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Have you had a hair transplant? Do you want to know how to wash your hair
after a hair transplant? Hello, I am Dr. Sachin Pawar, Hair Transplant
surgeon, Hair MD, Pune. A lot of patients ask us if they can wash
their hair after a hair transplant. They ask us if their transplanted hair will
fall off after washing. We will answer these questions in today’s
video. So let us take a look at how to wash your
hair after a hair transplant. Taking good post operative care is very important
for a successful hair transplant. Not taking good care or not keeping your scalp
clean may cause your hair transplant to fail. That is why keeping your scalp clean, washing
your hair in the right way and taking good post operative care is very
important. Your surgeon will tell you when and how to
wash your hair after a hair transplant. Every surgeon gives their patients different
instructions regarding their post surgery hair wash. Washing your hair after the hair transplant
plays an important role in the recovery process and success of the hair transplant. Every surgeon has their own method and post
care plan. Some surgeons recommend a hair wash just one
day after the surgery and some may suggest a hair wash after 48 hours. This completely depends on
your surgeon’s experience and plan. Some surgeons may recommend baby shampoo and
some suggest shaving creams. As we said, this differs from surgeon to surgeon. Today we will tell you about our Hair MD protocol. At Hair MD, we ask the patients to spray saline
water on the grafted area for 5 days after the surgery. This should be sprayed every hour in small
quantities. This spray keeps the grafted area moist. You don’t have to wake up at night to spray
this, you only have to spray this when you are awake. Sleep is of utmost importance for recovery. Nothing should be applied on the grafted are
at this time. Patients are asked to wash their hair 5 days
after the surgery. We have
created a protocol regarding how to wash your hair and what to wash your
hair with to prevent any confusion in post-op care. Post operative patients have to take utmost
care to prevent any damage to the operated areas. That is why it is important to take overall
care about how and when you wash your hair. We recommend Johnson’s baby shampoo which
is a mild shampoo for headwash. To wash your head, first wet your scalp with
lukewarm water. Then mix a
little shampoo with water in a bottle and make a foam mixture. Apply this
mixture on the transplanted area. After you apply shampoo on the transplanted
area, leave it on for around 5 minutes. Then apply shampoo on the rest of your scalp
as well. Then wash off the shampoo using lukewarm water. While washing move
your hand in the direction of hair growth, that is , from the back towards the
front. When you wash your hair for the first time
after the surgery, be gentle. As
time passes, you can increase the pressure and wash your hair twice a
day. Washing your head will help to get rid of
the scabs as well. You have to remove the scabs carefully and
you should not scratch them as this may damage or dislodge the grafts. Five days after you start washing your scalp,
the scabs will start to fall away. Once the scabs fall off, you can start washing
your hair normally and massage you scalp as well. So this was our post-surgery head wash procedure. You should follow all the post-op care instructions,
This care will play an important role in the success of the surgery. If you want to know about the post op or post
surgery care in detail, do watch the video on our YouTube channel. I hope you got the information that you were
looking for from this video. If
you have any questions about hair wash after hair transplant, you can ask
us at Me and my team will get back to you at the
earliest. This is an educational video, you should consult
with a doctor before undergoing any treatment or taking any medications. The ost important thing is that you take good
care of yourself after ahair transplant. Not following the post-op care instructions,
not washing your scalp on time may cause infections and your hair transplant
may fail. That is why it is important to keep the scalp
clean and wash it well. Follow the instructions that your doctor gave
and keep your scalp clean and wash your hair. Along with this, protect your scalp from wind
and pollution. Avoid going out in the sun for the first week
after surgery and sleep on your back, Avoid sitting or standing for too long. This may cause the swelling to
reach your face. Eat a healthy and balanced diet. Avoid smoking and alcohol, as well as hair
dying and styling. Your hair transplant will definitely be successful. All the best! Thank you!

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