How to treat psoriasis on face at home | Psoriasis treatment

How to treat psoriasis on face at home | Psoriasis treatment

how to treat psoriasis on face at home
at home psoriasis on the face can be difficult
to treat because the skin is very thin and sensitive it is important that a
doctor evaluates the skin and makes recommendations to ensure the treatments
will not be too harsh for the face sometimes a person can apply
over-the-counter topical corticosteroids such as hydrocortisone to the face to
reduce the incidence of face psoriasis however a person should be prepared that
application of hydrocortisone may cause a variety of potential side effects such
as thin transparent skin easy bruising skin that is more easily torn a doctor will sometimes recommend using
topical steroids as sparingly as possible
they will suggest a dose that makes sure that a person will get results while
minimizing side effects if the skin around the
affected by psoriasis doctors will advise taking great care when applying
medications many over-the-counter psoriasis treatments can cause damage to
the eyes that can lead to glaucoma or cataracts however the United States Food and Drug
Administration FDA have approved two drugs for the treatment of psoriasis
that may work especially well on the face these prescription drugs are tackle
amiss ointment and fine chroma scream both creams should be applied very
carefully avoiding the eyes in addition to these topical medications
there are several practices a person can do at home to reduce irritation as much
as possible these include using gentle non soap
cleansers to keep the skin clean applying moisturizers regularly give
early sunscreen on a regular basis to reduce
the effects of ultraviolet radiation practicing good self-care will help a
person control their psoriasis as much as possible

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