleach as you would expect them to but rather ingredients aim towards brightening the skin Oh in English it doesn’t really translate as such whitening in Korean skincare is meant to be synonymous with glowing Luminous skin it’s not about skin color but about how clear and braided your skin is rather than whitening I think the temperate inning is much more cricket and so skin brightening is what I’m going to be referring to it as for the Rest of this video now in order to achieve a brighter complexion we need to look at the root problems first given that you’re eating well sleeping well and staying hydrated reasons for a dull uneven complexion Can mainly be broken down into two reasons the first one is a buildup of dead skin cells and the second is a hyperpigmentation And scarring for a variety of reasons now addressing the problem of dead skin cells trust your skin could be looking dull and lifeless Because it literally is dead on the surface at least a big reason for this is probably because you’ve been skipping Exfoliation exfoliation is a vital step in skin care and is an ideal way to Transform dull skin back into bright healthy radiant skin no matter What your skincare goals are everyone should really be trying to incorporate regular exfoliation Into their skincare routine and something that I really recommend for this is the mandelic acid 5% skin prep water from the Brad Beye wishtrend it is a hydrating non-irritating exfoliating toner that can be used daily and the mandelic acid in that helps to boost Microcirculation as well as cell turnover skipping away Dead skin cells and helping with pigmentation to improve the skins overall tone and texture moving on to the broader category of hyperpigmentation And scarring the two main reasons for this would be UV damage and acne scars We are going to be tackling these problems by looking at important ingredients you should be looking for in your skincare But I have to say that the key to this really is in prevention there is nothing more damaging to your skin than the Sun And UV damage really is a key reason behind dull Lifeless looking skin that’s why it’s important to wear sunscreen daily and one that I really recommend is the éclairs Soft area UV essence it is SPF 50 plus and PA for clocks with a water-based Lightweight gel like texture which means sun protection without the sticky greasy feeling that a lot of oil-based Sunscreens tend to have it also doesn’t leave the dreaded white cast and is perfect for use under your daily makeup Koreans understand how damaging the Sun can be for their skin and so they wear sunscreen 365 days a year both indoors and outdoors in the spring and summer months you can see the majority of girls on the streets will be carrying an umbrella or Sunbrella do feather shield their skin from the Sun UV protection really is a big part of Kay beauty and is one of the not So secret secrets to bright glowing skin next up we have vitamin C Which is one of the most beloved brightening agents in k-beauty. I’ve sung its praises many times before but basically it’s a wonder ingredient for hyperpigmentation Helping to gently break down melanin clusters that cause unwanted dark spots and even out the skin turn by helping the skin renew itself really Good stuff and you guys know that my top pick for this would be the Klairs freshly juiced vitamin drop. I’ve talked about this many times before so I won’t say the same stuff all over again but if you guys would like to see how it’s used Or learn more about it I’ll leave links to videos where I talk about it in the description box down below It’s a great product for hyperpigmentation, fading acne scars and overall skin brightening and I’ve been using it religiously for the past half the user Definitely a very highly recommended product to go hand-in-hand with vitamin C we have the much less well-known Vitamin E, and I feel like it doesn’t nearly get as much recognition as it deserves it is an amazing antioxidant encouraging scar healing, reducing UV damage, and combating ageing. It increases collagen production has anti-inflammatory properties and is also a powerful moisturizer. It does wonders for Improving the overall skin tone as well as brightening dark spots, and is best used in conjunction with vitamin C. In fact, they actually work together to enhance the absorption of the other. Now a great vitamin E product would be this freshly juiced vitamin e mask from Kalirs, and I would actually highly recommend you to pair with this vitamin C serum that I talked about earlier a great night time skincare product and Whilst you can use them during the day exposure to UV rays? Reduces their effectiveness, so definitely make sure to follow up with sunscreen afterward all right now on to the final Brightening ingredient and that is rice in Korea Rice is not only a staple food but is also a super affordable traditional media ingredient commonly used in skincare Koreans through the generations have been washing their face with rice water and whilst it may sound odd rice has both brightening and Anti-inflammatory properties that have made it what I would say one of the best-kept secrets of kpt now focusing on this Ingredient what I would recommend would be this fright mask from the brand i’m from the rice grains and rice powder in this mask work To remove dead skin cells and the rice water is full of vitamin b1 b2 ceramides and other minerals that help to tighten the pores Rejuvenate and make clearer brighter skin. Now I’m going to leave links to all of the products that I mentioned down below, but moving onto more exciting things! I have a giveaway for you guys. I am partnering with wishtrend.com to giveaway products to two lucky winners. I thought long and hard about which products I wanted to give away, and ultimately ended up choosing These four that are not only my favorites, but I thought would also be suitable for all skin types. So the four products are This green tea and enzyme powder wash from the brand By Wishtrend, this midnight blue calming cream from Klairs, the Klairs freshly juiced vitamin drop as well as the soft airy UV essence also from Klairs. Now I’ve raved about them enough already, if not in this video than in previous videos so I won’t talk about them again here but if you guys missed it I want to learn more about the Klairs midnight blue calming cream or the green tea and and enzyme powder wash from By Wishtrend, then I will leave links to videos where I talk about them in the box down below back to the giveaway to be in the running to win you have to, number one: be subscribed to me dearnessie of course. Number two, follow me @ dearnessie, and Wishtrend @wishtrendstory on Instagram if you haven’t already. Number three: register aka create an account on wishtrend,com – the link will be down below, and number four: comment underneath this video your Instagram username, your email address, as well as why you want or need these giveaway items the giveaway is open for two weeks and I’m going to be picking my two favorite answers, so feel free to get creative Anyway this brings our video to a rap thank you guys so much for watching Remember that beautiful skin is not defined by its color but by its radiance, and glowing, luminous skin is something that all of us can pursue, so I really hope that you guys found today’s information useful to talk to everyone entering the giveaway and I will see you guys the next one


