Is Apple Cider Vinegar A Miracle Cure?

Is Apple Cider Vinegar A Miracle Cure?

Gross. I hope this works. Hey there health nuts and internet crazers,
Trace here for DNews. There are broad claims regarding the efficacy of apple cider vinegar’s
power to curb appetite, burn fat, cure rashes, stop heartburn, bring down fever, and cure
asthma, treat wounds, reduce the effects of aging, and even cure diseases like cancer!
Is this a miracle drug?! No. It’s not. But… that doesn’t mean it’s bunk.
what is it/how it’s made Vinegar is a derivative of alcoholic beverages.
To make their bottled delights, winemakers ferment grapes with yeast. The yeast eat sugar
from the grapes and poop out alcohol! Yum! To make vinegar is the same, but acetobacter
bacteria is added to wine! The bacteria eats the alcohol and poops out acetic acid. Acetic
acid is what make vinegar, vinegar! The word vinegar comes from French for sour wine, although
it can be made from wine, beer, rice, or other fermentables like wood. Apple cider vinegar
is made with — you guessed it, double fermented apple cider. Apples to hard cider to apple
cider vinegar. Personal note: why did y’all mess up a good thing?
what’s special about it? According to the USDA apple cider vinegar
contains none of the vitamins A, B6, C, E, or K, and no niacin, riboflavin, thiamin,
pantothenic acid or folate. What it DOES contain, according to the FDA, is a minimum of 4% acetic
acid, and a lot of water. This means vinegar (or acetic acid) likely won’t make you thinner,
and there’s no scientific support of it as a skin toner. And when Medscape General Medicine conducted
a review of the research on vinegar, they found it was not recommended as an anti-infectious
medicine orally or topically, and probably doesn’t fight hypertension. And in terms of
its cancer-fighting claims, while it did shrink leukemia cells and tumors in lab experiments,
but that affect hasn’t been shown in humans at all.
does acetic acid have any special properties (yes)
Now a 2015 study in PlosONE did find small concentrations of acetic acid can help reduce
bacterial growth on surfaces and PubChem lists acetic acid as having mild antibacterial and
antifungal properties, which is why vinegar can be used as a mild household cleanser…
But putting vinegar on your face is probably not the best idea. Pimples are bacterial infections
of the sebaceous glands, so it might decrease bacterial load there. However, it’s not recommended
by any real scientific research. Though, I did find a 1916 book for nurses that recommended
vinegar as a treatment for acne, but it also advised putting mercury on your face.
so what about ingesting vinegar? Drinking vinegar was studied far more often.
Acids are known boosters of mineral absorption, so a tiny bit of vinegar on a green leafy
salad can help our digestive systems absorb more calcium from the leaves than we would
naturally! And, a 2004 study of 11 people with Type 2 diabetes found when participants
consumed a tiny bit of vinegar they had higher sensitivity to insulin — that’s a good thing.
And though this study was too small to generalize to all humans, research is ongoing and is
really positive! The thing is, don’t drink too much. Vinegar is an acid and will damage
the throat and stomach lining and erode teeth. There’s a reason it’s diluted. And speaking
of deluded… if you leave vinegar alone, the same bacteria that fermented the alcohol
to turn it to vinegar will eventually grow a massive colony — which some call a mother.
Yep, acetobacter bacteria grows into kombucha, eventually. There you go crunchy greeny birkenstock-wearers…
go be friends. wrap
Look, swapping vinegar into salads and foods instead of using creams or salts will not
only help you suck in more minerals but keeps you from eating unhealthy stuff! Win-win! but if you’re interesting in drinking the
pre-made ACV derivative, kombucha, maybe you should learn about that first in this video
WTF is Kombucha? Have you tried this? Are you against it?
YT tell us in the comments…


  • Roger O'Day says:

    The the FDA, the same outfit who gave us Viox then took it away after it killed people.
    The same outfit who has given us metformin, and is not considering taking it off the market because it kills people.
    The same outfit that continues to approve Pharma drugs that end of killing patience, is telling me there are no real health benefits to Apple Cider Vinegar?
    Hmmm, Could it be there's no money in it?
    I took it for gout at the behest of my doctor. It worked, almost immediately.
    My blood sugar went down when I started taking it?
    Acid that eats Stomach lining? You don't here the FDA telling us not to drink Mountain Dew. I love Mountain Dew, but it's the most acidic soft drink on the market.
    When it comes to my health, The last people I'm going to listen to are the people at the FDA. Or the Dept. of Health and Human Services.
    I don't know about all the claims but don't tell me it's harmful, citing the FDA as your authority. They are bankrolled.

