Just Stop Scratching – The Real Eczema Cure?

Just Stop Scratching – The Real Eczema Cure?

Hey hey what’s up? I’m back on my roof out here. I’ll just show you a little of my view here in Thailand in Bangkok. And I’m handheld so if it’s a little shaky please excuse me. I’m trying my best to get some good light and a nice view which is always incredibly difficult. Today I wanted to talk about something very important and that is a disturbing kinda trend that I’ve seen in the eczema community. Whether it’s on blogs or books that people are releasing or on forums. And it’s this notion that to beat eczema you can just magically decide one day to just stop scratching. That if you just think positive or psych yourself up or think happy thoughts that one day you’re just going to wake up and then not need to scratch your skin anymore. And that all your problems are just going to disappear. And there are guys teaching hypnosis and it’s totally bonkers to me because, for a few reasons. The first is disturbing to me because I understand at a biological level what’s happening inside the body and that there is a very good reason why you’re scratching and itching like crazy all the time. And that is a natural process of the body. Not to go and try to deny that process because you just decide that it’s not a good idea is totally ridiculous to me. That’s like saying: “We don’t understand this tiny little weird organ in the body so we’re just going to take it out.” Like the tonsils or something. Everything in the body is there for a reason. There’s this thing called evolution which means over millions of years we’ve evolved certain traits to help us succeed and perpetuate the next generation. It’s all for a very good reason. Now for some people to go: “Oh you’re just some freak of nature, and for some unknown reason you’re itching and if you just positively think that you don’t need to anymore, you’re not going to scratch and then your eczema is going to disappear.” Now, I don’t know if you’ve tried this but I remember trying it many many, many, years ago and it’s frankly impossible. When you’re itching, you’re itching and you need to scratch. There is no way you can not scratch. I remember I tried putting on gloves, putting socks over my hands, trying to restrain myself, think about other things, chant positive affirmations and all sorts of other crazy ideas, doing whatever to try and stop this itch that’s just driving me completely crazy. And none of it worked. And it hasn’t worked for anyone I know. And it will never work because this idea, this philosophy is built on a flawed assumption that this is all in your brain. That this is some sort of psychosomatic condition. Eczema is a real thing and it’s happening for a reason. And that reason is that your skin is helping take over the detoxification function mechanism of your body from your liver and your kidneys. So when your body is in this kind of emergency state, everything in your body is chipping in to help out. And the scratching process, you’ll notice when eczema starts you get these little things called vesicles, which are tiny little pus-filled sacs, that appear under the dermis of your skin. If you look closely some of them are quite big and you can actually see them with your eye and others you would need a magnifier or something to see them because they’re really tiny. They’re orange or yellow pus-filled sacs, they look like tiny little blisters and that’s toxins. Look at your pee when you’ve been drinking alcohol or eating bad food – it’s orange. That’s toxins being expelled from your body. When you don’t have toxins your pee is clear. And it’s the same thing that’s happening with your skin. Your skin is helping expel these toxins that are building up in your blood and it’s helping to get rid of them. It’s helping to expel them out of the body and dispose of them in a natural way. And the scratching process help break those vesicles open so that those toxins can escape and leave your body. So let me get to the point here. The real trick is not to stop scratching. It’s to stop the itch in the first place from ever occurring. So how do we do this? It’s very simple. You gotta heal the gut. The gut is the source of all skin conditions. There’s this thing called the gut/skin axis and without getting too deeply involved if you think about it, the skin and the gut are pretty much the same thing. We are covered on the outside with this fleshy layer. And that fleshy layer turns into lips, which turns into that, which turns into gums, which turns into the tongue, which turns into your tonsils, oesophagus, and becomes more and more wet as it goes inside the body. Which then turns into your throat your stomach and intestines and all that. So basically you can actually think of the skin and your inside world that’s going on in your body as the same organ. It’s the biggest organ in our body, it accomplishes a ton of biological processes that even most highly trained scientists and doctors still don’t understand. But there’s a lot we do know like they work together, they’re linked. The gut and skin – there’s a thing called the gut/skin axis and when the gut’s in trouble the skin chips in to help. So what you gotta do is you got to heal the gut first, which will fix the, it’s got 2 names, either leaky gut or gut permeability or intestinal permeability. So once this layer is healed up, food particles and waste matter that is in our intestines doesn’t leak into our bloodstream, which kicks off an inflammatory response, which then forces the skin to help out because of this because of this overlaid of toxins in the blood which helps to dispel these toxins through the skin. That process needs to be nipped in the bud at it’s core, and that is in the gut. I promise you, if you eat a diet of 40% meat, 40% vegetables and 20% water for 30 days, you’re going to see massive improvements in your skin, huge! At least a 50% reduction in your eczema probably close to a 100% reduction in itching. For some people it will take 60 days and for others 90 days but you’re going to see a massive improvement in your skin if you can just stick to a diet like that very soon. And this itching,stimulus that you experience is gonna subside naturally. It’s literally going to disappear. You don’t have to think about it, you don’t have to psyche yourself up, you don’t have to think happy thoughts, you don’t have to be positive, you don’t have to meditate on it you don’t have to do any of that. It’s literally going to take care of itself. So, I’m going to keep this video short, I’ve kinda said what I want to say. I don’t want to get all emotional about this but this is a topic that’s kinda dear to me and I see this all over the place and I see people get suckered in by these books and these positive thinking things and it annoys the crap out of me and I know because I had to go through all of this myself many years ago and it didn’t do me any good and it’s not doing anybody any good. So please do your best to ignore that advice. Put all that focus and energy you’re committing to you know trying to psyche yourself up out of this thing into your diet and getting your diet cleaned up. You know get rid of the processed oils, cut out all the sugar and processed foods, eat more healthy, fatty cuts of meat and vegetables. Avoid grains, avoid legumes and you’re going to see a massive, massive, massive, massive improvement in your skin because your gut was healing up. Okay, so I hope that helps, it’s been a bit of a rant, we’re at like 8 minutes here so I’m gonna cut it right now. I had to get all that off my chest, Aaaah I feel so much better, thanks for watching. If you want more information about this stuff, I have an email list where I send out like frequent tips and advice on eczema whether it’s diet and nutrition and the psychology of it all and how to deal with the social aspect of it and all that. It’s at my website it’s called the truth about eczema dot com. I have a link below this video, you can just click it and it’ll take you right to that website. If you want to get those emails just pop your email in on the form on that page and then you will be getting all my mails, all my advice, all my tips along with my book called The Truth About Eczema which kinda dispels a lot of these myths that are floating around on the internet which drive me completely crazy as you ca kinda tell. So, I hope that helps guys, I’m signing off I’m cutting this short it’s already 9 minutes jeez okay ciao guys take it easy catch you next time bye.


