‘I Don’t Want To Get Rid Of My Psoriasis’

‘I Don’t Want To Get Rid Of My Psoriasis’

GIORGIA LANUZZA: I’ve had my Psoriasis for 13 years now. I don’t want to get rid of it. COMM: 25-year-old Giorgia Lanuzza has suffered from the skin condition Psoriasis since she was a teenager. GIORGIA LANUZZA: So I first realised that I had something just after I lost my dad when
I was 13 years old. I had these patches, red patches, just on my knees and on my elbows.
It was difficult for me obviously because not only was I going through stress and the
grief of losing my dad, but being a 13-year-old with big red dots coming up was, is quite
difficult. COMM: A few years ago Giorgia decided to visit her friend in Thailand. GIORGIA LANUZZA: My skin had been amazing for months. However, at the end of the first
month in Thailand, I contracted a throat virus, which is quite common, I’ve had them before.
However, this one just completely changed my skin. They said that my body was over 97%
covered. It was extremely severe. GIORGIA LANUZZA: I had written in this journal, just after dad died I started, and inside
it I had written that I really wanted to help people. If I can look good in my pictures,
so can they. I got back to England and I just looked through all my photos from my trip
and thought, ‘I need to show people this. I need to show people that it can get really
bad but it will get better.’ Because I was in an extremely dark place. So many people
have the same condition as me. So many people are uncomfortable, insecure, or unconfident
with themselves, whether it be psoriasis or anything else. ROBYN PATTON: I think she was really brave to show the photos and to not be bothered
about it, you know, to kind of just be happy with herself. COMM: Photographer Giorgia has also created her own Facebook page and plans to launch a website to help other people dealing with psoriasis. GIORGIA LANUZZA: It’s called ‘Different Skin – The Real Giorgia’ and it’s basically
just for people who want to ask for information and if they can post their pictures, I’ll
post mine and it’s the best feeling when you’re hearing these stories and these people
telling you, you know, thank you like ‘You’ve made me feel so much more confident. If you
can do It than I can do it.’ I’m trying to show that you can be beautiful with your
flaws and yet the whole world has been brought up to learn something different. I want to
help people feel better about their skin. I don’t want to cure mine. My dad left me
with this skin and I will keep it forever, as a memory of him, and if this is what he’s
left me, I’m gonna turn it into a good thing.


  • Alex Larson says:

    What? Psoriasis can be super painful (I have had to help treat others with it multiple times) that girl needs counseling. Nobody in their right mind should “like” psoriasis. I get not being mean to people with it of course, but not treating it is not a good idea. It’s not looks, it’s a matter of health. Geez.

  • Jason Sonic V says:

    Idiot! Dont u know how itchy it is?

  • Emily Kramer says:

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  • lifebeginsat190 says:

    her facebook page is inactive

  • Yasir Arafat says:

    This is a disease and it should be treated.. There is nothing to feel ashamed of it..

  • Kat M says:

    I have this skin condition too and it itches so bad that it feels like ants are biting you idk why you would want to live with it

  • Spoon tan says:

    Even though she's got the condition, she's still hot.

    Edit: I realize she's trying to help other people and stuff. But it's a PROBLEM .

  • nuralba12 says:

    There's a cure through the diet, diet is the key. I cleared mine by finding Dr'Pagano book "Healing Psoriasis". You can buy it used which is cheaper in some sites. There's a second book just for recipes "Healing Psoriasis Cookbook". Your body is overloaded with toxins and trying to eliminate them through the skin as emergency option. Takes time and perseverance but will clear. He treated patients for 50 years. Some people go raw vegan and also works for them (no nightshades permitted). I couldn't do raw vegan. Better to stay away from dairy and some other foods. It's crucial knowing what to eat and what should be avoided at all cost. I'd like to help people to get rid of it, it's a devastating condition but does not need to be a life condition. Emotions are important too and a therapist can certainly help with the struggle as well as some meditation and mild exercising (at least during healing period). You don't need to learn how to live with it and rely on steroids forever, there's a way by targeting leaky gut. Book and recommended teas are affordable, give a try (bear in mind that everyone is different and can take months to clear: 4-6m or 6-8m..). All the best

  • slodkalili says:

    It's her body and all but she isn't brave. If she dies young she has no one to blame but herself and tha isn't bravery, it's just plain stupid to not try to treat it. Also I'd like to point out that calling an ugly person beautiful doesn't make them pretty. I'm not gonna say if I find her beautiful but people need to stop telling sick people they are beatiful just because they have a condition. They can have the most wonderful personality but that doesn't make them any prettier because you can't see personality.

