Is Water Fasting Safe? In-depth Interview w/ Dr. Goldhamer & Dr. Group

Is Water Fasting Safe? In-depth Interview w/ Dr. Goldhamer & Dr. Group

Glad to be here in Santa Rosa California
at the TrueNorth Health Center with Dr. Alan Goldhamer – the world’s biggest
expert on water only fasting. Dr. Goldhamer, can you tell us just a little
bit about what you’ve done here over the last thirty years and a little bit about
your clinic here. Sure. Well we’re an integrative medical clinic. We are staff that includes doctors of medicine, chiropractic, Osteopathy, naturopathy, and
psychology. And we specialize in medically supervised water-only fasting
in the use of a whole plant food SOS free diet to help people with chronic
disease get well. That’s a perfect explanation right there! What is the number one mistake people make when doing a water fast on their own? You know all this information out there people are going and thinking that they
can just automatically do a twenty day or a thirty day water fast. I mean what
is, what is your take on that and what what would you recommend to people? I think the first thing is to think about what’s our goal with fasting. What is it
we’re trying to do. And for most people they realize that many of the conditions
people are currently suffering from are conditions of dietary excess. These are
conditions that used to be called the diseases of kings because it was only
the wealthy elite people that could eat the way that caused the heart disease,
the diabetes, the autoimmune diseases, certain forms of cancer and so if we
realize that the goal is to help us overcome these accumulative excesses
that are compromising body function and that we’re trying to use perhaps fasting
to facilitate that – the first thing to be, I would say, is to really get a clear
picture of what’s really going on and that means a proper medical history. A
good physical exam to establish baseline parameters and basic lab work so that
you, later during fasting, you can tell the difference between a really positive
but perhaps uncomfortable healing crisis and a problem. Not everything that
happens in fasting is necessarily a positive thing. There can be
complications or issues but you can’t always easily tell the difference if you
don’t have data to compare back to. So, that’s why you want to establish those
parameters wherever or however you’re fasting. That’s the first step. The second
thing is, you need to lead into fasting properly. You don’t want to
arbitrarily discontinue for example medications that you’ve been on because
the negative effect of too rapidly or throwing a drug for example steroid
medications or prednisone can be really devastating. So leading improperly in our
case it means eating a whole plant food, SOS free diet. So SOS is the
international symbol of danger but it also stands for salt, oil, and sugar which
are the chemicals we add to food that stimulate the dopamine production. Our
brain leads us to overeating and in fact is one of the reasons why people have
these conditions of dietary access to begin with because they’re over eating
highly concentrated foods in order to stimulate that dopamine or pleasure
response and they literally can become addicted to this artificial stimulation.
So now they’re not, they’re not just eating this food to try to feel good –
they have to keep eating in order to avoid feeling bad. Kind of the hallmark
of addiction. So that means, before fasting we’re
eating a whole plant for the sos free diet. We’re trying to wean down
appropriately medications. It’s usually a good idea to talk to the person that
prescribed the medications in the first place about the appropriate way and the
appropriate time to try to withdraw those medications. Now, I know that’s a bit of a
problem because if you go to up, for example, a traditional medical doctor
with high blood pressure or diabetes or autoimmune diseases – they’re gonna tell
you to do exactly what you’re told and they will guarantee you that you’ll
never get well. So promise you if you do what you’re told you’ll be sick forever.
You’ll be on drugs the rest of your life. So if you walk in and say well no I’d
like to get off the drugs and their experience it might be they’ve never
seen anybody go well and so they don’t understand that there’s a pathway to
health that doesn’t involve continuing to take drugs for the rest of your life
but once you get over overcome that issue there is usually a reasonable
protocol if one were to withdraw medications in order to do it so then
once a person’s off medications and they’ve done a good lead-in with a
health promoting diet the next step is to realize that fasting needs to be done
in an environment of rest. So you can’t be driving an automobile while you’re
water fasting. You’re not going to be safe. Your reflexes are affected. Not a
good idea. Also if you’re more active in fasting,
rather than resting and fasting you’re not going to get the same
mobilization of intermediary products and metabolisms and toxic products.
You’re not going to get the benefit of fasting to the degree that you would if
you’re resting because so much of your energy is diverted to maintaining even
basic metabolic function. We don’t think well driving is pretty passive, but
remember the biggest burner of glucose is your brain. So even your brain being
to activate it can inhibit and delay some of the positive effects that can be
generated by true fasting. Which is the complete absence of all substances
except water in an environment of complete rest and in that complete rest
is kind of important. One of the reasons why I like recommending fasting being
done in a controlled setting is that it’s hard for people to have complete
rest if they’re anxious and they’re naturally anxious when these symptoms of
fasting begin to manifest and there are many and for example early phase fasting
people oftentimes may get nausea and even vomiting. As bile is dumped from the
liver and the body goes through detox as the kidneys are processing a lot of the
products that are elaborated in the blood. Sometimes people get low back pain and which is referral pain they can get skin rashes and discharges there are all
kinds of entertaining symptoms that come up and fasting most of which are
positive attempts to heal itself generated by the body but again not
everything necessarily is and so it’s good to be able to tell the difference
between what is or isn’t a positive response and then to make a rational
decision about either to continue fasting or to terminate the faster or
modify the fast in order to accommodate the person’s ability to adapt to it
another inherent part of that screening process is making sure people that
shouldn’t be water fasting don’t not everybody’s a good candidate for water
only fast as some people have conditions that would contraindicate fasting but
they might do better with some modified version of it maybe they could do
intermittent fasting or they could do modified feeding programs but they
wouldn’t want to actually do water only fasting at least at that point then once
they get through the fast the biggest problem people have is appropriate
fasting termination I know it’s when you go on the fast you rapidly mobilize a
lot of these materials which can create many of the symptoms but it’s not all
processed just during fasting that initial phase of refeeding a lot of
things that have been mobilized are now eliminated from
and so too rapid a return to feeding could slow down the actual elimination
of the products that you spent all this energy mobilizing and so we have a
protocol that we follow with that true north health center where we have
essentially a day of fresh juices for every week of fasting a day of raw fruit
and vegetables for every week of fasting and then we slowly reintroduce the more
concentrated foods so in general it takes about half the length of the fast
to be able to get a person through restructured refeeding so if you have a
twenty day fast you know there’s going to be about 10 days of carefully
controlled supervisory feeding and at that point hopefully people are getting
back to more normal activities just to point out that there are a lot of people
that are doing unsupervised fasting and they’re not taking the necessary
precautions before they start fasting so after talking to dr. Goldhamer it’s very
important to do if you’re going to do water only long-term fasting or even
short-term fasting make sure you’re prepared and make sure that you come to
the true north health center or a qualified fasting center so you can be
medically supervised especially if you’re on medications like dr. Goldhamer
said so my other question one that comes up all the time and I you pretty much
answered this I think in the last question is what lengths can someone
safely fast at home I recommend the water only fast in this prolonged water
only fast and really be done in conjunction with the doctor that’s not
an idiot and under some type of supervision but the what can be done at
home safely and effectively are these various modifications of fasting where
we do intermittent fasting where people narrow the feeding window so let’s say
for example you don’t eat before 10:00 in the morning and you don’t eat after
say 6:00 at night now you’re giving yourself a period of fasting between 6
p.m. and 10 a.m. every day and although it’s yeah it’s safer it doesn’t involve
a lot of the complications that longer-term fasting can it doesn’t
require for example people to necessarily discontinue their existing
treatment regimes it does give the body a chance to induce some of these
metabolic changes that are associated with fasting now granted
infesting has smaller effects than made perhaps the larger fast and for many
people that’s all they need for example if the goal is to clear the palate if
the goal is to induce some of these detoxifying enzymes systems and pathways
you may be able to do that without having to resort to something that might
require you know taking time off work and resting and all the rest it’s not
that fasting they object to its having to rest or to take time off work or not
to have to write the kids to school and deal with all those realities the
promise people that aren’t in a position to get rest are not in a position to do
long from water fasting regardless of whether it’s supervised or not you still
have to be able to have a period of time when you can take that kind of a break
and if you can’t better to do some modified version which would be safe and
may be slower but you know health results from healthful living if people
are willing to do diet sleep and exercise and their do it right and they
do it long enough most of these things are gonna unwind over time whether they
speed it up with fasting or not I know everybody’s biochemistry is different
and people say well I mean you’re gonna get the most benefits doing supervised
water only fasting probably in most cases but then people say well if I just
do intermittent fasting let’s say I do go till noon I eat lunch and then I go
till 6:00 p.m. every day and my eating window is from 12:00 to 6:00 is there a
way that you can say the benefits like for example if I do the intermittent
fasting it’s gonna take me three months of doing that for the same benefits I’m
gonna get in one week if I go to it doesn’t quite work that way because for
some people it depends first on the person and their condition and their
circumstance so some conditions will respond without ever doing a single day
of fasting perfectly fine other conditions may not respond without doing
a long-term or only fasting so here’s what how it works there’s doctors all
around the country and they advise people to eat whole food plant-based
diets get exercise and sleep and they have a huge success
people are getting well they’re overcoming the conditions but that was
same doctors will tell you they have a certain percentage of their populations
despite the fact they’re getting compliance with their patients
that have difficulties that aren’t easily resolved and oftentimes those are
the kind of patients that we’re seeing at the treatment of health center the
people they’ve done their best but despite their best it’s not good enough
or they have patients that want to do it but they can’t they’re addicts whether
they’re addicted to alcohol tobacco or caffeine or they’re addicted to the
artificial chemicals put into food like salt oil and sugar they’re doing their
best but they just can’t seem to break the cycle they need a little bit of
extra help and that’s where a place like the truth health center can be helpful
because it’s an environment that really supports those kinds of changes but for
the majority of people if they just eat the diet get appropriate activity and
get the sleep they need the body heals itself and so yes it’s true that
sometimes a few weeks of fasting could approximate several months of feeding
but there’s other kit situations we have all this happens all the time people
call up we tend to book ahead so there’s sometimes a lag between when they want
to come in and we can get them in but so we give them advice on the phone about
what they can begin to start to do in preparing for the fast and by the time
it’s time to come in too fast I’ve already better you know it’s so annoying
so it happens a lot where people are able to just making the dietary changes
they’re able to overcome the symptoms that sometimes they’ve been managing for
months or years medically and we haven’t even gotten to see them yet so clearly
diet sleep and exercise are the majority the effect size fasting is a tool to
make things happen faster or in people that are so sick or have such stubborn
problems that it’s not enough we’ll be able to move them along a little more
quickly so what you’re saying is basically what a lot of people are
starting to realize now that it all comes down to an accumulation everybody
has a self-healing mechanism and the self-healing mechanism is being
suppressed because of all the stress the toxins and the food the toxins in the
air the toxins in the water I mean we’re just having a chemical soup that’s just
reducing reducing reducing this and all the negative emotional patterns and
everything else and it’s just bringing the body down and quite frankly
well-intentioned with misguided medical treatment yes so one of the things that
we see is that people have symptoms they go to a doctor and the doctor gives them
advice about how to sit the symptoms but the long-term
consequence of their treatment is what leads to some of the chronic
degenerative changes that now we have to try to unwind and we spend a lot of our
effort undoing well-intentioned but misguided treatment that’s not actually
dealing with the underlying causes the problem right now cardiovascular disease
diabetes and cancer the leading reasons why people are are dying and suffering
and getting treatment but they’re not the actual reasons why people are
suffering dying which is smoking and drinking and eating an animal-based
highly processed food diet and so since medicine is mostly trying to deal with
the diseases and not the causes what ends up happening is they’re developing
all kinds of often very powerful treatments that may be more or less
successful at dealing with the symptoms of the disease without actually helping
encouraging intimidating or supporting people at making the changes necessary
to actually get well and that’s why they tell people if you do what you’re told
you’ll be sick forever and be on drugs the rest of your life have you noticed
that people are starting to trend more and more and more over the last ten
years towards natural medicine and towards taking responsibility for their
own health and the doctors as well I mean have you noticed there talk to
anybody where the doctors are saying they must be realizing that their
medications are not working I mean it kind of seems to me that we are making
progress in a certain you know as time goes on with the internet and people
doing more research but at the same time there’s a lot of misleading information
out there as well well there’s always been misleading information I mean it
goes back to the beginning of of when people started giving advice that’s
where what there’s two things I would say we need a philosophy of health care
to rely on and we also need more and better research looking at the actual
causes of disease and you know that’s one of the things we’re trying to do
here at the True North health center and through our True North health foundation
is really trying to do primary research looking at what it is you have to do to
actually get sick people well and what you have to do to help people that are
now healthy stay that way and what it looks like it comes back to is some very
basic principles diet sleep and exercise you know and there’s a lot of debate
about diet about what is a hell what’s a health promoting diet you know
in our experience a whole food diet that focuses on plant-based foods and
eliminates that meat fish eggs and dairy products eliminates the salt oil and
sugar eliminates the highly processed fractionated foods that people are
eating makes a huge difference and if you look at our data you’ll see when it
comes to treating these primary conditions for example high blood
pressure we have the largest effect sizes shown in treating high blood
pressure in humans doing this very simple intervention get people on a
whole food plant-based diet use water fast until you normalize blood pressure
eliminate the medications and then get people to sustain a health promoting
diet and lifestyle and they sustain the results we have an average effect sizes
60 points in stage four hypertension essentially all essential hypertension
patients are willing to do these interventions can expect a normalizes
blood pressure eliminate the need for medication and you know the results are
not that dissimilar with conditions like type 2 diabetes and many of the
autoimmune diseases like lupus rheumatoid arthritis ulcerative colitis
and ankylosing spondylitis and asthma eczema psoriasis these conditions
respond very predictably to very simple conservative interventions the downside
is you have to keep living healthy in order to sustain the results because
you’re not curing anything you’re managing it you know and that’s the
thing people get a little frustrated what they want to cure ie something they
can take that will now let them to go do whatever they want to do and what this
is about is learning to live in such a way that the body can maintain it a
healthful state and that’s a little bit more effort that actually covers one of
my other questions which was can someone fast and carry on their daily activities
and work and that and it that just goes to show you how important it is to rest
when you’re fasting I think it’s one of the most important considerations that
people be in a restful and supportive State when they’re doing poorly fasting
working often doesn’t support that but you can do a healthy diet when you’re
working and you’re exercising and you’re driving and so there’s no reason why we
can’t focus on fine-tuning the diet so that the body is able to do exactly what
it does in a fasting state all but somewhat slower and in a more controlled
manner I tell you when I did my 18 day water fast and I did
work for the first week and I did do light exercise for the first week and I
documented it to how I felt and one of the things that affected me the most was
stress because my mind you know in the in the midst of all the stuff that was
going in in the office and it seemed like everything happened that week that
could have happened and do you notice that people have or go through changes
when they’re medically supervised water only fasting where they have bouts of
anxiety and stress well it’s interesting that every major religion the Jews the
genes the Hindus the Muslims the Christians everybody’s got a tradition
about fasting and there’s a reason because fasting can change how you feel
about yourself the world around you has the kind of profound effects on you in
addition to the physical effects that we tend to focus on at the True North
health center remember your biggest burner of glucose is your brain and so
you have profound impact on your energetics when you’re concentrating or
relaxing versus under stress or not under stress so it’s not surprising that
psychological activity can have an impact on your ability to fast
effectively and remember when you’re fasting our goal is not to make you feel