  • Black Veil Romance says:

    I started itching about 2 days ago and Idk if its eczema because I dint see any bumps or feel any. I think I know why Im itching though, I havnet been eating at all lately except for a small snack when I get off of school…maybe I should eat more.

  • wannabewest2010 says:

    you are great man thanks.  I am still in the midst of your video.  I wonder though if agent orange from my father has anything to do with my skin troubles or the chemical dumps being done in the air on a daily basis.  Chem-trails and geo engineering.  One thing I do know is at a time when it was afforded to me I saw a naturopath and was given Magnesium crystals and another medicine that cleared it right up.

  • wannabewest2010 says:

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  • CharlesVariations says:

    My eczema would get bad even with stress. I wouldn't even have to scratch it. If I was stressed I woke up the next day my finger would be split open due to dry skin. I wasn't even scratching it!!! 

    But mine hasn't ever been as bad as other people, now my eczema is pretty much under control, I never get the huge scabs like I used to when I was little.

  • Michelle Noble says:

    We are starting the challenge today.  This could explain why my son did so well on mostly Adkins food.  Great information:)

  • LoveUrself_ B4UTry2LoveSome1Else says:

    Tell this to my 5 year old which you can not tell a child to stop but even if I had it I would still do it as I can understand why she does it

  • Lilly Trexler says:

    I really enjoyed your video as it was intelligent and well said. It was great to get that information.

  • Anna Michelle says:

    My boyfriend doesn't understands. He's always like stop scratching just stop. I'm like you don't understand how itchy it is ! Grrr. Sometimes he will rub my skin and it definitely helps me stop scratching. 

