Instant BODY BRIGHTENING – Get Bright, Glowing & Suntan Free Skin | Body Polishing | Anaysa

Hello Friends I’m Anishka Friends Wedding season is coming soon and we all girls want that we we wear lehnga choli, backless blouse and cute dresses like tv actress but what happened Whenever we are about to wear dresses We realise that our skin is looking uneven And looking dull because of tanning and we were worried for our instagram because of this we cant wore our dresses so today i’ll bring for you a DIY Which will make you skin glowing smooth and naturally bright and your skin will be looking picture perfect so lets start with todays video To make our whole body even tone, we have to do simple two steps first step is steaming and second step is body polishing so lets starts with first step “Steaming” For steaming u have two options for first option u take shower with lukewarm water or take bath with lukewarm water and for second option As u have seen in the video dip a towel in the luke warm water and Steam with this remember one thing that take steam for four to five minutes friends By taking steam, our pores will open And the product that we put on our skin goes inside the skin so steaming is must one more benifit of steaming is it helps in removing tan layer from our skin Our second step is Body Polishing for this we make a pac for making this we need for making this pac we will prepare curd for this we need a cotton cloth Add five to six spoons curd in it squeeze the water from it take a bowl and put rice flour and curd and mix it well in this remedy we use orange just like a loofah for this cut the orange in two parts First, dip the orange to this paste and put this paste in your body parts as shown in the video. For removing tanning rice flour is important to remove the dead skin cell or to remove it because it’s granuels are very soft which removes tan from our skin very gently other scrubs sold in the market are extremely scratchy and irritates our skin let stay this pack in your body up to 5-7 minutes We are sticking to this pack because dead skin cells become loose and get easily removed and we easily remove it after 5-7 minutes massage your whole body from the remaining paste for at least 7-10 minutes do massage extra where your tanning is more Curd reduce wrinkles and finelines from our face because it contains lactic acid it reduce dead skin cells and dirt and makes our skin glowing, tight and brighten orange contains Vitamin C, Vitamin A, calcium, potassium, nutrients and pectin and it also contains anti oxidant which protect our skin and helps to get rid off tanning orange brings back our lost glow in our skin for remove this pack you can take shower or you can wash your face, hands and legs as shown in this video So friends these were today’s simple and easy remedy don’t forget to use this remedy And for the best results use this remedy once a week Trust me friends Using it will make your skin smooth and soft like a butter Do commenting below if you like this today’s remedy So friends see you in my next video till then take care Bye-bye

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