What’s up my toes? It’s Jonathan, a.k.a The Toe Bro, and we are here in my office. So this is gonna be completely last minute, but I came up with this idea. In Ontario, Canada May, is Foot Health Month. So I plan on trying to give you guys a video every single day. I’m gonna see if I can do almost like a daily vlog or a quick little video; something that gives you some sort of value whether it’s information, advice, a product, or a simple exercise that you can do to better your foot health, that’s what I’m gonna try to do for the month of May. So again, this is “Foot Health Month” in Ontario, Canada and I’m gonna see if I can give you guys some good info. (music) So I know you guys have been waiting for a long time; the office isn’t completely done. I’ve been here for a month and a half and I’m still not finished but I thought, “Hey what the heck? This is the time to start.” Still you’re gonna get a little quick view of my office and I’m gonna do something a little bit different to kick off Foot Health Month. I have a problem with my own toenail, and I’m gonna help treat myself, if I can, with you guys by me. So we’re gonna start on the outside of this office. So here we go, unit 305 and this is the office here. So what we got usually we have Maya at the front desk. Nice little welcome. The office’s name is “Mississauga Foot Care Clinic”. It used to be called “Cooksville Foot Care Clinic”; now we’re “Mississauga Foot Clinic”. This was my dad’s (holer) and it’s still alive. It’s a little beat-up, a little warped, but still doing the job. There’s the clinic card; there’s the information. So that little foot that used to be the “s” in Cooksville, I changed into the “g” just to try to keep it alive. And in the middle of the wall, you can see that’s where I kept the nice logo to keep it alive. Got some nice green here. This is an elephant’s foot (plant) which actually I never thought about having an elephant’s foot in a foot clinic; there you go! Nice big screen TV. I got the new Toe Bro video up. You can see it’s only been four hours and you guys are watching this video like crazy, which is awesome! The moment I saw this picture, I was like, “That looks like a shrimp!” and it made me hungry for shrimp cocktail! I don’t know about you guys, I cannot believe, I cannot believe that you guys are starting to watch videos while eating! Nothing is phasing you! You guys, you’re just like me! I can watch that stuff live that stuff with eating anything; it doesn’t bother me. So I’m really impressed that you guys are actually holding everything down while eating (and watching) these videos! What I got for all the patients here: for the kids I got all the Minecraft, got the gossip, got the food, lots of snacks, drinks, running low a little bit water, but yeah that’s for everybody. Here I got my new espresso machine, coffee for everybody; this is your home. This is my home. I feel comfortable here. I want you guys comfortable as well. So here we got the sterilization room, front office; just four seats. We got a little washroom. The other rooms aren’t ready, but I’ll give you a quick little private tour. This is the personal storage room. So fridge, microwave, some basic stuff in here. I’m having issues with one of my new chair and it has to go back, unfortunately. So let’s sneak a little peek. That’s the new chair in the corner that’s not ready to use. This treatment room will hopefully be up. Open up! We’ve got someone in here that doesn’t want to come out! (laughing) Okay. We’ll let her be. That’s Lianne (wife); she’s in the room and just didn’t wanna come out. That’s fine, so here’s the main treatment room. These two rooms, I saw you, these two rooms are pretty much the exact same except the other room the window is half the size. So this is my main treatment room. I got my new chair, one of the two chairs but this one’s working. The other white chair I used to have is in the other room. I got my little unit there. My Dyson (vacuum) and a nice, awesome view. Lots of light. Got a nice sink unit, my feet, up here, got all my products in here. So this is a quick little view of my new office. I was using just one room for five years. Now I have three so it’s a big, big change. I’m still only using one but I’m hopefully gonna be using two very soon, once I get that chair or issue sorted out and then three full-on, in the future. So next, let’s get on to what’s going on with my toes. See if you guys can handle looking at the Toe Bro’s foot. First things first, let’s get off, we’ll talk about compression socks later. I wear them six days a week and that really helps with circulation and swelling and just muscle recovery. This is the first time that you guys are gonna be looking at my foot. Okay. Lianne is here laughing at me! I have not cut my nails in a while because I was planning to hopefully do a video of me trimming my own toenails. It’s coming sooner than I expected so I did leave them long I swear for you guys, trust me! I’m very particular about my toenails. I want them short. (laughter) She’s