Intermittent Fasting: 7 More Things You Should Know – 2019

Intermittent Fasting: 7 More Things You Should Know – 2019

hey this is dr. Barry I am a family physician with 20 years of medical practice under my belt and today I would like to discuss with you more things that you should know about fasting before you begin intermittent fasting these are seven more things that you should know and I already have a part one of this video that you can check out it’ll pop up here here close to the end of this video if you haven’t seen that one yet so fasting is very powerful it’s very natural it’s very ancient it’s safe in every way all major religions at one point in their history had fasting as a major part of the religion not all religions do this today but all of them did in the past and you know we think that maybe it was part of the sacrifice or part of the giving up things but in reality looking back it probably had a lot to do with trying to be as healthy and as active and as vigorous as possible so if you know someone who’s thinking about implementing some intermittent fasting into their lifestyle if someone’s already doing a ketogenic diet and they need to go or want to go to the next level then please consider sharing this video with them you can click the share button right down there and share it on Facebook Twitter Instagram email text smoke signal whatever you method you’d like to use now let’s jump into these seven things and this is actually the next seven things you should know before you try intermittent fasting so number one on this list is that fasting is not the same thing as calorie restriction and so the most modern diets will tell you to cut back on the amount of food that you eat each day and to eat multiple small meals and what that does is it keeps your blood sugar chronically high if you’re eating every two to four hours you have a blood sugar spike every time you do that and it keeps your insulin chronically high and that’s going to turn off your body’s ability to burn fat for fuel which is if you’re trying to lose any weight at all that’s your goal is to burn fat and so fasting is complete different than calorie restriction and it works much better for fat burning number two you might have withdrawals if you’ve been used to eating every two to four hours and then you try to fast for more than that length of time you may very likely have withdrawal symptoms this doesn’t mean that fasting is bad for you or you shouldn’t do it or you should give up it means that you’re addicted to sugar and carbohydrates or maybe even just the act of eating multiple times a day eating every two to four hours is not ancestrally natural for human beings we’ve never done that in our past only within the last 50 or 60 years has that superstition come to be considered normal and so if you have these withdrawal symptoms just like if you’re withdrawing from caffeine or nicotine or any other addictive thing they’ll pass in two to four weeks just slowly but surely increase your amount of time you fast each day and you’ll be very happy with the results number three fasting might cause something called Auto Fujii or another thing called my toffee G so otology is your body’s natural superpower when you’re not eating your body starts to break down old damaged cells all over your body in your skin everywhere and your intestines in your liver and your muscles in your bones if you have an old worn-out cell your body will actually break down that cell and use all of its parts to make new healthy vigorous cells the same thing happens for your mitochondria which are considered the powerhouses of inside your cells and so you’ll start to actually break down old damaged mitochondria and use the parts to make new vigorous about a con mitochondria which is a very good thing trust me you want that number four is you will naturally increase your testosterone and your human growth hormone in a good way and this is this goes for both men and women we all of us have an optimal range of testosterone and human growth hormone as you get older these hormones naturally will begin to wane but fasting will help to return them to more youthful levels which is also a very good thing so people pay hundreds if not thousands of dollars every month for testosterone injections and human growth hormone injections you can actually get the benefits of both of these for free by intermittent fasting number five is that your skin will get better whether it’s acne for either as a teenager or as an adult whether it’s eczema whether it’s psoriasis whether it’s some other inflammatory skin condition it’s going to get better the more you fast you know I’ve seen this happen hundreds of times in my clinical practice it’s also happened in my personal experience I used to have quite severe rosacea and when I implemented a ketogenic diet plus intermittent fasting I now have no signs of rosacea whatsoever number six your depression your anxiety your OCD your PTSD will most likely get better again in my clinical practice with thousands and thousands of patients I’ve seen multiple patients who were on medication for depression for anxiety for PTSD for OCD for a DD it gets better or less severe however you want to look at it when you fast when you do an set amount of hours of intermittent fasting in your diet every day all of these chronic mental issues which many many professionals are now starting to think are probably inflammatory in nature get better number seven you will burn more fat and so if you’re trying to lose weight you’re not really trying to lose bone you’re not really trying to lose muscle fasting intermittent fasting preserves your bone density it preserves your muscle mass it’s selectively targets stored energy on your body which is fat so you actually will burn more fat when you implement anywhere from 16 to 22 hours of intermittent fasting into your daily routine so if you want to lose some weight there’s yeah the ketogenic diet is very powerful for that but if you want to take it to the next level then implement some intermittent fasting into your regimen and watch the fat slowly but surely disappear because your body will be burning it up for energy now if you enjoyed this video please take one second and click that subscribe button right down there and there’s a little Bell button right beside you click yet so that every time I have a bright idea you’ll be one of the very first to know and also if you’d like to share this video you click the share button and then follow the instructions alright this is dr. berry I’ll see you next time


