How To: Treat Psoriasis with Water’s Edge Dermatology

How To: Treat Psoriasis with Water’s Edge Dermatology

A lot of people just assume that it’s just a
rash. They’re given a topical therapy by a primary care physician. Psoriasis is a chronic autoimmune inflammatory disease that affects not only the skin, but also the joints. There’s multiple genes involved, which could lead to multiple different manifestations. Including just a traditional rash all the way to completely red and having a tremendous amount of joint involvement. People think that when they have psoriasis, is it something that they did or something that was done wrong or something that has done incorrectly, which is completely false. It’s a genetic disease, there’s nothing they
can do about it. So if you have a rash, it really behooves me to ask if anybody in the family has had this. We’re learning more and more that patients with with at least moderate to severe psoriasis can be at risk, not only for arthritis, but also for cardiovascular disease, depression, diabetes and even obesity. There are so many resources out there for psoriatic patients, places like the National Psoriasis Foundation and some local centers, and
even including the dermatology societies. Diagnosis is usually done clinically. Clinically means by observation of a practitioner, usually a dermatologist. It has a telltale type of characteristic rash and there are certain questions and certain locations where the rash likes to exist, and that’s what helps pinpoint the diagnosis. For mild patients, mainly topical simple
cortisons really do a great job and just simple skincare regimens that we would go over. When you start getting to moderate and
even severe, you may want to use systemic therapies. Systemic therapies could be anything from pills to injections, usually self-injections. We’ve had tremendous amounts of success, completely changing some of my patients and their lives.


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