Intravenous Vitamin C for Terminal Cancer Patients

Intravenous Vitamin C for Terminal Cancer Patients

“Intravenous Vitamin C for
Terminal Cancer Patients” In 1975 a remarkable case was
reported of a 42-year old man suffering from a malignant form
of non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma, who experienced a dramatic
regression of the cancer after being given large doses
of vitamin C intravenously. He seemed cured so they
stopped the vitamin C and the cancer came
surging back, so they restarted
the vitamin C, apparently inducing a complete
second remission. Now sometimes cancer does
just spontaneously regress— it’s rare,
but not unheard of, so one could argue that
the first remission was spontaneous, it was
just a coincidence that it happened just when
they started the vitamin C. But given the trajectory
the cancer was on, followed by
rapid remission, followed by the relapse
when the vitamin C was stopped followed by a second
remission once restarted does strongly suggest the vitamin C
had something to do with it. Now multiple spontaneous
regressions do exist. There was a recent
case, for example, of a woman with
cervical cancer, apparently cured with
radiation and chemo, but when the
cancer came back, she refused further
treatment, yet the tumors disappeared
on their own, and then came back,
and then disappeared, then came back, and
then disappeared, then came back,
and then disappeared for a fourth
spontaneous remission. And that was with no
apparent treatment at all. So it’s possible this
vitamin C case is just a crazy
coincidence fluke, and the vitamin C
didn’t help at all. You never know until
you put it to the test. So these researchers enlisted
the help of Linus Pauling, considered the greatest
chemist of the 20th century, who was known to be
interested in vitamin C. If he couldn’t get funding,
nobody could get funding, and he couldn’t
get funding. They went to the National
Cancer Institute with promising data on
the first 40 cancer patients they treated with
vitamin C and asked that they carry out a
randomized double blind trial, meaning take a group of
incurable cancer patients for which we have
nothing more to offer, randomly split them up
into two groups and infuse one group
with vitamin C and the other with
something just like saline, basically water, and see who lives
longest? Neither the patient nor the
doctors would know who got which to eliminate
bias and placebo effects. And they went back year
after year after year asking for grants
to study it themselves if the National Cancer Institute
wasn’t going to do it. And they got rejected year,
after year, after year. So they scraped up whatever
funds they could find and did their best
with what they had and published their
famous findings in 1976. They didn’t have a
controlled trial, but by that point, they
had treated a 100 terminal cancer patients
with vitamin C, and so they compared
their progress to that of a thousand
similar patients who did not get
vitamin C. For each patient treated
with vitamin C they found ten patients about the same age
with the same kind of cancer that had been treated
at the same hospital but without the vitamin C
infusions. This is what they found. Let’s look at breast
cancer for example. Here’s the survival curve
for terminal breast cancer— remember these were all
terminal cancer patients. As you can see,
in the control group, within 100 days, more than 80%
of the women were dead, but in the vitamin C group,
half were still alive nearly a year later. They had women with terminal
breast cancer still alive 2,270 days later
and still counting. The control groups for all
the different cancers did predictably bad,
with the vast majority dead within one to two
hundred days; while the vitamin C
treated patients appeared to do
substantially better. All in all, the
average survival time was four times as great
for the vitamin C subjects more than 200 days
compared to only 50 days for the controls. The results, they conclude,
clearly indicate that this simple and safe form of
medication is of definite value in the treatment of patients
with advanced cancer. So that was 1976.
What happened? Critics understandably
attacked the study for using after-the-fact
controls. You could see how this
could introduce bias. If you consciously or unconsciously
chose control group patients who were sicker than your
treatment group patients, they would die sooner
than your patients, but it would have nothing
to do with the treatment, the control group folks would just
have started out in a worse place. And indeed there’s evidence
that that’s what happened— a full 20% of the control
group died within a few days after being
declared terminal compared to none in
the treatment group, which really does
sound fishy. But the trial was successful
in finally convincing the National Cancer Institute
to fund randomized controlled trials performed by the prestigious
Mayo clinic no less. What did they find…? We’ll find out next.


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    Interesting stuff, but what about placebo? Must play a role to a degree, unless they are injecting water into the other patients or something.