  • FoxOfSky 5 says:

    Woah 🦊

  • nicole crystal says:

    youre sick go take cod liver oil and be done with it- it has broken ur mind down dont make mistake think thats ok we love u get back to us

  • Chad Warden says:

    Id smash

  • rodaloy says:

    I'm speechless.

  • The King's Daughter says:

    Candida Overgrowth, feeds off of stress and sugar and loss of good bacteria.

  • Don't read this Comment says:

    Does psoriasis ITCH ?

  • LeeroyJenkins94 says:

    I am also battling psoriasis pustulosza. ! sometimes its fine sometimes is just a hell of a mess

  • owcopies123 says:

    Who else thought this was Freelee in the thumbnail?

  • sahye says:

    Looking at her skin makes my ezcema and psorasis problem area itch.

  • Annette Morrison says:

    I have mild psoriasis and ended up with cellulitis twice. I ended up in the ER for IV antibiotics and needed to be admitted to the hospital once. Psoriasis is much more than ugly and itchy skin. It is basically an open wound. It is an inflammatory disease that can truly damage your body.

  • F0xed says:

    She’s insane. I’d do anything to get rid of mine. I’m tired of being itchy and having flaking skin.

  • Hannan Jamil says:

    The best example of love urself😊

  • Ben Zielke says:

    I have it, though not nearly as bad as she does. I gave up on getting rid of it too. Simply because medications for it do more harm to the other parts of you (steroids, & other things that actually make a difference) so I just deal with it. At the same time if I met someone like her that accepted me for the way I am I would love her to death. It's sad so many people commenting say she has mental illness but it's not that at all.

  • Cherlyn Tassha says:

    I have psoriasis and this is so inspiring for me 🙂

  • Nuff Nuff says:

    Psoriasis =
    no alcohol.. no acidic foods.. no smoking ..constant drinking lots of water..
    multitude of fish oil/different vitamins Everyday..
    Mandatory sun (vitamin E)..
    Gym every 2nd/3rd night..
    No stress/disease/illness..

    And that's just to keep it situated on my knees and elbows and not spreading..

    I know.. I can feel your jealousy..
    Who wouldn't want it!

  • SelenaSecretShow says:

    Woah woah woah.. This is caused by a virus???? Someone please explain this to me.

  • Sea Creature says:

    Moral of the story:don’t go to Thailand

  • FWMalice says:

    Hum… If you want to accept who you are. You should stop wearing makeup too. =D

  • Koi Koi says:

    I’ve had psoriasis for 11yrs now and I’m 18 it really bothers me cause I can’t really show too much skin in public coz I’ll get weird stares from people and they look disgusted. I really want it to be gone completely

  • Lilith Amethystius says:

    @FWMalice And men should stop growing beards. And we should stop wearing clothes, and you should get off the internet.

  • Lilith Amethystius says:

    @Zuzia Kwiatek You can't see personality, some people can…you are just not one of them.

  • Christina Jade says:

    i have keratosis polaris all over my arms and legs and even though it doesn't hurt or itch, I still feel really self conscious about it whenever I wear short sleeves. I'm too embarrassed to wear shorts so I never wear them. I really like seeing videos like these because it helps me to not spend so much dang time worrying about it and to just live life and be happy with myself!

  • Kiki K says:

    I don't understand why people write mean comments here. It is not easy to live with psoriasis. Some people don't feel comfortable. Everyone has to find their own way how to handle this disease. This is her way and if she is happy now it is great.

  • Conservative Vanguard says:

    Cancer, this video is cancer.

  • read your bible says:

    Psoriasis of the Brain!

  • Jennie Hughes says:

    HUH ?!?!? That's ridiculous!!!

  • shane phelan says:

    she very pretty, but isn't it itchy?? even not why would you want it??? yes it's a mental problem, grieve and move on, you don't love your dad any less with good skin, he knows this

  • advsfdsf says:

    I would smash if she got rid of it and wasn't completely insane

  • Billy Cross says:

    I'd hump her.

  • Mahalu Family says:

    My dad has psoriasis, and he got it after him and my mom got divorced. She got it after her dad died, these are two Examples for the fect that Psoriasis is caused from stress and axinty, psoriasis isnt a physhicl issuse. It is a mental issuse.