good it’s to actually get you healthy so we don’t care if you’re uncomfortable
when you’re faster now for example people that are more active often feel
more comfortable not less comfortable when they’re fasting but it’s because
they’re slowing down the rate of detoxification so what we’d rather do is
have you rest you may not feel good but if you get good you’ll forgive us for
whatever uncomfortable processes you go through so that we have to be a little
bit careful how we define success it’s the same thing people are running into
when they start talking about the like the paleo diets or the ketogenic diets
the things that might be useful short-term aren’t necessarily
sustainable or a good long-term the things for example the competitive
athletes do to maximize short-term performance
aren’t necessarily health promoting things you make you a more competitive
athlete today aren’t necessarily you know let you live a longer and healthier
life long term so in our practice it’s not necessarily about maximizing
short-term athletic performance about maximizing
term health and the big thing there is not just living longer ie increasing
life expectancy but more importantly living better ie increasing healthy life
expectancy we lag in the United States in both areas we’re not living longer
than for example places like the European Union where they’re spending
less you know a third the the cost per patient on health care but you know
actually having better results in some measures than the United States what
we’re wanting to do is reduce than the nine plus years of debility that the
average person is experiencing in the 17 years of ill health that they’re
experienced and where the vast majority of health care dollars are spent by the
way so the idea is that you’re gonna live forever but you want to live until
you die you want to live fully functional until
you reach your genetic potential you don’t want to spend the last ten years
of your life unable to talk or move lying in some nursing home bed waiting
for somebody to come and change your diaper you want to be able to live fully
functional the best chance of doing that is to avoiding the chronic degenerative
diseases that are caused by dietary excess and that’s why we want to get rid
of the animal products the highly processed chemicals added to food get
people exercising and figure out ways to deal with their stress more effectively
a lot of the trend out there right now a lot of people are doing water only
fasting from their home for weight loss and they that’s that’s a big trend right
there and then also the 5:2 diet can you explain if that’s even something
that is safe to do where they’re fasting 24 hours twice a week well the good news
is that if people adopt a whole plant food SOS free diet they will lose weight
in a predictable way if they happen to be a male they can expect between two
and three pounds a week of weight loss and if they’re a female between one and
two pounds a week of weight loss consistently predictably if they’re
willing to do some exercise you know they can even facilitate those numbers
further so they don’t need to be doing prolonged water-only fasting as a weight
loss technique and I don’t recommend prolongwear only fasting as a weight
loss technique because there’s better ways to achieve weight loss if that’s
the only concern we recommend fasting because of the physiological changes
associate with improving health not necessarily because it’s a faster way to
lose weight and it’s a little bit deceptive because it is true water only
fasting patients lose an average of a pound
but remember it’s not just fat you’re burning there’s also glycogen in the
muscles that’s being utilized there’s fiber in the gut that’s being eliminated
and there’s some physiological dehydration that occurs in fasting so
not all of the scale weight is just fat by the end of the second week of long
term water only fasting most of the calories are in fact being derived from
fat if the person is in a resting state but again if they’re more active now
they’re going to have to burn more glucose which means more gluconeogenesis
more protein utilization not exactly what we’re trying to do long-term what
people can do to facilitate weight loss as we’ve talked about is narrow the
feeding window they can also choose for example maybe one or two days a week
where they can able to not have to be as energetic maybe they go on raw fruit and
vegetables only they might get a couple pounds of salad a pound or two a fruit
limit their caloric intake to six or eight hundred calories get a maintain
appropriate restricted activity and that may help move them along the path a
little bit quicker one of the reasons where fasting is helpful is tasting or
adaptation changes if you take a person that doesn’t like salad and fruit and
you know just can’t choke down the taste of swell put them on water fast
afterwards all of a sudden that tastes of swill becomes quite desirable because
there’s actually a change in the perception of taste in fact we’re doing
a study here right now at the True North health center where we’ve been able to
quantify minimum detection thresholds to salt and sugar these other substances
and show the changes quantitatively in a blinded fashion before and after the
long term fasting well the same changes happen all but a little bit slower with
feeding for example if you put people on a low salt diet it takes about a month
but after about a month on a low sodium diet people begin to neuro adapt and
they can actually taste the natural setting the food at a higher degree even
to the point where some of the soups or things from a restaurant that you
normally might have like now become too salty there’s actually an over response
and so neuro-adaptive the salt to sugar to fat does occur and it occurs feeding
it might occur a little bit more quickly if you’re using intermittent fasting or
some of these modifications it absolutely happens more quickly when we
do prolong or it only fasting so if a person’s patient they’re going to
achieve their weight loss if you’re losing 2 pounds a week it’s a hundred
pounds a year so you got to start asking yourself what
how fast you have to do this you know in terms of if you want to try to do it
faster but it compromises your health is that a really good solution for example
we could remove your thigh at the hip and you would immediately be 40 pounds
lighter not probably a good long-term health strategy so we wouldn’t recommend
that type of rapid weight loss technique you can go on a greasy fatty slimy dead
decaying flesh diet and make your body sick enough that yeah you you’ll blunt
your appetite not you know and lose some weight doesn’t necessarily mean that’s a
good long-term health strategy because ketosis induces inhibition of the hunger
Drive that could be used to facilitate weight loss but we don’t want to induce
that in a way that compromises long-term health for somebody that might think I
can go to the True North health center or I can do water fasting for
regenerative or anti-aging properties or let’s say I’m 60 years old and I want to
regenerate my body and and produce those stem cells and go into that state of
otology would you get that normally just slowly over time with a regular organic
s.o.s diet well there’s a couple of things there’s no question there’s
research including some of the work that we’re doing it does show that many of
these markers or biomarkers of aging I tend to improve with fasting sometimes
profoundly but I think you might consider looking at it a slightly
different way for example rats that are given a restricted feeding you can
double their lifespan by putting them on 60% of what their normal ad libitum
eating might be but I don’t know that we’re actually extending their life as
much as what we are is we’re stopping shortening it for example if you have
rats living in nature they live to a certain time but it’s limited by
predation if you eliminate predation but continue to feed them the amount of food
that would normally eat in a natural setting they doubled their lifespan and
so it’s not that I for example of calorie restriction is
extending the life it’s over feeding and shortening it so it’s interesting if you
look at these biomarkers that are that are associated with exercise for example
many of them improve dramatically these markers of aging those same biomarkers
tend to increase with faster at the same level yeah well actually
fascinating in some cases even more potent but the point is why would
vigorous exercise and do certain anti-aging changes that are the same any
ages changes associate with fasting I would suggest that it’s because both
fasting and exercise helped us undo the consequence of dietary access all of
these issues are basically not that we’re not so much looking to extend life
what we’re trying to do is we want to stop shortening our potential and we’re
shortening it with dietary excess and if you have died to excess but you
counteract it with some exercise or some fasting you get some benefit but the
best benefit would be to stop putting the excess in to begin with and then the
need for fasting would be more mitigated although I have to say I think the
people that may get the most benefit of all from fasting are healthy people that
are using fasting proactively and preventive ly and the reason for that
may turn out to be that these detoxifying into enzyme pathways for
example how do you get toxins out of your body it’s all enzymatically driven
how do you mobilize fats like white for Genesis lipolysis is an in somatically
driven glycogen glycogen lysis requires n somatically driven these enzyme
pathways are facilitated during fasting and that their cumulative and so what we
may find is that every single time people fast whether it’s 12 hours at
night or 2 to 4 weeks in a controlled setting you’re inducing detoxifying
pathways you’re not just detoxifying when you’re fasting you’re detoxifying
every single day after that as well and the better you facilitate those enzyme
systems the more likely you are to keep up with the load that modern life brings
the same thing happens with exercise you induce you get better at mobilizing
glycogen stores you get better at mobilizing these macronutrients as you
exercise more that’s part of what being a conditioned athlete is inducing
enzymatic catalysis I suggest that that may also be happening with fasting
you’re inducing detoxifying inside pathways you might be doing it every
night you might be doing it once a year whatever the pattern is now how much is
optimal so that’s exactly the research that we’re doing right now we’re working
with the buck Institute with Luigi Fontana
from Washington University we’re looking at biomarker changes in fasting they can
measure for example otology efficiency dirt before and after fasting we can
measure the number of mutations and B lymphocytes before and after fasting
which correlates well with aging and vulnerability etc looking at all kinds
of biomarkers that frankly weren’t even available to a look at years ago and now
we’re doing it before and after long term fasting at the Chi North health
center breaking a fast very controversial a lot of misinformation
out there online a lot of videos out there a lot of people getting sick a lot
of people recommending bone broth a lot of people reckon eat chocolate what I
mean what I wanted to to clarify with everybody out there and let dr.
Goldhamer answer this question so if you’re watching this video hopefully
you’ll be doing a medically supervised over here but not only that but just to
clarify all the misinformation out there what do what is what be clear we’re
fasting at least from our viewpoint to mobilize and eliminate materials that
have accumulated that shouldn’t be there and do induce pathways of detoxification
so the idea of going on very concentrated food as you come off the
fast is usually advocated by people that really don’t have actual experience
fasting because people that have done a lot of fasting wouldn’t do that because
you it’s very clear what happens when you you know when you induce those hyper
concentrated nutrient takes immediately after fasts the way we are doing it is
we want to kind of ease the system back into function typically for every week
of water fasting we would have usually a day of fresh fruit or vegetable juices
depending on the patient exactly what you’re using and we would then do a day
of raw fruit and vegetables which tend to be high nutrition but low caloric
density and then we might introduce more concentrated foods steamed vegetables
eventually starchy vegetables nuts and seeds whatever it is that’s going to be
appropriate for that patient but it takes about half the length the fast to
get back to normal Klerk intake so if you have a twenty day
fast you know you’ve got about 10 days of carefully structured reef eating
that’s where a lot of people mess up is they because the brain is saying well
yeah it’s time to eat let’s let’s catch up make up for our lost reserves but the
problem is over feeding at that point not only can pose very serious even
life-threatening risks like refeeding syndrome and post fasting edema in food
truck but it also would prevent the body from being as efficient it actually
eliminating a lot metabolic products that have been
mobilized during fasting and allow great opportunity for resorption for example
most of your metabolic products are not limited installed they’re eliminated in
the urine because the urine is the byproduct of the blind being filtered by
the kidneys so most of your toxins aren’t even coming out the stools the
think about feeding you shove stuff in one end it goes through the digestive
system eventually you try to push it out the other end the only thing that
actually gets into your body is the stuff that gets absorbed through the
fine mucosal membrane and that won’t let hardly anything in unless it’s damaged
the fine mucosal membrane you can’t even get proteins through that just amino
acids unless it’s damaged and then the spaces get wider and the thing that
damages it amongst other things may be free radicals so when you think about
people that smoke they get that clean mature wrinkling of their collagen
tissue in their face the smokers face appearance that’s nothing more than free
radicals causing cross-linking of collagen tissue that’s what a wrinkle is
well smoking doesn’t just affect the face and clean mature early age the face
if prematurely ages all the tissues in the body including the animal lining of
the blood vessels which is why eighty percent of smokers never get lung cancer
because they die of heart disease before they live long enough to get the tumors
because the damaging effect of free radicals well through that was whether
it’s from smoking or drinking alcohol including red wine bathes the body with
free radicals that’s why people that drink a lot get cirrhosis of the liver
which is basically fatty scar tissue that’s forming as a consequence of
irritation if you don’t want to smoke or drink but you want a lot of free
radicals another thing you can do is eat heated fats like fried foods okay where
foods that have oil cooked at high temperatures your bread your crackers
most of the foods that are in the grocery store which is nothing more than
a few federally subsidized grains like wheat corn and soy cooked with oil salt
and sugar and smashed together in different forms that’s essentially what
people are eating and of course it’s all a rich source of free radicals so it’s
not surprising people have tons of gut leakage and all these problems go along
with that and the Bt toxin and the GMO foods and pesticides and all the other
animal food talk about bone broth or any kind of animal food animals biologically
concentrate the poisons in the environment if you just look at I see a
calorie of animal food versus a calorie of plant food even commercially raised
plant foods and stuff the biological concentrate
the poisons can be 2 times up to a thousand times the concentration in Anna
Luz depending on the product you’re talking about compared to plant foods
overall plant foods are much less biologically concentrated compared to
animals if nothing else that’s a good reason to be very cautious about how
much meat fish fowl eggs and dairy products were reading for the SOS diet
as if someone uses non-organic versus organic well we would argue that using
organic foods has advantages not just because you have a lower toxicity level
but also there’s the moral ethical spiritual environmental there’s a lot of
reasons why we’re advocating a whole food plant-based SOS free diet and one
of those is that it reduces your total body load of toxic materials if you were
to do a fat Boxey for example on a person you’d fight hundreds of different
chemicals and various concentrations and if you track back how those chemicals
got there if you excluded directly taking drugs or smoking and those kind
of things that the single-biggest behavior is going to be the consumption
of animal food by eliminating animal food we eliminate one of our most
biologically concentrated sources of toxins and so people will say well what
if I get grass-fed organically grown cows that are loved before they’re
killed whatever and yes that makes it less bad but something being less bad
doesn’t make it good it just makes it less bad I would advocate we’d all be
better off the planet would be better off our bodies would be better off if we
adopted a whole plant food diet that didn’t have any sugar oil or salt added
to it and ate an abundance of those foods eliminating the other foods if
people just did that get their sleep in exercise the body begins to heal itself
it begins to undo these consequences diet rexes it’s really quite remarkable
and we get to see it every day you know it’s done it’s even faster when
you fast but many of our patients never skip a meal you know they’re coming in
maybe they’re on medications that you can’t get them off them right away so
they’re not candidates for water fasting or maybe they have conditions that don’t
allow them to adapt they’ve got their kidney diseases too severe to adapt to
the water fast and they have contraindications to fasting they still
can get well just adopting you hopeful morning that lasts on it you can you can
predict in the vast majority okay is not only who’s gonna get well but
over what period of time they’re likely to need that how hard is it for people
once they leave here – I mean if they go out to a restaurant or something they’re
obviously not gonna be able to have an SOS diets does that mean they pretty
much have to disagree one of the things that we do here is we train people to
function in this world more effectively because you can adapt your dietary
preferences even in the world I would say that adopting a health promoting
work diet in a world that’s designed to make you fat sick and miserable and give
you what you want rather than what you need is very difficult it takes a
tremendous amount of effort particularly if people are fatigued miserable and in
pain they don’t have the energy or the focus or the education and necessarily
successfully venture forth but once you get them healthy and get them
brainwashed or educated then what happens is they’re able to adapt to that
environment much more successfully you know I do a lot of traveling and I am
able to find whole plant foods on the road there are these places for example
when you travel there called grocery stores and they actually have fruits and
vegetables that you can get and prepare you know banana peel and eat it’s not
like rocket science it’s not too difficult even in restaurants for
example many times you can go into different types of restaurants for
example a Thai restaurant if you look at their side dishes they often times have
steamed vegetables and brown rice and healthy and you can order literally side
dishes where you can order a standard dish with sauce on the side and ask them
not to put the salt in the oil and the sugar and all the others and oftentimes
you can be successful sometimes you’ll get a little resistance because they
won’t believe you it actually eat food without all the grease in the slime but
you know once you get them trained you can actually find in most places
something that’s edible and allows you to get through the through the process
even a steak house often times while you can get paid potatoes you can get
steamed vegetables a day you can get you know oftentimes there’s salad bars
there’s places now you know chain health food stores that have salad bars you can