  • Jchristan Mbarrion says:

    Omg thank you!! I am suffering itching then after watching your video it stopped!!! Thank you!!

  • Envisioned says:

    So would you say juts keep scratching? Or would you still try to avoid it where possible? I mean scratching could damage the skin further?

  • Dom Neato says:

    Like tell a Heroin fiend dont shoot juice no more.

  • degomb says:

    I'm vegan for 5 years now. I don't know why, but I recently got a very heavy eczema. I wash my hair with seaweed champoo and its stabilised (it helps for the itchiness) , but I just realised that I have big pimples in my head 🙁  


    It's amazing how many doctors and dermatologists do not recognize leaky gut and digestive issues as the cause of eczema.  I was prescribed lotions and steroid creams for years and years and I only saw my eczema grow worse over time. I am currently withdrawing from topical and oral steroid medications and changing my diet (restrict grains/gluten and sugars). It's been about 30 days and I am already seeing improvement in my skin. The steroid withdrawal was a nightmare however because my skin was so damaged from steroids that stopping them set-off a huge skin reaction that initially made things much worse.

  • Markka Laitinen says:

    This is my story!

  • Dylan Lundgren says:

    i have been vegan for almost 2 years now, so this diet wouldnt relate to me but i am interested in your videos because you seem to be very knowledged about the inner workings of eczema. I have had severe eczema almost my entire life, it gets worse and better all the time and just when it starts to look up it could go back to where it started. I eat extremely healthy but i am really searching for the answer to the main cause of my itching and flaring.  Anything else you can provide me with?(diet wise) It would be very appeciated!!..

  • Spongebob SquarepantsOffical says:

    WTF eczema itches like hell u can not stop scratching that

  • rough rough says:

    no it doesnt work ive been on low carb diet for 7 years and i still suffer from this annoying crap I hate how like one persons method thinks it works for everyone

  • Aminah Muslimah says:

    SOOO helpful. Thank you so much

  • Mana dmg says:

    Or do you think that you will enter Paradise while such [trial] has not yet come to you as came to those who passed on before you? They were touched by poverty and hardship and were shaken until [even their] messenger and those who believed with him said,"When is the help of Allah ?" Unquestionably, the help of Allah is near. Al-Baqarah:214

  • Raymond AndHisCat says:

    Sometimes, my skin is so itchy, I would need to be restrained with handcuffs for me to stop scratching. Even if it is a cure, it's really difficult.

  • jason 55555 says:

    Oh my god!!! please someone help me it randomly came to my hands about 4 or 3 days ago

  • TheGirl says:

    Hey there, if you still get eczema breakouts, I strongly recommend checking out the BAX3000 treatment. It is a laser treatment that can drastically reduce eczema and other allergy symptoms, if not completely eliminate them. I had suffered from severe eczema and allergies from childhood on, and finally got this treatment as an adult. Now I can exercise, eat all those foods that I have missed for years as I desire, even use fragranced products without any serious breakouts, and it has changed my life completely. Of course, I am used to eating healthy now, and continue to do so because it makes me feel good, but it is nice to now be able to walk into a non-specialty store or restaurant, and enjoy myself like everyone else without having to deal with an enormous, unbearably itchy and painful breakout later. Between the skincare habits I have acquired down through the years, and the BAX3000 treatment, my skin is usually clear all over. I still get a small spot of itchiness every once in a while, but nothing like it was before. It isn't exactly cheap, but it is worth every dime. You should look into it. Just letting you know. Good luck!

    Btw, I am not getting paid to endorse this treatment in any way. I just know how much eczema sucks.

    Helpful Tip: Don't scratch… use a hair dryer! The doctors say "no dry heat," but the dryer causes way less damage to your skin than scratching, and works a lot better. It has worked for me for years with no side effects.