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    Anticipation….it's makin' me wait.

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    Well, it's a good thing I'm already taking my Vitamin C daily… through supplements. And fruit. And I'm eating my spinach, walnuts, peanuts, and blackberries daily as well.
    God willing, if something's going to kill me, it won't be cancer.

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    If it improves their lifespan and standard of living, should healthy people supplement with it?

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    "Vitamins" are mythical. ascorbic acid and sodium ascorbate are powders
    Sodium ascorbate is produced by dissolving ascorbic acid in water and adding an equivalent amount of sodium bicarbonate in water. Ascorbic acid is a naturally occurring organic compound with antioxidant properties. It is a white solid, but impure samples can appear yellowish. It dissolves well in water to give mildly acidic solutions.
    Whatever it is, it certainly isn't oranges!

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    oh god, maybe it's vitamin c. we don't see as much cancer from animals and we are the ones with missing vitamin c synthesis.

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    +amdg+ the study emphasized intravenous application, not digested in pill or powder form +pax Christi!+

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    Great video but I am a bit against the cliff hanger for the sheer fact that so many people look for anything that could help save a loved one . Im not new and I know already what most likely will be the result because I watched you a long time but someone just finding your videos may hesitate or forget to check back and maybe miss an important way to help a loved one . I hope that makes sense .

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    Cancer is a cellular imbalance,it never goes away once you have it,unless you make a complete dietary change…complete. You must cold turkey stop eating junk food,fast food,snacks;in exchange for all vegetative diet,preferably organic. Once the cancer has been in remission for at least 6 months,then you can reincorporate meats in your diet,but….meats must be lean cuts only,and very small portions. the meats must be prepared through boiling,electric grilling and or steaming.

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    IMPORTANT!!!!!! anyone who has not gotten his new book yet…it is wayyyy worth it,, excellent book, actually out of all the doctors books I have gotten, which is all, this is the best by far….thankyou Dr. Greger

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    wtf dude got me hanged with fucking nutrition ressearch

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    They say liposomal vitamin C is even more effective than IV therapy.  Any thoughts on that?

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    Wait a minute don't leave me hanging like this!

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    Dr. Mike, you're such a tease! :p

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    oh come on, Dr G!!! Normally you provide something useful and interesting in every divided video. Except for a truncated lesson in the history of vitamin C against cancer, this was just a sour tease.

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    I'm sure I read somewhere that we ALL get cancer approximately six times in our lives and our bodies' immune systems deal with this, so we don't develop the full disease…

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    10 years ago the australian royal college of radiologists published a paper showing how chemotherapy's ABSOLUTE benefit rate is less than 3%, making it significantly less effective overall than placebo.

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    Nothing found in nature will EVER be funded…..can't be patented and can't make anybody rich.  Thank God for Dr's like you telling us lay people the truth.

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    Why are getting strung along. Is your viewership suffering ? Or are you running out of material. can you do one on medical cannabis ?

  • mark smith says:

    Why are getting strung along. Is your viewership suffering ? Or are you running out of material. can you do one on medical cannabis ?

  • britDarbyshire says:

    We will all be vitamin C addicts til next week!

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    For those who can't wait, you can google "High-Dose Vitamin C versus Placebo in the Treatment of Patients with Advanced Cancer Who Have Had No Prior Chemotherapy — A Randomized Double-Blind Comparison" and read the report.

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    Oh my gosh the cliffhangers are ridiculous did not see this one coming. Love the videos!

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    Thanks for the vital information. Further, as per research: Top foods highest in Vitamin C are: Pappaya, Bell Peppers, Brocolli, Brussels Sprouts, Strawberries, Pineapple and Oranges.

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    What do you guys think of liposomal vitamin C?

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    You dirty dog! Looking forward to part 2. 🙂

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    "7th January 2016: Dr. Gregor dies suddenly from a mysterious illness of unknown origin, it is believed it had to do with his alternative medicine and nutrition, foul play has been ruled out."