select the few items that are not full of grease oil and salt you know so it
did it takes effort it takes discipline it takes education but it’s absolutely
doable I’ll tell you what I know I never realized how much piece of people’s
lives revolve around food until I took food completely out and even though I’ve
been doing Internet fasting for about a year now off and on
even when I was doing the water fasting it was it was just this whole new
perception of how much just watching people just how much people’s lives and
how many hours out of the day people focus on their next meal or eating what
and and I’m talking about just watching people standard American diet where
breakfast and then and then they go to lunch for two hours and then dinner for
two I mean if you add up all the time in someone’s life that’s around food it’s
just incredible it’s amazing when you think about the shopping the chopping
the prepping the eating and then the eliminating of the foods after you’ve
eaten the foods and dealing with the consequences of the stuff it’s a huge
part and it always has been for humans for most animals they spend an even a
higher percentage of their time hunting eating gathering you know that’s
essentially what their life is and so we as humans now have delegated that
responsibility to other people so what they don’t realize is they’re hiring
people to cook their food for them whether it’s the food manufacturer that
smashes their wheat soy and corn with their oil salt and sugar into a package
or whether going to a restaurant and the chef is preparing people are delivering
it or the frozen dinner that is so difficult to heat up and eat that they
have to call the place to have it delivered because it’s too much trouble
to actually heat up their own process so we’ve become energy conserving fat
storage devices basically not wanting to put any effort into acquiring preparing
food in fact we don’t even want to chew because it’s like too exhausting because
we’re so you know fatigued and so we have to have all this highly processed
food that can really change it when you get used to eating Whole Foods you can
find you can make this very simple for example let’s say we’re gonna have fresh
fruit in the morning and oatmeal or something or some flax seeds you know
that can be paired in just a few minutes it doesn’t take long to do that if we
make when we make dinner at night we make an extra salad extra steamed
vegetables a couple potatoes maybe we have them call it the next day whatever
this can be done quite effectively and efficiently we there’s we actually have
two cookbooks that are vegan SOS free the health promoting cookbook
and the Bravo cookbook these books have recipes they’re simple enough even I can
make the stuff and believe me I’m not a trained chef but it turns out good it’s
tasty it’s simple it can be done so again I think a lot of this is about
educating people about a different way of looking at a different way of doing
it it doesn’t have to be all encompassing but it definitely takes
some effort in order to make it happen it’s not going to happen spontaneously
and so that’s really the promise you have people that are so exhausted from
their lousy diets and poor lifestyles that the idea of putting any effort into
anything is overwhelming what are your thoughts on the raw raw goat’s milk and
raw sheep’s milk in comparison to raw cow’s milk
well because something can be less bad for in for example goat and sheep milk
may have significant advantages over cow’s milk it doesn’t rise to the level
of or it would be healthfully we wouldn’t advocate animal milk of any
kind except perhaps the animal that it’s designed to feed what we would recommend
is that people eat exclusively whole plant foods and without the addition of
salt oil and sugar and that the and all of the calories come from the foods as
we’re mentioning like for example people ask me sometimes how do they know if
they have a big enough salad if they don’t have a scale that are way out of
pound or something and I tell them just make the salad and just put it on your
desk and wait for your colleagues to come in and they’ll go oh my gosh you’re
not gonna try to eat all that are you and if they don’t react with shock and
awe it means you got the wrong sized bowl you got to get a bigger bowl and
you know the same thing you’ve got to eat a lot of this food because this is
low-density food salad only has 100 calories a pound fruit only has 300
calories a pound you have to eat a lot of pounds of food just to get enough to
be able to survive now starchy vegetables potatoes rice and beans have
about 500 calories a pound so you know it’s a little bit more practical you can
get enough of it in to sustain yourself and some of the very rich foods like
nuts avocado coconut we do actually recommend our patients limit those
quantities we don’t recommend that they eat those who complete abandon because
they are very rich overall the diet we’re recommending ends up about 10 to
12 percent of calories from protein about 15 to 18 percent of calories from
fat with the balance coming from complex carbohydrates so it’s not even
technically a low-fat diet in the sense that 15 to 80% of calories
is half what maybe the average person is eating from fat but it’s actually a
little richer than some of the very restricted cardiovascular disease diets
that people using specifically to try to reverse after Genesis and what we found
actually is even though the tides are a little more flexible they work very well
in terms of reverse helping reverse credit mastery disease and the signs and
symptoms associated with it what about the coconut oil avocado oil olive oil so
we recommend all oils be eliminated from the diet including olive oil and coconut
oil and safflower oil these are all nine calories per gram highly concentrated
food byproducts or processed food factors we do want you to get fat in
your diet but it comes from things like watermelon and lettuce and grains and
nuts and seeds avocado so there’s plenty of fat in food to meet our 10 to 12
percent of or excuse me 15 80 percent of the calories from fat needs you don’t
need two highly processed foods and pour it all of your food any more than you
need to rip the sugar out of foods and make refined carbohydrates and put on
your if you get plenty of sugar in your whole foods to meet your carbohydrate
needs you get plenty of protein in your foods to meet your protein needs and you
get perfectly adequate amounts of fat if a variety of whole foods are used
without the addition of any highly processed SOS sugar oil or salt seeds
versus nuts well they’re both incredibly concentrated nutritional sources the one
advantage I’ve seen to using seeds as a source of concentrated fat over nuts is
that for some people nuts can be a bit of a food trigger so it’s hard for them
to have a little without eating a lot where seeds don’t seem to have that same
situation part of it may be perhaps a slightly smaller ratio of fat per volume
not sure exactly what the explanation of the food trigger issues are but for
somebody for example if they can’t control themselves well if they’re
eating macadamia nuts or almonds or something then we might use a different
source of fat for them that they find they don’t have those difficulties with
for most people if they want to control what they put in their mouth they have
to not bring it in the house you know if they’re kidding themselves if they think
they’re bringing it into their they’re not going to eat it so keeping a
really clean environment the house tends to make it helpful so that if an
exception is made it can actually be an exception rather than becoming a role
Himalayan crystal salt so a Celtic sea salt it managed to these very expensive
salts as they have contaminants they have other minerals and so there’s
slightly lower amount of sodium per volume so there’s nothing healthy about
them at all but there’s slightly less toxic than just the pure refined
carbohydrates so I would totally argue against using any of these added salts
in the diets of most patients there may be a few exceptions people that have
specific metabolic pathway problems where they don’t absorb sodium you might
have to increase their concentration but that’s a very rare exception and the
fact that you make this all really expensive and you put some contaminants
so per volume it’s slightly less sodium doesn’t make it healthy and the same
thing for all the hidden salts like that the tamari and the liquid salts and the
and the aminos and the different if they’re all basically liquid salt it’s
just people are trying to play let’s pretend it’s like saying oh if I use
brown sugar somehow that’s gonna make the dish healthy it’s not spring water
versus distilled water alkaline water hydrogen water so what we are designed
to need is water h2o so the disadvantage to spring water as much as the ground
layers have been contaminated so normally you would drink spring water or
rainwater rain water is essentially distilled water except that even
rainwater now picks up some contaminants from the atmosphere so the best thing to
do with water is to somehow and you have choices remove the contaminants from the
actual water just leave the water behind the best way to do that the most
efficient way is distillation so and with fasting patients that are very
sensitive they don’t tolerate municipal waters and the hydrogenated Hallett
carbons and all the contaminants and so so what we do is we take water we
pre-filter we steam distill it and then we post filter it to catch anything that
might come off of this relation so we have very pure water but for most people
just fractionally steam distilled water is going to give them pure water if they
don’t want to do distilled water they can use an effect
reverse osmosis system there’s other filtration systems they’ll get most of
the contaminants out of the water and that’s probably gonna be adequate for
for normal use what we wouldn’t recommend is municipal water or quote
spring water which is you know you never know what’s gonna be in there there’s no
healthier than whatever you know where they’re sucking it out of so some type
of filtration purification for water we recommend steam distillation is the most
effective as far as you know you don’t need to spend six thousand dollars for a
water purification system to alkalize it if you thought for some reason you
wanted alkyl i’m not advocating that but if you wanted to do that you could put
some baking soda or something in the water and alkalizing I guess but there’d
be no reason to do that you’re perfectly well designed to drink water eat food
and your body pH and balance tends to work itself out
perfectly good what should people do after they’re done fasting should they
continue with alternate day or should they do one day a week in many cases you
have two types of patients some patients we fast to their optimum weight so they
no longer have weight loss issues to deal with other people are not able to
fast long enough to completely normalize their situation so let’s say for example
you’re a hundred pounds overweight you fast you lose 50 pounds but you still
have 50 pounds to lose so we’re gonna expect that weight if you’re a male to
come off at about 2 up to 3 pounds a week if you’re a female 1 to 2 pounds a
week on the SOS dial on an SOS diet if we want to make it happen a little
quicker we could add the critics tighten the intermittent fasting regime we could
add one or two calories reduced calorie a day we can encourage more vigorous
exercise and activity so there’s lots of things you can do to try to kind of move
things along but again those averages are pretty predictable if people are
eating healthy living healthfully they’re going to lose that weight so if
it’s a male we can expect that it’s twenty weeks 25 weeks out there gonna be
an optimum weight at that point we don’t necessarily want to continue to lose
weight to be underweight and so maybe now we don’t do the calorie restriction
as much or we maybe we widen the feeding window or we you know so that everything
gets in the balance maybe we haven’t been using nuts or seeds or concentrated
foods to facilitate additional we might add a little bit of that back in
people get into that balance so this has to be fine-tuning is just done
individually and most people can figure that out really simply just by paying
attention just that made me think of a guide out there that’s that’s promoting
kind of like the hunter-gatherer method or whatever and he’s saying it fast for
close to 24 hours and he just has one meal a day and that you can just gorge
on whatever you want for that one meal a day I want to just point out that the
hunter-gatherers you know average age of death was probably in the mid 30s so I
don’t know that we want to necessarily use a population who whose average age
of death was dramatically lower than what we’re shooting for if you’re only
concerned to live to say 35 you want to maximize athletic performance you don’t
care about that long-term health consequences I’m not sure what the but
that’s not my area of experience but if your goal is to live fully and
functionally till you reach your genetic potential hopefully in the eighth ninth
decade or longer that wouldn’t be a recommended program
from my viewpoint and it doesn’t make any physiological sense either so I
think that you know there’s lots of people that’ll do recommend lots of
things and what my colleague dr. mcdougal says people love good news
about their bad habits and so anybody that’s willing to tell you what you want
to hear that allows you to keep eating the greasy fatty slimy processed food
they’re gonna sell a lot of us you know what I mean they’re gonna be very very
healthy you know or successful I should say it’s not healthy can you explain
what happens with the adrenals and the cortisone cortisol stress and anxiety I
mean I know we kind of touched on stress and anxiety have you noticed any changes
or have you heard of it with intermittent fasting or water only
fasting how that affects the adrenal glands because so many people are under
so much stress these days they have adrenal burnout they’re all on some sort
of stimulants it’s amazing how many adults with children are actually that
I’m running into that are hooked on adderall and stimulants and everything
it’s just out of control well let’s think about the most common highly
addictive nervous system stimulants that people are addicted
and they even give it to kids it’s caffeine they give him chocolate they
give him Cola they give him coffee tea caffeine is a highly addictive nervous
system Suman has a 17-hour half life it has a profound effect on the quality of
people still what’s the half-life 17 hours I believe it’s the half-life of
coffee so nerds caffeine so that the coffee you drink in the morning although
it has a diminishing impact it still has an impact on your sleep quality and when
people are drinking it all day long it has a profound effect on people and so I
think that you know limiting these stimulants is going to be an important
first step in helping normalize autonomic function in general and
adrenal function more specifically and the problem with the there’s a limited
amount of research available right now and it’s very difficult to tease it
apart because remember when you’re fasting you’re not drinking coffee and
you’re not getting all these irritants and stimulus and you’re not smoking
you’re not oh and by the way for example quitting these habits is dramatically
facilitated by fasting but most smokers by the second day of fasting stop
reporting withdrawal centres it’s really quite amazing they’re really quite
shocked how much easier now some people says they’re so miserable fasting
they’re not thinking about that cigarettes in the caffeine but that’s
not the case caffeine withdrawal is probably one of
the more painful symptoms people experience fasting which is why we asked
them to try to wean that down before they come in because it can be so
debilitating coming off caffeine and yet it’s treated as if it’s almost like some
kind of normal thing and of course it’s not normal thing at all
so yeah I agree nicotine caffeine these these these commonly used drugs are
devastating in terms of the body’s function getting rid of them is hugely
helpful that’s what we have two teas the benefits of fasting versus the benefits
of getting rid of the toxic wastes the benefits of getting rest versus being
constantly sleep-deprived you know there’s a lot of things that’s
happening when you do fasting right and that’s very different than just inducing
ketosis on some ketogenic diet listen yeah what is your take on the ketogenic
diets out there because most of them are recommending a lot of meat is that
something that’s I think the reason why they’re getting some decent results in
some studies is because people are already eating as much meat as they can
all they’re doing is getting rid of the refined carbohydrates so if you’re
already eating meat three times a day and you take the refined carbohydrates
about it doesn’t mean the meats good for you it just means getting rid of all the
sugar which is what 80 or 85% of the carbohydrates are eaten is sugar and
white flour and stuff so that we agree with getting rid of the sugar I would
suggest let’s do a ketogenic diet but let’s do it if we’re gonna do it at all
on fly based foods and get rid of the negative side effect of animal foods and
for that matter if we do a whole plant for that so it’s true you don’t have to
worry about you know artificially inducing ketosis because the body’s
gonna heal itself anyway and I would challenge anybody to compare the data of
the fasting and whole plant food diet for treating these conditions to what
not that there is any date on it but if there wasn’t yeah I’d like to let’s do a
little comparison show me the data so basically what you’re saying is you
don’t even if you’re if you adopt to a plant-based diet an SOS diet you don’t
even need to do the ketosis whether it’s fasting or ketogenic diet exactly I mean
a plant-based ketogenic diet what are you gonna have you’re gonna have nuts
seeds maybe some lettuces do you mean you’re gonna need to take all your
carbohydrates out so you’re not gonna have any rice or potatoes well remember
any diet that is hypochloride is gonna ultimately be ketogenic so whatever diet
you put together if it’s less calories and what your basil needs are you’re
gonna be you’re gonna go into ketosis you can start mobilizing fat stores but
you don’t necessarily have to poison yourself in order to be able to induce
that change and so I wouldn’t recommend animal abuse products whether we call it
a ketogenic diet or anything else because of the negative effects of
introducing those animal based products on health so if you’re trying to blunt
appetite by artificially inducing a state whether it be fasting or through a
ketogenic diet you know that we can have that discussion but it’s not not you not
water fasting isn’t a sustainable diet and definitely neither is a ketogenic
diet ultimately if we want to promote health we have to feed people the way
were designed we’re designed to burn complex carbohydrates and get our food
from whole natural foods I’d like to reiterate that there are different
clinics around the world and in different countries just to warn people
out there can you give people some advice as to what to look for when
they’re looking for a water fasting supervised water fasting clinic or
doctor what I mean a lot of it’s common sense you
don’t go to somebody that advertises on the Internet to have your appendectomy
you try to find a person that has some experience without perhaps some training
and whatever the International Association of hygienic physicians is an
international group of doctors that specialize in supervised fasting and so
you can go to their website and they have a list of doctors they’re
affiliated with the National Health Association which is a nonprofit
organization that does plant-based health education and they have a list of
doctors that are certified by a HP and all those doctors are primary care
doctors that have done training in fasting supervision so there’d be
reliable sources of advice about how to do it how to do it properly
where do you go to get that training well one of the places is the True North
health center we have about 30 physicians a year that come in some come
for a month as a part of their schooling some come for three months they do it in
lieu of perhaps their final quarter in school we’re in ND residency sites we