  • Kierstyn Beeman says:

    I cratch in my sleep so I can not do that

  • Aniya Nicholson says:

    It is not that easy

  • MrChow4595 says:

    I swear eczema is just mentally and physically destroying me day by day. I can't deal with it anymore, i feel like im going fucking insane. i can barely even type this out as it is all over both of my hands. sometimes i just wish i could amputate my hands so i dont have to deal with it anymore (i only get it on my hands). Someone please tell me how do you deal with this, from all the pain, the itching, the stares from people, the disgusted look they give when they see it, the way it makes me unable to work at my full potential because i cant get this off my fucking mind. I'd give anything for it to be gone, anything. I have my econ finals in 3 hours and i cant even hold a pen properly, i dont know what to do anymore…someone please tell me what to do…

  • baz baza says:

    stop scratching does not cure eczema it will always be there but not bleeding are red raw, the blisters feel like they are coming from the very bottom of your epidermis and when they burst the skin splits and you have little painful paper cuts all over. when i sort this gut thing out i hope to fuck it cures my eczema.

  • CubeCrafter42 says:

    This does work when I'm awake but doesn't if I'm sleeping. But thanks anyway!

  • Zahra Lightway says:

    I am now taking Evening Primrose Oil and special probiotics for eczema and it's working. Creams and stuff cant really fix it because it's an internal problem not external.

  • Xy-BeatZ Hip Hop Instrumentals says:

    Should we eat meat or not ?!

  • Suzy Kaur says:

    I don't think it's goin to b possible to not scratch….nope not strong or thickskinned enough to do that

  • Liz N says:

    Hi so do I need to eat organic meat? i have no money for that or organic vegetables? Can I eat eggs? No sugar? How long will it take to heal the gut?

  • Isaac Chamreun says:

    Eczema has had such a big affect in my life and I hope that this duet will really show results

  • Isaac Chamreun says:


  • mars des says:

    I've had eczema attacks for almost 5 months from now and it's really affecting my life. They won't go away completely and it makes me feel depressed. I don't know what to do anymore. I can't wear shorts anymore, only pants. The wounds and patches itch like hell and I couldn't stop myself from scratching. I always find myself crying in the middle of the night because of the embarrassment, itch, and that hopeless feeling that I have to battle this thing all my life. My dermatologist said that I have to apply the creams that she gave me but the healing effects are just temporary.

  • Julie Pologruto says:

    The end of November 2015 It started on my foot and by the beginning of December I had it on the palms of my hands. I never had it there before. It's way too easy to scratch when it shows up on the palms of your hands. So…. I am going to eat just vegetables and meat and see how that goes. A few years ago I changed my diet and it cleared up. I'm hoping for the same result. No sugars…. No starches(it turns to sugar).. No beans… (Again.. A starch). I get relief from washing with antibacterial soap and hibiclense and then Cereve cream and/or Arnica Montana cream. Arnica cream seems to ease the itch a lot. Wish me luck…. I will post again in a month or so….

  • Exilary GAiM3Z says:

    hey people there is a doctor that can cure and his name is Jesus I currently have it but its going away if you have faith then it can go away

  • ItzKiwiHere says:

    I've drank water a lot ehh nothing happens really..

  • Augustine Loredo says:

    My eczema is not that bad

  • Z King says:

    verb31 have an excellent treatment for eczema check out their website

  • Elena Díaz says:

    Ive suffered from eczema my whole life and Im gonna read your book tonight and do what you say! Im excited!!

  • April Skies says:

    meant scarred not scared sorry. scared describes the people who can't handle my skin eruptions.

  • April Skies says:

    OMG sorry….atopic eczema forgive my mistakes

  • Asher Osborne says:

    Hi wilding Thanks for your advice and i still have not received any recepies after paying. The money has been accepted by your bank paid by E.H Osborne my partner.

  • Saran NV says:

    As an actual sufferer like most of you. The only thing I have found that works is Juice Plus fruit capsules. I was pregnant at the end of my tether as none of the creams or ointments the gp had ever worked let alone then and was scratching my hands to pieces plus I get it worse in Summer. I tried these capsules my friend gave me and within 3 weeks my blisters had healed up and were gone and have stayed gone!