  • KenDBerryMD says:

    Learn more about fasting here:

  • My Life Now says:

    Hello, I just found your Channel, are you saying to eat 1 meal a day?

  • bit ang says:

    I have a few questions. I do not want to lose weight I am happy with my 172lbs/78kg. How many times should I fast a week(with keto)? Should I eat more on the non-fasting days?

  • Hyeonju Kim says:

    Is keto diet safe for proteinuria patient?I'm worried if this diet damages the kidney worse.

  • Lovre Lagator says:

    My blood presure is 111/93 HMG and my doctor is prescribing me tablets Dr bery help

  • Brian Corcoran says:

    Dr Berry, do you have any other tops other than V neck?

  • Oldesouth Farm says:

    I had always felt eating breakfast made me hungry all day. Now I eat once a day feel great at 60 and down 30 pounds! Love your videos Dr Berry!

  • Robert Kreamer says:

    Good review if the benefits I did lose the weight and I feel years younger
    But here is question perhaps the community can answer
    Every morning upon waking and getting up the top of my head itches like crazy for about an hour then subsides and no issue for most part all day …. it has me stumped anybody else experience this phenomenon?

  • Jonathan Hall says:

    Has Dr Ken mislaid one of his ear pieces?

  • Dave Winters says:

    Why am I a Dr. Berry Patreon? The entire health industry, drive by profit, profits from your Ill Heath. Dr Berry has chosen to “take the other road” a very risky decision personally and professionally. Thank you Dr. Berry.

  • john rozmiarek says:

    I'm a big believer in Keto/IF. I started September 1st 2018. I'm down from 360 to 231 right now. My question for the hive mind, should IF be done every day? If it is done everyday, doesn't ones body get too use to it?

  • Kate says:

    Tried your coffee recipe with butter and salt: it's delicious and i prefer it to coffee with double cream! Cheers from the UK.

  • Linda Leslie says:

    Excellent information! I always enjoy your content and always share with my friends!

  • Kate says:

    Dr Berry – Please do a video on heavy periods and ovarian cysts – i have a 4 inch ovarian cyst that needs shrinking.

  • Carol R says:

    I've been following your advice for about six weeks now and my blood sugars are on their way down! My morning fasting sugar used to be around 185 and this morning it was 116. I hope I'll be taken off both of my diabetes meds one day. I was afraid of missing a meal, but it's actually very easy. I'm not hungry until lunchtime now. What freedom I feel now!

  • jchigheagle says:

    Why do you wear that Blutooth device in your ear? Don't you know the radiation it produces can result in cancer?

  • Bradley Putnam says:

    Keto diet and fasting works great just stop eating sugar and starch and drink water instead of sweet tea or soda you will lose weight

  • Jimmy Browning says:

    Best forms of communication; smoke signals and carrier pigeon. lolol!!:-)

  • Trudy Adamson says:

    Have an 8 hr eating window, fasting for 14 hrs
    Dawn effect? Or what? Pounding pulse keeps waking me up
    How many drops & how often to use of the electrolyte drops?

