Ink Master Is Fake And This Is Why

Ink Master Is Fake And This Is Why

Ink Master premiered in 2012 at the height
of the “shows about tattoos” craze. The premise of the show is pretty simple – a
bunch of tattoo artists compete to see who is the best overall artist. The last artist standing will be crowned,
wait for it, the “Ink Master,” and win a cash prize. While the popular show has made it through
plenty of seasons and two spinoffs, it may not be exactly what it seems. Reality TV has a reputation for not being
all that real, and it looks like Ink Master is no different. Down to the wire? For an elimination challenge, artists may
be given 6 hours to do their work. According to redditor Coreymatchem, a tattooed
participant on the show, the time limit is actually pretty meaningless. On the show, judge Dave Navarro appears to
give warnings of how much time is left, but Corey said that’s all done in editing, to
present a false sense of urgency. “That’s it, time is up, sharpies down!” In his experience, some artists were finished
hours in advance, while other artists even went over time. Redditor Tattood_Mom similarly claimed in
an AMA that on her season, Dave Navarro’s timed warnings were all filmed at one time
and edited in to the show after the fact. Human Canvas Jury A big part of elimination process is choosing
a handful of the “worst” tattoos that have to go head-to-head before the judges. In many seasons, this is, in part, accomplished
with the help of the “human canvas jury,” which is made up of the newly-tattooed participants. “You’re here because the human canvas jury
determined that you had the worst tattoo of the day.” Coreymatchem was on a jury twice, and he explained
in his Reddit AMA, it was all fake. He says they did discuss as a group what they
all thought of the tattoos, but producers only included the things they had told the
jury to say. Corey claims his jury actually picked an entirely
different tattoo than the one that made it to air, but the show was edited to make it
look otherwise. Uninvolved judges The show does a good job of showing how the
judges regularly go from studio to studio, checking out all the progress. But according to Coreymatchem, that’s totally
staged too. He claims the judges are actually barely on
set at all, and that they came in for about five minutes to do the walk-through on camera. In the end, this gets edited to look like
the three judges were in the room the whole time. Redditor Jdizzle, a human canvas on a different
season, adds that some of the judges seem to make things up on the fly, not really sticking
to any standards or guidelines when it comes to judging. Not about the art? For a show that’s supposed to be focused on
tattoo artistry, there’s a lot of time spent on weird “flash challenges” that don’t reflect
realistic tattoo scenarios. The flash challenge can be anything from ice
sculpting to burning objects with live electrical wires. Season 3 artist Frank McManus was required
to tattoo an inmate in a prison cell with one needle and extremely poor lighting. With limited resources and equipment, he felt
there was no way he could produce work to the best of his ability, nor could anyone
else. As he told PennLive, “[The challenges] don’t have much to do with
what tattooing really is.” To make things worse, some challenges are
physically daunting. Season 1 artist Heather Sinn told LA Weekly
that between tattooing pig corpses in a freezing meat locker and getting sunburned while working
on a car, the show was more like Fear Factor than anything else. She acknowledges that she was probably too
sensitive for the show, but also should have known it was never really going to be about
art. All part of the plan One of the biggest charges against any reality
show is that it’s all plotted out ahead of time, and based on what past contestants have
said, Ink Master is exactly that. During an NBC interview, artist Kyle Dunbar
said that one of the hardest things for him to deal with on the show was watching the
judges play favorites – praising a tattoo with noticeable flaws from an artist they
liked, while simultaneously critiquing the same flaws from a different artist. Coreymatchem noted that many shots are just
flat-out staged, and contestants are instructed beforehand how they need to act and react. For example, human canvases are given headphones,
but the producers actually just stick them on long enough to get a shot on camera – because
the headphones are made by a sponsor. Apparently, the team behind Ink Master also
tried make the show seem a little saltier than it actually was. Heather Sinn told LA Weekly that a producer
told the contestants that if they wanted to go to sleep, they better start talking about
each other on camera because nothing they were actually talking about was going to make
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  • Grunge says:

    What other reality TV shows do you want us to explore more?

  • Mr. Greed says:

    No one cares about time or judges man . It's the tattoo that is keeping us watched the ink master

  • EDWARD SMITH says:

    In one episode they ultimately got rid of one of the better artist, souly because he himself had no tattoos. All the while the show promotes no judging people because of their tattoos.

  • John Jay says:

    On TV, nothing is ever what it appears to be. That's a given. You wanna be on TV? Prepare to swallow it and relegate yourself to a circus pony while they dangle that carrot in front of you.