    I swear by them now and they have been a godsend no more chemical creams a
    or waking up with my skin burning. I am ordering some more for me right now as the familiar tingle is coming back as it does every spring when the flare up is about to kick in. If you want me to order some for you too get in touch! x

  • Lindsey : says:

    It's not easy to stop scratching

  • Hope Destiny says:

    i came here because i just woke up and the first thing i did was scratch. im trying the diet. it will be hard but im desparate

  • Mr Black says:

    I have chronic eczema had it for a long long time. Will take the advice and let's see how it goes Iv tried everything else so far so we will see

  • M B says:

    Try running hot water over the itchy areas in the shower…really hot to the point where you can barely take it. The itch will go away for a couple of hours and you won't damage the skin. It also feels amazing, almost like an orgasm.

  • Rex Banner says:

    Dude how did you conclude yellow pee is toxins leaving the body? Since you don't give a fuck about responding to your subscribers and viewers I'll just state it now : that's bullshit and you don't look healthy.

  • Rosa Packerson says:

    I do have this diet! In fact my whole family has been on the diet for who knows how long. I am the only one in my family with eczema and I still cannot stop scratching. What am I doing wrong?

  • Joe Irwin says:

    I've had ezcema for 2 years, and it is impossible to not scratch. But if you force yourself not to scratch it really does work

  • Abbass Mahmood says:

    Thank yu it helped me a lot

  • Suppressingfire says:

    i frikking have it and i'm scratching all over like crazy. Even at night i wake up to scratch. i have to get rid of this

  • Spooky Pumpkin says:

    So I just dont eat grain based products?

  • Jazs Izaam says:

    Does anyone experienced eczema on face with pus filled 'pimples'? Went to the doctor and he refused to give me antibiotics 😞 he said il have to wait until its really severe and im in fever 🙄 i had to travel to work with people staring. Is there any natural remedies? I had tried cetaphil, calamine, aquaphor, steriod creams, oatmeal mask all doesnt work!

  • Actually, you’re wrong says:

    I have eczema I was born with it but it got worse and now it's affected but this helped

  • Milk Zombie says:

    Thank you so much for sharing it means a lot to know there are others fighting to find natural way to heal the body from within. 🙂

  • Kiarni says:

    I'm 17 and I have eczema and have had it for about a year now on my arm and leg and people always just 'stop scratching' 'go do something to get your mind off it' LIKE IT DOESNT WORK, I WILL SCRATCH AND I CANT HELP IT. 'Positivity' will not work because I will try and people think eczema appears because your dirty, like no. Its not dirty, I can't help it. I could have 20 showers per day and the eczema will just get worse

  • Temsu Pongen says:

    Anyone know what is Noboremed Secrets about? I hear a lot of people cure
    their skin issue naturally with Noboremed Secrets (just search it on

  • criartoros says:

    Hi,I`m going to try your suggestions. My eczma is bad at the moment,had it from birth. I`m 46. Thanks for the video buddy

  • Mila balei says:

    I'm studying reducing eczema naturally and discovered a great resource at Takiras Magic Method (look it up on google)

  • Brie Calleva says:

    I have a tip… so if u have to scratch just rub the area and it will feel good but it just doesn't hurt ur skin and relieves ur tendency to scratch

  • sai kiran says:

    I'm 22 years old
    I have been suffering from eczema, from the past 2 years
    I used NEUTRALISE WHEAT GRASS SOAP for my problem
    now my eczema is reducing day by day.
    have a nice day
    Good luck

  • Laura Faber says:

    I suffer from eczema on my face, on my eyes and around my mouth. Somedays it is not existent (this usually lasts 2-3 days) and then it suddenly comes back, my eyes swell up and they are so red, it burns to put anything on it, please anyone if you know something that could help let me know!

  • katmanduxo 1991 says:

    good stuff darlin

  • The Brown AK says:

    I scratch sub-consciously so it's difficult to not to scratch. I have horrible lichenification on my forehead, front and back of the knees, hands and elbows. Anyone else have this bad lichenification but get it to get a lot better?

  • TeaPips says:

    I find that if I hold my breath for as long as I can and then exhale, it helps. I keep doing that to get the oxygen following through to move the itch out of my body.

  • TeaPips says:

    Where exactly is your accent from?

  • April Pearsell says:

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  • April Pearsell says:

    Kudos for the Video clip! Apologies for butting in, I would love your opinion. Have you researched – Franaar Shining Shape Formula (Have a quick look on google cant remember the place now)? It is a good exclusive product for Curing Psoriasis without the normal expense. Ive heard some interesting things about it and my work colleague at last got astronomical success with it.

