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25 year old social media sensation Julia fell in love with a 61 year old political pundit Eileen. Their 37 year age gap received judgments. Now as they embark on their married life, they’re in LA visiting friends and taking part in some rather surprising activities. Julia: This is my first time in LA. I am going to this place called the Image Centre. Literary everybody I know is like against me, my family and friends especially my wife. However I really like the look and at the end of the day it’s my face. Eileen: When Julia spoke to me about injections, I thought “Oh no, please don’t do that.” actually I never stopped saying that. Julia: It can’t be that bad right? I’m nervous though I think it might hurt. Will you still love me? Hi sweeties, welcome back to the channel, we are going to America. Okay, let’s go baby, let’s go, let’s go, let’s go. Oh my goodness, we’re on the plane. We are in Beverly Hills. Hi vlog. Barcroft TV is going to come here and film us for … I think that’s our third mini documentary with them. Ooh exciting! We are visiting some friends and family here in LA. And I’ve never been to America before. So Eileen is showing me around because she lived in LA a few years ago. Eileen: You look stunning. Julia: You too. You look beautiful. Eileen: You look like effervescent really. Oh it’s the light. Eileen: Yeah you do you look fabulous darling. Julia: You too. Julia: So I’m going to curl Eileen’s hair. Just the ends a little bit, because she likes that. With Julia successful YouTube career taking off, She’s decided to experiment with a touch of cosmetic surgery, While she is in LA. Julia: I like … just changing my appearance and just trying out
different things. So I have … I’ve decided to just … give it a go. So today I’m getting lip fillers and cheeks fillers for the first time ever. So I’m just a little bit scared that it’s going to hurt, but I’m sure it can’t be that bad, right? It’s just injections. Julia might be excited about getting her lips plumped up but Eileen has other thoughts all together. Eileen: Initially when Julia
spoke to me about injections, I thought, “Oh no, please don’t do that”. Actually, I never stopped saying that. You know but then I feel, when I learned more about it you know I thought maybe it’s not so dangerous. So I wasn’t really on board with it, I’m still not really … because I think Julia is gorgeous as she is, she has natural beauty that doesn’t need enhancement. But I’m not a fan of like big, fake lips and I hope that’s not what she ends up with. Julia: Hi vlog, you’re going to judge me because I’m getting lip fillers. I’m nervous though, I think it might hurt. Eileen: Yeah. Julia: Will you still love me? Eileen: I wish you wouldn’t do it, because I mean you’re just stunning the way you are. But you know like I’ve said to you it’s your body you do you know what you want and you know I support you and if anything should happen like you know that you are unhappy with it I’ll hopefully make you feel better about it. And it’s temporary so … Eileen: So there we go. It’s time for Julia to take the plunge, they’re on their way to the clinic for her procedure. Julia: We are going to … a clinic called the Image Centre. We’re very excited. Julia: I am so nervous. Eileen: I’m very excited to see it. I just hope your lips aren’t too puffy to kiss. Julia: Oh my God I hope it looks cool, if it doesn’t it’s
just for a week. Eileen: For a week. Julia: Or a year. Eileen: For a year? What’s a year? Julia: The fillers. Eileen: They’re a year? Julia: Yeah, but I can just put a bag over my head for a year. Eileen: Wow, stop it. Okay now, I didn’t know it was a year, Jesus. With that bombshell dropped, the consequences of Julia’s procedure have been raised for Eileen. Eileen: Oh my God I didn’t think of it as a year. I mean seriously I’m kind of surprised. Julia: Are you worried now? Eileen: I just hope it’s not excessive.
That’s all. Julia: Yeah I don’t think it will be. Eileen: Yeah. Okay. Eileen: It’s warm in here. My only concern is the … that your lips look natural. That would be … my hope is that. Julia: I think it takes a lot for them to look crazy. Eileen: Unnatural?
Julia: Yeah. Eileen: Yeah good okay. Julia: Let’s go, oh my God. Its time. Is it okay to sit down or… Female speaker: Oh, yeah you can sit down. Clara: We’ll be doing Radiuses to the cheeks, to really give her that contour and to build up her cheek bones. And then we’re also going to be doing a little bit of lip filler for her. Julia: This is must look sexy. Eileen: Julia,your laugh is totally … Julia: I cannot feel with my lips. Julia: You’re beautiful. Eileen: Who’s lovely? Julia: You’re lovely. Eileen: And amazing? Julia: No, you are, you are. Eileen: Well okay. Julia: I’m nervous though. Eileen: Oh don’t be nervous darling. Julia: So is this the lip filler? Clara: Yes. Julia: I’m so nervous. Okay I’m sure I’ll be fine. Clara: You’ll be fine, you’ll be fine. Julia: Okay. Eileen: Okay darling? Clara: It’s not that bad right? Julia: No. Julia: I’m so curious to see it. Julia: Can you see the difference already? Eileen: Yeah. Julia: How does it look? Eileen: I can’t tell, it looks quite a lot bigger on top for sure. Eileen: I mean it’s … Julia: I want it to be noticeable, so yeah. Eileen: it’s going to be exactly what you want I can tell. Julia: Yeah? Julia: How big is it? Eileen: Just a little bit bigger. Clara: I promise I wouldn’t make you look crazy. Julia: Oh my God I love it. You know it’s so funny … It’s so nice, I love it. I really love it. Female speaker: And the bottom is very … I mean very big. Is that okay? Julia: You know this has swollen so it’s going to go down. Well I kind of like it like this, it could stay like this. Clara: So are you ready for the cheeks? Julia: Yeah.
Clara: Okay. Julia: It’s okay I can hear it cracking like yeah. But it doesn’t really hurt just the first needle. I’m so curious, I’m so curious.
First … do you like it baby? Eileen: Yeah I do,
I do very much, yeah it’s really … it gives you an angle that you hadn’t had before. Julia: Yeah? Eileen: I mean you had but it just enhances that. You look very pretty. Julia: Nice really cool. Eileen: So how do you feel baby? Julia: I feel good, I love it. What do you think? Eileen: I think it’s fabulous. I love you the way you came to me. But this looks very nice too. Julia: So you prefer me before? Eileen: No, no.
Julia: Oh **** it. Eileen: No, no, I don’t. Julia: You still fancy me? Eileen: Oh very much. Julia: Still love me? Eileen: Yeah, yeah, very much.
I love you. With her procedure complete, Julia and Eileen are free to enjoy the rest of their time in LA. Julia: Let’s take some pictures, we’re in Beverly Hills yay Eileen: God your lips are giant. Eileen: Yeah, they’re really big. Do your fillers make you feel, “I’m so alive?” Julia: Yeah. Eileen: Okay, do you feel really LA? Cool. Julia: We are going to New York, that is because Eileen has some family, so we are going to go see them, and it’s going to be wonderful.

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