have usually one doctor that comes for one year and and then we have a lot of
doctors that come that have already been in practice for years they’re just
looking to do something worthwhile with their life now and actually get some
people well so they’ll come they’ll learn how to use this and then hopefully
carry this information home to their practice so with your experience what
conditions does fasting not work on well when you think about what it does work
on it’s usually conditions of dietary excess so the conditions that are caused
or made worse by eating too much of the wrong things you can be confident that
fasting might be helpful so whether it’s obesity and high blood pressure and car
vascular disease – diabetes – the host of autoimmune diseases more recently we
published a paper in the British Medical Journal and the successful treatment
lymphoma cancer with fasting and diet the conditions that it won’t be as
effective on are going to be the conditions that really have nothing to
do with dietary axis or certain neurological conditions some genetically
mediated conditions conditions that are dramatically induced wouldn’t
necessarily be a dietary excess situation and so those conditions you
wouldn’t necessarily think of fasting as the primary thing conditions where the
ability of the body to adapt a fasting is limited for example if people’s
kidney disease is too severe you may not be able to do water only fasting because
they wouldn’t be able to adapt logically to the fasting state
successfully if for example they had unstable cardiac arrhythmia the there
could be some stress is because the electrolyte changes that happen in
fasting so you wouldn’t want to necessarily take a chance of making that
worse people that have certain clotting disorders or other things you might have
to not use water only fasting you have to do a different kind of approach to
deal with those some people might respond physically but maybe they have
neuropsychiatric conditions that make them more difficult to manage clinically
maybe those aren’t interview patients that you didn’t do faster the people
that can’t give them form consent you know it might be a difficult situation
so there’s lots of people that are not good candidates mostly people that are
afraid of fasting if you know fear is a very expensive emotion and so if people
are unduly afraid of fasting that would you’d have to get them educated before
you start fasting is the fear itself could be a real limiting factor and
that’s one of the problems with people fasting at home it’s not that people
couldn’t fast on their own it’s that they incite it it comes up because of
not being quite sure how to deal with the various symptoms or if they call
their doctor they’ll say what are you crazy you’re gonna die and that doesn’t
help induce a common and healthful state and so that’s why sometimes being in a
setting where patients are able to get reassurance that no this is okay for
example in our clinic every patient is seeing a minimum of twice a day by one
of the staff doctors so we evaluate and we check them out we make sure we figure
out what’s going on with provide reassurance they’re there with 60 other
people that are doing this process they’re getting educated they’re seeing
the changes it’s very reassuring if you’re on your own and something comes
up even if it’s a perfectly normal thing like if you don’t know that in fasting
that bile acids tend to dump and you get this green and yellow slime that can be
excluded from the body whether it’s through diarrhea or vomiting that might
you might think there’s something really seriously wrong what in reality it may
be a normal process when you if you’re working our case we’ve had 16,000 people
go through fasting we’ve seen I wouldn’t say we’ve seen it all but we’ve seen a
lot and so you know you learn just by experience over time what you’re
expecting when it’s showing up does it correlate you have the reliability to go
back to you can provide a high degree of reassurance that everybody you know that
walks in is going to walk out so far 16,000 fasters have walked in and 16,000
factors have walked out we’re really trying hard to keep that record
you know unblemished and you also help people determine how long they need to
fast I mean I bet you get that question all the time I’d like to do a long term
water fast I like to come to your Center how long do I need to stay there how
long do I need to fast how do people well we tell them definitively we don’t
know because the fast is not only therapeutic but its diagnostic so we
never know exactly what to recommend in terms of the ideal amount of time
fasting until we see how the prison is responded fast for example if you come
in and your blood pressure say 240 over 120 and you’re capped out on five
medications we know you’re proud of and you’re fifty pounds overweight
we know you’re probably gonna be with us longer than the person that’s 138 over
88 not on medication is just looking to do a little blip they may have a 5 to 10
day fast and be fine this person might have a 40 day faster they might have 220
day faster they might have you know depending on what else is going on now
pretty much we can get pretty good idea of what the recommendations are just
based on our experience looking back at our data but you can’t know with
specificity for any given patient exactly what’s recommended and that’s
why we have a really flexible booking policy we have people booked the longest
we think they might be there but there’s no penalty because they get done early
so they can stay as long or as short as they want there’s no fixed program
there’s no thing they have to commit to anything we just go in it we take it day
by day though everybody’s working with a primary doctor assigned to their care
everybody’s working with the staff that’s monitoring their care and so they
can make that decision one day at a time what we’re hopefully doing is we want to
get them as close to optimum health and function and weight as possible
so that when they go home they can get healthy faster than they’re getting sick
and all the idea is just to try to shift the balance we weren’t you getting
healthier faster than you’re getting older if you if you know what I’m saying
have you noticed the difference with so basically you’ll tell them if they’re
better and you see with their diagnostics and everything and that they
maybe wanted to be here for 14 days but you see that they’re better in seven
days then you’ll let them know and say hey you know you’re better that’s you
don’t need to be here right longer it happens all the time where we’ll have
our doctors meeting as we’re reviewing the case may think I think this one’s
done and we’ve got enough say you know I doc I think I’m done it’s like it’s it’s
remarkable there’s kind of an internal thing that people go or you know they
can often tell us by how they feel even before we get the lab back that says oh
yeah we’re probably ready and we have certain parameters we’re using we don’t
let this Hasson go below a certain level we we’re monitoring their pulse rate and
rhythm work because we want to keep our records you know perfect and but people
people can often tell there’s very little conflict between the doc and the
patient about yeah it’s probably it’s time to move into the next phase here I
it’s so different with every single person I read and we haven’t talked
about the spiritual component of fasting yet but I read a story about a guy it
was a doctor can’t remember I think was dr. cami tree or something like that and
he said on the 17th night of his water only fast
he couldn’t go to sleep and had so much energy that he actually got out of bed
and ran for four hours straight and he said at the end of the four hours he was
I guess he was by a force or something but he he went to this whole nother
spiritual stage where he could literally see the auras or he just felt like he
was one with the universe and he tells the story that he felt so loving that he
just wanted to hug everybody and just tell everybody how much he loves them I
mean have you had any experiences like that I would offer another possible
suggestion okay when people are long into a fastener overly exert themselves
they sometimes become very dehydrated and they will hallucinate and in fact I
had an interesting discussion one time with a person teaching American Indian
sciences and they were talking about their vision quests that are done now
that’s a dry fast okay and so they go first sometimes up to a week and I asked
them what happens if the pay if the patient has a low water tolerance and
they dehydrate and he says we called a medicine man because they began to
hallucinate perhaps earlier in the cycle than somebody else
so again I’m not I’m not the expert on spiritual aspects of fasting or anything
else I don’t know how to to heaven I don’t know what the right
flavor of religion believe is we have no interest at the True North health center
trying to direct people in any way at all we’ll support whatever their
particular belief systems are but some of the things that people experience may
be because of this profound effect that fasting does seem to have a lot of
people but in a case like that where a person goes that in running I would also
not rule out dehydration in an elucidation as a possible explanation of
it running for four hours on the 17th be the recommendation that I would make for
people so I would just be concerned about that but having said that and in
all seriousness fasting does have a profound effect on people how they feel
about themselves and how they feel about the world around them and that’s I think
why so many religions have found utility in advocating people experience this
process in their life and and it certainly comes up frequently with
patients but it’s not the basis upon which we happen to be recommending
people want to go fast and we’re really looking more at the physical health
promotion you know type aspects the fact that there are some what we call side
effects that it affects people on a moral ethical and spiritual basis that’s
great but it’s we’re not trying to pitch fasting because of inducing those
effects that’s just kind of a welcome side effect so you know a lot of doctors
have written over the years a lot of natural doctors how negative emotions
and resentment and jealousy and all these different negative patterns can
affect your health chronically have you noticed that people that have you know
might they go through a period of cleansing emotional cleansing at all and
and you know end up crying or end up becoming you know letting go of some of
those deep emotional pains and well there’s a profound yeah people are very
open and vulnerable and fasting which is why it’s so important that we put him in
a protective environment supportive environment because they are much more
sensitive and volatile and you know it can be very entertaining having 60
patients together fasting all at the same time you remove the drugs remove
the alcohol you remove their food you know a lot of times they have
significant issues that’s one of the real
yeah interesting aspects of working as a clinician at the True North health
center we get everybody else’s most motivated patients but unfortunately
motivation the most effective motivators are pained ability in the fear of death
so people that are really up against it are the ones that are willing to do
dangerous and radical things like he could exercise and go to bed on time and
do fasting and so we tend to see a high percentage of people that are highly
motivated by their health conditions but we’re starting to see more people that
are actually healthy and wanting to use fasting as a health promotion tool and a
antiaging tool in a disease prevention tool and that’s kind of exciting because
those are patients are a lot easier to manage frankly because they’re healthy
and you know we’re just fine-tuning things rather than a wholesale
renovating their entire lifestyle so I kind of like the balance I think it’s a
really good thing I think the success of many of these movies and videos movies
like what the health and force of our knives and others that have increased
public awareness is increasing the number of people that are thinking of
this as a health promoting tool rather than some kind of crazy you know offbeat
extreme intervention what have you learned like some of the like top three
things that you’ve learned over the last 30 40 years that you’ve been doing this
that you could give advice to other practitioners or other people out there
regarding fasting in general water fasting well that’s it with fasting it’s
really important to either do it right or don’t do it because if you don’t do
it right that it really makes it bad not only for your patients but also for
fasting in general because it is relatively new that people are being
exposed to what we’re really trying to minimize the inevitable but unfortunate
consequences that happen when people don’t do this procedure properly the
procedure of fasting itself is inherently safe and effective it’s just
that the people that are applying it aren’t always in a in the best position
to be able to take that kind of a vigorous approach and as a consequence
unless you get people that have been properly evaluated and monitored there’s
going to be unfortunate consequences and we’re trying to minimize that that’s the
advantage of the intermittent fasting and some of the less vigorous forms of
this is that it’s much safer and even though
it’s slower that’s what makes it safer because you’re not getting very rapid
changes that you see with water only faster in general I think that’s stress
which is a huge and dominant factor for people living in the modern world it’s
kind of like Christmas it’s better to give and receive so I suggest people try
to be generous and you know delegate that out and try to avoid bringing that
stuff in particularly into their internal and their home environment if
they can try to create a little bit of a safe space everyday where they can
decompress and adapt maybe it’s not important to watch the news every single
day maybe just you know once in a while you can you know keep in touch with
what’s going on because honestly if you look at it from the beginning of the
year to the end of the quarter to the end of it you’re not a whole lot of
stuffs changed it’s not absolutely critical you that you be up on each and
every tweet and each and every little thing that happens to come out that tend
to get people overwhelmed you don’t need to watch the TV news every night and see
the worst possible thing could happen to anybody and have to live it and live in
color every single night I don’t know that that’s necessary to be a fully
informed member of society so if we start putting our time and energy into
things that are more health promoting rather than health compromising perhaps
we can shift the balance in the right direction and have enough time to do
what’s important like eat a whole plant food SOS free diet exercise and get
enough sleep it’s all based on what you’re putting in your body if someone
wanted if someone asked you for your opinion what would be better to do
intermittent fasting on a regular basis to do one day a week fasting or to do
alternate day fasting I think it depends on what our goal is and what the patient
is one of the things that we do with the True North health center which is good
is if people go on to our website at health promoting calm and complete what
are called the registration forms which gets us through medical history they can
call and have a freak phone conversation with me and I’ll help them at least
fine-tune some of these things or point them in the direction where they might
be able to get more directed help I’m hesitant to say specifically this is
better than that because for one person this approach might make the most sense
the other a combination of it might make the most sense and there’s so many
different variables that people have because sometimes the limiting factor is
not just their diagnosis but it their work circumstance you know the
person that’s got four kids and a job that’s commuting is different than the
person that has you know that’s retired a person that’s 65 not on meds versus
you know 80 on meds some of this living in a nursing home or a senior housing
that has limited control over their food stuff is different than the person that
has you know full control over their domain and so I don’t I think they’re
all have application that can be useful juice fasting versus water only fasting
you know well remember juice fasting isn’t fasting it’s feeding he’s just
feeding on high sugar processed fruit or vegetable materials so 600 hours of
juice for juice a day would be about the same physiological effect of 600
calories of fruits and vegetables but it’s much more palatable and so for a
person that’s been used to eating greasy slimy fatty process salty crappy food
and can’t choke down healthy foods because they’re disgusting to them you
can give them juices and they’ll drink them and if you give them juices for a
few days now maybe they can eat fruits and vegetables because they’ll never
adapt a little bit and they’re able to adapt
overcome some of their addictions their pleasure trap addictions so juice
fasting may be helpful particularly for people that can’t eat the fruits and
vegetables it can help them get to where they can eat the fruits and vegetables
sometimes you’ll use juice fasting because you’re trying to do a little bit
of a intervention you want to remove the fiber and and facilitate the changes
that happen with Alaura cork intake that might be fine too but I’m not like
there’s nothing magic about juice it’s just that particularly vegetable juices
are way of getting more vegetables in both by taste and by removing excess
fiber and that can be a good thing but since most people’s conditions is
dietary excess not dietary deficiency getting more or more concentrated
stuffing isn’t generally the primary concern that we have unless the person
has a deficiency syndrome in which case you know it’s gonna be a little bit
different well from a therapeutic standpoint people ask you know for Fort
let’s say 14 day coming here and doing a 14 day water-only fast versus staying at
home and doing a 14 day juice biochemically physiologically what I
mean again everybody’s looking ballgame see the water leaf acid this is unique
biological adaptation that’s not going to happen on a feeding program of any
kind there’s a difference there now how profound that difference is is still
to be determined some of our studies are looking at exactly those issues and
those if you just do the intermittent fasting did we get the same long-term
biochemical changes that we do with long-term fasting we don’t know yet you
know I would suggest though that we’re likely to see profound differences
because we do see them profoundly clinically I can fast people in juices
for weeks or months and then once you put them in the fast that but the
disadvantage is when you go on the juice fast everything is much slower so it’s
safer people can adapt to it it may be perfectly appropriate for somebody to do
that not in his control the setting they still need to kind of rest because you
don’t want them doing normal activities if they’re only getting 600 calories a
day but a different issue water only fasting everything it’s like really
turned out and so that’s why almost all the clinics in the world do juice
fasting or modified fasting because clinically if you have 60 people fasting
we have to why we have 15 doctors and 53 people on staff because it takes a whole
lot more to safely control and supervise that then it does say juice fasts where
you can have one clinician and a whole whole facility full of people because
you just don’t get some of those other issues which can be good but also can be
a little frustrating if you’ve got a person that’s seriously ill we’ve got to
get them well enough before they throw a clot have a stroke have the heart attack
we don’t necessarily want to take six months or a year we want to do it kind
of now if we’re trying to aggressively withdraw people off medication they can
only stay a facility so long they’ve got jobs and kids and you know other
annoyances that living their life and so sometimes we’re using fasting just
because we’re trying to speed things up somebody’s told they have to have
surgery we’re trying to avoid surgery if we can get that change in this window
that we’ve got sometimes we can save them from having you know the medical