  • Yovelin Panayotov says:

    What about pure vegan diet ?

  • Doser Beats says:

    thankyou man i have exema and i hear this shit all the time

  • Mr. Mudkip says:

    I've found that if u drink loads of water like literally a glass every hour every day for a week it can really help, y'all should try this.

  • Ashley S says:

    I had been experiencing eczema since I was a teenager and after over 2 decades, I was not able to cure this illness. I went to many medical professionals and used many different recommended products, it worked for short period of time, it always came back after stopping making use of them. After a month of using eczema guide “Jαmzοzο Kuz” (Google it), my condition vanished permanently.


    its ruff how can you not

  • boi says:

    I've actually have been able to stop scratching like 90% of the time. Now instead of scratching i just gently touch it with my finger or "scratch" it with a soft towel, and it helps the itch alot. Takes alot of self control but it CAN be done! Either way tho, it doesn't "cure" my eczema, it just makes it not as bad because im not destroying my skin. Now im trying to change my diet and hopefully I can see some results!

  • boi says:

    so cut out dairy? Im in the process right now of cutting out all fast food and dairy. Also cutting down drastically on meat, I eat way to much, now ill just eat it a few times a week. hope to see some results in a few months 🙂

  • boi says:

    im also confused, some poeple say dont eat meat to heal your gut, but they say you can eat grains, then youre telling us some meat is fine but grains arent. I just have no idea where to start

  • Cooper Matters can 2 says:

    I try my best not to scratch but the itch drives me crazy and I have to.

  • Samara says:

    my arm was itchy during half of this video he didnt get to the point fast enough (talking bout gums and lips and alcohol ) my arm has been scratched

  • antby11 says:

    The worst thing is you cant join the armed forces with Eczema, my Eczema is not bad at all, it's only on the inside of my elbows and i wouldnt even mind having it if it was invisible and didn't stop me getting the job i want. I need to lose it in a few months before i apply, once im in it shouldnt matter if it comes back, it literally does not affect me in anyway, except being visible. Thats whats most fustrating about it preventing me from joining, as though it will have any affect on my ability to do a job.

  • Kevin Shayne says:

    The problem with this is multi fold – and this is coming from someone with a history of skin issues. (1) Study quantum physics. We are creating our reality. Our body is one part of this. It is through our thoughts that all (EVERY SINGLE THING) is part of our lives. It is within us the power to heal. Does it mean it will happen right away? It depends upon the individual. Most individuals do not know what they need to change and thus change takes time; (2) There is a belief that power resides outside of ourselves and we are effect. This is a massive lie. It helps alleviate self responsibility and even more importantly diminishes individual power to control their lives. We shift the power to another (typically someone in the health industry); (3) We need to heal both the mind and the body. Loving our body by paying attention to the EFFECTS (skin issues in this case) and then helping it nutritionally is as important as getting to the CAUSE, which can nearly always be traced to childhood; (4) People confuse biology with learned behavior all the time. We do not just inherit genes we inherit behaviors. Many of the learned beliefs are defective, self destructive, undermining, guilt based, etc. We believe these as children based upon experience and then hold onto them throughout our lives. Through the years they actually create our lives. We believe that they are REAL and REALITY yet they are limiting beliefs. Each person – every person has these (welcome to earth); (5) Sickness and disease are socially reinforced. Phrases like, "that's sick" and watching tv commercials with drug ads, constant attention on sickness do nothing more than tell the mind to manifest more of the same.

    Best wishes and good blessings to all who wish to truly transform and heal.

  • Vanilla Lava says:

    Try applying virgin coconut oil on the skin before you sleep(actually anytime also can), it instantly repairs the skin overnight. i have been using coconut oil for along time and my skin heals really fast. coconut oil is NATURAL and far better than expensive steroids.

  • Astral Bex says:

    There's research that meat isn't good for the digestive system 🙁 I don't know what to do I need to heal my gut please help

  • Cookiebr8 says:

    You speak the truth! I recently visited a naturopath and took a food sensitivity test…. it showed I was sensitive to gluten and some other things. I avoided all those things like he said, and within about a month, my eczema went away. I’m now on a product called Restore which is also helping to tighten the junctures of the gut. I have to follow this program until my adrenals are normal again.