having fun with the chair! So, the first day of Foot Health Month, we’re gonna take a look at my feet. I’m going to trim my toenails just to show you guys how I normally cut my toenails and one issue that recently happened. What happened while I was playing soccer, I had my toes stepped on and not just once but three times in one game by the same guy and he gave me my first ever black toenail! So this is something I see all the time in the office. People are so scared about what to do. If you see black or blue underneath your toenail, it’s a sign that there’s been blood or trauma to the nail bed and that discoloration is dry blood or blood that’s forming underneath the toenail. For some people it could be really painful; for others, it is just a mark. There’s two ways to treat a black toenail: number one, if it’s not really bugging you, you let the new nail grow in and the old nail that’s discolored will grow out. It takes one year for a new nail to grow so it’s just a matter of time. The other thing you can do, if the nail is becoming lifted or damaged and it’s very dry but it’s still discolored, you can trim the lifted portion off just to get that that bad portion off to allow the new nail to come in. So let’s take a look at my feet. So what’s happened, as you can see, there’s black over here. There’s black at the base of the nail and here it looks a little yellowish and lifted. There used to be blood underneath the nail; for some reason it didn’t really disappear. I didn’t see it ooze out, but it kind of just dried up and came out. This is a completely lifted nail. There’s nothing underneath here. When a nail becomes lifted, it looks yellow, and that’s why it has that appearance. But the fact that I see the blood here and here, we know there was trauma to the nail. So there’s two things we can do: number one, I allow the new nail to come in and this discolored portion grows out and I continue to trim the nails right across. The other thing I can do if the nail is very loose or if people are afraid of this catching or coming off, is we can actually trim this lifted nail completely off. Okay? It sounds scary! People always come in saying, “Iis that gonna hurt?” No. The nail is completely dead; it’s detached from the nail bed. It’s just a lifted nail. So for you guys today, I’m gonna do a treatment I normally do for people. If they’re worried about it, we just trimmed down the nail, see if I can get as much of this dead lifted nail off, and we’ll let the new nail grow in. People are really scared because (they think) it’s gonna look disgusting! It’s gonna look gross! But hey, if you don’t want the nail to become caught on something or lift it off, that’s the safest thing to do. Here, you can see the nail is nice and pink and attached. That’s a good nail, nice and healthy. This is all damaged, lifted nail. So the toenails are a little long; the best thing to do when we trim toenails. Okay. You hear about cutting the toenails straight across. If you can do that and you’re not getting any discomfort or it’s not causing any pain, great. If you have very curved nails, then sometimes people do have to cut down the side. The most important part when we trim the toenails is that we don’t leave any sharp corner that can poke into the skin. If the skin grows over the nail and you leave a sharp corner, as the nail grows out, it can poke into the skin. So if you’re having problems with like really curved nails, or nails that do grow ingrown and the nail has grown long, the best thing I suggest is leave the edge of the nail above the skin. Just cut just before it it enters the skin. So this corner here, you can see is lifted. So really as long as I keep the nail above that, there’s no problem. Here, it does kind of kind of grow into the skin. If I don’t leave any sharp corner or if I cut down the side, if I create a very smooth corner using some sort of ingrown toenail tool, I won’t have any problems. So let me get one of my nail nippers. So what we got Toe Bro heavy-duty nail nipper. I use it to trim off very thick, tough toenails. I like having this little curved portion because it does help me kind of create nice smooth curves without having to actually angle the nail nipper as much, like this. So for most people, to cut the toenail, all I do I usually like to start in the middle and you take small little bits. In school I was told by teachers, if I learn how to cut nails with both hands, it would make life so much easier. So I just practiced. Starting with one hand, I’m dominant left hand, and started using my right hand, and it’s made such a difference. So all you have to do again is start in one side. You can work your way across taking little bites. Don’t have to take the whole nail at once. and just following the normal curvature of the nail. The most important part is not leaving any sharp edge. So I’m gonna trim with this curved nail nip just a round corner nice and short, nice and slow. Any pain? No! I never thought I’d be cutting my own toenails on YouTube; that’s just kind