  • Jay Cee says:

    I’ve had low testosterone for awhile and have been doing OMAD and it’s not really helping much….any tips to increase that? Thanks a bunch

  • Lela Peaveler says:

    Two medical conditions I would love for you to address in your videos.
    Can Keto help or cure Diverticulitis. Can Keto cause vaginal itching?
    Thank you.

  • joewger says:

    My doctor told me to eat more meals a day. Eating one meal gave me no hunger pains but I could not lose weight.

  • Patricia Takle says:

    Thanks. My Rosacea has been flaring a lot. I will try longer IF.

  • Marianne Browne says:

    Thanks Doc! Great information as usual👍

  • Laura Decker says:

    How long of a fast do u recommend? I'm lost! I know about 8 hour eating windows but how long should I not eat for all benefits u mentioned here?

  • SP says:

    Ken, I am a physician. I left a message last night regarding definition of prolonged fasting. You banned messages from my account. Please explain, why you did that? If that offended you in any way, please let me know. I will try not to do it in the future.

  • Vicki Incognito says:

    Anyone fast who is not on keto or low carb? I have done keto and low carb and the Uric acid spikes and I get gout. Having lupus, I lose weight but the pain level is through the roof. I have found eliminating dairy, sugar and snacking plus fasting works well but I would like to hear of any others with success without keto

  • Glen Carter says:

    Good video! no red cheeks and no sniffles ; you look and sound much better. I am fasting again after a 3 month hiatus but had lost 30kgs previously in 4 months and maintained weight for those 3 months. now going fo 20 more kgs and to clear my roseatia up as well and some exima as well. going carnivore has help with reduction in my joint pain and mine is severe. Just had one knee replaced with the second in December. Then the shoulder to follow but when i get all the carb leftovers out of the system the pain levels drop to manageable. Anyway Dr Jason Fung got me rolling on this fasting regiment and it is you guys that keep me trying so Thank you!

  • 4G12 says:

    Thanks so much for this video. What you mentioned about fasting improving mood really hit home. In my experience, I have discovered that I'm the kind of person where listening honestly to my own body tends to lead to optimal health outcomes, this explains why whenever I'm severely stressed and/or depressed, my default state in terms of diet is to choose NOT to eat. Turns out it's just my body's own defenses kicking in and instinctively knowing that fasting was the optimal course of action for the given circumstances.

  • Ponch O says:

    Hi Dr.Berry, any chance you can provide any advice on Keto rash. Ive been experiencing the keto rash for about a month now and its really uncomfortable. Any advice will be highly appreciated.

  • KORTOKtheSTRONG says:

    hey thanks. you were one of the people that got me into carnivore (with the exception of wine) and i've never felt better.

  • Nick Gray says:

    It is just so easy to do a 24hr after you are actually fat adapted (Keto or Carnivore) if you are insulin resistant/insensitive to insulin then it will be terrible because you’ll crash or have shakiness. To fight you cravings about wanting to eat or chew on something, just stay proactive not vigorously active just productive and drink plenty of water and a little pink salt. You can time it so that your next meal is about 2 hours after you wake up. Idk I can’t I till I’ve had 2 hours or so or stomach gets full too easy and sickening. Weird thing. Gray hairs at 30 are being replace back with black and my hair is filling out more towards my mid 20’s.

  • yolanda jerginson says:

    Why do people insist on mentioning religions fasting? Its completely irrelevant. It infers or implies religions are truthful. Let’s stick with data driven science and anthropological findings from 100+ thousands of years ago. I don’t give a shit that Jews, Christians, Muslims, Hindus or your mama fasts. Just the benefits please.

  • Gale Martin says:

    Is it possible to lose weight just doing intermittent fasting, one meal per day, without keto??

  • George EX says:

    If you want to lose weight, you will have to cut down on calories. "Intermittent fasting" helps you do that by reducing the amount of time you have to eat.

