hey Everyone, I tried using aloe vera on my face for five days, just to see what would happen I’ve seen other youtubers rave about this and I want to try it out for myself and see my results So every day for five days, I apply in fresh aloe vera directly to my skin Let it sit for about 10 to 15 minutes. And then I rinse it off with warm water So this is what my skin look like on day 1 before applying any of the aloe vera to my skin So here is a close-up. You can see I have some pimples and redness So all you need is a knife and fresh aloe vera which you can get from a local grocery store So what you want to do is make sure to be very careful when you’re cutting off the leafy part of the aloe vera Once that’s done You want to go ahead and scoop out or cut out the aloe vera? From the leaf and a put it into a bowl or a cup So now using a fork just go ahead and mix it around So aloe vera is quite slimy as you guys can see it feels kind of gross in your fingers and on your face So just place your hand into your cup and start rubbing the aloe vera onto your face So I spent about maybe two minutes doing this Really working it into my skin and then eventually picking a bigger pieces of the aloe vera and working it into my skin It can get a little bit messy because it just slides all over the place Now just taking the leafy part of the aloe vera I’m to supplying that all of my face and this feels really good So this is me on day two. I already went ahead and cut my aloe vera and I’m just applying it all over my face So this is my skin on day two So now we’re on to day three again, I went ahead and cut a fresh piece of aloe vera So following the same steps as before applying the actual gel to your face and then using the leafy part To apply more to your face So now on day three this is where I really started to see the changes in my skin So this is what my skin looks like on day four and to be honest I think I started to break out right around the lip area So I was a little bit concerned that maybe this wasn’t working for me, but honestly by the next day they were completely gone I let the Oliveira gel sit on my skin for about 10 to 15 Minutes and then I go ahead and rinse it off with warm water So now this is my skin on day 5 and you can see that my skin has cleared up a lot The dark marks aren’t as dark and I don’t have any redness or any pimples So I just want to show you guys what my skin look like on day 6 So here it is and here’s a comparison of day 1 and day 6 such a huge difference I definitely will be adding this into my regimen If you guys enjoyed this video Please give me a thumbs up and if you’re not subscribed make sure you are so you don’t miss out on my next video

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