I Used SEA MOSS GEL on My FACE for 5 Days & WOW!!

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favorite types of videos which is trying a skincare mask or some interesting
ingredient on my face for 5 days for a week straight so this time around I’m
actually gonna be using Sea Moss it’s also called Irish Sea Moss and this is algae
believe it or not I’ll leave a link to where I purchased mine and I also leave
an amazon link as well I got mine straight from Jamaica so yeah I had to
do like a ton of research and figure out which ones are in the best water like
not on shipping container roots and not in contaminated water and also in places
where like the air pollution isn’t also terrible I was mainly interested in
drinking it and taking it in my smoothies but then I saw these other
videos about skin care and hair care and I thought let me bring this to the
channel Sea Moss is in algae it contains 92 minerals out of the body’s supposed 102
minerals and it has 15 of the 18 essential nutrients that our bodies need
it has vitamins a d e f k calcium potassium iodine and sulfur just to name
a few it is antibacterial antimicrobial antiviral and it is very alkalizing
which means it’s anti-inflammatory so that means pimples dark marks it soothes
eczema psoriasis dermatitis and burns similar to a low it also helps grow
healthy hair and is anti teen so I’ve got a hot towel here and I’m
gonna open my pores with it because my face is dry this is day one super
excited for this video as I said I am recovering from a major breakout that
happened on both sides of my face here too it’s cold
it was refrigerated the Sea Moss is living so if you leave it out then it will
start to rot so it’s really really cold so one thing I’m really curious about is
if this is gonna help my eyebrows grow with all of the minerals and nutrients
in Sea Moss I don’t see how what helps with hair growth too so we’ll see then I’m also gonna bring it down to my
neck I was watching Monique she actually had
a video of her using the seam loss as a mask and she was talking about gobble
net and how the Sea Moss has helped like tighten the skin on her neck so so I
used this rag and pretty warm water to get the mass off of my neck and on my
face it is so smooth and like look how tight it is plump but tight moisturized when I say my pores are snatched you
guys they’re very very minimal my breakouts even feel a little bit better
than before yeah so it’s day three and I really didn’t
give much of an update for yesterday because it’s only day two and not much
really would have changed or I wouldn’t really have seen many differences all of
my skin feels very tight and not in a drying way but just in a freshly Botox
collagen way like I just left my doctor and I just feel like my face looks so
fresh similar to when I do a low like this is after doing the mass but my face
just looks fresh my skin feels and looks youthful which you cannot pay well you
can pay for this but if you don’t have the coins then it just a so it’s such an
easy fix so I already am a believer on day three
that this is like a natural collagen producing mass snatched like I said on
day one so the main thing that I’m that keeps coming up is just a fresh face
like my skin just feels and looks very fresh and youthful so far so good let me
know if you guys can tell a difference it is day four and just like I thought
this is the day where I’m really starting to see major differences in my
skin so every time I’ve used the masks you guys have heard me talk about how
plump and tight my skin feels I haven’t rinsed I haven’t washed to my
face yet or done the towel or anything today I woke up with very youthful skin
like I just the glow so the past two days that I’ve woken up I didn’t really
notice a glow my skin was tight and it was looking like not inflamed but I
noticed that I wasn’t really glowing and so I washed my pillowcases washed my
pillows as you can see my skin looks and feels hydrated these breakouts
that I had on day one you could see them they were plump ish and so now I’m
seeing that this si mas has definitely helped with the inflammation so that is
a pleasant surprise okay I’m changing the angle so you guys
can see it better but like what it kind of looks like I went and got a touch-up
of my micro blading done I’m actually amazed because I haven’t had brows for
years like they’ve been there but they’ve been very fine and sparse and
faint but I think they wanted to make a comeback yeah if my eyebrows come back
and Sea Moss is the answer as always please share the video with
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section I’ll see you guys in my next one but can we talk about my hair you guys
it has just been feeling super thick and like I really want to say it is the Sea Moss
but I don’t know yeah it’s only been a couple of weeks

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