Is it Good to Put Coconut Oil on Your Scalp?

Is it Good to Put Coconut Oil on Your Scalp?

Is it good to put coconut oil on your scalp? I suppose it will smell better than some of
the other organic hair treatments, though you’ll end up smelling like a Mounds bar. I heard that coconut oil moisturizes your
hair while soothing rough and dry scalps. It is a natural moisturizer that cures dandruff. You still have to use shampoo to clean your
hair before you apply it. And then you can pour the coconut oil in your
hair. No, just a single tablespoon is enough. Putting
two teaspoons is enough for your scalp and hair, before you rinse it out. I heard you can use it instead of other hair
styling products. In that case, you could leave it in. If you’re using it on your scalp, you have
to rinse it out before you leave in the morning. Otherwise, the coconut oil can go rancid and
stink. Why do they promote it as a natural dandruff
treatment? Because coconut oil is naturally anti-fungal. Should I get regular coconut oil or virgin
coconut oil? There’s no difference except the price tag. Coconut oil is absorbed into the hair, moisturizing
it. Virgin and pure oil is better than regular oil. It all has the same chemical compounds or
lack thereof. Though you need to buy coconut oil intended for beauty treatments instead
of buying coconut extracts meant for cooking and putting it in your hair. That’s not so hot. Why do they say you have
to shampoo the treatment out if it is so good for your hair? The oil makes the hair greasy and heavy. Washing my hair before and after putting it
in dries it out. In theory, the coconut oil restores the moisture
and protein to the hair when it is absorbed. That’s why it is popular for over-processed
hair. Though it would be easier to process the hair
in general. If you have too much, use the rest to treat
dry skin.


  • miney mii says:

    @ Question Everything
    1)what is the difference between coconut oil ment for cooking and ones ment for hair. When you look for coconut oil, one has to look for one that has nothing BUT coconut oil. so 100%coconut oil in the hair and cooking section. difference?i think not it's the same.

  • Compli Cated says:

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  • A & C says:

    what happens if you put to much

  • Aleke Akou says:

    thank you

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