of weird! But we are on the weird side of YouTube! So again, making sure the corners are not sharp, there’s nothing there, little bites right across. But I’ll give you this guy’s: cutting your own toenails is a lot harder than cutting someone else’s toenails especially when I’m so close to their toenails. It’s so easy for me but I can understand why it’s hard to cut your own toenails sometimes. So again, I cut them short, cut them you know with a slight curvature, and then I’ll use the file to smooth out any edges. So now the big toenail. There’s two things I can do, to recap: number one, is I let this nail grow and I trim normally a cross. Thank you! I let the nail grow out healthy and I just keep the same length and I trim across and hopefully we get a new nail to come in. But sometimes, if the nail is very lifted from the trauma, the safest thing to do is to trim off the lifted portion. So what I’ll do first is I’ll show you guys. Let’s say. I wanted to keep the nail the same length. Oh before we get there, sometimes we see this yellow brown discoloration and people say, “OMG! I think I have a nail fungus!” Trauma is the main reason why people get nail fungus. The nail becomes lifted from the nail bed and this space in here is what allows fungus and things to get in and underneath the nail. I’m really hoping I don’t have nail fungus, but because I know I have this trauma, I’m just assuming the nail is just lifted and as a new nail comes in, it’ll grow attached, and we won’t have a problem. I can feel the nail is really rigid. I don’t know if you can tell it with the glare but it’s really rigid and that all those lines are from the damaged nail. It’s not growing nice and smooth anymore; it’s growing bumpy and that’s because of the nail trauma. This nail trauma could lead to me having a thickened toenail. So I’m really hoping I’m not becoming a star of my own channel with a thickened toenail! But it is possible that a little incident like this can change my nice flat toenails forever. I I think pride in my feet. I feel like I have really nice feet and I’ve never really had any foot problems, and I’ve got a pretty wide but strong foot. No real bunions, toes are straight. I’ve never really had foot issues, so I mean that’s why I’m hoping I don’t get this thickened toenail now. So what we’ll do is I’ll trim the toenail across normally as if I was gonna keep the nail it’s a proper or normal length and it just chipped right off and that’s because the nail is completely lifted. So again, the nail seems really thick. I really never had thick nails but that’s why having a heavy-duty nail nipper makes a big difference. The big thing (important thing), I cut all the way to the end. I don’t leave any spike. Same with this; side make sure you you don’t leave any sharp corner all the way to the very end. So, that’s one way to do it . I would just cut this nail leave it like this, file everything smooth and off we go but for you guys today, I’m gonna do a little treatment on myself and trim this nail back. So I know it seems scary. I’m actually a little nervous because I’m used to other people. I’ve never had a black toenail and had to do this to myself! So let’s see how I do. You know what, now I know why people get so scared when I jam this nail underneath. OMG! OMG! So that’s what I’d be saying, “Is this sensitive? Does this hurt?” “Are you sure? Any pain?” “If something is sensitive, you let me know!” So a completely lifted nail and when the nail is lifted, it looks more yellow; that’s why it looks like that. Oh my gosh, so this is oh my gosh. OMG! What am I doing to my toenail? So this is all dead dry nail bed. This is so different doing it to yourself. Oh my gosh! I’m really nervous! I know how it is to be on the other end now and oh my! So basically I would trim down as far as I could for the person until it gets a little sensitive. But I know this nail is lifted. Man, it’s hard to see when you’re not so close to that. You know what? I think I’m, what I normally do is I trim as much as I can and then I use the file to smooth everything out, and I think I will be doing that. It seems pretty attached over here. Now the nail seems pretty lifted. Wow! To all my patients out there, I am so thankful for the confidence you guys put in me because this is scary to see someone going at your toe with these nail nippers! But I know it’s completely lifted. Nothing’s causing me pain. So all this dry skin or nail bed is just, you know, old tissue damage. Oh, oh, here we go! So once I cleared the hard skin, it gave me a little bit of room to get underneath. Oh my gosh! You know what, I won’t cover it so you guys can see all this. Oh my gosh! So again, old habit. I keep covering the nail! So you guys ask why do I cover the nail or just wear safety glasses? The truth is not only for me but for the patient, for hygiene, so the nail doesn’t go all over the place in the room. It’s just easier for me to cover it. Just look at this! This is all coming out. So all this is dry blood. So, I won’t say “butt