  • Katie Kat says:

    I suffer from psoriasis and eczema, emphasis on the SUFFER. It just recently flared up horribly covering my arms, neck, and face. Just covered in red patches. People would stare. My condition is not near as severe as her's is, but to refuse any kind of treatment is idiotic to me. I'm not ashamed of it, and I've just learned to accept that it's apart of who I am, but I'm not going to stop treating it to prove some kind of point. It hurts, burns, and flakes. Not everything in this world responds to treatment, and she should feel very fortunate that her condition can be treated and kept under control with steroids. Hey, it's her life and not mine, but I'm gonna keep slathering on topical steroids as long as it keeps working.

  • Sobia Khan says:

    Don’t get rid of it but at least go see a psychiatrist

  • Roxana's Life says:

    I have

  • Roxana's Life says:

    I have Psoriasis and even though I do I still feel bad for other people with it. Everyone who is saying its not right to not want to get rid of it, you are fake. Ya know its hard to find a treatment because there is none. I got it 3 years ago and its true I don't want it but literally all of u heart less people that say its not right,its her condition she can do what she wants

  • mommymode1985 says:

    if she's so confident then why does she cover up the psoriasis on her face with foundation? you can tell her foundation is caked on.

  • MissTiny Stockton& CaseyJohn says:

    Oh Jesus..just no. WTH?!

  • the great meal says:

    i have a very bad black looking birthmark on my shoulder which i hide it for this much long year never wore half in my entire life seeing u pic i feel my self so
    foolish now.. i swear m going out for shipping with half today

  • Tom Thumb says:

    She is very mentally ill.

  • Admirable zohaib says:

    use Homeopathy medicine for cure Psoriasis

  • My_Names_Bri says:

    I have been reading the comments and it is just sad. I have suffered from eczema since birth and they are some what right. It is a mental thing and your bony takes over your self. People say stop scratching and you can’t. I have given up after almost 12 years of trying everything. Sometimes it gets so bad I can’t do anything about it. I think this is the kind of stuff that does effect people mentally and you really can’t help it.

    Again, unless you have eczema you won’t understand any of this

  • Sarah Campbell says:

    I have a coworker who deals with this condition. She talks about how painful, itchy, and embarrassing it can be. She's such a great person, and the fact that this person has made light of it. Kudos to her. If she can handle it, I'm happy for her. I know people can feel so crippled by the condition.

  • D.H. says:

    Psoriasis is an autoimmune disease. If you don't treat it, you can develop more serious autoimmune diseases like lupus. It's not cute, it's not a sign from Dad, it's a sign that a virus mixed with your intense grief triggered an autoimmune disease and you need to do something about it pronto.

  • devin nore says:

    Sending the wrong message.

    Sure it's nice to encourage and learn to live with permanent problems, but if you have the ability to change something about yourself to improve your health, it's the difference between how much you want to improve versus how much you want to cope.

    Healing psoriasis takes a lot of research, realization, and dedication. If you want to eat hamburgers and cake, or even tomatoes, go for it…. but don't tell people they should have to accept something when there's a way to fix it.

  • Victoria Zavala says:

    Psoriasis isn't just a skin condition. It's an autoimmune disorder, that can lead or link to other diseases. Osteoporosis, metrobolic syndrome, diabetes, CV deseas/stroke, psoriatic arthritis, PCOS, liver and kidney disease, sleep disorders and depression…to name a few. It's so important for people to seek help, not only for cosmetic reasons but for all the other diseases that can developed. Yes, I agree she is brave…but is that enough? How about being brave enough to take on a disease that has no cure and document that. More awareness needs to be made for this disease. People just see it as itchy flaky patches when there is so much more that goes along with it.

  • Jungle Theme says:

    Babe! Use selsun as a body wash and moisterise daily.


    Do it leads to death..?
    And will it be transferred to our babies in future if it so I don't wanna get marry..? PLZ reply me..