  • bloosman1 says:


  • Johan Johara says:

    Please help. What could cause severe vertigo, legs feeling extremely cold and sore 3 weeks into a strict Carnivore diet? I stopped the diet for now but I still feel so bad. I was feeling great doing OMAD with no restrictions for around 1 year, used to work out fasted every morning and do prolonged fasting as well, but right now after going Carnivore even though I was eating a lot, I feel so bad that I can barley leave the house without feeling dizzy and sick, could something dangerous have developed within only 3 weeks of maybe being deficient in nutrients while I was on carnivore? Where I live they don't have grass fed meat hence I was feeding on lower quality meats. I weigh 70 kg's, I'm in my early 20's and I'm quite fit.

  • Fritz Ziegler says:

    Always excellent information delivered well. Thank you for your work, Dr. Berry! And this video was amazingly fast-paced and efficient, a major plus.

  • Bernard Tan says:

    Is intermittent fasting still recommended for people below their ideal weight or BMI ? Won't "I.F." make them even more skinny ?

  • Kaeben says:

    intermittent fasting actually halts weight loss and can even make you gain weight.

  • Elhardt Real Estate says:

    You look like you’re growing younger! My wife and I are too – many thanks for your continued insight and support!

  • Lawson One says:

    Will my hair grow/thicken? Maybe?

  • Mayra Blanco says:

    Another great video! Thanks for all the information you continue to provide us with . . . Great day!

  • Mandy Slabbert says:

    Hi Dr Berry. Does a woman…in her 50's that is…need more testosterone…won't that make me more 'manly'?

  • Mandy Slabbert says:

    Dr Berry…please do a session on hormones and IF and keto…finding it all very confusing. Love the way you make things simple for us!

  • vikrant guleria says:

    Is intermediate fasting good for people with gerd? I read Jason Fung saying it might not be good for people with gerd.

  • craig wade says:

    Man! You look great! Testament to carnivore. Its working brother

  • Jennifer S says:

    😊Can your next video teach us how to send a smoke signal?
    😂Just kidding! You are an amazing teacher and so fun to listen to! ❤️ I love you Dr Berry!❤️

  • Cathy Jackson says:

    I’m confused about balancing the need for enough protein and intermittent fasting. I have a lot of weight to lose and if I fast any meal I feel I won’t get enough protein and my body will eat away and the muscles I do have. Could you clarify or point me to a video that will help me understand the balance?

  • madammim says:

    Autophagy Is My Superpower!
    We need that on a t-shirt…

  • Belinda Fernandez says:

    Thank you Dr. Berry for your weekly information. Could you please address why someone who has been fasting for the last 14 months for 16 to 18 hours for 5 to 6 days and also doing the Keto Diet, would still have an A1C of 125 to 150. I decided to fast and do the Keto because of my diabetes. I feel so frustrated. My weight was never the reason for doing fasting/Keto (I lost 10 lbs. and weigh 130).

  • Barb Snyder says:

    Dr Berry- does the same advice hold true for those of us already transitioning from Keto to Carnivore? Thank you for your awesome videos! You da man!

  • Ann Mullinax says:

    My husband has been a diabetic for 47 years (since 2). He’s a hard case to get him to diet. Either he snacks nonstop at night but does not eat breakfast. He needs to loose about 50 pounds, all from his stomach. Is there any diet you would recommend that I could phase in as meal plans?

  • Skip Herndon says:

    Enjoy your videos and this channel! Thanks for what you do.

  • Garion24601 says:

    Thanks Doc….Have lost 60 pounds (252-192) over the past 6 months, through a combination of things (cardio /calorie counting / intermittent fasting), and did notice my skin has really improved…had no idea fasting was a contributor to this.

  • Katherine says:

    Really useful! Another great content doc. God bless!

  • Katheryne Crowe says:

    I'm all for adding IF to my carnivore program, and I recognize the potential benefits, but is there any concern that this could lead someone who is susceptible to become anorexic?

