Hypnose et ronflements

Hello Madam, we met two months ago Yes 2 months ago What brought you here today? My ankle was very painful, I could not get down the stairs anymore I had to jump on one foot to avoid going down the stairs You mean you had to jump on the other foot Yes I jumped on my right foot Did you have an other problem that brought you here? I was very tired and I suffered from sleep apnea Durping 2 months we did not meet, tell me what happened during those 2 months Well step by step, day after day the pain which prevented me from going down the stairs slowly disappeared and after 8 days I was able to go down the stairs again With no difficulty Have you been stuck like that for a long time? It was for almost 1 year Did you notice a change concerninng sleep apnea, since the session? Yes concerning sleep apnea, I noticed a change, because before I had to wear my mask when going to sleep, and it gave me a feeling of welness But over time, I could not bear wearing this mask anymore When I put on the mask in the evening, the sensation of welness had disappeared You mean you had an equipment against sleep apnea ? – Yes Given by a lung specialist ? Yes Since 3 weeks I can’t stand this equipment anymore, and since 3 weeks I’m not suffering from sleep apnea I don’t have apnea anymore, It happened I was with friends who told me that I do not snore at all Whereas before, I felt a lack of air which forced me to have this equipment In order to have quiet nights Are there any other things going better? Any improvement? My mental, I feel much better and feel like standing upright. When before I was always like that, That’s what I did, I changed your posture Did it change anything in your eyesight? Yes, my eyesight is better because when I am home cleaning or doing something else I do not need my glasses Just to watch TV ! Or drive It hasn’t been a long time? It was shortly after the session? Right after the session It happened quickly ? After the session, it vanished at the same time as the pain? No it happened faster than the pain – The eyesight improved first? – Yes Ok, I saw your daugther-in-law I believe? Yes she had huge problems, she is 23 years old, and she has always had terrible thrusts of acne on her face Somewhat like little cysts on her face very ugly I saw her once, right? You saw her twice, yes twice, and 15 days later she had no more acne She is very happy of course !

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