Is the Medical Medium Practicing Medicine? (CS25)

Is the Medical Medium Practicing Medicine? (CS25)

This week on Cracked Science: it’s cute when
kids play doctor, not so much when grown men do it because a spirit told them to. [TITLE] Hey, this is Jonathan Jarry and you’re watching
Cracked Science, the show from the McGill Office for Science and Society that separates
sense from nonsense on the scientific stage. There’s a man out there who claims a spirit
from the future talks to him and allows him to properly diagnose and treat people’s ills. And I can tell that pretty much all of you
watching right now are fighting the reflex to roll your eyes, but perhaps for different
reasons. Some of you predict I’m about to mock someone
in whose powers you believe, while others simply can’t imagine that anyone would be
credulous enough to believe in this premise: spirit from the future gifts ordinary man
with ability to play doctor. After all, it does sound like the premise
of a USA Network TV show that did well enough in season 1 to warrant renewal but got cancelled
after two years and an unfortunate cameo by Ed Sheeran. And, yes, we are releasing the full poster
on social media. The man is called Anthony William Coviello,
better known as the Medical Medium. And his following is massive. He’s a #1 New York Times best-selling author
with four books to his name; his Facebook page has 3.3 million followers; and he’s received
endorsements from major celebrities like Robert DeNiro, Rashida Jones, and former Dawson of
Dawson’s Creek, James Van Der Beek, forcing me to revive this meme for the rest of eternity. Why, Dawson, why?? And if you browse Amazon’s listings for his
books, you will be inundated with positive reviews, such as this one: “If you want to take your power back from
Doctors and from the drugs that are destroying your body… If you really want to understand what is no
longer working for you…. If you are tired of being tired…. then maybe you owe it to yourself to read
this book. It might help you begin to live a more healthier,
happier life…” I was wondering why his books were getting
so many positive reviews given their underlying premise-that a spiritual being whispers medical
information from the future into a guy’s ear-until I remembered the results of a Gallup poll
conducted in 2016. It turns out that 72% of polled Americans
say they believe in angels. And that’s the crux of it, really. If you believe in compassionate supernatural
beings that watch over us, then there’s really no leap to believing that one of them, called
Spirit, tells a guy called Anthony that Mrs. Espinosa has lung cancer even though her doctors
can’t see it. Also, uh, there’s the $3,000 Grand Prize package
that was offered by the Medical Medium’s book publisher to the most inspirational book review,
a contest that was unearthed by Rae Paoletta at Inverse. The winner would get 2 phone consultations,
which were highly prized as they retailed for about 500$ each, as well as tickets to
a live event and autographed copies of the book. So… there was that, too. If I were desperate for a cure, fed up with
the medical establishment, and believed in angels, I *would* be incentivized to write
that “I cant imagine living with the gift that
God has presented Anthony to use in this lifetime as it must be unbearable day to day, but his
Soul must be of an advanced nature to have made this agreement and for that I am truly
grateful. Namaste!” And this genuinely makes me sad. There is, unfortunately, an indolent system
that allows predators to take advantage of people with these beliefs with little to no
consequences. Because, to my mind, and I say this as someone
who’s not a medical authority or a lawyer, what Anthony William seems to be doing is
practicing medicine without a license. He used to offer phone consultations, but
mysteriously stopped doing it between July and December 2016. But on his weekly radio show, he has a call-in
segment in which people share their symptoms, and here’s how this conversation went: “Kinda started, just being honest, having
trouble with incontinence.” “I’m doing a scan do see what’s happening
with the incontinence, you’ve been to the doctor with that?” “Uh huh.” “That’s not from muscles.” “But it’s a pudendal nerve… for six months.” “So, Spirit says if you take B12 and celery
juice, you’re gonna be in a better place.” Anthony William’s business is based in Sarasota,
Florida, according to the Better Business Bureau, and the definition of the practice
of medicine according to the Florida Legislature is found in, wait for it, title 32, chapter
458, article 305: “‘Practice of medicine’ means the diagnosis,
treatment, operation, or prescription for any human disease, pain, injury, deformity,
or other physical or mental condition.” But it’s OK for Anthony to do this legally
because he has a disclaimer! And it’s so long, it gets its own page on
his website, and it clearly states that even though, for all intents and purposes, it looks
like Anthony is practicing medicine without a license, he really isn’t and you should