  • Krystal Bizx says:

    I started Keto Feb 1st and lost 72lbs so far. I started IF in mid-Feb and kept melting the fat away. I do at least a 16:8 fast Mon – Fri (usually 18:6 though), I've done 24 hour fasts several times. I'm a 6ft female (mid 30's) and I've got another 30lbs to lose to be my ideal weight. The weight loss was really fast at first but it has slowed down these last 2 months, however recently I lost like 10 lbs in a few weeks….so it's comes in spurts. I am determined to keep on Keto-ing and IF-ing forever as long as my weight and vitals are good.

    Luckily, I was not on any meds before Keto, though my joints were achy. My cholesterol, blood sugar and BP were always in the normal healthy range at every physical, even at my heaviest (278lbs). I did often check BP at home usually 110/75 or lower and I monitored my blood ketones and sugar everyday during the first 6 months of this diet and my blood sugar was never over 110 after eating (usually 68-85 during fasting). My highest ketone reading was a 3.1.
    I haven't worked out yet during this diet and I do have cheat meals (1-3 a month) and it doesn't affect the weight loss really because I was still in ketosis the next day. I did go on 2 vacations since starting keto and both were 6 days long and I cheated every day on vacation (every meal) and both times I gained 9lbs after those trips!! I lost the weight after about 1.5 wks after returning but it was surprising how much water weight you gain from carbs. I go back to Keto & IF when I'm home.
    Unfortunately, I still suffer from several migraines a month in general for which I take Sumitriptan (as needed) and keto and IF has not improved that condition. For me, migraines can be triggered from exercise, sunlight and eating (anything) so it's hard to say what will cause one but exercise has been hard for me because of foot pain and the typical exercise headache I get 85% if the time when I workout….which is very discouraging and I cringe to think about working out because of the impending headache I usually get….been that way most of my life since I was a teen.

  • Jon Dvn says:

    Hi Dr Berry, a question if I may.
    What's best in your opinion?
    1: Keto, regular 3 meals, no IF
    2: Eating carbs too, but OMAD

    If you only had those 2 options.

    Thank you

  • Bryce Callahan says:

    Check out Cole [email protected] SnakeDiet…

  • Jeff Shannon says:

    No it's called natcher! Right

  • Jeff Shannon says:

    People that eat 2-4 hours is drug addict!

  • arlene calbo says:

    I'm proud to say that I have been ketoing and intermittent fasting for a year and 6 months. Lost about 4 inches . Today I went to donate plasma and had a great vitals and my plasma is clear as water. I'm 55 and never felt better😁

  • titaniumgirl55 Claudia H. says:

    Help! I am not a diabetic. I am over weight but all my numbers are great , including my A1C. Lately, my morning blood sugar is over 100, today it was 148. I have been limiting my carbs and I have lost 15 lbs. my doctor is not concerned but I am nervous to as why I’m producing glucose when I sleep. Traditionally my blood sugar was between 65 – 75 in the morning. Lately if I don’t eat, it will just tank to 63 or so. I’m worried I’m burning out my pancreas!

  • Victoria Tiffany says:

    Dr. Berry, thank you for all the helpful advice. It isn't too hard for me to fast 18-22 hours. I do that almost everyday now. My problem is keto, bc I don't like meat. If I realize that I am eating body parts, it freaks me out and makes me sick. OMG I don't know how I'm going to get through this. The only other thing is that it is really hard to not drink Big Red or Dr. Pepper. I don't like coffee and I'm always wanting something to drink when I don't have "cokes." Why does this have to be so hard? Any suggestions or anything I can eat in the place of meat? 🙁

  • NavyCop0105 says:

    Please please respond to Dr. Greger.

  • ido shapira says:

    Yo doc you rock. Love your work.

  • david binion says:

    great words

  • Kandi Marticorena says:

    You are so handsome, and you're amazing to listen to! Just wanted to share that! Thank you for all the fantastic health information that you take the time to share with all of us! 😘
    I most certainly am a patreon also!