head”, but that guy that stepped on my toe three times in the one-game! So yeah here we go. You’re filing more off and my voice seems so different because I’m hunched over and the pressure from me trying to get as close as I can. So if you guys are suffering from this lifted toenail, go see a foot specialist. It’ll be a lot easier for you or for them to trim it down than you. Oh, a little sensitive there. Wow! So like I thought, it was a completely lifted nail. I’m gonna try to get as much out from the side, leave no nail left in the corner, and as you can see, this hard stuff is the new nail already coming in. That’s the hardened part underneath; that is new nail already growing in. So with these nice curved tips, you just have to use the tip. You don’t have to go in hardcore; just take little nips at a time. So people and me, we’re always worried about possibly getting an ingrown toenail after trimming the nail down so short. The most important part is as the nail continues to go out, I use that ingrown toenail file to smooth the corner, okay? That’s really going to make sure that this edge here is smooth and not poking into the skin. Because I still see black at the very base, that means I know the new nail coming in is still possibly damaged and it might become lifted again in the future. Now, by me trimming it short, there’s less chance of it catching and we can let that new nail come in without having this double nail that grows one on top of the other. We create a free space. So that’s the actual nail bed, nice and and dry. So one thing I’m gonna do for myself is I’m actually gonna use a nail tincture and what this is hopefully gonna do is it’s gonna nourish the nail bed. It helps strengthen the nail and I want to keep the nail bed nice and moist; that way the new nail can come in and it can grow attached to the nail bed and I have less of a chance of it growing damaged or funky or not attaching properly. There you go. I can’t believe I just did that but as I said, two things you can do: you could leave the the blackened damaged toenail to grow out; you just trim the top part and hopefully everything moves out with time, but by me clearing the lifted portion, we get rid of any chance of having a double nail form or for slower nail growth or the chance of it catching on something and ripping off. I’m going to be using that nail tincture, healthy nail tincture, just to keep the nail bed healthy, moisturized. So as the new nail grows in, it grows in attached without so many bumps and a healthier look. I’m just gonna have to trim it out every couple weeks. So as that black portion moves out, trim it off again until we see more, healthier nail and I’m gonna be waiting the next year for this to grow out for sure. I’m gonna try to remember to take a picture every single day so we can see how this grows out. So day one, Foot Health Month May 2018, Toe Bro cutting his own toenails! Hope you guys enjoyed that! That’s the YouTube life! One last thing I want to mention. You know I was hit last week hard by the community; someone flagged pretty much all my videos and that’s why a good chunk of them, maybe six or eight videos, got all age-restricted and it really hurts because you know, if you guys don’t want to watch it, don’t watch it. You guys know what you guys are clicking on and if those people just don’t want to watch, please go to another channel. It really hurts me. It doesn’t support my channel. It puts my channel down. It doesn’t compensate me for all the hard work. So again, if you don’t like the video, don’t watch it, please! But let’s leave it open for the community so everyone can get a chance to see the videos. My goal is not to shock you guys not to scare you guys, not to get you guys grossed out. It’s actually to educate you, let you be more aware of your feet, and that there are a lot of things that can be resolved, things that can be fixed, if you just go to get help. Find yourself a foot specialist whether it’s a podiatrist or chiropodist, such as myself in Ontario, find help. You guys are not alone! Look at your feet, look at the feet of your family, of your friends, coworkers. If something’s going on, don’t be afraid to say things about your feet. Feet are really important! Without your feet, you’re not able to carry yourself where you need to go. So please guys, help support the channel. Like, share, comment, subscribe. I still haven’t received my plaque so when I receive that, I definitely will share that with you guys because it was a huge moment! It’s officially been one year since I posted my first video which was yesterday of 2017. Unbelievable that we’re here 127 126 or 127,000 subscribers. One hundred and twenty seven thousand toes! So you guys, there you go. You saw me trim my own toenails. Be nice! Don’t be mean to me in the comments! Hope you guys enjoyed the show and I’m gonna try to do something really special and try my best to do a video every single day for Foot Health Month, okay? Toe Bro, out.


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