mutilation and actually get a good result Seyfried a lot of doctors these
days are talking about fung and they’re talking about auto fuji and and the
beneficial effects of auto Fuji with water only fasting and I haven’t seen
any research that the body actually kicks into
a high degree of autopsy what are only fasting do you have a
comment on that I think that’s true I think that and longer fasting has
profoundly greater effects now this is something that we have got the data
coming in now we’ve got 21 subjects that we did we just completed before and
after fasting those samples have been extracted and sent off and they’re going
to be looking specifically as at least one of the variables is Auto Fuji they
can measure the effect if you see we’ll see what effect is later we’ll be able
to compare and contrast that to intermittent fasting as well as modified
feeding so we are getting that baseline data right now and I will predict that
we’ll find a profound effect with prolonged fasting but we don’t know for
sure yet the USC study not too long ago with 72
hour water fasting and the benefits with immune stem cell production also with
chemotherapy do you have any thoughts on well yea Valter Longo has done some
really pioneering research and he published a wonderful review article in
2015 at drone metabolism and amongst he cites all the different benefits of
water only fasting including citing our data on hypertension now I evaluate
another researchers intelligence by how much they agree with me so that article
made him a genius you know so no he’s done a great job he showed if you Tia
took 30 rats that had cancer and and gave them enough chemotherapy to kill
all the cancer cells but of course that all the rats die because the
chemotherapy kills him took the same kind of rats with the same kind of
cancer fast him but this time he used fasting in conjunction with chemotherapy
and he concluded that he had profoundly improved benefits with improved outcomes
in all 30 rats survived treatment if he utilized the fasting conjunction with it
he talks about differential stress resistance and differential stress
sensitization it basically means that healthy cells are protected by fasting
glutathione and other antioxidant cascades other postulated mechanisms
protect healthy cells during the fasting state from the ravages of chemotherapy
and cancer cells perhaps because their higher metabolic
rate are more vulnerable to chemotherapy during fasting then during the fed state
they don’t like the fasting state and it may be that some of these biomarker
turnoff and fasting whether you do chemotherapy or not so you know that’s
all stuff that’s just really starting to come out now and it’s very exciting and
very interesting and it goes along with what we saw we published a paper a case
report in the British Medical Journal this was a now two years ago on a woman
with a fluke of stage three follicular lymphoma so she had externally palpable
lesions upper and lower extremity had been well worked up had her proper
diagnostic testing CT biopsy et cetera despite the fact that her physicians
said that fasting was criminal quackery she decided to come and did a 21-day
fast during which time her tumors disappeared went back for follow-up and
ultimately got CT fall one year outcome data and now I actually at the clinic
just arrived yesterday for a follow-up two years CT so she’s cancer-free she’s
done great I even wrote to the oncologist at one year when we decided
to submit the case report and I said you know thank you so much for all the
confidence you showed in encouraging your patient to fast at the True North
health center and as I’m sure you expected of course she’s got into full
remission and we’re so looking forward to working with you in the years to come
in tracking her success and now that our papers been accepted for review
we’d like to invite you on as the co-operative yeah bottom line is here’s
a situation where a woman who is able to bypass chemotherapy and make a recovery
but the thing that’s unique about her is she sustained the diet mm-hmm so she
sustained her weight loss she sustained cooperation with a diet and she
sustained or outcome in fact she’s continued to improve her objective
measures the initial neutropenia has resolved all over council is good her
see teasers are clear and i don’t think that it’s a question of curing lymphoma
i think it’s about managing lymphoma and i think if you put her back on a greasy
fatty slimy dead decaying flesh died she would manifest for cancer again so you
know i think that’s the the mind shift we have to go away from thinking about
cure to thinking about management and a better management strategy in my opinion
is using fasting and diet sleep and exercise rather than drugs and
chemotherapy and surgery when possible I’ve heard reports of people that had
scars that there’s cars have completely gone away
polycystic ovarian fibrocystic breast disease a lot of the
cysts or abnormal tissue in the body with long term water fasting as opposed
to that doesn’t happen with or I haven’t read any reports with juice you know or
any of the other technologies out there but then I have seen reports with you
know the cysts or the abnormals the reason that might be happening one
possible reason again we’re just this is one of these things we’re looking at is
estradiol levels when they get excessive in the body caused or associated with
lots of symptoms like fibrocystic breast disease in PCOS and uterine fibroid I
was in veneration that all kinds of these hormone associated problems well
in water only fasting one of the changes that happens is there’s a profound
change in the microbiome that and that the floor in the gut the type of the
strains of bacteria to live in the gut and more importantly the gut poo when
you think about it you have five pounds of bacteria living in your intestinal
tract there it’s a lake a liver or a kidney it’s like a whole organ but this
is living creatures that give off waste products now if you feed those bacteria
for example meat we know one of the waste pipes you give is tm8 which
becomes TMAO which is trimethylamine oxidase is highly irritating associated
with heart disease other problems if you feed your bacteria soluble fiber you get
fertilizer vitamin K in all kinds of good stuff so we want the poo in our gut
giving us fertilizer not toxic waste what makes one organism that’s in the
body sometimes nasty sometimes helpful well some of it depends on its exotoxins
or its waste products and so one thing that the diet does is allow the
bacterial flora which is so important in our immune system to feed us rather than
kill us or poisonous well what fasting does it may allow the gut Florida
actually recalibrate itself it’s like rebooting a hard-driving a computer
that’s become corrupted you don’t exactly know maybe why it’s now working
but once you reboot the damn thing it’s you know things are working again and
that seems to be what’s happening and now we’re trying to find out exactly
what’s happening is it the strains a bacteria that are changing or is it the
waste products if those bacteria are giving off changes or a combination of
all of that but the net effect is fasting seems to have a profound effect
on that different than say modify fasting they
have so you don’t know and if you get a change the vector floor you may process
estradiol to something called estriol Astro was excreted so instead of an
estradiol accumulating and being associate with all these symptoms maybe
it’s allowed to be processed more effectively and that may be one of the
reasons why fasting and these dietary changes are affecting what seems like so
many different kinds of conditions how could one approach affect so many
different kind of things well because it’s affecting so many different kind of
processes in the body and identifying which of those processes or how to do
this right which is the entire mission of the truth health foundation is to do
the research to actually look and we’re in a unique position to do that
essentially the truth health center is a human subjects laboratory we’re in a
position because we have art we have a research director we’ve got our own IRB
we’ve got things in place now to be again to collaborate with other
researchers that are interested in have figuring out what these you know answers
to these questions are that everybody’s interested which is what can we slow
down aging can we reverse aging can we reverse the processes associated the
agent can we delay or defer that ability that’s so devastating people in
industrialized countries can we let people live longer healthier and happier
and I think the answer is yes the only problem is people don’t want to hear the
answer because it involves changing their lifestyle yeah yes so what happens
to the microbiome the gut bacteria when or have you guys done any Studies on
that we got some people out there saying well you’re gonna kill off all your gut
bacteria if you don’t have anything in the bow right so we have actually done
the the collection we don’t have the data back it’s being processed literally
as we speak there are people working on those analyses right now it’s actually
fairly complicated because you have literally trillions of cells that are
involved in terms of the bacteria the cells that live in the body and billions
of cells that live in the gut and hundreds or thousands of strains so it’s
not really just super simple but they are that’s what they do and they’re
looking at those issues right now and will start to be able to understand it
better and then be able to ask more specific questions as we go through and
do further clinical trials one of the one of the
main benefits that excites me about the water only fasting is the autoimmune
diseases that are running rampant today and the success that you’ve had with
working with autoimmune patients can you just briefly talk about heart disease
are one of the more gratifying diseases in part because medical management sucks
yeah so basically here’s the model you get some gut leakage you absorb some
proteins the immune system reacts inappropriately perhaps because of
genetic variance perhaps because of accumulative issues and now the immune
system attacks your own tissues rheumatoid arthritis the reason you get
deformity it’s your immune system attacking your joints all sort of
colitis it’s your immune system attacking you or possibly the gut
microbiota running out of soluble fiber to eat that now in desperation lose
something because the membrane of your intestinal tract Hashimoto’s thyroiditis
you eat wheat the gene that’s associated with gluten sensitivity also happens to
be associated with question about a thyroiditis and perhaps what’s happening
is the immune system begins to react to your own thyroid tissue and now you
develop hypothyroidism autoimmune diseases autoimmune you attacking you
what may be triggering that at least in some cases is inappropriate dietary
factors free radicals that lead to gut leakage that stimulate the immune
response and so the medical approaches out well the immune system is attacking
we’ll just turn off the immune system will give you prednisone we’ll just shut
it all down and it’s like a dream because the pain goes away but that
dream becomes a nightmare because it turns out you need your immune system
and when you shut off the immune system eventually you get big problems
sometimes bigger problems than you had when you have the iron in disease so the
answer is not shutting down the immune system is peeling as that can be in
terms of getting some immediate short-term relief the answer is one get
rid of the gut leakage by getting rid of free radicals get rid of the proteins
that tend to leak that the dairy products that gluten is grains the
sugars and then let the gut heal perhaps with fasting or the carefully controlled
diet and then stop the future onslaught in the controlled condition and that’s
exactly what we see the lupus patients go from having agonizing debilitating
pain to being out of paying off the drugs the problem is they have to stick
the diet if they don’t stick to the diet the condition tends to flare which makes
them perfect patients because they can’t cheat and so what happens is if you’re
if listen pain is a huge motivator so if you feel good when you’re eating good
and you feel bad when you’re eating bad after you do that a few dozen times you
don’t want to eat that anymore and so we get increased plight so I love patients
with autoimmune disease because if you can get them well it’s easier to keep
them well because the problem with other patients is they get one think well well
now I don’t have to be quite so strict but little oh this won’t hurt a little
of this won’t hurt and then eventually they get themselves back into trouble we
have to lock them up kick them in the butt so do you think if someone’s sick
or gets the flu or a cold they should just go ahead and fast until and just
drink water only until their symptoms go away
that’s another water only fast to be done in a controlled setting after a
proper exam with proper supervision but as far as reducing the caloric load
absolutely intermittent fasting or possibly drinking juices or other things
if it’s appropriate for their particular condition might be a perfectly
appropriate way by lightening the caloric load and limiting the amount of
digestive processes you may give the body a chance to more rapidly overcome
the problem what you don’t want to do though is get people dehydrated or into
trouble and that could be a compounding factor particularly for children which
are more vulnerable to dehydration maintaining adequate hydration during
fever is an important issue so no I wouldn’t recommend people just but on
the other hand let’s say you’re not hungry do you ever think it’s a good
idea to eat when you’re not maybe you skip a meal or two and you rest and you
drink water you know that may be perfectly appropriate you’re gonna get
involved in prolong water only fasting then it would be really good if you had
a doctor that wasn’t an idiot that could support you and just kind of evaluate
and give you a little bit of guidance and for people that are interested we do
are we’re happy to try to refer them to doctors that we know that I’ve had some
training they’ve done an internship they’re there they have familiarity with
these issues because it’s a really different approach than conventional
medicine which is oh you have symptoms here are some powerful drugs that’ll
make you feel better it won’t get you better but it’ll make you feel better
take the drugs go away and don’t ask me too many questions we don’t want that we
want to why am i sick what can I do to actually get healthier what can we do to
allow the body to try to heal itself that’s a much more involved much more
detailed process and unfortunately most people have any at the time or the
energy to really try to address the cause of the problem they just went
short-term fix and that’s why it’s so appealing because medicine gives people
what they want that magic pill that immediate answer that quick fix solution
and our approach is kind of slow and difficult and takes a whole lot of work
so it’s really only applicable to people that are highly motivated so they’re
either pain stability fear of death or they’re really smart and want to do
health promotion for the long run ultimately the goal is to get people off
their medications and so you had said that you do turn down some people that
apply for clinic we have only so much capacity so and we run full so we can’t
accept everybody so we try to do is take people that we think are going to have a
good result so that’s basic it’s more fun it turns out even if people go
through on discomfort during fasting if they get well they forgive you for
everything they love it if even if people don’t have much problems if they
don’t get well then they’re not as happy so we try to take people that we have a
reasonable expectation that their net effect is going to be positive and we’re
in a fortunate position because unlike most doctors that treat whoever walks in
and they do their best with them and they don’t have the luxury that we get a
chance to pick our patients and most of our patients first of all they wouldn’t
know about us unless they were on a health mission looking for stuff or they
were referred by a doctor and the only doctors referring to us were the doctors
that know what we do typically and those are doctors that he trained with us are
there from there with fasting and diet and all this kind of stuff so we end up
getting everybody else’s one or two most motivated patients that they see in here
and so our entire practice is these highly motivated self selected people
oftentimes very knowledgeable but have a specific problem that we’ve got to
overcome that is a fun practice for most doctors most doctors will tell you they
spend 80 percent of their energy on the 20% of the patients that are never going
to get well because they’re not willing to do dangerous and radical things like
eat good exercise or go to bed on time and they get the most pleasure out of
the 20% of the patients that they have to do very little with actually because
all they have to do is point them in the right direction
because once a person gets how health works the doctors role becomes really
incidental you know we’re mostly a coach and an encourage you at that point
because we’re not having to do interventions and all this
kind of stuff we’re really just trying to help you know when when people tend
to wander off their little paths a little bit try to point them back on the
right direction whereas in conventional care it’s completely different you’re
entirely dependent on the doctors great wisdom to give you which which version
of toxic-waste they need that week to try to make the symptoms you’re
currently you haven’t go away even if the current centers are having a
consequence of the previous treatment that you had which is now being
manifested you know in a different manner
would you take somebody if they had just been through chemotherapy and radiation
I mean how well wouldn’t I have lots of people that are coming over the cover
from the consequence another treatment you know a lot of times people have
undergone all kinds of invasive treatments and now they’re dealing with
the consequence of that treatment so a lot of times where we’re coming is not
to cure their condition but to help them function better within the context of
limitations of what they’ve had and that’s true post surgical recovery a lot
of people will take advantage of turneth health center to come because we’re a
fraction of the cost of any place else so they can recover with us affordably
and at the same time fine-tune the diet and lifestyle you know that they need to
to do to avoid the problem from coming back you know cardiovascular patients
are a good example they may have undergone stents or had bypass or other
things but unless they change their diet they will be plugging those things back
up again where we might come in as teaching them how to do the diet
lifestyle stuff so that they can avoid and defer or delay haven’t done you go
additional medical intervention do you have anything else you’d like to add
that we didn’t talk about that you think would be beneficial for well.get I think
that the basic principle is real simple health results from healthful living
you’ve got to focus on healthy living now the only discussion should be about
what is healthy living and you know intelligent people can disagree on that
what I would suggest is always ask doctors the following questions what
evidence do you have that the treatment you’re recommending to me is going to
either help me live longer or live better say not everything is going to
make you live longer including medical treatment but maybe it’ll help you live
better but if the doctor says there’s no evidence that what I’m doing is going to
make you live longer and there’s no evidence that the treatment I’m doing is
gonna make you live better why are you doing the treatment that’s what I had
that’s what I have a hard time understanding is like you see these
commercials on TV take this drug oh by the way it’s going to cause
pain and this and this and this and this and and this well it’s a small price to
pay to not to have to change your diet lifestyle isn’t it crazy well thanks a
lot I appreciate my the time with me today and everybody watching and if you
guys have any additional questions let me know and I’ll try to get with dr.
gold hammer to get an answer