  • Miguel Espejel says:

    Dr Berry. Is it true that IF cause insulin resistance?

  • James P says:

    Great info. Love intermittent fasting as I've gone from 16-8 and now NOMAD based on listening to you, Dr Berg and others on here. You are a great evangelist for real health.

  • Iron 12 says:

    So what qualifies as fasting… Not eating for 24 hours?

  • Michael says:

    I’m starting to develop lipomas all over my body since I started doing keto. Do you have any advice on getting rid of them?

  • Trista de Vries says:

    What about woman with PCOS that have a higher than normal testosterone? Would this mean fasting wouldn’t be beneficial in this way as our goal is to decrease testosterone?

  • Banjo Benson says:

    HI gang if I do not drink coffee , can I make bullet Tea and if so what do you think I should add to it? thanks

  • Matt Blackstock says:

    Type 1 diabetic here! i.f. & o.m.a.d. saved my life! Thank you Dr Berry.

  • Grant MacDonald says:

    I am wondering if sparkling waters are the same as just water? What about flavored sparkling waters like La Croix or Bu bly they have no sweeteners and only flavoring essences. Would they be as neutral and therefore as effective if autophagy is the goal.

  • alan bird says:

    Learning to IF and YouTube inserting candy commercials….priceless.

  • TAMMIE Ledger says:

    I have heard about Dry fasting from a different site. can you tell me what you know about it

  • Falcon Trek says:

    How should I respond to my friends and family who are nurses when they say “no one in the medical community will say fasting is healthy”? I’m so frustrated with my daughter and gf who both are nurses.

  • Vanna6345 says:

    FOOD ADDICTION : WHAT can you recommend that would have the same effect on the brain as junk food for a morbid obese person to beat the curse ? Silver bullet no just some science.

  • Frank Lee says:

    I went for a blood test the other day. When I revealed I follow a (generally) keto diet and an intermittent fasting protocol (OMAD) the admitting technician exclaimed loudly "why would I do such a thing to myself? hmmm. Let's see. Lost fifty pounds of fat (205-155) Skin looks awesome. All acne and psoriasis gone. All blood markers improved. Kidney function improved. A1c better than ever. Stronger and fitter than ever and I'm 57. Constant calm energy all day, everyday. Mental health improved tremendously and I believe it is a highly underrated factor in this "lifestyle". Grains damage brains. Oh and as a final note. The technician that was so aghast at my nutty ways was at least thirty pounds overweight and clearly suffering an acute reaction to the mere IDEA a person does not need to shove food down their gourd all day long, or even every day. Some folks seem utterly incapable of comprehending we exist today because we could do without in the past. Not only that but excel, as a result.

  • Anita Hendrix says:

    So if fasting when should I take my vitamins and Metamucil. Usually take at 7am and 5pm??

  • caneyo says:

    Just started a week ago and I feel way way better, my brother shared your videos with me and it’s been the best thing that has ever happened to me cuz I was in the wrong path, just the beginning of my journey long way to go but thanks for the help, God bless

  • Falcon Trek says:

    I’m trying alternate day fasting, what’s your thoughts? And how do you convince family nurses who are against fasting and actually believe it’s unhealthy.

  • Shmuel Barak says:

    Uhhh, I've been using i.f. for a year. Lost 90 lbs which is awesome, but all the other benefits he said that get better… absolutely did not for me and I highly doubt would for u too. It's great for weight loss.

  • K H-C says:

    WOW, I just marveling recently (rather thankfully) at how I have not suffered from anything but the mildest touch of depression in a while. Watching this and thinking back, YES, I think that turned around when I started to IF (18:6, 6 or 7 days a week). My anxiety, mainly social anxiety, is marginally better, but I'll take it! I have not done anything special with my diet like Keto or anything, just doing the IF. What a difference! I am forever grateful!