  • Sigh Willy says:

    My great grandfather was a chiropracter, and drank vinegar in water, with some honey, & baking soda twice a day, and used vinegar on his face, hair, and used it as a mouth rinse, & a de-tox soaking his feet in it with 3parts water.. And he lived to be 108yrs old. And had all his hair, teeth, xlnt memory, and walked 2-3 miles a day at 108 yrs, and looked 65 when he transitioned in his sleep of natural causes. He wrote 8 books on his beliefs as a chiropracter, and using herbs, water, vinegar & many other natural foods to heal/re-align wellness with his clients body. Also he was a hypnotherapist.. and he also believed what we believe about something we are doing has alot of effect on the results a person has. Science is based on facts.. which are constantly changing, & updating. I personally believe we have the natural ability to heal = to regenerate our own bodies we live in/inhabit 24/7. And we should know ourself better than anyone else, Dr's included. As we become more self-aware, we will all be our own physician. I am at that place now.. & currently 77yrs young, and pass for 45, and have not been to a Dr in over 50yrs. I believe the more aware/awake we become the more self-empowered we are… and the vinegar or whatever is only acting as a catalyst, or placebo effect if you believe it will work.. it will. And you can believe this man, or any other "authority figure" for 'your' body.. until you take responsibility for YOURSELF. And feel your own Empowerment. Namaste.. 🙂

  • Murhaf says:

    I tried the Apple veniger and it helped a lot ..

  • Muso Man says:

    wish apple cider vinegar would cure this guys annoying voice.

  • Felisha Mc says:

    SHOOT so much BS on applecider blaaaa oh well move on

  • Breathmedia Breathmedia says:

    False information!

  • Hello :D says:

    Here for the comments? Don't waste your time. Overview of the most common comments: "… Big-pharma…", "… You don't know what you're talking about… Organic…. Toxins… Bragg's" and "… It worked for me… (some story that doesn't support the assertion)".

  • S S says:

    I used Braggs apple cider vinegar topically on some broken capillaries on my feet for about a week, and they faded to almost gone! It DOES work topically!

  • Basil White says:

    He is totally one sided, I give it thumbs down. Apple side vinegar is unit fungal, bacteria big time. I have experienced it myself.

  • Naveena Ellisetty says:

    Can this cure scars??

  • luminor007 says:

    Poor video… far superior information elsewhere on the proven results to cure many symptoms. Funny guy but not very helpful.

  • DesolatorMagic says:

    I thought it was nonsense but it really does completely stop seasonal allergies for about 2 hours.  I take it in pill form since it tastes like complete crap.

  • Nasaem Rani says:

    I heard it is good on moles.



  • tcampbell2186 says:

    This was total hogwash and I believe the FDA does not want us to know the full healing properties. There is only one brand that I know even making the stuff the right way. BRAGG here's the real deal… I healed cyclic acne over a month by drinking a splash in a glass of water first thing in the morning and before bed. Also used it in a cotton ball to tone my face after washing it with a mild popular cleanser. During this time my eczema began to heal within 2 days and drinking it before bed helped me sleep like a baby.

  • mshomefire mom mondays says:

    science spits out hypothesis as truth. truth is this is a natural cure which big Fama can't control.

  • Thomas Loughnane says:

    I wouldn't believe anything the FDA has to say, , their pro the big pharmaceutical companies, which are the biggest killers with their killer drugs

  • oduro daniele kyei boahen says:

    really dude… no wonder on your t-shirt its written" science rules everything around you"…. i think you need to try this natural God giving substance and stop misleading people…

  • Fernando Shine says:

    NEVER naturally treat an ailment at home! Fork all your cash over to the medical industry says the dumb fuck and all his jabber in the video above! Apple cider vinegar cures plenty but it's prefered you think otherwise. Shhhh the billion dollar medical giants would never want you to figure out how to help yourselves! Nope! Make an appointment with your Doc ASAP instead!

  • Si says:

    Definitely work on warts… so I guess that's bullshit.

  • roman mierzwa says:

    on klamie

  • Hanna Lulu says:

    Unbelievable, I can't accept this.

  • Jay JC says:

    It is a very essential element.. The drugs prescribed by doctor, which cud nt cure my allergies, this simple ACV with mother (Bragg) cured my vigorous allergies, helped to relieve pimples, helped relieved constipation & is very effective for any cut, wound or infection as a diluted form… This video is 100000000 thumbs dislike!! Bullshit!