  • Kennedy Fuller says:

    I think we all know ink master is scripted. It’s obvious just by the way the artists are arguing and yelling every 5 seconds

  • Dav C says:

    i mean if you learned anything from this video, your not pretty gullible… i love watching ink master, only reality show i put up with the staged nonsense to watch.

  • 황노을 says:

    It's a bit like America's next top model, some challenges have nothing to do with modelling…

  • Alex says:

    I'm glad it's not actually timed. I feel like that's so mean to the canvas

  • loretta kirk says:

    my favorite tv show is the ink master show

  • Kyle Miller says:

    And yet there is no proof of anything being claimed. He just says it

  • spill the tea sis says:

    my dad works at a tattoo shop and i kind of grew up there, and the girl at (0:25) works there if you care i-
    im very close with all of the people there, so i showed her this video. she said that most of what he said in this video was true. its not fake though, just scripted.

  • OG says:

    This youtube channel is also fake!

  • ALEK BEAVER says:

    I honestly just enjoy watching people tattoo. Honestly don’t care about anything past that. All reality shows are fake, and if you believe anything else, you’re wrong.

  • Lauren T says:

    As long as the tattoos are real and not fake, that enough for me!

  • Victoria Sousa says:


  • firexx78 says:

    I hate that they want the artists to fight each other all the time. I don't watch it live, so when I get to those parts I just skip them. It's boring, stupid, and I just want to see the art.

  • Athena Nicholls says:


  • __ Chapman__ says:

    Whooooooooo caresssssssssssss this is a tv show full of some cool ass tattoos! JUST LET IT BE GOD DAMN

  • __ Chapman__ says:

    Ohhh no! Next your going to tell me is that The NFL is all full of bullshit too!!

  • nicko654 says:

    Bruh who gives a fuck of its fake or not? its live a show for a reason everything on tv is fake so whats your point here buddy? over the time limit or not i would like to see you produce at least one of those good looking tattoos because i bet you cant. how about you go spend your time else where and stop picking on the things that a clearly obvious and the things that 1. no one wants to hear and 2. no one gives a fuck about because they love to see the cool tattoos they produce. now either fuck off or just stop posting because your channel ain't gonna go far with this content buddy.

  • Sabrefire916 says:

    The racism and discrimination is just too much to handle the challenge was reflection the white contestant while his tattoo wasn’t that good it showed reflection completing the guidelines for the challenge other two did not one was a woman the other one was African-American, The woman’s tattoo did not even have any reflection in it guess who got sent home Do you want to check it out it’s season 11 episode 12

  • Brooke The Cook says:

    I’m here right before this video turns a year old

  • Dion7 says:

    Well yeah, it's a tv show. They're pretty much all fake and this is one of the most American shows I've ever seen. Nobody takes the 'reality' in reality shows seriously, we all know it's scripted and edited. Forced drama is the name of the game.

  • Crazy Joe Davola says:

    Reality TV is just so ridiculous

  • Sumiya Shami says:

    It real and if it not Idk

  • patrick mcglone says:

    A Reality show that isn't REAL?? Say it ain't so!

  • Gary Raymo says:

    So with all the fake b.s. out there ,how do they expect anyone to trust and believe ,talk about screwing society up ,same ol shit different day liers everywhere

  • Samanthalm on Roblox says:

    It's not fake my mom's friend won season 2 of ink master

  • Brian Cabral says:

    Lmfaooo gee no kidding? All reality shows are scripted and staged.

  • Shannon Jackson says:

    This show is e actlywhat it's supposed to be…bitches

  • Joe Edwards says:

    WHAAAAAT? Tattoo artists acting hoity toidy over other people's stuff while theirs is best ever on planet Earth…???? I dont believe it…!!!!Nah Im kidding….most tattooers think their shit doesn't stink and anybody else other than them sucks…. Tattooers hate each other more than women do….trust me, I USED TO BE ONE… It gets old real fast….

  • Christopher Cruz says:

    It suck because the artist that should win don't.