  • Denise Taylor says:

    Loved this vid! Your looking 🔥 saw an old video, about yr or 2 old wow how you’ve changed!!! 🥰

  • Cherity Morrison says:

    I am currently about 20 hours into fasting. I have developed severe eczema on my hands and body and face. My face flare has been managed but not the rest of my body. I am taking my health back into my own power and making choices to stick with it. Thank you Doc!

  • Katarina Martinova says:

    Do you have any experience with fasting and esential tremors?

  • nisicruz says:

    I'm so happy with all your advice and my progress. My A1c went from 9.8 to 5.9 in 3 months I've gone from 216lbs to 180lbs, all my cholesterol levels are normal and today my Dr. reduced to the minimum dose of metformin and losartan plus discontinued all other diabetes meds. A follow up appointment in 4 months and a big Congratulations, an endearing hug and more support than I've ever felt 😁 I'm so proud of myself never have I been this dedicated to my health and it doesn't even feel like I'm doing anything out of the ordinary

  • Jarrell Thoms says:

    Here's where I am in my journey. I've never had extreme medical issues or diagnosis like diabetes or CA or anything of that nature, mild hypertension though. I've always exercised and historically never carried much extra weight. However, recently I started adding a pound here and a pound there. If this happened just as little as a few years ago I could do a little calories restriction and increase some exercise time and I could get it under control. That wasn't working anymore. I put on about 10 lbs in a year. Like I said, weight was never out of control for me but at 6'2" and 205 my body just didn't feel very good, I was tired, grumpy and anxious all the time because I did't feel good. I had 2-3 drinks of alcohol, usually bourbon almost every night.
    Now I'm in ketosis and feeling pretty good. I've cut back on alcohol use by, I'd say 80%. I've lost 14lbs so far. My steps to ketosis over the last few months have been. 1. Eliminate added sugar and sugars in simple forms. 2. Reduce carbs in all meals. 3. Cut alcohol consumption dramatically. 4. Cut more carbs, increase fats, ketosis!

  • Stella Matkowski says:

    Been doing 14 to 16 hour intermittent fasting daily and following keto reached a plato why is the scale nor shifting 😕 was trying so hard …took a keto Break for few days due to birthdays and frustration with a plato will go back strict keto soon but please advise why after fasting and strict keto and hardly any weightloss during that time? Only like 1 lb or so grr

  • Kathy Hayes says:

    Dr. Berry do you have a Video on Vitamins and Minerals?

  • Jim Crowe Mattress Liquidators says:

    Dr Berry. I don’t know the best way to contact you so I’m giving this a shot. My intention is to be able to tune in to your show on Monday night and bring up the subject but I was hoping to give you a Headstart and maybe considering some things. By Monday I will have been in a water fast for 50 days. I’m about ready to come out of it but I wanted to go into carnivore. I understand I don’t need to eat a ribeye on the first day or anything. I want to get your thoughts of how to start my reseed. Bone broth seems like a reasonable start but I was hoping to get your thoughts on this. Can you send along a picture just for reference. I know you meet probably hundreds or thousands of people that I met you at a book signing in Atlanta Georgia this summer. I’ve managed to knock off 90 pounds in the last 47 days and I really want to continue it. The weight loss that is. I’m not really that eager to start eating again but there’s an overall just weakness and I cannot underlying feeling of vague nausea. So I think it’s time to come off of this thing

  • Jeff Jones says:

    Do Bang energy drinks break your fast?

  • Joe Russo says:

    Dr. I’m stuck on drinks. I drink a lot of water, but what other drinks can I consume guilt free? Any sports drinks? Getting bored of drinking water all the time. And unsweetened tea, don’t want all that caffeine. Suggestions? Other videos I might of missed?

  • CGR says:

    Will whiskey break you fast?

  • CGR says:

    Whiskey plus KETO = ??

  • Too Day says:

    Love the background! Much less distracting. Thanks for another great video!

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