Is Neem Good For Candida?

Is Neem Good For Candida?

Greetings. Eric Bakker, naturopath from New
Zealand, author of Candida Crusher. Thanks for checking out my video. I’ve got a question
here from somebody who wants to know if neem is good for using in a fight against Candida.
Neem is exceptionally good and it’s one that’s rarely used in yeast infection formulas for
some unknown reason. I can’t work out why. I think it’s because a lot of people don’t
really believe it’s good enough to target Candida alone. Because a lot of research by
Dr. Khan and Dr. Wassilew in 1987, discovered it was exceptional against 14 different kinds
of yeasts in general. Candida to a lesser extent. But a 2011 study recently validated
that it’s very powerful. I’ve got a list here. There are a couple of
different kinds of fungi that it will be highly effective against. Trichophyton, epidermophyton,
geotrichum, microsporum, the list goes on and on. The 2011 study found multiple species
of Candida were killed by neem. Neem has been used for thousands of years in India as an
anti-parasite herb and an antibacterial and a cleansing herb. I use neem oil spray in
my vegetable garden. It’s been used in India as well. The twigs are used as a toothbrush.
The leaves are used as an insecticide rinse for the body. The bark is used and the roots
are used. Every part of the tree is used in India by citizens to stop bugs from attacking
their system. It’s well proven. It’s super effective. I use a four to one neem extract
in Canxida Remove. I’m just reading off my sheet here. It’s not
commonly found in Candida formulations. Excellent antifungal activity against a wide range of
Candida aspergillus, microsporum yeast species. And it’s also used in the west as an insecticide.
It is used and it’s totally safe. It hasn’t been found to be toxic or harmful to human
beings or pets. It’s also used as a flea control on cats and dogs as well. You can actually
buy emulsified neem oil at a good health food shop, which you can use for lice, fleas, all
kinds of bugs. I recommend that you use it to spray particularly
for preventing grubs and worms from eating fruit on trees and a wide range of vegetables
that I use it on. And, of course, a powerful extract is fantastic in an anti-fungal/anti-bacterial/anti-parasite
product. That’s one of the reasons why I’ve incorporate it into the Canxida Remove product.
I hope that answers your question. Neem is fantastic to use in corporation with other
herbal products as an anti-fungal. Thanks for checking out the video.


  • Carlos Santos says:

    Hi Eric! We have a Neem tree in our front and back Yard. Could we make tea with the leaves? For general health?

  • Awesome Bird says:

    Hello, does neem oil kill gut flora ?

  • Candida Crusher says:

    Check my range of candida supplements here:

  • Barbara Mowrey says:

    I notice in the capsules that it has sediment or a little particles of neem leaves. I mixed the capsule with water and the settlement went to the bottom and when placed in a bowl was like a magnet the settlement following itself away from the liquid. This made it difficult to mix. I was using it in a dropper on my scalp watered down. I stopped because I noticed when I took a shower that the properties of the name capsule were in the bathtub again the settlement following itself in a group away from water mixture. This made me very to use it as an internal remedy for candida or pesticides. What is your take on this? Should I strain it and drink the water for use internally instead of taking the capsules with neem granules that stay together like a magnet? Think about it and how would you feel about this magnetic form of neem leaves or residue staying with itself and not separating inside your body?

  • raghavendra g says:

    Will neem kill good bacteria also??

  • plejaren1 says:

    For Morgellons too I've heard.

  • Kay says:

    Don't use if your trying to get pregnant or if you are pregnant

  • James Openshaw says:

    But it lowers testosterone production dramatically

  • Dr kiran says:

    Thank u much good help

  • Lorry Buehler says:

    Wonderful product – Thank you

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