  • Alyssa Martiñon says:

    Its stupid for sayin the flash challenges have nothing to do with art/tattooing. yet the flash challenges have to do with you artistic ability, color, composition, contrasting, line work, team work,etc.. Thats all what tattooin has even if it is a different medium then what theyre used to. A truly good artist and do anything artistic with whatever medium theyre given. Sorry for the rant

  • Pantea says:

    lmao none f these reasons make it fake.. exaggerated maybe like any other TV show

  • 2120musiclover says:

    Well, duh about the judges not being there for hours while the artists are tattooing

  • ihateuandloveme says:

    Sorry to burst your bubble Grunge but all reality shows are edited ALL THE TIME there is no possible way to fit everything in a one hour show or even a two hour show so this video is really silly and I still love to see the artists do their tattoos it’s an awesome show and no one cares about what’s left out and bla bla bla…

  • Nogne Oen says:

    It is a TV show and you think you know better lol

  • Savage Hippie says:

    0:32 if this is true then some people had time to make a good tattoo and still made doodoo

  • John Gillin says:

    That's why I don't watch any of these TV shows, there all staged. If they were not staged you would have ( Lord of The Fly's ) on all these shows, now that would be cool.

  • Zenkai Pawaa says:

    just here to share my hate toward Dave Navarro

  • jon omiles says:

    fake?? so what?? this is a bad ass reality tv show and we all like it..

  • Jade Has Sum Squirt says:

    i dont care wether its real or not i like watching dramatic shit and tattoos

  • Haris Gasi says:

    fake… HAHAHAHHAHAHA go killurself, so what if its fake omg? its still cool tv show if u didnt notice

  • Haris Gasi says:

    and pls dont explore more.. idk who can subscribe this waste of time

  • jaquesta bell says:

    You have to have a script for tv…. If you really just let people do what they want it would be all over the place

  • Kyra says:

    They say “ free hand design” and my dad has the sane tattoo made over 30 years ago

  • Gabby Camargo says:

    Ya gotta admit, Dave (guy in thumbnail) is pretty hawt ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  • dansketch says:

    Nearly everything on tv is fake that's how ratings are made

  • BirdyDirdy says:

    At least it's fun to watch

  • Samuel Napier says:

    This videos Info all comes from salty ass losers

  • Heavy Metal Kitten says:

    I wish they still did the human canvas jury

  • Gamemology says:

    Its not fake its just scripted to look best on TV

  • Cheryl Young says:

    How does that make the show fake?

  • Linpek Ngulom says:

    she salty cus she didn't win lol

  • Xiao Liu says:

    Americans all gull of lies and shits.

  • Second Opinion says:

    That's why it's TV. It's scripted, not fake. Those are real artists

  • Spamming iQ says:

    It’s entertaining stfu

  • Noh Way says:

    Don't forget the cop editing grunge. Cop/psych edits made it the super fakest

  • NefariousPorpoise says:



  • NefariousPorpoise says:

    Hey guys, this dude makes it look like hes talking over a video, but he recorded them separately and just edited it to look that way! Grunge is fake.

  • Ance Mežaraupe says:

    Why are 90% of the clips used in this from season 8 lmao

  • Dark bozz says:

    Idc if it's fake i like how the way they make beautiful art work

  • Satan says:

    I don’t care lmao, I still find it entertaining

  • Akash Kumawat says:

    Well your 4mins video on a 12 season show still doesn't say fake. You're only stating the obvious fact. A script and a flow is required regardless of what the show is, it's called plan of action. If you do not want that, to be honest you're just looking for drama on air.

  • Alexandre Chiasson says:

    The host alone. His tattoos are shit. He has no business commenting. So you were the Red Hot Chili Peppers guitarist for what one album BFD

  • SombreroMaster says:

    You know what the biggest and most real thing about this show is? The money these artists are now making for being on this fake reality show. So while the product we see is not totally authentic, it seems the financial stability allowed to the artists at home following the show is 100% real and to me that is still pretty fucking cool.

  • Nun ya says:

    How about we not talk about that symbol on Dave Navari's neck

  • Tatted Giant says:

    I was a human canvas on the show. Alot of what is said here is true. I got a free trip to the east coast and 2 free tattoo's. IDC if it is fake or staged.

  • moeisha n hopey sometimes says:

    the fact it’s fake doesn’t matter, it’s fucking entertaining lmao

  • William YAMI Adarlo says:

    Its real … Not fake … We can say that it is scripted .. But they are doing their Shit .. Live .. Its not fake …

  • JMac The Fanatic says:

    if the artists were allowed to go over the time limit, why did some pieces go unfinished or seem rushed?

