Is Peanut Butter Bad for You?

Is Peanut Butter Bad for You?

Hey guys. Dr. Axe here, founder of
In this video, I’m going to answer the question, “Is peanut butter bad for you?” This is actually
a common question that I get from a lot of people. There are some misconceptions when
it comes to peanut butter. I’ll go answer your question here early. Is peanut butter bad for you? Yes and no.
It depends on how much you consume and it depends on the variety of peanuts you’re getting.
I’ll share with you a secret on the best type of peanut butter you should be getting as
well as what the rest of your diet looks like. Let’s start off talking about peanut butter
in terms of what the issues are within why it can be bad for you. For starters, most
of us in America get way too many omega-6 fats in our diet and not enough omega-3 fats. Remember this. Omega-3 fats help reduce inflammation
where too many omega-6 fats cause inflammation. Well, peanuts are high in omega-6 fats. They’re
low on omega-3 fats, so they can cause an imbalance ratio there. That really is one
of the first issues you’re going to find with peanuts is that they have too many omega-6,
there’s not enough omega-3. That’s the first problem with most peanuts. The second issue is that most peanuts are
grown on the ground. They get very moist, and a lot of them contain mycotoxins or mold.
So that mold is one of the big reasons why so many kids today have allergies or these
inflammatory immune reactions when they get around peanuts. In fact, a lot of schools
today have laws or restrictions against peanuts. Because you’re bringing them to school and
its like bombs are going off. Kids are having all of these immune reactions because of all
of the food allergies and food sensitivities today to things like peanuts. So that’s the
other issue is there are food sensitivities involved because of the mold that’s associated
with a lot of the peanuts today. I would say those are really two of the bigger
issues today you’re going to find with peanuts. By the way, peanuts aren’t really a nut. They’re
more of a legume. They’re like a cross-breed in between a nut and a legume or a bean there
as well. But let me say this, you can actually eat
peanut butter and it can be healthy. Let me share with you how. First thing is this. It’s
that when you’re buying peanuts, make sure you’re buying a certified organic brand. Ideally,
a type of a peanut called a Valencia peanut or Jungle peanuts. These peanuts are typically
not grown in the moisture of the ground. They’re typically in bushes off the ground or higher
up. That’s going to eliminate that issue with the mold. So that’s one way you can eat peanuts.
So again, my favorite brand is called Jungle Peanuts, you can check out, or Valencia Peanuts.
Those are the two brands you want to look for. Ideally, organic peanuts are going to
be the best things you consume. The second thing that can actually make peanuts
healthy for you is if you’re getting omega-3 fats with them and even adding in a little
bit of flaxseed oil or when you’re consuming it as well or just doing a little bit of something
like a fish oil supplement. If you’re getting plenty of omega-3 fats in your diet, then
you really don’t need to worry about if you’re eating a serving of peanuts. It’s completely
fine. Peanuts actually can be a food that supports
metabolism and fat loss if you’re consuming them with the other rights foods and as part
of a proper diet, because peanuts are very high in protein and they are high as well
in easily burned carbohydrates. But again, they’re one of the highest plant-based form
of protein available today. So can peanuts be healthy? Yes, they can if you buy something
like Jungle Peanuts and you’re getting plenty of omega-3 fats in your diet and they’re organic.
For all those reasons, yes, peanuts can be healthy. But here’s the problem today. Ninety-nine
percent of the peanut butter and peanuts people are buying in America today have hydrogenated
oils added, they’re non-organic, and those people are getting too many omega-6 fats in
their diet. So you start adding in peanut butter in its vegetables oils. It’s highly
processed. Allergic reactions happening within the body. So that’s why you’ve maybe even
seen articles I’ve written. Or I was recently on the Dr. Oz Show talking about why peanut
butter is not good for people. Because again, 99.9% of peanut butter out there today is
absolute junk. It is not good for you and it can even cause weight gain and inflammation
and inflammatory reactions in the body. But again, if you’re a person who’s going
to have enough omega-3 fats in your diet and you’re going to buy a good quality brand of
peanuts or peanut butter, then hey, having a little bit of peanut butter in your diet
can be A-okay and good for you, again, if it’s that balances omega-3 to omega-6 ratio. Hey, if you want to learn more about how to
reduce inflammation and some of my top healing foods that are full of omega-3, check that
out on my website. Simply go to That’s I’ve got some other
great articles on things like chia seeds, flax seeds and hemp seeds. You may want to
read about there on there as well. I think you’d really enjoy that article on chia seeds,
by the way. Actually, just a little home recipe. A lot
of times, I’ll take my peanuts, I’ll make my own peanut butter, but I use flax oil as
the oil if I’m making homemade peanut butter. So again, Jungle Peanuts is the brand that
I buy. Along with, I’ll put in some cold-pressed flax oil. I make my own peanut butter at home
that way. It tastes great and it has a balanced omega-3 to omega-6 ratio. Hey guys, this has been Dr. Axe. Thanks for
watching. Thanks for subscribing here as well, for all who do, to the Dr. Axe YouTube page


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    And i feed my kids exactly the same way . I am a vet married to an MD we are all vegetarian , i have been my entire life and at the age of 44 i don't have one single health issue, no cholesterol , no blood pressure, i run , swim and do other sports every day , i still have a very athletic body, no hair loss, perfect eyesight , never had a cavity or toothache in my life, and my libido is the same as it was when i was 25 with no deficiency whatsoever down there either .
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    Many peanut butter are processed and manufactured with stabilisers which add trans fatty to the substance. Sometimes salt and sugar is added along with maltodextrj which is bad for ur blood sugar levels and vegetable oils which is already chemically processed and loaded with omega 6 fatty acids as well as peanuts having lots of omega 6 on its own.
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