How Tracking Autoimmune Symptoms Helped Mette Dyhrberg Cure 6 Diseases

My name is Mette.
I’m the founder of Mymee. We are a digital therapeutics company where we identify triggers to reverse disease
symptoms for autoimmune patients. I’m the N of 1.
My own journey started out with essentially spending the first half
of my 20s in and out of the hospital, not knowing what was going on, being told it was all in my head. The second half of my 20s [I was] collecting disease labels
and drugs like candy. After about 10 years of being sick, my doctors
soon told me that they had great news and upon arriving at the hospital, they proceeded by telling me that I wasn’t
going to die in the immediate future. I remember thinking, if I went to the board
of advisers for the company I worked for and told them we’re not going to go
bankrupt in the immediate future, I’m pretty sure
I would be out of a job. I posed the question, “What are
we going to do about my process?” to which the answer was,
“We’re happy with your numbers.” I’m an economist by training. I’m a little artistic with numbers and right then and there,
I knew that I was on my own. I basically took matters
into my own hands, started tracking everything that I did, transcribed it into Excel spreadsheets, little homemade algorithms,
[I was] basically able to, in 16 months, reverse my
6 autoimmune conditions, including psoriatic arthritis, Sjögren’s, Hashimoto’s and basically
normalize my blood work, become symptom- and drug-free
and have stayed so for 7 years.

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