know better. This is known as the Quack Miranda warning,
and this statement seemingly is enough for many authorities to turn the other way, especially
because their hands are already full with complaints involving actual doctors. On top of this, as Jann Bellamy of Science-Based
Medicine pointed out, certain states in the U.S. have actually set up a separate health
care professional category called “the unlicensed practice of health care”, and other states, like California and Arizona,
provide some legal cover for unlicensed practitioners by actually protecting them from being prosecuted
for the practice of medicine! But if, after all this, you still believe
in Anthony William, the guy who tried to trademark the phrases “Medical Medium” and “Spirit of
the Most High” but failed to respond promptly to the registration service, let me save you
the time to call in to his radio show and expose Anthony’s most common M.O.: He’ll tell you you have Epstein-Barr virus… “What you do have, though, Spirit tells me
is a viral issue, and it’s Epstein-Barr.” “It’s because you have a classic case of Epstein-Barr
virus that’s gone unnoticed.” He’ll tell you to eat every 2 hours… “You need to eat every couple of hours.” He’ll spin the wheel and tell you to avoid
whatever food comes up on it… “Are you doing the no wheat? Are you doing the no dairy?” And finally he’ll tell you to try the right
kind of B12 and celery juice, because they cure everything. “So there’s a B12… adenosylcobalamin.” “Celery. Why do I push for celery so much? Because of Spirit… yeah, because this person
needs celery!” And there’s no way for him to be wrong. If he gets it right, boom, proof that his
spiritual guide is all-knowing. If the caller disagrees, well, the caller’s
wrong, or their doctor is wrong, because Spirit has to be right. None of this is ever falsifiable. Except of course, when he says everything
is all right and it really isn’t. We asked Cristina to volunteer for this You don’t have a disease… I asked Spirit, and it’s not there. This diagnosis came 3 days ago, … multiple
myeloma 5:30-5:34 It’s not a fatal disease, it is
a blood disease. Oops. I guess the spirit from the future didn’t
see the cancer in her blood supply. And Ms. Ferrare is not the only one who’s
been misled by Anthony William and his imaginary friend. Paoletta’s piece for Inverse, which I mentioned
earlier, gives voice to Kate Gallagher Leong, who was told by the praying medium -see what I did there- that her son Gavin, who had hearing and respiratory
issues, was infected by, you guessed it, the Epstein-Barr virus, that Kate herself had
given her son the virus. The treatment Anthony recommended? Vitamins. Her son died 48 days later, and it was the
mom who felt guilty, because she thought she was the source of her son’s illness. And while Gwyneth Paltrow herself can’t get
angry over this and lets Anthony write articles for her goop website, the last person you
would think of actually has higher standards: “As a psychic myself, I am ashamed of this
narcissist charlatan man…” So if you are American and would like to file
a complaint against the Medical Medium, if, let’s say, the “Spirit moves you” to complain
about the fact that you think he’s practicing medicine without a license, here’s the complaint
form, link in the description below on YouTube. As for me, I give up. Practicing medicine without a license is clearly
where the money is, so, you know what, I’m gonna give it a shot. J: What troubles you? C: Well, I have this foot issue that’s been
both- J: Epstein-Barr. C: Sorry J: Epstein-Barr. You’re infected with the Epstein-Barr virus. C: Wow. How did you know that? J: There’s an angel called Carrot who speaks
to me and tells me things. C: OK. I’m a bit skeptical of that. Can you give me proof- J: You just have to have faith. Carrot… is from the future and he whispers
advanced medical information straight into my brain. That’s how this works. C: OK. Because I’ve also had digestive issues- J: Epstein-Barr virus. C: Epstein-Barr virus? J: Carrot says it’s Epstein-Barr virus. C: Headaches? J: Epstein-Barr. C: Insomnia? J: Epstein-Barr. C: Right. I’m also really tired, but I’m guessing that’s
Epst- J: That’s a virus from the shingles family,
actually. Yeah. Didn’t see that one coming, huh? Carrot is from the future. He knows. C: So, if the answer is always Epstein-Barr
virus- J: Or a virus from the shingles family, not
shingles, it’s never shingles, but it’s shingle-ish- C: Right… why should I give you money? There’s nothing to do against Epstein-Barr,
except getting plenty of rest. J: [leans in] Have you heard of celery juice? My recommendation this week is Rae Paoletta’s
in-depth article about the Medical Medium for Inverse. Highly, highly recommended, check it out. If you haven’t subscribed to our YouTube channel,
do click that button and ring that bell to get notifications. Don’t forget to subscribe to our weekly newsletter
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up to be.


