How to Use Effaclar Acne System

How to Use Effaclar Acne System

Cleanse with Effaclar Medicated Gel
Cleanser two times daily. After cleansing use a cotton pad to apply the Clarifying Solution all over your face. Finish with Effaclar Duo. Apply Duo all
over your face for troublesome and frequent acne or on affected areas for
localized acne. Use as needed up to three times per day.


  • Aaron Bear says:

    I don't like Effaclar Duo, I prefer Effaclar K. I think it's more gentle and works better.

  • Konstantin says:

    Effaclar Duo is not good, I have it and it break my skin so bad… better to use Bioderma because it is not a part of L'Oreal

  • Yesenia Hernandez says:

    I buy Duo But My skin its Normal to dry its ok if I only put Duo only because sometimes my face its to dry

  • Mrs A. says:

    Everything is fine but when I put the cream on the end~ I get a burning sensation. This is my third day using it and it hasn't happened before

  • Azada Aslami says:

    I've been using the gel and duo + twice daily for about 3 weeks now and it's helped so so much, but I'm so worried it'll stop being working or that using it for a prolonged period will cause damage of some sort as it is medicated, or that my skin will become heavily reliant? This is the first time something has worked for me but I know I'll have to go a couple days now and again when I won't have time to follow the routine. Any info you could throw my way about how this affects my skin and whether it'll become less effective over time? I don't know. Help please.

  • Jimmy The Exploder says:

    I've bought Effaclar Duo + today. Is it gonna help with whiteheads and blackheads in the T-zone?

  • Noa Dela says:

    I need to wash it with water or just let it stay on the skin?

  • seriall1337 says:

    hi, i have oily/dry and sensitive, acne prone skin. Any recommendations? Thanks in advance!

  • Brunella R says:

    the model doesn't even have acne…

  • Jean Torres says:

    I have Effaclar Duo not + and Ive been using it for about a week I’ve been taking pictures also but for me it seems that my skins has been getting worse and severely worse I put it on morning and night but by like night time comes around my skin has so much peeling of like tiny dead skin cells and every morning I wake up with Whiteheads. I don’t know if it’s actually just pushing all my acne out and that’s why I’m breaking out or this product isn’t good for me but I’m tired of getting Whitehead’s and more acne everyday

  • Fer says:

    Do I need to wash my face between these steps? Or do I just continue one after the other?

  • Dean Magic says:

    How long do you leave step three on your face before using step 3? And how long do you leave step three on your face?

  • Frappuccino 99 says:

    What’s the difference between the duo and the duo plus ?

  • sharon arbiv says:

    worst product ever. totally ruined my skin i dont go out of my home.

  • Erga Dehima says:

    I used the effaclar duo cream and it burnt my face I freaked out I literally cried now I did my face with cold water and it is going a little better I hope it will not destroy my face cause it was cleaning these days and now I find myself hopeless.

  • Ahmad _al3enzi says:

    I watched a video of an instractor named rene mark I think! For oily skin
    He said I have to wash my face with Effaclar foaming gel and then I have to use effaclar astringent lotion and after that effaclar serum pore refining and finally effclar duo[+] Global action acne treatment.
    My question is should I apply this routine once or twice a day? And should I use due on my whole face or just on the places where I have acens?

  • Milica Mastelica says:

    Can I use the Effaclair duo + spf30, as an actual sunscreen? Because I tried so many sunscreen and this is the only one that suits me. It's not greasy, and make up applies like a dream over it. But the problem is that on the LRP website, they sai that this prouduct is not meant for sun care purpose…so I 'm a bit confused here.
    I really want to use it, for every sunscreen purpose! Someone help!

  • amira khalfallah says:

    i started using it this week and it broke my skin so badly , i hate my face now :/ :/ is it nml to have this effect ?!!

  • Extrabutterpopcorn withsalt says:

    This product is amazing , I just got it yesterday. It cleared most of my acne in one day. But when I cleansed my face with the gentle cleanser I also used an exfoliator , the one from Garnier , containing salicylic acid and zinc. And when I applied the treatment with benzoyl peroxide I also applied the Mario Badescu Drying lotion to the areas in which I had pimples . My acne decreased overnight and I was amazed. Love this product.

  • noor rafaqat says:

    I can't live without effaclar due .but my skin is very dry. can I apply effaclar due after moisturiser. does it work after using moisturiser.

  • fatima mohamed says:

    Has anyone experienced a burning sensation after using the last (#3) product?

  • Moritz Thelen says:

    Should I use Effaclar Mat or Effaclar H to hydrate my oily skin after cleaning it with the effaclar cleansing gel?

  • imane Mimi says:

    Effaclar saved my face thanks😍

  • zoe g says:

    The dabbing on the spot treatment angered me… Stop being so stingy

  • Jing W says:

    The pharmacist told me Effeclar H serie is for surface acne while the Effeclar K serie is for deeper(cystic) acne.
    I started using a Effeclar Duo H+ sample when two cystic (one severe and one less severe) was GROWING! The Effeclar Duo + stopped both acne from growing and becoming irritated. I applied over my entire face for three days and the less severe one is almost gone since you cannot see it and must really feel for it. Then I changed to Effeclar K and both acne are reducing in size and less bumpy but as usual cystic acne has a lot of liquid inside to it takes some time for them to dry out. Both Effeclar H&K are both keepers!!!

  • meliisaido says:

    I want to use the Cicaplast Baume B5, also. Do I apply the effaclar duo before or after the cicaplast?

  • Daniel Sierra says:

    And moisturize after?

  • Diana Eileen says:

    Do I moisturize after?

  • Angel Limbo says:

    Can i apply moisturizer like cerave afterwards?

  • SA H says:

    ‏👉🏻👉🏻👉🏻 La Roche-Posay Acne Treatment

  • Amill says:

    I love this thing, i use it as a moisturizer and it works wonder!

  • Angel Limbo says:

    can i use moisturizer after or no?

  • Linda Pellinen says:

    the effaclar duo is amazing1 it cleared my acne in one week

  • Edward Han says:

    Why cant we get the k+ anti-oxidation one in the US?

  • Annoying Subscriber says:

    QUESTION I have tge one that has sunscreen too and it says 1once a day either day or night But the video says uo to 3 times a day as needed Can I use it 3 times a day too for faster result

  • abys sious says:

    Anyone experienced a little burn with effaclar duo? I stopped using this face turned red

  • Harry Phan says:

    What is different between dou and dou +

  • Algerian Adoomy says:

    Shity product don't buy it, after using it I saw a dark spot on my face.

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