  • Mahek Mishra says:

    Yayy another video!! 😁
    I discovered your channel around mid-2018 and I've been obsessed ever since! Whether it be café hopping, your college vlogs, room tour, waiting all through the night just to show us Music Bank idols and of course your skincare routine 💕. You put in a tremendous amount of effort for each video which is why I eagerly wait for your video notifications 🙂
    Thanks a lot for this giveaway opportunity! Im a pretty unlucky person as such, but no harm in trying…. So I'm a 17 yr old girl from India and have been facing the problem of blackheads, acne and pigmentation in the hot and humid climate here. And of course high school is much harder when your skin doesn't look good, with people, even friends commenting on my skin as a joke. It's been going on for a few years and its I've always felt self conscious in public. I started some skincare but I guess I always ended up using the wrong one. I'm Studying for college entrances so my parents don't want me spending time worrying about how I look 🙁
    Obviously products recommended by you would be a big help and also boost my self confidence. Regardless of whether I win, thanks for this video, it really helped and please keep making more videos, especially beauty videos, they're truly fabulous!
    Sarangheyo unni 💕
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    IG Username: mahek_mishra

  • min says:

    Hey nessie! Thank you for hosting such a thoughtful giveaway!! Personally, skincare is very important. It's like the thirteenth commandment that everybody should take seriously. In fact, it's not only meant for women but for men as well. Hehe winning this giveaway would be such an honor. I haven't tried Klairs & Wishtrend yet (since im always on a budget lol) but it'll be such a dream come true to be able to try out recommended products/holy grails from one of my fave youtubers 💕

    All the best,

    ig ionalouisee
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  • anabonika says:

    IG annika_calleja
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    I agree, the video is not about favoring white skin over tan or olive skin. It's about being comfortable in your OWN skin. I noticed that having a good base and a happy disposition in life makes the skin glowing! Hoping to try these products 😊

  • Dara Mahdalena says:

    Hello nessie , nice to know your youtube channel because super information about korean didn't like anyone. And also thank you for making a giveaway even though without that I really appriciate your video. My luck in therms of giveaway is not good but I will still try hahaha. I think skincare is the most important part of the others because skin looks better even without makeup. And I hopr the gift from you can help my dry skin like oily in the T zone and sensitive can be better like your skin .. Sorry if my english so terrible , i hope you can understand what I want to said .. Stay healthy in the winter season, thankyou for all your video because I feel like beside you heheh .. ILY
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  • lovey dovey says:

    Hi nessie, these are my accounts:
    Instagram: _rainne.lo
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    I've been following you since i saw your vlog about your life as an exchange student in a korean university and i love the way you interact to people. I think you are so very friendly because i see different people in every video and you seem so close to them. You are one of the best vloggers i've followed so far. I also learned about korean culture because of you. The real reason why i wanted/needed this giveaway is i wanted to try these recommended skincare products and i would love to use it if it is from you. That's all. Please continue influencing people and take care always. I HOPE WE CAN BE FRIENDS. More foods to come hahhahhahahahha. lovelots from Philippines

  • Alexandra De Lima says:

    Hi! I first watched your videos because of course I love South Korea but then I grew fond of you. I don't usually enter giveaways but then it's wishtrend (omg!). The reason why i wanted to win is because it's really hard to find these products here in my country. I'm also suffering from acne and I have a lot of blemishes or hyperpigmentation. Skincare is important but for someone who is a student it's really pricey. I'm struggling with my low self-esteem and I just want my skin condition to improve. I actually love wishtrend. It's my favorite youtube channel about korean skincare and I just have to enter this giveaway. I hope you'll read this comment/entry. 언니 사랑해요~ ♡♡♡

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  • Pamela Lyanna says:

    Diminishing acne scars can be quite difficult and can take some time. Especially difficult for me as i have sensitive combination skin. I have heard lots of good reviews about the brand Klairs but I haven't been able to try it as it is not readily available in my country and international shipping costs can be quite expensive. I would love to try out the products in this giveaway and see if these are the much-awaited solutions to my acne scars! 💘

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  • Kristine Pamela Andal says:

    Ig: pamelarsss
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    Product: Klairs Freshly Juice Vitamin Drop or Klairs Freshly Juice Vitamin E Drop or Klairs Soft Airy UV Essence

    Dear Nessie,
    Like what you said on your first skincare routine, I am also keeping an eye on wishtrend for a very long time. I'm a graduating student here in the Philippines and soon gonna have a job. But I'm worried on my acne problems, it might affect my job interviews on the future. I'ved watched your first videos and notice that you really have nice skin and you're really pretty. (I wish I am too you can tell by my profile picture. I don't like posting pictures these days because of my skin problems.) I'm hoping that the products you're using will help me as well on what I'm going through now. I really like your videos. Please keep making videos so many more will be inspired by you. 😊

    – Pam

  • G3- Yenna Marie Alpuerto says:

    Hi Nessie! I dont know if you remember but I followed you ever since I got the inspiration from you to aim and be an SNU student and then you were very approachable and open even to stuffs like Kpop fangirl duties (cue: The vlog of you going to SM building) and like literally, I never expected that I would still be inspired from your vlog as you talk about KBeauty. Honestly, when I became a teenager,I never really had serious problems with my skin but just 2 years ago, I was diagnosed with atopic dermatitis. Since then, I never knew how to manage my skin. I just kept on hydrating but never really cared of what happens to my face. Never have I ever invested on beauty products for I dont know which ones best suit me but seeing how there are those that work on me and those that do not give much effect, I wanted to try on these recommended products by you. I would surely sound like a careless young adult but I've had my acne develop over the time too. Right now, the scars remain visible and it seems to have caused my skin to become darker and dry. I don't seem to understand but with you giving these tips, I wanted to know and explore about which ones would really be an effective manner for me to use. Surely, I will take on what you've said especially about exfoliating, hydrating and I should probably observe a good habit. This video was too different from all the other videos I've watched because its informative and this is why I want to join in hopes of getting a fresh start as I turn 20 years old in a few days. All the information aka tips you gave here, I hope I can work on it and try to invest on taking care of my skin. I'll just leave my IG (@haiyinna) and email ([email protected]) so I could enter your giveaway hehe thank you so much!!

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    Ur sooo Prettyyyyy, ily🤗💞💞💞

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    IG; thaonyvu
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    honestly, ik beauty isnt defined by the color but my parents always bring me down by calling me racist slurs, used for dark skinned people. (even tho i am not that melanin) i feel very insecure about that and in germany you dont really have alot of options since most of them want to be tan. good luck for everyone!!