  • Kenny G says:

    He is helping millions by simply recommending healthy foods. Fuck off.

  • jcroobug says:

    Hey Jackwagon Jerry! How does it feel to have handlers from the priesthood of "science" who instruct you what to cover on your channel? I bet it stinks to be their slave. Fact is, many many people are waking up to the fact that chemically processed food, toxic pharmaceuticals and other harmful expensive medical treatments aren't solving their health problems, but creating them and exacerbating them. This is starting to cost those vaunted scientific priestly ones and their overlords some serious CASHOLA all while reducing their POWER. Shameful video indeed.

  • Dr. Angie Stones says:

    I just can't wait for another video of yours. Finally something real and reasonable but funny. Thanks so much.

  • Zinette Ghaemmaghami says:

    Drs suck, they made me sicker with the crappy medicine. They killed my mom. He’s REAL, HES AMAZING.LOVE HIM

  • BigDeanoSyd says:

    Its not a spirit from 'the future', it's a spirit of compassion who is dispensing information that isn't discovered yet, that's where you're getting it wrong! Have you tried the daily celery juice? do it for a month and then jump on the internet and pontificate and sneer!

  • effigy says:

    Perhaps you can come up with your own physical and visual evidence of healing that Anthony William has and then give your opinion. It's all fine to criticise what others are doing but unless you can explain why these people are healing at the rate they are then you are a cynic with no substance. Science is just a word and theories are just that, theories! The real healing stories is where it's at. 'Science' is manipulated, bought and sold, by big industry and the world is waking up to this fact. Follow Anthony on Instagram for a while, read the healing stories from all these people including children who have had no results from 'science' and then comment. Just because 'science' cannot prove something does not mean it doesn't exist. Open up your mind, step out of your theory led life and see what happens.

  • Meyer Speary says:

    Now I know why James Randi has the comments disabled on all of his videos.

  • Joe Schwarcz says:

    There are three possibilities for the Medical Medium who hears a voice that nobody else hears: 1. Angels and spirits are real and they have expertise in health and have selected the "Medical Medium" to communicate this message to humans. 2. He is a charlatan. 3. He is insane
    Take your pick

  • karenleelove says:

    Changed my life.was sick for 6 yrs till i started celery.went to docs for 6 yrs.dictkrs kill

  • Shell Chenonceau says:

    The proof is in the actual healings in ourselves, which determines what makes a "good" doctor, as well as a "good" healer.

  • Shell Chenonceau says:

    Our own commercially-funded American Heart Association recommended CRISCO OIL for years as great for our hearts….now they condemn coconut oil because USA cant make money from it….scientific results CAN be skewed when the dairy & meat & pharma companies depend on profits from the results they want…we all need to be self educated….

  • Shell Chenonceau says:

    Flip side: many pharmaceuticals have disclaimer that "death" & organ damage etc listed as possible "side effects" but does that makes them "OK"? Cancer counts are UP thanks to who? Western medicine ignoring alternative healing methods.