  • Elina Marie says:

    my dermatologist prescribed zyrtec/claritin for me, and it helps a lot. it's an allergy medicine, so it's meant to help with itching. it definitely doesn't get rid of the itch, but it definitely does something.

  • MarcusL says:

    Do the Adrenalin glands fix the itch?

  • tbyjb1 says:

    Go swimming. The chlorine kills the fungus. Honestly.

  • Laena Everwood says:

    Preach, people keep telling me that I should just “stop scratching” Sometimes I get so stressed trying to resist I start crying lol it feels like the itch starts to burn the longer I let it sit. But then when I do start scratching it feels satisfying yet painful and hot and frustrating. This is a good vid.

  • fitwill73 says:

    I totally agree with you. When I changed my diet and started eating healthier, my eczema cleared up drastically. No joke. Occasionally, I may get a few itchy spots but it is not nearly as bad. You are so correct that you have to get to the root of the problem. Thank you so much for sharing!

  • Rory says:

    Eczema is autoimmune disease it’s nothing to do with toxins

  • Kaileen Johnson says:

    Wish it was that simple

  • Elle Belle says:

    Thank you so so so so much for putting this out there my friend. Eczema is no laughing matter. I almost attempted suicide once, that is how bad it was. I could barely move. Doctors, nurses, hospitals couldn't help me, nor could all of the creams, steroids, medications, baths and meditations. Thank you for being so open and honest about this condition because unless you have it or know someone who has, it is highly likely that you have any idea just how debilitating it is. Thank you.

  • Kon Hiro says:

    so no scratch is really the cure? some said they did that & it cleared up.

  • Shivi Dhillon says:

    Hi guys…pls follow medicalmedium. It will change your life. Its not an overnight cure bec its natural and it fixes it from the inside out. Takes time though.

  • Von Clohk says:

    I had it or something like it (did not go to doctor). It all started when I had poison ivy and it began clearing up. Then I discovered my wrists/ankles were still itchy but now it was just a red rash not poison ivy blisters. I kept scratching the hell out it and trying different creams etc. In fact the poison Ivy cream IVAREST worked the best really. But I also used other creams (cortisone etc). Even the Dollar Tree (U.S./CANADA) brands worked quite well. I think I tried every cream on the market just about. . I got into the whole cycle of starting to heal then I'd scratch it to hell again. Finally, after about 8 months of this I just said the hell with this and stopped scratching. My theory is it's going to itch because it's always healing. Duh? Once I just left it the hell alone it finally got better. However, I must say it was hard. Very hard! You must have your preferred cream on you at all times and as soon as you start itching try tapping on the spot (not scratching) then put the cream on and DO NOT SCRATCH. DO NOT SCRATCH AT ALL or this method does NOT work. This might mean staying away from alcohol, caffeine, and smoking. All of which I found can make you scratch. I really like figuring out my own ailments on my own but I should have gone to the doctor of course but once it finally did indeed heal it no longer itched. It was almost weird to not have it itch anymore. And I do agree with everything said in this post I just got lucky with the "stop itching" method. It takes a lot of discipline and a lot of cream. Oh and don't where a watch during this process because that will make that wrist itch more! Cheers!

  • Ricardo Martins says:

    Well I had eczema in my leg for several months, itchy, red, scaly, I just couldn't stop scratching it. One day I decided to stop, it went away for good after a month or 2.

  • Kirk Arnold says:

    I agree about the scraching.It is for a reason. but if I eat meat or beans I break out. I only vegs. no grains except oatmeal. and hemp seed.
    How do you eat 40% meat most say avoid it.

  • Kathleen Kavanagh says:

    My eczema rashes go away but then I am left with the aftermath….scars and uneven skin color. Also when I scratch stretch marks decide to come and stay!!!

  • moose185 says:

    I’ve got Crohn’s disease which is inflammatory bowel disease, I’ve had itching all over for over 5 weeks now. Do you think this is linked? All my doctors are saying it’s different.

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