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    Can it help with ms?

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    Goldhamer says SOS, Salt Oil Sugar, is bad. Himalayan salt is bad? Coconut Oil is bad? Dr. Mercola says to eat at least 5 grams of unrefined salt per day while fasting.

  • Mary Latallade says:

    Amazing interview. I've been doing research for years after being diagnosed with CML (Leukemia) in 2011 (in remission since 2012 and off chemo medication since 2017). I've made a lot of changes in diet and lifestyle that I believe contribute to my longevity. I've also done water fasting on and off since the 1980's (had an amazing 10 day fast way back in the day) just because I've always been interested in healthy living. I believe I developed cancer because my life got very stressful once my two sons got diagnosed with Autism in 2002 (at the ages of 2 and 3. They are 17 and 18 now) and it resulted in a very bitter divorce that lasted for years (2007-2013). Go figure, right. Ok, so I married the wrong kind of guy. I've been a single mom since 2007 and it's been tough to say the least. Moving on! This interview has been a wealth of information that should benefit anyone looking to improve their health issues. I appreciate so much of what was said and will continue to follow up with Dr. Goldhamer as well as Dr. Group, which I'm very familiar with as well as TTAC Team. Thank you so much for sharing!!! Godspeed my friends!!!…

  • Philip Kithome says:

    Fasted for 3 days
    My BP came from 140/90 to 130/85

  • Denise Miller says:

    This sounds discouraging and over complicated to anyone who cannot attend a fasting centre. I certainly cannot. Yes you need to be careful and listen to your body. It’s true some shouldn’t fast. However, fasting is healthier than eating what a food addict eats without supervision every day. Our ancestors did it often . Anyways, I’m at about 92 hrs unsupervised and the longest I went was 11 days. The borderline HBP went away amongst other things. No problems but I paid attention. I’m watching this now in order to keep myself grounded. It’s pretty good teaching.