  • nik aliaa says:

    Dear Nessie, I thought I'll just give it a try, but I have always watched your videos, especially inspired by your survival and studying abroad in SNU.
    I have always loved Wishtrend product, and the one that I have always been using for 2 years whenever I have breakouts is Wishtrend Teca 1% Barrier Cream. Love it! Would really love to try on other Wishtrend products!
    This collab is a bomb!😊
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  • Cheyenne .L says:

    Hi Nessie! Thanks for doing this giveaway!! Doubt I will win this but I’m still gg to try 🙂 I hope to win this giveaway as I used to hv bad cystic acne which had left me quite bad scarring n made me quite insecure about my skin. Klairs is one of my fav Brand’s but their products aren’t rlly affordable for a student.
    Love watching ur vids, keep up the good work!! ❤️❤️
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  • Rose Black says:

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    The reason why I want these products is because I have dermatitis. I've been struggling with my skin condition many years, which lead me to not take self photos for many years, I didn't like mirrors because I thought I was awful. I don't like people to stare at me and I'm still trying yo gain confidence on myself. Kbeauty has been helping me a lot on 2018. My face looks way lot better and now I'm trying to erase the scars. My skin is acne prone as well, so even though it looks better, sometimes acne comes back😪 So I want those products to try them on my skin, see if it helps and keep learning about what my skin needs to not look dull but to look healthy.

    P.S: I want to thank you for this giveaway and I want to wish luck to the rest of the participants. Good luck everyone! Keep smiling all♥

  • ella says:

    IG~ els.ruu, ( follow me 🙂 ) email~ [email protected], I want to win the giveaway because I have struggled with my skin for the longest time, I have tried everything and I am really self conscious about it, I worry it won't get better so if I was to have these products it would mean a lot to me ( seriously, I want nice skin aha) I know its sounds shallow but I would feel so much better with myself and my self confidence if I was able to sort my skin out as it is a massive upset for me, I really am self conscious about it and to be able to have these products for my skin would be amazing as sorting out my skin is my biggest goal right now ( it is even my New Years resolution aha) ~ anyway thank you Nessie for allowing 2 lucky people to practice self love and also self care, like I've said before, I have watched you from the start and you have really inspired me into believing that I can go to a korean uni when I thought it was too out of reach 🙂

  • la wood says:

    hey I love your channel!! <3

  • RIN S says:

    yay! a new video!! Your voice is so calming, its making me sleepy. haha Im gonna try your advices since my skin isnt in a very good state right now;( i love youuu. you look alot like yeri from red velvet

  • Sunshine Nepomuceno says:

    Hello, Nessie! Thanks for your giveaway! Love the vid as always.

    I’ve been needing some good skin care products. It’s currently summer here in Australia and my skin is reacting badly to it! My skin is getting darker (not saying it’s bad because of the colour but bad because of the UV rays just like what you’ve said) because I’m always under the sun. And as you know, there is not much skincare here in Australia that specifically aims to brighten the skin. And if there is one, it’s either really expensive or only available in the city! Thanks again nessie!! 🥰

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    Hi Nessie! I love all your videos and you honestly inspire me so much. Im still in grade 10 highschool but have been contemplating whether i shoud study abroad. Seeing you study abroad doing what you love where you love makes me want to challenge studying out of my comfort zone. Thank youuu. and also the giveaway, Ive been bothered by my skin problems for a few years now. I have very bad redness all over my face and often have acne (not all the time but it keeps appearing atleast twice a month) I have tried quite a few things but not alot what you mentioned in this video, like ricewater and vitamin drops. Also im gonna start applying sunscreen every single day! But most sunscreens do not really match my skin. They would either irritate my acne, making it worse or just irritate my skin making my face redder than it was before which is why i started to not use sunscreen. But watching your video made me think i should start applying sunscreen and look for a good match. so i hope i get to try the sunscreen you are giving away! {my instagram username is rinsat0 (thats a zero at the end) my email adress is [email protected]} Thank you again. SARANGHAE

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    Hi Nessie! I've been following you since day 1 of your korean vlogs and I love all of them!!! Because of that I also followed u in ig and found out that your feeds are also amazing! I personally want to get picked for the giveaways because:
    1. I really want to try if these would work well on my skin specially I still cant find the right product for my acne scars – i really wanna achieve that glow.
    2. My skincare is my sense of pride for self care and self love 💕
    3. These not easily available in our place – always get sold out on our local online sellers 😭
    4. I want to take these as a personal gift from you – the person inspired me to go out of the box and start my own travel goals. 😍