  • Shell Chenonceau says:

    Alot of medical doctors feel chemotherapy kills their patients faster than cancer itself…but they are punished if they speak of it. And families go BANKRUPT paying for chemo. Thanks.

  • Shell Chenonceau says:

    Also thermograms correctly detect ACTUAL cancer in breasts without causing MORE with radiation xrays, but med association suppresses this & refuses to stop making money from xrays & making $$$ treating women for cancer.

  • Shell Chenonceau says:

    Hmmm, what is the actual "body count" of the average oncologist in USA? I bet it is HIGH….but it's considered "ok"….Americans are used to suffering now in our antiquated medical system.

  • Ashley Nave says:

    Maybe they love to play doctor because they enjoy it. Practice medicine without a sounds illegal, but what if someone traveling internationally? Where laws cease to exist out in open ocean water and third party poor countries.

  • Winter Song says:

    Spirit is not from the future, where on earth did you read that?
    Do you know where the positive reviews come from? People like me who got help!
    You obviously never tried anything he talks about, you haven't read anything from him and thus can't talk about it, it has to be tested. It helped me so much, I got my life back from total exhaustion and multiple symptoms, and I'm very very far from alone about that. Maybe you don't want people go get help? Tell me what the doctors have to offer to the chroincally ill please?

  • phoenixmoon3 says:

    I actually have Epstein Barr and it aint nothing what he's talking about.

  • MrTrashcan1 says:

    Two things. I read the first book called Medical Medium. The spirit is not from the future–I don't know where you got that.

    Second, the problem is not practicing without a license. A multitude of licensed doctors are arrogant, uninformed, incompetent, and closed-minded (especially when it comes to diet) and often shills for the pharmaceutical companies, and this is what sends people to alternative sources. There are lots of YT channels with hosts doling out advice (based on real science, that is) whom I'd trust any day before a licensed doctor. The problem is that he is a con man-from the beginning his entire purpose was to enrich himself. His system was really quite ingenious–including writing the same book 4 times, but each with a different title- but takes someone with a narcissistic personality and no conscience (the two go hand in hand). Aside from the fact that even if one believes in spirits, the character of the recommendations reflect human origin and not that of something spiritual. Furthermore, most of his descriptions of physiological and biochemical processes are fairy tales. I feel bad for people who suffer from issues that mainstream medicine cannot address. I don't know which is worse–believing the government or a con man like this–kind of really the same thing.

  • Tariss Rok says:

    This is one of the more interesting videos debunking the Medical Medium as it provide some leads for me to follow up on.

    In the case of Kate Leong, it appears that she recanted and altered her story in her blog post in February 2016, when it was clear that Anthony William not only correctly diagnosed the mercury issue in her and her son back in Febrary 2013 (the blog post), he did not just keep pushing supplements as she stated in 2016's post. All one needs to do is read her own blog post on Febrary 25, 2013 and to decide for one self. The mercury issue may have largely contributed to her numerous miscarriages and Gavin's complication in healing. It is tragic that her son died a little over a month after her consultation with MM. In her own blog she stated that she sought assurance from other sources that the vitamins/supplements were not the contributing factor to her son's death, and she was assured. It appears to be a case of timing (and maybe even other factors she may not be aware of).

    I feel for her situation but also feel her particular case needs to be critically examined in terms of chronology and events as originally accounted.

    I am doing my own research on AW and so far there is not enough evidence to suggest that the the majority of positive reviews on both Amazon, youtube, and else where are all hyped due to the "Amazon review incentive" that was being offered for a limited time (which I do agree is "not cool" no matter why it was offered).

    May your own search for truth be as fruitful.


  • peonyjen says:

    There is no nutrition advice in medical practices. Only pharmaceuticals to attempt symptom suppression. Why is that? Let people feel free and open to healing with NUTRIENTS instead of temporarily covering up shit with big pharma. Grow up and drink some celery juice.

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