  • Bla Mah says:

    Listening to this in my 4th day of dry fasting helped me really staying focused 🙏🏼

  • Bla Mah says:

    1:12:21 finally (!!!) someone is speaking the truth about juicing!!! Thanks a lot!!! I can’t hear the bullshit about fruit juice (SUGAR) smoothies anymore

  • Megan Jarvis says:

    Sounds really BEAUTIFUL, all this information, but can it cure rare diseases like Polycythemic Vera?

  • Ken Mcaree says:

    What about just eating chips & water

  • Kathleen Higgins says:

    I. drank 1.5 gal of water for weeks.
    I did something wrong and was sent to
    Er for saline IV.
    My sodium was 120.

  • christian szabo says:

    excellent Interview! Good questions, great answers. Thanx a lot!

  • Phelanisse Relaford says:

    This doctor had me until he said, the toxins are released through urine. The body does not operate that way.

  • Phelanisse Relaford says:

    I am pretty sure this doctor is correct on a lot of levels and I have enjoyed this interview. I do have to reject toxins coming out through the urine. Look into urine therapy it is excellent and has saved my life.

  • newmasakr says:

    I use Alkaline water. Is it OK to use it all the time?

    Is Brita filter OK?

  • D L says:

    Great interview! I am surrounded by people who have Cancer and my dog has an aggressive form of Cancer. I put my dog on a water fast two days ago. He is end stage Hemangiosarcoma and I honestly was about to put him down, but I want to see what this does. It has been almost 72 hours and his breathing is maybe a little better. Just a little, but better. I thought I was going to do WFPB, but he stopped eating the vegetables. I thought I would switch to a "fat fast" with him using things like coconut oil, but he wouldn't even look at it. I thought I would have him eat raw or meat-heavy diet, but he wouldn't do that either. Water is so much easier. Looking forward to seeing what happens over the next week or two. He looks like himself still, but I know that I am running out of time. If it works, I will let you know.

  • Anna Rogers says:

    can this doc talk any faster?

  • Steen Mortensen says:

    wow thanks..(it is in accordance with Arnold ehrets advice…

  • Charlie Fox says:

    I like watching dr. Goldhamer think as he is asked a question. It is so common for someone to already be answering the question before its asked.

  • Sick of being Sick says:

    Actually, WE ARE designed to eat a plant based diet. And if you really want true health then a more raw plant based diet is the way to go. Our jaws work more similar to that of a horse and we have a much longer transit time for foods to be digested than that of a carnivore. Plus in the Gospel of Peace, which has been hidden from us, actually says ….. And Jesus continued:"God commanded your forefathers 'Thou shalt not kill'. But their heart was heardened and they killed. Then Moses desired that at least they should not kill men, and he suffered them to kill beasts. And then the heart of your forefathers was heardened yet more, and they killed men and beasts likewise. But I do say to you: KILL NEITHER MEN, NOR BEASTS, NOR YET THE FOOD WHICH GOES INTO YOUR MOUTH. FOR IF YOU EAT LIVING FOOD, THE SAME WILL QUICKEN YOU, BUT IF YOU KILL YOUR FOOD, THE DEAD FOOD WILL KILL YOU ALSO. For life only comes from life, and from death comes always death. And everything which kills your body kills your soul also. AND YOUR BODIES BECOME WHAT YOUR FOODS ARE, even as your spirits, likewise, become what your thoughts are. THEREFORE, EAT NOT ANYTHING WHICH FIRE, OR FROST, OR WATER HAS DESTROYED. FOR BURNED, FROZEN AND ROTTED FOODS WILL BURN, FREEEZE AND ROT YOUR BODY ALSO………FOR YOUR BODY IS TNAT OF WHICH YOU EAT……..In the Gospel of Peace Jesus gives very clear instructions on what we should eat, when and how much eat for good health. Cooking foods kill enzymes, vitamins and minerals as does freezing foods. All these are essential for good health. Our bodies are designed to keep us healthy so if you are ill, then we really have caused damage to our bodies. When you understand how some of the important bodies systems work, such as your nervous system, digestive, endocrine and immune system work, you begin to realise that It truly is deficiency and toxicity that causes ill health. The Gospel of Peace is truly an amazing book although extremely hard to get hold off. Even if You don't believe in Jesus, it's a really good book. You can listen to book one on You Tube, I am trying to transition to it's guidelines because I have suffered greatly for past 18+ years with multiple autoimmune diseases, the worst being Multiple Sclerosis for last 8 years!. Just the transistioning to a plant based diet alone and incorporating more whole and raw foods into my diet, eradicating processed foods and oils, salt, hybridized (acidic) foods!, from my diet has already made such a dramatic difference to my health. At one point I was completely incapacitated, requiring 24 hour care and being told by Consultants there was nothing else they could do for me. I am slowly trying to detox and ensure I get the nutrients needed for good health. Just 1 year and already a massive improvement. I still have a long way to go to reverse all the damage I've caused by my ignorance and lack of empathy for the beautiful creatures that where actually put on this earth for us to look after……not slaughter and consume…..this is where having empathy comes into. But this is just my opinion. But Edgar you are right… is the processing of foods and other toxicities that IS causing disease or worse, killing us. And if you do still want to consume animals then at least Grass Fed Animals living in a natural environment which have a better life and are more healthy shows you at least have some consideration for the animal and your own health. I don't judge and I hope others don't judge me either. We are all entitled to our opinions and it is ok to have a healthy debate about the topic of meat consumption. We each have to live in accordance to our own level of awareness. However, you will find the more you open your heart to the suffering and learn about the ways of this world, you will find it will begin to elevate your conciousness and that's when changes in what you think, act and feel will happen, and this impacts on so many aspects of your life. It can be bumpy and road to travel but once on it you instinctively know it's the right route. God Bless you and I wish you well. Just live your life how you think you should. Please don't get hung up over labels such as Vegans etc. We shouldn't be judging each other. Vegans as it is labelled are only people who have a greater empathy for animals and because animals are being treated with such cruetly and don't have a voice, they are their voice. That isnt a bad thing, and its good that they highlight animal cruetly because any cruetly isnt acceptable, and I am sure you would agree with this. Without people standing up for this then how will the cruel systems involved in the meat industry ever change!?? We do seem to have double standards when it comes to animals and this applies to all countries. It is the expression of judgement by some Vegans that is probably wrong and seems to rub people up the wrong way. Yes, even Vegans can be unhealthy if they are consuming processed vegan foods and not buying organic or raw foods, which still have the live enzymes within.

  • Lynne Voyle says:

    I would love to fast for 40 days. I can fast for about three days so far. I do intermittent fasting every day. I dont need to eat all day. 1 good meal a day is awesome

  • Debbie Atkerson says:

    Excellent information. Loved the comment regarding autoimmune diseases "Medical management sucks." I agree. And "cumulative issues" – yes, everything just continues to get worse until we give the body a chance to heal itself. Fasting has always been, and always will be the answer.

  • ace boogie says:

    Is it true the fatter you are the safer it is

  • ace boogie says:

    Could I do water fast with iodine

  • dave nebak says:

    Can you please speak a litter slower !!)) Jesus said lots of fasting and prey , nothing new under the sun lol What about urine drinking?

  • 2128Peter says:

    Am lost, so how should you brake your fast? Do we still do bone Broth or not?

  • falsup09 says:

    I disagree that complete rest is needed. Just finished a 9 day fast, and on the 3rd day of a projected 10 day fast. I have a very active job, and I actually have more energy during the fast. Neurons are stimulated during a fast. Read Dr Jason Fung's book, Complete Guide to Fasting.

  • Mary M says:

    I need to fast because I can't hear Jack that this guy is saying

  • Muriel Tassy-Llewellyn says:

    I’m gonna start water fast on November 11 any suggestions

  • Cheryl Juliette says:

    Mind over matter. Just do it! 💞

  • Uju Maduoma says:

    I have rashes on my face day 2 🙁

  • Jorn Malek says:

    Well I have to say, that mi principal mentor. Late Dr. Ernst Bauer in Arosa Switzerland had a clinic doing more or less exactly what Dr. Goldhamer's clinic is offering: Supervised fasting. I did up to 27 days water fasts in his clinic. Now I am all by myself in Costa Rica and I am now 75 years old and do a 5 to 10 day waterfast every month or every 6 weeks since 40 years. I can only remember having a 3 day lasting flu in the last 20 years. What I always look for is an answer to my question of up to what age can I continue fasting. I would very much miss it if I had to stop because of my age. And I would also like to mention that during my fasts I take a 2 liter coffee enema every day. I never fasted because of a severe health condition. I had pains in my right knee for many years and finally figured out it was butter and cream causing it, as well as my catarats. I have learned for many years several alternative protocols I give to people so they can auto-cure themselves from various conditions. I am not a medical doctor. But I would love to use my knowledge on a larger scale to be able to help more people with the various problems caused by their food-addictions, and misinformation by the medical establishment. My father was a doctor. He never practices medicine. He said todays medicine is the biggest fraud of the century. Well if you look at the history of medicine and farmaceuticals, I believe it has alway been a big fraud.

    With lots of love
    Jörn Wolfgang Malek

  • eileenfb1948 says:

    Great video!

  • Steen Randa-Boldt says:

    Very informative. I am on my 9th day of water fasting and feeling ok. My stomach crammed a bit up today, but is fine now. 🙂

  • Darlene Rozon says:


  • Doingreathings says:

    A great video dear, but some times a think this fasting issue its been complicated and been made cumbersome its looks impossible and difficult and is to put fear on those who wish to do it by them selves at home, i have done 7 days fast NO WATER NO FOOD EITHER PLANT OR ANIMAL FOOD NOT EVEN JUICE. and from the 3 day i felt great and my system super, i ended on the 7 day because it was my target and its for the first time ever.and i am still great till date, Jesus Christ of Nazareth did 40 days and 40 nights what happened to him,was he not a man? carrying flesh and blood body like we. and i am about going into 12 days again soon. please make it easy and simple, i know that if some supplements and plant base food are added it makes it great but not that it cant be done with out those.

  • T Taylor says:

    … Your body will tell you when to eat… I think people with some type of addiction or mental connection may misinterpret the signals. So some are eaters when they are stressed, nervous, or bored … I am thinking these folks may need the psychological intervention at the same time as the fasting or it will be all for nothing. This being said, I wish these types of centers were more readily available throughout the US.

  • AlexGW says:

    As a spectator, looking at the US. American citizens don't realise how much sugars and other crap they actually intake.

    If you can find a healthy detox for yourself, you should definitely try it (carefully, of course, this isn't something you should shock your body with). Once you've broken from those high sugar expectations, you may find you feel much better, craving less sugary things, enjoying healthier options, like super important greens; Spinach. If you can achieve just Spinach daily, you WILL honestly notice differences after a couple weeks. Just pace yourself, it's not a race.

    Good luck!

  • AlexGW says:

    I think the guideline should be, don't drive within 2-4 days of beginning water fasting. This will most likely be your weakest level, while you body switches to fat reserves, for energy.

  • bellmeisterful says:

    Thank God I already know the answer is yes and don't have to sit through this hour and a half video. But we should drink water with salts in it. Sodium chloride, potassium chloride and sodium bicarbonate ( make sure you get edible kind) for electroyte replacement.

  • Fran_Ciska says:

    No oil??? Avoid all oils? Why???

  • John Perkins says:

    3 day water fasting equals 1 day Dry fasting. Nowadays people dry fasting, in Altay, Barnaul, Rhssia.

  • smr144 says:

    only in this world would anyone need an expert in water fasting… mankind biggest tendency is over complicating things…

  • Wissam Kamal-Eddine says:

    I think this approach is good if you are on medication and you require the additional supervision to deal with any complications in getting off the meds. Otherwise, just stop eating and fast – it's natural right?

  • Jo Hannes says:

    I was listening till he said he’s on board with the Whole Foods plant based diet. Aka, kidney stones and digestive, skin, teeth issues.

  • Beba says:

    Dude you talk too fast! Very interesting info.

  • Anabel Camacho says:

    All forms of life looking for more nutrient dense food all forms of life eat meet except vegans .
    Fest and fast  Only on meet and all your problems will go away Just give yourself time for damaged and weak sells to resolve in to nutrients before you fest again. Not over eat is like not over watering flowers in pot. It means let it dry before you watering next time . You eat until you feel satisfied and do not eat until you feel realy hungry.

  • Peter Tremblay says:

    It's very important to die healthy since our upcoming extinction is very near!

  • Bill the Builder says:

    I would water fast for as long as necessary before I submitted to chemotherapy or radiation. Compared to the cost of chemotherapy and or radiation, water fasting is cheap. I would probably do the first 10-14 days at home and then transition to medical supervision.

  • Sodthong says:

    Processed foods and drinks are the real enemy of health.

  • Abe Alexander says:

    This is gold. Y'all don't even know!