  • GreenTRC1 says:

    Do lemon balm

  • Cain. D says:

    so which is what? good or no good for many has say its good with

  • Alex 18 says:

    so you're supposed to drink it for skin problems if any?

  • clean diet says:

    Combucha is not safe

  • Audrina Duval says:

    here's a great book on ACV it has about 121 different recipes! Check it out if it interests you

  • whitebird77 says:

    if acv is bad, then nothing is good anymore.

  • I z says:

    I dont believe this at all.. AVC helped me tons.. I don't even know where to begin….

  • On the move says:

    Apple cider vinegar is amazing!! You don't know what you're talking about.

  • Arshad Khan says:

    was this video was sponsored by pharmaceuticals company 😂😂😂

  • R3drift says:

    I dont care what Corporations say, this stuff is magic. Lets just say it cured allot of things. ALLOT (it has to be apple cider vinegar raw w/mother)

  • R3drift says:

    I have bad recurring gout and this is the cure, medicines rx by docs are useless, this is the real deal.

  • M. S. BitEth says:

    What a bunch of bull shit. DO not believe anything in this video! It's an amazing for the human body. This guy is a paid shill by the FDA. Or a compeletly deluded paid journalist that would be better off dead.

  • sifis flisk says:

    He is a looser… no idea about acv with mother the unpasteurized Natural organic … what a looser


    what then? go to the doctor and get prescription drugs ? Hell no!

  • Straingelove says:

    Whatever. Acv is awesome.

  • Eldelezgon says:

    Comments section gave me cancer.

  • william Freedman says:

    if you want real info on apple cider vin. look up this video title on the bennifits. cpoy and past in search bar ( The REAL Reason Apple Cider Vinegar Works for Losing Weight – MUST WATCH! )

  • Ivy says:

    Very untrue. I have been using BRAGGS raw Apple cider for years.
    1. Cures sore throats and colds
    2. Heals hives
    3. Balances PH levels in the body
    4. Don't trust the FDA

  • Akedah says:

    We know who you work for.

  • Macz says:

    Appreciate video content! Excuse me for butting in, I would appreciate your thoughts. Have you considered – Parlandealey Impetigo Goodbye Process (do a search on google)? It is an awesome exclusive product for learning how to cure Impetigo without the hard work. Ive heard some incredible things about it and my good mate called Gray got great success with it.

  • Colakat22 says:

    I saw you drink undiluted acv, you're supposed to dilute it with water, tastes like white wine. As for the health benefits, I will update the results after one month of constant use.

  • MAGA MAN says:

    While I'm definitely not a fan of the big pharmaceutical companies (I see what kind of damage these people do every day), I have to say that most of the people in the comments here are idiots.

  • Shaikh Saad says:


  • Omar Moreno says:

    Heat hives: stay away from alcohol, perfume/cologne, and wheat flour!

    Drink apple cider vinegar with 8oz of water 2tlb spoon only . Do not exceed due to the acidity. Now drink 2 weeks, 3x a day with empty stomach. Rise morning, mid morning, afternoon! Heat HIVES FREE

  • humanyoda says:

    Improving one's insulin sensitivity can go a long way! So, if vinegar can do that, that's a wonderful thing.

  • Pink Lady says:

    You should use drinking straw for consuming apple cider vinegar, which can erode teeth's enamel.

  • Nancy Ceuleers says:

    hi, what if it contains sulfites? Is it bad, cause I wanna use it on my hair…

  • Liquidcherrry says:

    Well i use apple cider vinegar on my face all the time and its worked wonders……

  • IwannagoHOMEEE says:

    It's taken away a lot of problems I've had for years it also cured mine and my cats pink eye

  • Rafael Rabinovich says:

    It does work a drano for your stomach, and then a good night's sleep

  • Jessica Shields says:

    Helps me so much with mosquito bites and flea bites. I foster kittens so occasionally I get them when they are brand new to my home. I don't dilute it at all I just put it directly on my skin. I don't care if it's bad or good as long as it works at this point. I scratch in my sleep and it helps with that a lot. I have so many bug bite scars from scratching.

  • Herakles says:

    Listen to this guy, meanwhile tntousands of positive experiences drinking acv water and lemon

  • Bizzare77777 says:

    He's full of Pooh of the bull variety! I've always been able to prevent and cure UTI's by using 1 to two Tbls daily each time I experience the onset of symptoms. The other alternative has always been antibiotics which I do not prefer.

  • Ms. Charlie says:

    Why you hating on vinegar. We know it's acidic bruh but you promoting the science that negates natural remedies for a reason… whose yo daddy?

