Instant GLOW Facial (Step By Step) – Holi पर SKIN का ख्याल कैसे रखें | #Skincare #Hacks #Anaysa

you’ll get all the ingredients to this facial at home as you choose Suitable Candidate by giving votes likewise give 1,00,000 LIKES to this video now next now we need to do facial could I do your facial? no I’ll do it my way whats the way about facial just need to do Scrub & massage you want to look my facial’s future there’s also a right way to do facial do follow these steps her first step is wrong first step to facial is Cleansing Without Cleansing even Shahnaz Husain will not be able to do your facial cause whatever good creams you apply its not gonna to work properly until your skin clean properly For cleansing take one tsp of Aloe Vera Gel its better if you get the fresh one otherwise buy it from market add 1/2 tsp of honey in it mix well now lets do cleansing Honey is an anti bacterial agent you can also use raw honey honey has anti bacterial Property it also contains anti oxidants or minerals sometimes our skin got dried or dehydrated this aloe vera gel is gonna to hydrate your skin well do cleansing on your neck and on ears as well then clean your face with normal water so we’ve done with Cleansing Scrubbing is second step to facial add 1 tsp of coarsely grounded sugar in 2 tsp of Banana Pulp and scrub is ready scrub those area well wherever you’ve dark spots as this scrub help in reducing those dark spots Banana is enriched with Potassium & moisture but why you add sugar in it ? sugar has glycolic acid content which help to exfoliate our skin well means.. its help in removing accumulated dead skin cells from our skin so this exfoliates skin well so that our skin pores got cleaned well whatever cream you’ll apply then its gonna be deeply penetrate into your skin its a natural humectant too which keeps our skin moisturised & hydrated don’t harshly rub its granules instead you need to scrub gently like this this removes all the dirt from your skin scrub your face for about 3 to 4 minutes wash your face with normal water did you see the difference here Now next step is Facial Massage for this you need 1 tsp of milk cream you can also use Curd instead of Milk cream add 2 tsp of Banana Pulp and then mix well and our Massage cream is ready this banana is our main ingredient in this whole facial Surely you’ve listened to the word BOTOX So this Banana works as a natural Botox to our skin this gives elasticity to your skin & help in skin tightening do this Banana facial at least twice a month Massage is most important in facial otherwise the goodness of all those ingredients will not gonna be penetrated into your skin so do massage well and you need to it for about 5 to 6 minutes massaging this way helps you in skin tightening from this portion do massage like this at nose portion massage this way at your forehead take some extra massage cream massage this way in a circular motion this milk cream help in reducing puffiness that means makes our skin soft and supple massage this way to reduce fine lines from here after massaging wash your face now we gonna to apply this face mask take 2 tsp of Sandal wood powder add 2 tsp of banana pulp in it this colour is due to beet root juice mix them well and our face pack is ready this face mask is suitable to all skin types this Banana removes excess sebum from our face so help in reducing pimples Sandalwood Powder soothes your skin and beetroot’s anti inflammatory & detoxify property keeps our skin brighter and also gives a slight pinkish tint on your face so done with mask not only use this Beet root in face mask but eat it too so that it helps in making your skin brighter from inside let it dry after that wash your face now you can see the brightness on my face not worry if you didn’t get a instant glow it will be visible 2 or 3 days after facial if you want to protect your skin so either do facial before holi or if you forgot then do it later as summers is near which gives problems like sunburn or tanning we’ll bring video for that too later but now we’ll focus on this holi festival do SUBSCRIBE to our channel “Anaysa”

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