    Really hoping you could see this. 😊

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    I would like to win these products because I’m interested in korean beauty and since Nessie recommends these products, I thought it would be nice to give them a try m. Klairs is a really popular brand but since I live in a country where it doesn’t exist, I always have to buy its products on the internet (which is really annoying since products from Korea always arrives here after a months at least) and they are expensive so: maybe if I win this giveaway, I could have the possibility to try these products without care about all the things said before… and most of all, thank u for this opportunity!

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    I love u'r videos and i watch them all the time which made me realise how important taking care of u'r skin is and I rly wanna do that but skincare products are wayyy too expensive for since i'm not that well-off so winning this giveaway would be amazing ❤️
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    i suffered from uneven skin and sun spots for many years(thats what four years of highschool marching band does to you haha!) i would love to even out my skin tone! ig: joyie445. email: [email protected]

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    Loved the video, you explain so well all the products and how do they workk😱😱😍❤ Loved it!!!❤ By the way you are so pretty🙂❤❤

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    I have exams tomorrow but who cares…lol and it's pretty much late T.T

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    Recently I’ve been way more attentive about my skin and beginning to care for it. I didn’t know how important sunscreen was until now. I don’t know what sunscreen would fit me. I wouldn’t like a thick sunscreen that would leave a white cast. So I would like to try that sunscreen. Another product I would like to try is the midnight blue cream. My skin gets really red and hot easily without me even trying😂I would like to see how it works on me. Honestly I’ve tried the powder wash and vitamin c drops. I currently use them and I know how good the drops are. D powder wash does do it’s job but I think it doesn’t work too well for my skin. But they r good products! And I would like to win! Thanks for d opportunity Nessie!💖

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    Loved that positive message in the beginning!💕

    Giveaway entry:

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    Item: soft airy UV essence!

    Why I hope to win: I'm a student who cant afford good skincare items and it has taken a toll on my skins appearance and health. It would mean a lot if I could win! (P.s. I love you Nessie!!!)

    (Following Wishtrend and you, of course!)

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    I'm korean I'm 16years old I want to go to Seoul University I love your video
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    Why i want this giveaway because first it from you unnie and it is your first ever giveaway😍. Actually I'm not fund of joining giveaways but because this time it is about skin and also health care and i need some of those. I know that korea has a different skin care routine to my country, that makes alot of korean people to have beautiful and glowing skin, as what I've seen through you too Nessie (from your vlogs) and I want to give a try too because I'm also inspired by your skin care routine (even if I'm not as white as you) but proper hygiene care to my self can help me be more presentable to other people aside having a good attitude (i believe that i can be confidentially beautiful with a HEART❤️).
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    I believe these skincare products will help me with my skin problems. I constantly struggle with acne, old scars and discoloration. Additionally, my skin gets really dry especially in the winter. I has been difficult find products that will work for me since I also have sensitive skin. Thank you for sharing your video, I was able to learn a lot.

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    Hi Nessie!!! As a student, I do not really have that much money to buy good skincare products and it's really hard to save up nowadays because of so many things especially school. It would really be amazing to receive such products from you, if ever. I've been trying to take care of my skin but nothing really works for me. 😭😭😭 That's why I want to try products from Wishtrend and Klairs. Also, I have watched so many good reviews of their products from different YouTube vloggers and I have been eyeing on their products for a long time now. Thank you for the opportunity, Nessie! ❤️

    P.S. I really love your videos especially everytime you go to cafes in Korea! 😍

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    I would really like to win this giveaway because i have always been a fan of skin care products. The items you mentioned sound really cool and unique and I wouldn’t be able to find it anywhere in the United States. I won’t lie about this but I haven’t been subscribed to you for a long I recently found your channel a few months ago and have been a fan since. I will be studying abroad in Korea as well during the spring and you have inspired me to do so along with going to visit many of the places you showed. Thank you so much for being a great inspiration to not only me but so many others as well 🙂

  • Suhena says:

    Thank you for doing this giveaway!
    These products are exactly what I need to start a good skincare routine as I'm transitioning into my late 20s ( aka getting old haha)
    Especially with combination oily and dry skin which is prone to acne, I feel like I haven't ever been able to follow a good makeup routine as well because my skincare has always been lacking and my skin feels angry and irritated all the time.
    I've recently quit my job and become a full time student so having a good skincare routine taken care of would be great to take off my list of worries!
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    thank you so much for your advices..it is always helpful but the problem is we won't get the products that is required here.. actually I have a burn scar left on my face so i just want to try some products which can help it heal and brighten up my skin..I don't know if I can win but just to answer your question..
    P.S which hair color did you applied??it looks beautiful.
    lastly..사랑해요 언니.😘
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    i have turned 15 recently, and i have always been interested in beauty and cosmetics, especially kbeauty since i am half korean, but because i live in morocco there arent available kbeauty products and id love to get some that would help take better care of my skin amd whiten it, specifically. my face doesnt have a unified tone; my forehead and chin are darker than the rest of my face and i got some blemishes here and there, so yeah, hope i can win i guess!! thanks for hosting this giveaway by the way!

  • Whaiora Searancke says:

    Insta: whaiora_searancke
    Email: [email protected]

    To be honest, i really want this because not only will it benefit me but i want to try to also help with my sisters skin as well. I've always been inspired by korean culture, and mainly korean beauty itself.
    Im gonna mention this because my family wont listen, but since i was a kid, ive always had the dream to study in south korea to be a profesional makeup and hairstylist, but ive also have been thinking of being a dermatologist as well to help others with their acne problems. ❤❤❤

  • glitteryjam says:

    Hi Nessie, I loved the video! It was super simple to follow and I'm really glad you talked about the difference between skin whitening and skin brightening. There's always a lot of talk about skin whitening, and I'm really glad you took the time to explain that in Korea the terminology is different compared to the West.

    Instagram: Jijoongi
    Email Address: [email protected]
    As for why I would like to win – the idea of winning is something I think makes everyone super happy, it's like Christmas all over again. The idea of being gifted a prize is always really exciting! Usually, I don't enter giveaways, mostly cause I don't have the greatest of luck, but I've been following the Wishtrend team for over a year now and when this popped up I thought I'd take a chance.
    My skin has been quite complicated in the past two years, mostly because I haven't been very well. I find it really hard to keep up a skincare routine at times because of my illness. because of this, I find it really hard to find products that work with my skin that don't have harsh chemicals or bad materials in them. It's really easy for my skin to get upset, and it can make me feel insecure. If i was to win, I would hope the skincare products would help me get my skin back on track and also help me learn more about my skin type so that I can treat it better and more efficiently

    love you lots Nessie xx

  • Nash Oh says:

    IG: @nas_947
    Email: [email protected]

    Hello Nessie unnie~ First of all, your video is very helpful for us who suffer from acne and damage skin😊 I just want you to know that I'm one of those people who still hoping to have a bright and smooth skin like you…ever since I turned my puberty stage, my acne were started to popped out and until now I couldn't get rid of it. I tried to purchase cheap beauty products but nothing happened and because of this I became shy, no confidence in front of people, and having low self-esteem and being insecure to others is the hardest thing I couldn't stop…but now that you're having giveaway, I hope you notice this poor girl who couldn't afford to buy such products😔 Thank you sooo much for your kindness, God bless you❤

    Ps. You really look like Yeri and you're beautiful inside and out😍

  • P Wan says:

    Yay a giveaway with Wishtrend! Thank you sharing such useful information on how we can brighten our skin 😁 Ever since visiting Seoul a few years ago for a holiday, I've being intrigued with looking after my skin with kbeauty products. Hyperpigmentation and uneven skin tone have being my main concerns and I'd love to try your recommendations, paticularly the Klairs Soft Airy UV Essence and the By Wishtrend Green Tea and Enzyme Powder Wash; this would be so handy to use when travelling abroad compared to foam and oil cleansers. P.s. I'm a new subscriber and I love your vlogs where you explore different parts of Seoul, lookbooks and anything skincare related. Love from London 💕 IG: pwan_13, [email protected]

  • bejoyful21 says:

    JOY C.
    [email protected]
    I want to win this giveaway to kickstart my kskincare routine. I've lived with uv damaged skin and have tried everything to fix it. I would love to do a before and after using these products!