  • Mo Fo says:

    Got rid of my heart burn

  • Ryan Rothschild says:

    im for it..its reduced my hives significantly. also slightly relieved my eczema. there a lot of testimonials too if you do research. surely anecdotal experience cannot lie.

  • Dr. Mond says:

    Apple cider vinegar diluted 1:2 (50ml vinegar : 100ml water) is diuretic and inhibits appetite at the central nervous system level. Drink it after lunch and you won't be hungry until next morning, while getting rid of excess liquid in your body.

  • banstaman says:

    Wait, fat people were just looking for an easy way out to lose weight? Imagine my shock.

  • 4 Fake says:

    Yes. It is a miracle cure.

  • VSpider11 says:

    It is well known that the FDA will condone any thing as long as they get the $$$, after all, they allow fluoride and many other horrible chemicals to be added to our foods. I have used apple cider vinegar with the mother in the past and it helped me with a couple of simple things, having said that, do a little bit more research on what you want to use it for, trust your instinct, remember too much of a good thing can be BAD, also, know that you are an expert at one thing YOUR OWN BODY! After all, you have had it your whole life, still, if you are in doubt or not getting results it may be time for you to defer to an expert in the medical field. Take care of you, and most important Love yourself! 😀

  • Ed says:

    This guy looks a little bit like Mark Ruffalo.

  • Lisette Garcia says:

    I'm using acv on my arm because it said that it cures ringworms. Hope it works!

  • Martin Wallace says:

    I was getting a lot of arthritis pain in my fingers. Sure, ibuprufen would take it away, but then give me a pain in the stomach. (I have a sensitive spot in my duodenum, actually.) I tried taking a tablespoon of ACV daily, diluted 1:3 in water – arthritic pain stopped within two weeks, and only came back when I got slack and didn't take ACV for a few weeks. Back on ACV, and have been pain-free for months. And no side effects. Just remember: always dilute it to avoid burning the throat, and keep it away from your teeth (it eats enamel.) I always rinse my mouth after drinking it. I saw a science program on TV which suggested its effect on arthritis might have to do with anti-inflammatory properties of acetates, formed in the body from acetic acid. Well, maybe. I just say to people with arthritic pain: look, try it. It's cheap, and harmless if used as I suggest. At worst you waste $5 if it doesn't work.

  • Debbie Riddle says:

    Haven't had a sinus infection, or a cold for that matter, in years…Also lost almost 20 lbs when I had used it for about 4 months without trying. I take 2 tbs twice a day…Love it! I also pour it on my greens…all of them. Good stuff. As long as they make it, I'll take it every day. No more antibiotics for those nasty sinus infections…that's proof enough for me.

  • WE OBEY JESUS says:

    Some people drink urine for health. Vinegar never seemed like such a good choice lol.

    If vinegar killed cancer in labs I would say it works in people.

  • boris jovanovic says:

    I've been investigating treating ringworm at home and discovered an awesome resource at Chassy Ring Remedy (google it if you are interested)

  • Shivam Sharma says:

    Is it working in urtekeria

  • Victoria Pelaez says:

    I drink my ACV in a small plastic cup then I add water in my mouth with the ACV at the same time, then I swallow. Then I’ll continue drinking water. 🤗

  • Rodgers Chilemba says:

    You are not saying the truth…I have used apple cider vinegar for three weeks now and my 15 year old jock itch has gone.

    what are you saying?

    It has also helped my wife to trim weight within 1 month.

  • Douglas Kipkoech says:

    It works on face man,,,

  • mlasko74 says:

    They are such full of shit here all over the place.

  • WorldTruthSociety says:

    Apple cider Vinegar feeds the probiotics in your stomach somebody tell this fucking idiot who thinks he knows everything. Just make sure it comes from an organic farm so it doesn't contain high levels of arsnic.

  • WorldTruthSociety says:

    I hate this channel and I especially hate this guy, I hope I am not the only person who sees all the propaganda and fake science in this channel of shit.

  • Imran Khan says:

    May be FDA want to promote medicine for every illness,,, i had skin tag on my faces went to doctor they advise for surgery and one day i came to know about vinager just applied 3days on tag miracle happen no skin tag…

  • kennyw says:

    Vinegar, or glacial acetic acid (3-9% by vol.) CH3CO2H, is no magical cure for anything, unless you have otitis externa or live in Africa.