  • Annlej1 says:

    How much does it cost to go to TrueNorth Center?

  • Nadine Schaub says:

    Eliminate Salt? Doesn't the body need salt?

  • Ania Ivanoff says:

    They are doctors. They cant recommend you do this at home! Of course you can do it at home so did my sister but its better to do supervised fasting. if you are not in good conditions obviously they need supervision! If you can do it at home then do it at home. Nobody is forcing you and if somebody need it they can go there! Medicine is more expensive over the years. Emergency room and emergency cAll isnt that cheap either. Its nice that they are sharing their knowledge and try to educate with water fasting!! I appreciate their time.

  • Lionel Leconte says:

    Awesome information. Thank you

  • Bonita Hancke says:

    first time in my live I hear someone talk and understand what I go though. I have asked so many times to not be given pills and just to find out what the problem is. I will try this for sure. At this point im willing to try anything to feel like a normal human should feel. Thank you so much for this video, it gives me some hope

  • Yalem Meressa says:

    I am type 2 diabetic . Can i go on 9nly water fasting without getting into hypo????

  • Torok Akos says:

    Doctor water fast doesn't look too healthy. That kind of tear bag he has means, no energy, and no protein! Thank you, doc.

  • A3 Skywarrior says:

    what was that website Dr Goldhamer recommended for finding other doctors that help with water fasting in other parts of the United States?

  • Helga Tomić Kanzler says:

    I successfully fulfilled my goal of 30 days water fasting couple of years ago.

    Great experience, but I did – A LOT! – of reading/studying about the whole process, before fasting, during fasting and coming out of that hard core fasting.

  • Yury Bencomo says:

    If sodium is bad for you, then why is it required in the body for survival?

    If fat is bad for you, then why is it required in the body for survival and why is 80% of our brain made of fat?

    If cholesterol is bad for you, then why are literally all of our cells made of cholesterol.

    If "healthy" carbs are supposedly so essential for health, then why are there literally no essential carbs yet there are essential fats and essential proteins (meaning if we dont eat them we will die).

    If animal products are so bad for us, then why did our brains get larger and evolve into the modern human brain right around the time we started eating meat?

    Smh, the misinformation vegans spread is ridiculous.

    And don't tell me about studies showing veganism is the optimal diet. Studies show veganism is better than a standard American diet, but ANYTHING is better than a standard American diet. Show me a study that shows vegans are healthier than people that do keto and eat animal products, which doesnt exist.

  • Laura Marks says:

    So we ate eating our salads DRY???? No dressing of any sort since oils and salts are out if the question according to this?

  • cAmp ish says:

    Guy Sounds like bradley cooper

  • R ED says:

    For those that are doing all these filtered, purified foods…just know you are sterilizing your body to be defenseless against the ever surviving bacteria and viruses in the world. You are not meant to live in a bubble. The world is not sterile. If there should be a disaster, the people practicing these sterile foods will be the first to get sick. Your immune system builds on memory of exposure and hence produces immunity to foreign bodies. Eating and living too sterile works against natural defense mechanism

  • CalviNNation says:

    Im 48 hours in. It's a really strange experience so far. Huge headache day 1. lots of queezyness. A weird amount of euphoria. Time is moving really really slow. I notice things more. Edges and Light especially. My tongue is turning white as well as feeling like there is a film of some type over it. Hunger is close to the least of my worry. I am hungry, but not as much as I thought. Boredom is the biggest reason I ever feel like quitting. Without having to do anything with food, eating, pooping, buying, preparing, tasting, cooking, the day feels less scheduled, more free, and long lasting. I came off one of my busiest weeks of the year with this fast and now i feel a little useless. Food was a way for me to unwind. Come home from school or work, put on a good show, eat something good, drink something good. Now those similar activities feel sort of empty. Excited to see what happens tomorrow. Also, I am not peeing as much as I thought. Nor is my pee as clear as I thought.

  • Mrr Morris says:

    In the Bible people didnt fast and pay for a teacher to oversee them. Animals don't fast at a cost.. It's a tool within us that we can use, as we are taught by past teachers that we can heal ourselves by fasting. Majority of these fasting centers are somewhat conning the public for something that should really be given for free with advice and maybe a small fee for examinations or medical intervention. I understand some of us need to make a living but if your really concerned about the well-being of the people then why charge them extortionate prices to get well. I guess because the sick are desperate.

  • Radnally says:

    I've been on daily IF diet of 8:16 for two years. For this same 2 years I've been eating the GBOMB diet as well. I'm 60 years old and my health is as good as it's ever been and I'm still at my 18 years of age weight of 170 lbs, 5'11 height. I'm starting a 3 day water only fast today. If it goes well, I'm going to shoot for 7 days in a couple of months.

  • John Tminustwentyminutes Mercier says:

    Because of fact that hospitals charge fifty bucks for a box of bandaids, and things like that's a dead giveaway that motivation of the industry is foremost financial.

  • Sue Blue says:

    What a waste of time. This wasn't about fasting. It was mainly about all that vegan crap! Meat isn't the problem. Its processed carbs and grains. Thats just a fact. Poor old vegans have to take a synthetic vitamin pill to survive

  • klohitman says:

    Land flowing with Milk and Honey, God says milk is good, this guy is wrong on that issue. Needs to get his religion of none animal death out of the way.

  • sveltebarry says:

    The complete rest portion is fascinating to me. I'll try that next time

  • Joe Piscapo says:

    no thanks, fasting is free, not paying you to not eat

  • Jennifer Raymond says:

    No driving!! Seriously?? I do extended water fasts, I’m 51 yo, I work a regular day with plenty of energy and no adverse issues. Now with that said I’m a healthy female and I understand that many are unhealthy and have more issues with fasting and those people need medical supervision.

  • Matthew Lafond says:

    Don't drive during water fasting… Well I do see one problem with that…. We all have lives that require driving.

  • Adam Rodriguez says:

    Was listening to this while driving, thought he was interviewing Mark Wahlberg until I saw who was talking.

  • Anagha Dalvi says:

    I have a question for Dr .Goldhamer, does water fasting help fertility or to conceive a baby in your experience?

  • J Justin says:

    Thank you so much

  • حداق الخبر says:

    I very much agree with this, we Muslims fast one month a year, That’s the month of Ramadan which is the 9th month in the Hijri Year, what we do is we fast from sunrise to sunset, No water no food and no sex, this is one of the 5 pillars of Islam. And when we break he fast every day, we
    start with water and few dates, wait for some time like half an hour then
    eat normal food.

  • Little O says:

    If you're interested in fasting, this is a great interview!

  • Allan Williams says:

    Great informative video, thank you. I must confess if I had not done it myself I certainly would NOT believe it.

    As someone in their late 40s, who was grossly overweight/tired, napping through the day, sleeping very badly etc and not on any meds, despite the mainstream medical community trying to push a variety of pills down my throat, I tried an initial 5 day water only fast. I have since done 4-7 days water only fasting many times over the last few months. When I do eat, its usually once a day or once every 2-4 days. I walk 1-3 times x 5 miles/day. I do take a little salt now and then (I sweat alot less now so this is less too). I have the odd day when I eat twice.

    The fasting/intermittent eating I now do regularly has all my family telling me I look 15 years younger. I sleep better (usually 7-8 hours/night), drink about 3-7 litres of water/day depending if I'm fasting or not and I have zero pain in any area of my body, and I can't begin to explain what fasting has cleared up in my body – my wife was delighted though – I stopped snoring. Thank you both. As a BSc/MSc/PhD medical researcher – fasting/plant based whole food diets/gentle exercise and good sleep should be a government sponsored program for all citizens. My energy levels are better than I can even remember. Finally I have lost almost 40kg in a little over 4 months – a few more kg to go. I avoid all oils and only have raw cane sugar rarely.

    Does anyone know what effects water only fasting has on cancer development/bone health/cardiovascular health/mental health in patient clinical trials – any published studies?

  • Th3DiamondKill3r Playz says:

    Do not water fast on your own unless you listen or read a few books from experts like these two wise men here. I know people who can not water fast on their own but they can pay some one like the doc here to help them, great for them. I benefit from the advise they give us. Great info gentlemen. God bless you for sharing your knowledge with us.

  • Just Susie Again says:

    Thanks for this video.

  • ColleenKaralee Peltomaa says:

    Oxy-Powder from Global Healing Center is crucial to my prepping for and also for breaking a long fast.

  • ColleenKaralee Peltomaa says:

    My body healed an injured hand during a 47 days water fast.

  • Daymon Klotz says:

    sir you are a god

  • Noel Chaney says:

    “Most metabolic material is eliminated in the urine” ??That’s not what i heard. Why are all the urine therapy folks having great success?

  • Mik MacB says:

    The only things I take serious issue on with this doctor is meat never beening a good thing in diet (or almost never), saying there is nothing good about natural salt, and how distilled water is the best..everything else he says is excellent info. First of all, I've talked to very progressive successful alternative doctors who state vegetarian diets are terrible for some people and some do very poorly on them even when supervised simply because of their genetics and state of health and I can speak from personal experience. I'm sure if you told this doctor this, he would answer something like "well that's only because they were not put on the correct vegetarian diet or maybe the person was detoxifying too quickly because of the diet, and every patient he's had has done well on the correct vegetarian diet," but who's to say some wouldn't have done better and even much better when including certain meats in their diet? Now, that being said, I'm sure 95% or more of people would benefit from a vegetarian diet more than any diet that includes meat once they reach a certain point of health and well being, but that could be years, and possibly never for optimum health. I really get the impression this doctor thinks meat is always a bad idea because of environmental and spiritual reasons much more than any real health reasons he can prove. Also, I when he makes statements like the average age of the hunter gatherer was 35, that is a extremely over simplified statement to make and very inconsistent with the amount of thought he's put into his other information. That's the kind of statement you make when you are just making excuses for real holistic science, so that also makes me sceptical about where he's coming from on that subject.

    Secondly, saying salts like sea salt and pink salt do you no good and just add toxins is ridiculous. First of all, the amount of toxins you get from good quality salts are no more, and probably significantly less than the organic vegetables he advocates. Toxins are everywhere! Natural salt has been used by people all over the wrold for as long as humans have been around. He's looking at salt like a regular MD and just seeing the sodium aspect of it and ignoring all the important trace mineral aspects of it.

    Thirdly, while distilled water my be very good for tetoxifying purposes in some cases because it stimulates chelation, it's a very unnatural form of water (rain water is not the same as artificially distilled water). Again, he's looking at this from a laboratory view point instead of a holistic one, and ignores the fact that our bodies are not biologically equipped to deal with distilled water on a regular basis. Fasting is probably fine, but not on a daily basis when not fasting. Also, both artificially distilled water and reverse osmosis water has a detrimental homeopathic affect on our bodies over time. He is not looking at the electro-magnetic affects of this type of water on the body over long time use. Finally, spring water is the best way to go, assuming it is coming from a good source. Yes, there are some tiny amounts of contaminants, but there are also has a positive electro-magnetic affect on the body, not to mention the trace mineral and ormus that is highly beneficial that you don't get from distilled water. Why do you think so many natural springs around the would are said to be blessed and can cure diseases.

  • Chris Winters says:

    Paleo-Keto is the best diet for most people, that combined with intermittent fasting and or water fasting will give you amazing results.

  • Carlos Andres Garcia says:

    How about water and psyllium fasting, I am in the process of healling from IBS, I did 7 days fasting after 3 months 15 days juice fasting and now I am preparing my self for a 7 days water fasting with a 3 days fasting so I will not have the syntoms oficina a long fasting .

  • Catherine Michaels says:

    So this guy is against meat and is vegan….therefore can't believe in him…

  • a Way farer says:

    Starting @ 102:18 – The doctor's body language says it all when the topic of spirituality was mentioned.

  • osx holunman says:

    i hear that fasting is not good for liver and kidney, they may develop stone

  • Sithabile Ncube says:

    I finished my 40days water fasting but yhooo my whole body is inching and burning but I feel so much energy and I feel like my memory has improved a lot I will do it again

  • Ron Summers says:

    this guy knows nothing about nutrition

  • Ann Kleinman says:

    I swear…(and I'm a sports Nutritionist, ) someone says something bad about every food and drink and then its totes as good. I think I've got it down and someone says its unhealthy!! What a crazy Roller coaster. I guess my usual experimenting M.O. is best.

  • Bears 25 says:

    Fasting too stave bacteria and fungus…

  • saw du tha tha dee says:

    Now I am in 19th day of fasting. I think I should stop fasting. Now I am so weak and dizzy when I stand up. I thought I am going to fast 40 days but I have no confidence now. Should I stop or go 40 day fast?

  • unionjackess says:

    Talk about over thinking drinking water.

  • _Reflection_ Essence says:

    So you've been doing this longer than Dr. Sebi?

  • Heather Mcglashan says:

    Very good Doctor, does things by the book. Not sure about his belief in oil and salt. Best to go with your own knowledge. I had to laugh when Dr Group asked Dr Goldhamer about spiritual experiences on the fast. He rolled his eyes and said “huh!”. Dr Goldhamer is a none believer in just how powerful a person becomes when clean and at their optimum. I guess it depends on how much a person is open.

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