  • Christine Khamo says:

    I really want the products because I seriously need to start taking care of my skin. For 19 years, I've disregarded my skin. I don't use make up but I want to at least start taking good care of my skin now. 😭😭😭 I'm looking forward to the Midnight Blue calming cream from Klairs. I bought some innisfree and Klairs product but now I broke and I can't afford anything anymore. 😂 Been wanting to get that for SO long. I hope I can win this. I never win giveaways. LMAO. 😭😭😭 Anyway, thank you so much for doing this. Love you so much. 😭😭😭♥️♥️♥️ Have a good day/night!!!

    Instagram : @avibu.khamo
    Email : [email protected]

  • Mustikaratu Wijayaningrat says:

    I'm happy to see your video, but why did u exclude Indonesia I'm cryingggg😭

  • Minsyrup says:

    Hi Nessie, I want to win this giveaway because, my skin is really sensitive and acne prone. I don’t have time and money to go out to get skincare products, which is why this giveaway would help me a lot! Thank you for stealing self love 💕 I have very low self confidence about myself. Thank you, I hope to hear a reply!
    Ig: @an.dwae.lina
    Gmail: linatrbl2[email protected]

  • Terri Makatu says:

    ig: @terrimaka2, e-mail: [email protected]

    I would love these giveaway items especially the green tea wash, the vitamin e drop & the uv moisturiser to be apart of my skincare routine as it can help give my face a healthy, radiant glow. i could really use some uv protection since it's very hot at the moment in south africa (where i live…….)

    since i cannot afford sunscreen and it is one of the most important items, especially during the summer.

  • Nancy H says:

    Thanks for sharing this video and hosting this lovely giveaway! ❤️ I would love to try these products to help with my dark spots, lines and dehydrated skin. Since hitting late 30’s my skin cell turnover has definitely slowed down with lines and spots/pigmentations becoming more prominent than ever. My skin feels dull and uneven so these could definitely brighten or reduce those signs of aging. Thank you! IG: pancakenmaple [email protected]

  • Cecilia Nguyen says:

    Thank you for this giveaway! ❤️❤️ I’m hoping to win these products to try out because I just can’t find many products that actually work for my skin! I try not to buy many things for my skin (since I don’t got much money 😭) but I might actually buy some of these products anyways even if I don’t win. Good luck to everyone!
    Email: [email protected]
    Ig: ceci.star02

  • Safa exol says:

    I like your video you look so pretty and cute
    Well i wanna win this giveaway cause i like korean prodect and korea (i'm korea fan from my 9 years old i was watching k-drama 😂❤) and i always watch video about korean skin care but sadly i dont find them in my country and i wanna taste them
    Email:[email protected]

  • mirinae says:

    Thank you so much for this giveaway! I've been following you for some months and I love seeing your videos (also, the topic is a bit controversial but the way you approached it and talked about it was well done!)
    My IG username is: valeria.martsul and my email is [email protected]
    I'd want these products because I enjoy taking care of my skin and I find them wonderful 🙂

  • jerlyn aclan says:

    Having pimples/ acne in the face is really not an easy problem. Its not really about your concerns of you look with it, but having the problem how making your skin healthy and well nourish. Ive been having acne since last year. And i took me courage to face it, but be confident enough to think it will come to an end soon. So ive been trying products to help me in getting a better skin. I dont care if my acne marks wont fade or like i wont be like before, as long as im confident with what i am, and how i look, i just love being my self. Trying your skincare, is really something im looking forward. One because you are a trusted person when it comes to this things, and the name of the brands are really so worth trying and had so much reviews about it. I really want to win it and try for myself. Thank you so much for the opportunity.
    Email: [email protected]

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    Why giveaway was not for Pakistanis? Really dissapointed

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    hy i need u im join this class and pls give me a contect plssss

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    Korean Girls: How to whiten skin

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    hi everyone ,if anyone else wants to learn about

    skin lighteners

    try Moorack Home Skin Miracle (Have a quick look on google cant remember the place now ) ? Ive heard some amazing things about it and my cousin got cool results with it.

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