  • j man says:

    Biologicals do work guys I have had no side effects .I have had psoriasis for 25 years and had all the treatments. When I was eighteen I spent six weeks in hospital. I have had acid paste put all over me as a treatment light therapy and tar solution baths every day while I was there. It sucked. Had all the meds and creams to try to treat this curse tell the doctor to stick them up their butt, get biological its name is (Stellara)

  • Allyson says:

    Why are the people in this comment section so mean?💔

  • vatssumit vats says:

    hello i love u u r super girl i am psorises patient but i am afraid but when i look u then u am happy

  • WRR Rooeez says:

    Psoriasis you can't get rid of it only eat healthy and sun light

  • Scarlet Moonlight says:

    My ex had it bad like this and he didn’t care Neither did I

  • Lєαh Thє Chєєtαh says:

    my dad has psoriasis, but not that bad. (he has it only on arms and it's slowly healing)

  • karen r says:

    I think many of your comments are quite cynical if this is the way she copes so be it. I think she is coragerous I lost my hair when I was 17 due to alopecia and went on national television to educate people about hairloss and hair replacement. yes I took my hair off on the show, and wrote articles posing before and after pics, I am very happy to talk about my alopecia to anyone and I think this girl is not lying. you have not walked in her shoes. perhaps some of you have had disorders like a face full of acne that you hate. I hated it when my hair fell out and I figured out that helping other women with alopecia and cancer related hair loss was making something negative and turned into a positive. you people are mean and critical.

  • karen r says:

    she is not keeping this skin problem for rememberance many illnsess like alopecia start during a tragic event, everyone grieves there own way so get over yourselves

  • Collette who'sthatgirl says:

    Anyone have the blistering kind on the palms and soles ?

  • _snaps says:

    Got mine from my (father side) grandmother I don't let it end up like that. Incurable but needs management. I am still afraid to open up but Some of my friends thought I have rash/ food allergies. They are worried. I take medication for the itch and ointments to heal the red dots. So I can cure mine. I let it cure so my skin looks healthy. If she let it go further than that there is a much more danger to that i saw the most critical one from a public hospital. I get used to it by now I have to embrace it but of course maintain it to look healthy

  • Janzeeb Hakak says:

    Can someone live with psorisais Person
    I Mean ( Kissing or having sex)
    Can someone give me Information Please

  • Kathy Brown says:

    Hell she likes having this problem? She can have mine I hate this itchy painful problem it's ruined my life I take medication but doesn't help very much!

  • April Marizette says:


  • vijay The Game says:


  • Sofie colacicco says:

    Well first of all it’s NOT A SKIN CONDITION ITS AN AUTOIMMUNE DISEASE second of all people in the comments are saying that she is blaming her dad for getting it but she’s not she is saying that the stress caused it. If anyone says I am wrong I’m not I would know because I have server psoriasis

  • P Vishnu says:

    Your legend

  • Tom Smith says:

    There are so many meds to control the condition. I have it and I've to control it, no need to show or prove anything to anyone

  • Al Fa says:

    Lol, ok. She still hiding it behind makeup

  • Нeidi Barina says:

    I first found about this t.co/6iw4A1GPag psoriasis guide when I was desperately searching over the internet for a natural remedy. I was thoroughly delighted with the results; the information which is provided is of excellent quality. I would recommend this guide to anyone considering having his or her psoriasis completely cured.

  • Ingrid Baker says:

    Her view of this is so wrong. But if this is what she associates with the loss of her dad who am I to judge? I had this a couple years back, and it was one of the most uncomfortable thing i've been thru. I haven't fully gotten over the scars because my skin is now uneven in tone, where I have slightly darker areas than others in some places. So i guess you can say im still in recovery mode.

  • Basil says:

    You beautiful 😍

  • Rochelle Fernandes says:

    I believe this is rather painful, nevertheless people who don’t resolve the stress and grief they feel still don’t heal from this condition. If she wants to have radical acceptance of this pain and live with this as her external manifestation of internal pain, then more power to her ❣️
    Ultimately, when Jesus healed a man, the question He posed to him was “do you want to be healed?”
    That’s really a question to any and all of us here: do we want to be healed of whatever health issue, grief, pain, suffering afflicts us? Do we? Hers is obvious in its manifestation; some of ours might not be, so who are we to judge her for choosing this to be her mindset toward psoriasis? 🙏🏼😇

  • Rochelle Fernandes says:

    Just a humble offering to Georgia if you ever do want to heal 💕

  • Benjamin Aachen says:

