Just 1 Wash To Get Rid of Dandruff Permanently – Home Remedy To Remove Dandruff

hello my friends and welcome to our
channel did you miss me in today’s video I will share a secret formula to get rid
of dandruff once and for all in just one wash I promise you that this remedy
really works and after the very first use you will get rid of dandruff
permanently dandruff is a very common problem pretty much all of us face at
some point in our lives so this a hundred percent success trick will help
you get rid of dandruff and flaky scalp in just one wash before we go ahead
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lifehacks and natural tips and tricks now let’s go ahead today we’re gonna see
how to make a homemade hair spray that fights dandruff I have used a secret
ingredient to prepare this dandruff removal spray I
personally call this recipe the dandruff killer spray our secret ingredient here
is apple cider vinegar apple cider vinegar contains natural antioxidants
which help remove dandruff as well as dried and flakey skin on your scalp you
might be curious as to why I have used apple cider vinegar the simple reason is
because it has been used for ages by your ancestors to prevent hair breakage
and hair fall apple cider vinegar nourishes our scalp thus helping you to
stimulate her growth to make this recipe simply we will add half a cup of apple
cider vinegar in a spray bottle remember to use the same quantity next I’m adding
1 cup of water the reason for adding water is because apple cider vinegar is
very very strong as an ingredient and direct application to this cup could
cause redness or irritation therefore it is important to add water
now shake the mix well before use and start spraying this all over your hair
remember that you also have to spray this directly to your scalp now for the
next step it’s time to give your scalp and nice massage using your fingertips
keep massaging for the next two to three minutes after this
step leave the mixture as it is for the next two hours now after this two hours
wash your hair using a hurdle shampoo remember to use a hurdle shampoo to wash
off your hair herbal shampoo means a shampoo which contains natural
ingredients such as aloe vera or Indian gooseberry or anything of similar
ingredients that is easily available after the first use of this recipe you
will notice that your dandruff will have already disappeared this home remedy is
the quickest and easiest way to get rid of dandruff effectively this remedy
gives a hundred percent great results so do share it with your friends or people
you know who are suffering from dandruff or related issues so we’ve reached the
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