  • liam miller says:

    Any reality tv show is fake to some extent. If theres any authentic ones please point them out so u can see if they are as good

  • rebel detail says:

    All TV is fake

  • Tuel Ki says:

    The show must be fake but all these artist and their work they aren’t 🙂 all we watch their show coz of these talented artist and their different works. They inspire us they motivate us to those who prefer tattoos or trying to become one. Even though I’m a freshers I’m new to it still learning but this show teaches me alotttt of things specially CONTRAST 😌 anyway before stop typing I would like to say one thing we people should never underestimate anyone either it’s Male or female just try to motivate to people those who are trying so hard if not then you have no rights to demotivate them coz you’re not paying their bills 🙂 Let people do what so ever they want to coz as we know we’re only gonna live once so PEACE ☮️

  • Michelle Ann says:

    I watch it because I want to see cool and badass tattoos made by these artists not because of the technicality of the show, it's obvious that the show is structured and has advance planning and editing, who doesn't know that?

  • Ryan Schudel says:

    Whatever it's still a good show and is enjoyable to watch. None of these shows are real they all have an agenda. I think the people that go out of their way to make these kind of Clips like this and movie sins I think those people are weak. The Ultimate Fighter is definitely got to be the best reality TV show there is no bulshit in that show

  • 형사KR says:

    idc if it's fake im watching to see Ryan Angels lmfao hahaha

  • tlwest21 says:

    Dave Navarro is fucking HOT

  • Gabriel BG says:

    Yup. Watched back episodes and was shocked who they announced for season 11 winner. 2nd, 3rd, and 4th place were all better then the actual winner.

  • Akhrielie Shijoh says:

    Every thing on the tv shows are fake nothing is reality so why do they have to tell us tht this is fake . This is the worse show about the fake progam..

  • wresltgal says:

    Well the tattoos aren’t fake and that’s the only reason I watch it

  • Bubble Tea says:

    I don't care if it's fake or not. I just like the show. Some of the people are cool to watch.

  • Tram Hua says:

    I thought we already knew this, I mean it’s a reality show c’mon people.
    Plus most people either come for art or the drama and in general for a laugh😂😂

  • stephen king says:

    season 12, one artist doesn't complete a tattoo………..

  • SuperJJ37 says:

    So what if judges asking them to add a little drama! doesn't change anything of the art the tattooist produce eventually. It's an awesome competition and show that people can enjoy and learn about the tattoo industry.

  • -_-_-_ says:

    Ink master is kinda bullshit . if you have a shit canvas YOU are the one fucked , if your canvas wants a shit tattoo YOU are the one fucked , if you only know how to tattoo YOU are fucked because there's dumbass art you have to do that isn't even tattooing you use ice , fire , crayons , pins , a whole lotta bullshit

  • Pat Solo says:

    Yep all on tv is fake….and now a days we live in a fake world with fake people..people play along with it keep this shit yourself stop fakeness…f#ck it!!

  • Tai Jay says:

    All I care about is the art. Very surprised and confused that some would tattoo for less time than others though

  • Kaila Bandison says:

    After all the trash tatts they do on the show they should be done in temp ink. 😂😂

  • Tyler Robinson says:

    No fucking shot they don’t care about the time. It’s a fucking tattoo. They ain’t gonna send someone out with a half done fucking tattoo you dumb or something?

  • Jonathan Quinones says:

    Fun fact the show is filmed in Newark NJ

  • Panda boy says:

    No shit Sherlock

  • LoL Tom says:

    Im not a huge fan of the show so i can agreee with a lot of those points, but for fhe participants to claim "it isnt about *art*" is ridiculous. It may not being about drawing or painting, but the flash challenges are all about art in some capacity or another- or do the contestants not consider other mediums art?

  • Pazucha says:

    In interviews they are always in the same clothes. All season with the same clothes. That means they are recorded together and at once and those reactions are not real.

  • PntBttrJlly Gaming says:

    who cares, the people who's telling you all that sht is, they just can't win the title ink master. soure losers.

  • Anthony P says:

    I’ve just watched for hopes of learning a little about tattoo artistry and the final presentations
    The frustration was in the rest and that’s why it’s made for tv(sucks)

  • Freedom 420 says:

    All you have to do is look at Dave to.see that it's fake, this guy is as fake as they come

  • William Berczik says:

    Yea the “judges” don’t know shit about tattoos. Look at their shitty ink 🤷🏻‍♂️

  • Rachelle Fernandez says:

    I lot of these reality tv competitions are fake

  • Burzum says:

    What is fake is the title of this video

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