    I have suffering from these red, itchy patches all over face, head, legs, back, knees and elbows for the last 15 years. I didn’t know what it was, and since it had started with my head I had thought it was dandruff. Then when my doctor told that it was psoriasis I panicked. I tried a lot of superficial treatments like lotions and creams and many diets and light treatments but nothing really helped. Then my best friend heard about this website when he was in the USA and he sent me mail introducing me to this site. I immediately bought the book and have been following it to every word. My condition is much better and I must confess that in all these 15 years no one hit the psoriasis nail on the head like you did! Click Here for more information http://bit.ly/2y3d0ga

  • Purnima Ninaena says:

    U are beautiful…

  • Jennifer Overbey says:

    My husband’s redness and flaking under and also around his eyes and nose were almost eliminated right after a couple of days of making use of this psoriasis treatment “Κοkοzο wuno” (Google it). After Five days, it is as if the flakiness and redness never been around. He simply wanted the problem to disappear permanently so he still keeps making use of the treatment method up to now..

  • Kwaseaire Chaneyfield says:

    I mean-ok

  • sgpch1983 says:

    shes quite sexy if i may say.. and i say this as someone with psoriasis too 🙂

  • Barbara Seawell says:

    My mother has a decade-old psoriasis on her left arm; it is a very large dark red patch. Within less than Two weeks applying psoriasis treatment method ( t.co/6iw4A1GPag ), the redness had washed out profoundly and also the scales were removed!! My mother is so happy that she isn`t suffering with itchiness any more.

  • LokiSkeletal says:

    Oh for the love of god. Having itchy skin doesn’t make you “special”

  • Ayla Holland says:

    She is way to pretty to want to keep it

  • Maria Prudi says:

    I got rid of it and it took years but now I feel so much happier

  • Darrah Reilly says:

    I don’t understand why would you want that I personally have I covering about 25% of my body I’ve had it since I was in 2nd grade and it’s so painful 😖 I’m 14 now and I hate it

  • Jordan says:

    i hope she receives mental help

  • 2013ARch says:

    It's curable. Go seek natural remedies. Probably caught it by an infected person.

  • Hana Phelps says:

    It hurts and is itchy why would you want to keep it.

  • Justiceforall says:

    You are nuts! I've been suffering with Psoriatic Arthritis for almost a decade and I would LOVE to be rid of it. It's not some kind of mark of the "true you," it's an ailment. It can be cured by diet, but its a very difficult thing to achieve. I know, I've had it heal and then when I slip up, it comes back with a vengeance. You my friend, have a strange attachment to a curable disease, smh.

  • Lilly Brown says:

    She is allowing herself to suffer because she wants to be close to her father . That's terribly sad and I hope she gets the mental help she needs. And the social media side seems a tad narcissistic. She enjoys the attention it brings good or bad.

  • Natalie Cangini says:

    My psoriasis is like hers and it's not about looks, it's about health, its about being in pain, being subjected to infections when your skin cracks and bleeds, it's about having psoriatic arthritis and painful joints as a consequence, it's about chunks of flesh being ripped off every time you are a bit ruff and bump into something or how evey time you get a scratch you know it's going to transorm into a new psoriasis scab. Looks should be the least of concerns. Thank god one of my friends told me how he got rid of his psoriasis through diet. No gluten, dairy and refined sugar. Although my dermatologist didn't believe the diet would have helped i tried it anyway and it started disappearing almost instantly, after 3 days all the inflammation and redness were gone, i couldn't believe it after 10 years of all kinds of treatments and no improvement whatsoever.
    Last option was to take biologic drugs but refused cos of the dangerous side effects. So happy i did refuse and give the diet a go. Must say it's not easy at the beginning but you get used to it and seeing the results just keeps you going.

  • Asif Mehmood says:

    Plz help me

  • Rachel’s life Xoxo says:

    I have sariasus too ever since I was little and I’m 11 now

  • markspitfirezammit says:

    Ive had psorises since i was 13 yo now im 25 i have leard to live with it but the descrimination you get from people espetially girls my age is incredibly heart breaking they end up loving your character but not wanting to go out with you just becausee… if i can get rid of it i would in less than a heart beat

  • Gary Rosema says:

    If it was gone all that attention would disappear

  • Justina Hamilton says:

    I totally get body positivity but having uncontrolled psoriasis is actually dangerous. The skin is crack and bleed- subject to infection and it is quite painful

  • Manish Arora says:

    My friend was suffered from Psoriasis, she has just belief on Ayurveda, and so she took "PSORA care pack" from Planet Ayurveda. It is very effective and she gets quick relief from Psoriasis.

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