  • Ahmed Heiba says:

    actually I had discoid eczema which is numrous eczema as single spot coin shape on my wrist .. it was driving me crazy I used sc cortisol and topical antibiotics and cortisol every fucken thing but nothing happened .. so I used Apple viniger for just 6 days and eczema was Dickensian vanished as if it never happened .. this is my experience with it and I wasted 5 minutes of my life to share it with you

  • JustJess says:

    Hmmm that’s interesting how I’ve used it for many different conditions and it has worked miracles for me and everyone else I’ve used it on and all whom I’ve suggested as a treatment for different ailments have also had tremendous success…anywhere from completely curing the condition to significantly improving it…not to mention all of the hundreds of people I’ve personally read testimonies from expressing their disbelief, for how amazingly well this simple cheap easy to find substance has worked for them and their loved ones!
    Now keep in mind that I Only use and only suggest using ORGANIC BRAGGS ACV & YES Always “with the mother” even if it’s not BRAGGS organic and with the mother is a must and yes like everything else don’t overuse it, use moderation common sense as well as ALWAYS DO A VERY THOROUGH RESEARCH OF YOUR OWN…NEVER JUST BELIEVE WHAT YOU HEAR, DO YOUR DUE DILIGENCE…ALWAYS check if whatever it is you want to take natural or not have any interactions with any drugs and or supplements that you may be taking, as well as food interactions and even interactions with specific conditions you may be dealing with. Take responsibility for your own health and be sure to always cross all your t’s and dot all of your i’s.

  • Faith Peace says:

    Selling Kombucha tea. Lol.

  • Belinda Kennedy says:

    How much are you getting paid to down grade the stuff?

  • Lisa Medlin says:

    It works for back- knee and hip pain.
    Organic only and only in a glass jar.

  • Rimel Calicdan says:

    I use acv to wash my ass

  • guess who says:

    Apple cider vinger was the only thing that would clear my intestine a beliver

  • bixntram says:

    You didn't mention anything about the potassium content, which is the main healthy ingredient. Why not, I wonder? Sorry you had to make a face in the beginning. I actually find the taste rather pleasant and helps me to drink more water. This is true only of Bragg's (no, I don't work for them); another locally made brand I tried, didn't taste very good.

  • Rohman Shafi says:

    stfu and stop mileading people .,. i have been using acv for over a year and its more than a miracle so stfuuuuuu

  • Shizzy x says:

    hi santiago barba and it's your tia alma

  • golddiggers & FAT women disgust me says:

    So does Braggs Apple cider vinegar contain any alcohol?

  • Steven Kennedy says:

    A friend had cancer that he beat over 20 years ago. Has been drinking a tea spoon of Apple cider vinegar every morning before his coffee for over 20 years and the Cancer has not come back.

  • Ernest ebai eyong says:


  • petrol devo says:

    A friend of mine told me that virgin olive oil on std warts gets rid of them. I'm just not sure how long to apply. He said he stumbled acrost this by masterbating with olive oil. I guess this is good to know if you get this.

  • Kyla Johnston says:

    It doesn't cure it. It prevents it. Cancer can't thrive in alkaline enviroments. U guys are just trying to make a real natural remedy look like bullshit and we ain't buying it.

  • Abhirupa Samanta says:

    for me apple cider vinegar is a cure for swollen feets and legs.. so i can't leave my vinegar sorry.. and your video didnt impress me..

  • Philip Age says:

    It cleared my tinea versicolor

  • Keith Ranville says:

    For 2 weeks I have been using ACV and he said its bunky? I then must be imagining that my HBP diabetes getting better, aches and pain going away and my tummy getting flatter

  • Truther Asitis says:

    Well Americans are the biggest liars and decivers in this EARTH.Do OPPOSITE to what they say.

  • More4less 24seven says:

    Vinegar shrinks cuts by making them pucker. They gave Jesus Christ our Lord King and Savior vinegar mingled with gall (myrrh). As a pain killer while he was on the cross.
    The good Samaritan put "wine and oil" into the wounds of the injured man he helped.
    When "science" ignores history, it's just propaganda.
    Combucha is from Egypt not "Asia"

  • More4less 24seven says:

    When "science" ignores history, it's just propaganda.
    Combucha is from Egypt not "Asia"

  • back2reality says:

    haha screw you and your false research we have proof of many people who have been cured of all sorts of diseases
    i even used it to cure a friend who had warts, he wasted his money with all these so called doctors with nonsense creams that are bad for your organs was still not able to get rid of them
    ACV has been used for many thousands of years to cure people
    news and media are only good at suppressing the truth from the masses
    but the truth always prevails.

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