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    …..I think I am already getting a massive Vitamin C overdose with my crazy Vegan diet….he he

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    even if this is proven to be only 50% effective over various types of cancer which, and I'm only guessing here, would be just as good if not better then the established chemo and radiation treatments…if someone has documented info chime in I'm just being lazy. then why would it be so difficult to get funding for further research and put it on the table next to chemo and radiation? I think we all know the answer to that.

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    Happy healthy new year doc. I knew vitamine C was healthy, but this is beyond all expectations.

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    and the answer is….. I will tell you next time.
    what crap is that.

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    Turd.. Cliff hanger! ;P

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    Since we're talking about the orthomolecular approach to fighting cancer, could you please make a video about keto diets (like the one Thomas Seyfried suggests) fighting cancer? He calls cancer a metabolic disease. Thanks!

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    WHAT?! What did they find?! I need to know!

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    Dr. G a TV show-but then after the general public views this knowledge=lesss sick people -less medical profits.

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    Kind of sad that if this was having such a great effect on treatment that some patients were being left out as the control group

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    is the real 100 % natural vitamine C used or only ascorbic acid ?

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    As long as big Pharma and big Hospitals and big doctors make no great amount of funds with vitamin-C therapy, it will never be accepted as a great viable inexpensive treatment for cancer !

  • Tigger O says:

    I really thought that THIS TIME 'Dr' Greger was not talking through a hole in his backside. Sadly, he continues to do exactly that.

    It only took me 30 minutes to discover a report submitted to the Journal of Oncological Science Volume 1, on January 2016, (Pages 10-12) which clearly states:

    " ..for now, THERE IS NO CLEAR EVIDENCE THAT HIGH DOSE VITAMIN C IS BENEFICIAL IN THE TREATMENT OF CANCER. (my caps) Although favourable results have been achieved in some laboratory and animal studies, these assertions have not been supported by clinical studies. With the studies conducted, ascorbic acid administered intravenously made it possible to reach higher concentrations in the blood.
    Based on this, IV ascorbic acid is more likely to be more effective than oral administration. However, this effect has yet to be proven.
    In the ongoing studies, researchers are focused on whether IV ascorbic acid may enhance the effectiveness of other cancer treatment regimens such as chemotherapy and radiotherapy. At this point, it is possible to benefit from it, to a certain extent. However, it is better to abstain from this treatment, considering the potential side effects, until the completion of the studies and until its benefits (if any) is clearly demonstrated."

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    Damn i take 2000mg a day


    Scientists should create a catalog of molecules from many different forms of organic matter and identify a degree of beneficial or neutral as well as even harmful molecules which could then be used 2 identify in any ill Bodied being which type of molecule is running to this degree of toxicity creating the illnesses and then once mapped and traced the remedies of which type of opposing molecule required could be used to heal the being

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    So you have to keep taking the vitamin C to live?

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    WHY DO THEY KEEP SAYING “ CANCER CAME BACK?” The cancer NEVER LEFT! It’s the “ CANCER STEMS” that’s left there and wasn’t killed, that’s why the cancer manifested. The parents of the cancer “ Cancer stems” are STILL THERE. There is no such thing as “ Cancer comes back” people need to stop saying that! 🤦🏾‍♀️

  • Transpower says:

    The Riordan Clinic has done thousands of successful treatments of terminal ill patients with IV C. Dr. Greger appears to be an allopathic physician in disguise. Allopathy involves cutting, burning, and poisoning patents. In contrast, naturopathy involves aiding the body's own healing mechanisms from the outside with supplements and nutrients.

  • Ant says:

    I have cystic fibrosis I been trying to get doctors to give me 50 grams vitmin c in iv but they will only give me at the most 10 grams. Becuaee they think I will over does So I did it myself looked online how to do this on utube inject in vien .I bought all the stuff I needed.i then gave myself 50 grams = 50,000 mg and I feel so good I'm going to do this every day for 2 weeks then back off maybe just take tablet from but I have had 3 injections so far and every time my lungs are better . I love this stuff

  • Tony Maldonado says:

    I’ve completed my 2nd session of 50 grams of Vitamin C IV.

    Prostate 13 Mets bone cancer.

    Decided against Chemo to add so I was told 3 months to a year longer to live.

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